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Oven-Roasted Lechon de Leche a la Marketman

17 Nov, 2010

Consider this my early holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day) present to all of’s readers across the globe. If you have steadfastly held the view that the only way for you to place a lechon on your holiday table is to order it from a commercial purveyor, or hire a lechonero…

What’s Cooking Right Now??? :)

09 Nov, 2010

Another Marketman “experiment”. As I type this, the youngest little suckling pig we have ever cooked is on the coals. Inside, some garlic, spices and a serious amount of BLACK TRUFFLE puree (not essence, not oil, but mashed black truffles) along with olive oil, salt and pepper. I threw in little…

Lechon Paella a la Marketman :)

11 Oct, 2010

I didn’t plan this dish. It just happened. We were at the beach last weekend and the market was brimming with seafood, so I lost control and ended up with shrimp/prawns, mud crabs, squid, fish, etc. and decided to see if we could pull together a paella for us and the crew….

Zubuleche (Roasted Suckling Pig) a la Marketman

13 Jul, 2010

For several years I have avoided roasting the youngest of piglets, true or just days after “suckling pigs” at 5-6 weeks old or less. I thought about it seriously here, when I spotted these little munchkins in large baskets, for sale at a livestock market in Mantalongon, Barili, Cebu. They were still…

“It’s the best of the best.”

15 Oct, 2009

Honestly, how much more can be said of our iconic national celebration dish, the lechon? Reader “Rico” just sent me a heads up and I was again pleasantly stunned to see Anthony Bourdain has yet again referred to the lechon he had in Cebu roughly a year ago. The article in the…

“No Reservations, Philippines” Showing on Local Cable Stations

12 Oct, 2009

Finally, some 8 months after the episode aired in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world last February, the episode of No Reservations, with Anthony Bourdain in the Philippines, (and a short segment with Marketman’s lechon) will air this week in Manila and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Please check the Discovery Travel &…

Livestock “Auction” Market

07 Oct, 2009

To market, to market to buy a fat pig (or two, or three)… I don’t think I have ever been to a livestock market, and with our recent need to identify more and more sources of more traditionally raised pigs for the ZUBUCHON experiment, we decided to plan a half-day trip to the Mantalongon…


26 Sep, 2009

Ever since the No Reservations Philippines episode of Anthony Bourdain, I have received dozens and dozens of requests to purchase the same kind of lechon served in that show. The subsequent feature on Jessica Soho’s program only increased the inquiries for the accupunctured pig. I have steadfastly responded that it is not…


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