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Thanks, Roshan!

22 Aug, 2010

We had just arrived from the beach and had a relatively simple steak dinner at home for my birthday. The Teen and Mrs. MM were a bit crazed and certainly not in any mood to bake a cake on short notice, so I gather they resorted to one of their go-to spectacular dessert…

Immature Chicken Eggs

14 Aug, 2010

Embryonic. Unlaid. Immature. No matter what you call them, there is going to be a queasy and uncomfortable proportion of readers out there whose first reaction is going to be “eeewww”. Never mind that we eat caviar or fish roe or even bihud, immature eggs of monitor lizards, or even fry…

Wonderful Tapas…

29 Jul, 2010

I have run out of superlatives to describe the plate upon plate of tapas that we all enjoyed over the course of our week in Madrid. There is something so convivial about the concept of pinchos/tapas, drinks and friends that seems so much more civilized than just having a beer at a bar….

Marketmanila’s Top 50(ish) Pinoy Dishes

04 Jul, 2010

A few years ago, hundreds of readers responded to a question about their favorite Filipino dishes, and I eventually posted a list of the “Top 30” here. Several weeks ago, I asked the current (and much larger readership) what dishes seem to have been left out, and after a whole lot of vote…

People’s Palace

19 Jun, 2010

We had another consistently delicious lunch at People’s Palace in the Greenbelt Mall a couple of weeks ago… and it amazes me that I have never published a post about People’s Palace (the same is true for some other family favorites). Perhaps because we don’t want to have any more difficulty getting a…

Creamless Cream Corn

16 Jun, 2010

Canned cream corn was a “typhoon special menu item” in our home. As soon as we turned to “de-lata” mode we were sure to have cream corn in there somewhere. We weren’t even discriminating about what to serve it with… I recall eating cream corn with adobo, fried chicken and even with…

Mercato del Pesce al Minuto, Venezia

02 Jun, 2010

First, my apologies for the confusing Venice posts. I rarely post about things experienced a year before, and my past week has been a totally crazy one, with planets misaligned and a full moon bringing out the worst howls I can muster (our dog howls along in sympathy with me, really), so we…

Happy Mother’s Day!

09 May, 2010

It’s been a crazy past few weeks, and a hectic travel schedule has us on the go again today, rushing back to Manila to vote tomorrow. But I just wanted to post a quick greeting to my sisters in the NY area, friends and marketmanila “sukis” or readers who are mothers or who…


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