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Sister Goes to Market the Day Before Thanksgiving…

30 Nov, 2009

Sister had invited some 50 guests to her Thanksgiving dinner. This is not a recommended number for anyone who wants to sleep easy the night before the meal… :) While she had rented a nice nearby hall to hold the event in, she was cooking everything herself and from scratch. Yipes….

Produce Market, Mantalongon Barili

14 Oct, 2009

“Bago”. Huh?! That’s the answer to my question posed in Cebuano asking what these young, vibrant green leaves were. I thought she meant they were young leaves. But apparently they were called bago, as in the type of tree. Apparently used as a slight souring agent for soups, like nilangang…

Livestock “Auction” Market

07 Oct, 2009

To market, to market to buy a fat pig (or two, or three)… I don’t think I have ever been to a livestock market, and with our recent need to identify more and more sources of more traditionally raised pigs for the ZUBUCHON experiment, we decided to plan a half-day trip to the Mantalongon…

Late Summer Album, Union Square Market (Part II)

30 Sep, 2009

More vibrant color, more appetizing produce from a recent visit to the Union Square Market in New York. Above, a cheerful abundance of cosmos…

Late Summer Album, Union Square Market (Part I)

29 Sep, 2009

The Union Square market in Manhattan recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and I realized that I have been visiting the market for just as long! I used to live and work in New York in the late 1980’s and I would take the subway down to the market, load up on goodies and…

Seaside Mart, Baclaran

11 Oct, 2004

A must see for the true foodie and market addict. A small gem of a market with stunning quality, this is a terrific place to purchase fresh seafood. For several years I had heard about Seaside and often sent the cook off to purchase crabs or prawns at this…


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