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Bunga ng Malunggay at Lechon a la Marketman

05 Jan, 2014

“Sauteed Horseradish Tree Piths and Minced Roast Suckling Pig”.

Young Malunggay Seed Pods

21 Feb, 2010

I came across little plastic bags filled with a half-cup full each of the fleshy contents and immature seeds of the malunggay tree seed pods. While I have used the apparently “medium” matured seed pods in pinakbet before, as well as featured the nearly over-the-hill and ready to plant dried seed pods here,…

Malunggay Seed Pods (Horseradish Tree Drumsticks)

21 Apr, 2009

At the beach last week, we spent a morning hacking through the shrubs and vines that seemed determined to choke our ornamental plants and several small saplings and hardwood trees that we have planted over the years. It was also a time to decide which trees had to be “retired” (very old papaya…

Malunggay Seed Pods / Horseradish Tree Pods

12 Feb, 2007

These are apparently a relatively common ingredient in some provinces…but I don’t think I have eaten the seed pods of the malunggay tree before. I have written about the malunggay tree (Horseradish Tree, native to India) in a previous post, but mostly I know it for its leaves that I recall from soups…

Malunggay / Horseradish Tree

05 Nov, 2005

I have vivid less than pleasant memories of malunggay or kamunggay from my childhood. Known as Horseradish Tree in English (Moringa oleifera), this tree is native to India but has spread to other tropical regions; in the Philippines, it grows rapidly and with ease in nearly every backyard when desired. The odd…

Reef Fresh Seafood at the Bantayan Town Market!!

16 May, 2014

Some of the freshest seafood I have ever seen was to be had at the Bantayan Town Market on a Sunday morning.

Consilva or Pinasugbo a la Marketman

12 Apr, 2013

Sometimes, you put childhood food memories up on a pretty high pedestal.

D’Original A-ONE Tinula, Cebu

18 Jan, 2013

Tinula or Tinola or Tinowa or Fish Tinola of the most heartwarming kind…


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