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Tako – Octopus Sashimi

18 Nov, 2011

I once had this octopus sashimi that was still alive, and the suckers applied a gentle suction on your tongue that was rather disconcerting.

Grilled Baby Octopus Salad a la Marketman

09 Apr, 2010

Don’t they look utterly stunning? I always thought so, and it is this aspect that has always intrigued me about baby octopus. Every time I would leaf through a food magazine (Australian ones in particular are fond of this ingredient) or cookbook with a photo or recipe for baby octopus, I would…

How to Clean Baby Octopi/Octopuses/Octopodes

09 Apr, 2010

While browsing through a Mario Batali cookbook recently, I noticed two recipes for baby octopuses and I was intrigued by his suggestion that the inclusion of a cork in the boiling liquid was a sure-fire way to achieve tender octopodes. Fast forward 3 days later, and while cruising the seafood section of the…

Grilled Octopus Salad a la Marketman

03 Jan, 2010

Octopus is my new favorite ingredient from the Nasugbu market. I have written a post on octopus once before, and made it into a salad with prawns that turned out reasonably well, here. So last week while doing my rounds in the seafood section of the Nasugbu market, I spotted several fresh…


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