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Cream Dory Stir Fry With Black Beans & Dried Chillies

23 Oct, 2009

The cook was trying to be healthy, for my sake. But another round of steamed white fish with a bit of soy and sesame, while delicious, wasn’t floating my boat. So I decided to try and do a quick stir-fry instead. Into a hot wok went some peanut oil, followed by…

Stir-Fried Japanese Bitter Gourd & Tofu a la Marketman

01 Oct, 2009

Some unusually bright green and uniquely bumpy “Japanese Bitter Gourds” were in the vegetable section of the grocery last week, and I purchased two of them to try. Always on the lookout for the novel or unusual, I am so happy that the Dole company keeps trying to innovate and grow new produce items,…


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