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Diamond Hotel Ensaimadas – Not My Type At All!!!

09 Sep, 2007

Following my review of commercial ensaimadas on the eve of Christmas 2005, several readers and other sources have since suggested that I try some other commercially available ensaimadas to see if I would like them. I had the opportunity to try the Pastelleria Mallorca ensaimadas at a Food & Wine Society merienda, and…

Ensaimada Pudding a la Marketman

26 Aug, 2007

The concept of a bread pudding never really floated my boat, if you get my drift. It just sounded so blah-ish. That is, until a couple of years ago when I saw Ina Garten make a bread pudding with croissants on one of her televsion cooking shows. I stored that concept…

Leche Flan, Bibingka, Ube Haleya, Ensaimada, atbp.!!!

11 Dec, 2006

Here is a convenient run-down of desserts you might want to make during the holiday season. Over half of Market Manila’s readers have been visiting the site less than 6 months so I figure many of you haven’t seen all of the entries in the archives and these are some of my favorites…

The Original Mallorcan Ensaimadas…

07 Jun, 2006

Are you kidding me??? That’s it??? THAT IS AN ORIGINAL MALLORCAN ENSAIMADA?!? This was not only my initial reaction to the ensaimadas we found in Spain but my lingering personal opinion after tasting a few of them. I have rarely, if ever, disparaged an “original”, and I am perhaps stepping out of bounds…

Lasang Pinoy 7 – Ensaimada Part II (The Recipe!)

28 Feb, 2006

When I am not having a brilliant classic pinoy breakfast of tuyo, tinapa, tapa, tocino or lamayo with rice and fried eggs, I happily turn to a freshly baked ensaimada served with extra butter and superb homemade jam. Imagine rising early one cool morning, heading out to the garden, greeting your attention…

Lasang Pinoy 7 – Ensaimada Part I

27 Feb, 2006

In the run-up to Christmas 2005, I had fully intended to post an ensaimada recipe. By late last November, I had already tested a recipe several times but still needed to get it tweaked just right. I boldly handed out samples to Marketmanila “eyeball” participants to get their reactions but I was…

Commercial Ensaimadas

24 Dec, 2005

I wanted to sample as many ensaimadas that were commercially available (for sale) as possible and try to come up with a personal opinion on each. These are my opinions and I am sure many of you may disagree with them, while the owners of businesses making them may even want to throw…

“Red Fruit” Pavlova a la Marketman

10 Jan, 2016

Sometimes, “leftover” and “free” makes wonderful, wonderful things. :)


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