Zubuchon Opens Two Retail Outlets in Cebu!


The Zubuchon crew is getting serious! We opened our first permanent retail outlet at the Banilad Town Center in Cebu yesterday, December 6, 2009. Photos in this post taken just before and during the first few minutes of opening the stall! The crew built the stands themselves, got all the permits, ordered the packaging, and generally led the effort to try and make a real go of it! I am extremely proud of their efforts and was thrilled to see their first day in action. So now you can get Zubuchon every day of the week in Cebu. Lechon by the kilo available at BTC from Monday to Saturday, from 11am until supplies last. On Sundays, lechons are available from 9am onwards. Better yet, on a trial basis, the crew are also offering FREE DELIVERY from Monday to Friday for orders of 2 KILOS or more within Metro Cebu. By the kilo deliveries are only offered from 11am to 4:30pm and are subject to availability of our motorcycle delivery personnel. In other words, call early to ensure you get the desired delivery times. However, I must say unequivocally that the quality of lechon skin will suffer somewhat if you buy chopped lechon by the kilo and have it delivered. Nothing beats eating the skin right at the source… :)


Zubuchon will also be available in the pre-departure lounge of the Cebu Domestic Airport Terminal from December 8, 2009! So folks in Manila with friends or family visiting Cebu can finally get a taste of Zubuchon by the kilo. Freshly cooked and pre-packaged lechon will be available at the airport outlet from roughly 4pm daily until stocks run out. The airport operations management severely limits delivery times of retail goods, and will not allow the chopping of whole lechons on the premises, hence the limited availability of freshly cooked lechon at the airport. But the heaviest passenger traffic to Manila is around 4-7pm, I am told. Frozen lechon, lechon paksiw (which reheats wonderfully) and lechon sisig will also be available at the airport outlet all day long. Zubuchon products can be found at the Sinia’s retail stall in the pre-departure lounge, look for the Zubuchon logo…


These are exciting and scary times for the crew, all new to this type of entrepreneurial activity. We hope you will give Zubuchon a try and that you enjoy the experience…


If you would like more information, kindly contact the Zubuchon crew at head office 032-2365264 and 0917-6274761 for orders for whole lechons or other enquiries, and 032-5835699 at the Banilad Town Center. Because of the perishable nature of our product, we strongly recommend that you call ahead to ensure that your lechon requirements are met. Marketmanila readers thinking of ordering whole lechons for the pre-Christmas season are strongly encouraged to place their orders early as there are daily limits to the number of lechons cooked. We are rushing to get boxes for the shipment of whole lechons by air, but again I have to warn you that the skin does tend to get soft after several hours in transit. I will post an announcement when we begin shipments of whole lechons to Manila. Thank you very much for your support!



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  1. Congratulations and best wishes for all the Zubuchon staff. Hope you have a very sucessful holiday season.

  2. Congrats MM and Crew!!! Congrats to all Cebuanos within reach of Zubuchon!
    Can’t wait until Zubuchon invades Manila!! Sana malapit na…. :-)

  3. Congratulations MM, specially to the crew who were so nervous on their first day of business at the BTC but now look so confident and excited about this fast growing business. Cheers!

  4. Pahabol: your stall looks so chic and spiffy specially with the “snobbish but happy” pig logo!

  5. congratulations MM and the crew! the stall and the packaging are very pretty! cant wait to try it when i get the chance to be in cebu!

  6. Any idea how much a whole and be shipped to luzon pls??? i simply wanted a surprise gift to my family back in the philippines this christmas…

  7. the product, the presentation, the take-away box—topnotch! congratulations zubuchon crew & mm.

  8. this is sooo coool! congratulations, and good luck, everyone! looks like this is going to be a very busy holiday season!

  9. Somehow I “smelled” this coming. Best wishes to you and the Zubuchon Crew for their success.

  10. Wow!!! That’s something… Hmmm… I think I know where to get lechon for my Aunt who’ll be going home from Australia… :D I’ll ask my folks as well about getting lechon from you this christmas… woohoo!!!

  11. Congratulations to the Z crew and to you Marketman! Follow through lang naman ang kailangan to make things happen, and now Zubuchon has two retail outlets! Galing-galing!

  12. Congrats to the Zubuchon crew !!! You are definitely giving justice to the “BEST PORK EVER”. Keep it up but keep your feets on the ground so that you can continue to roll those lechons :)

  13. ZUBU or ZZUBU is the name of the island of Cebu in some of the Spanish or Portuguese maps of the Philippine archipelago (or the small number of islands whose names were known to them) from the 16th-17th centuries. CHON for the second half of lechon. Hence ZUBUCHON for lechon from Cebu… :)

  14. can’t wait to try the zubuchon, MM! it has certainly captured my imagination – I actually thought about making the trip to Cebu! haha …

  15. Much congratulations – out of small beginnings, size of mustard seed, etc etc!! Dreaming of Zubuchon paksiw!

  16. artisanal lechon at its finest!, wish i was there! =D Mabuhay ang Marketmanila!!!

  17. Congratulations to your crew!

    Pardon my ignorance , MM but I am not familiar with the ‘Pins (as Silly Lolo would say) Health and Food regulations…putting cooked food under a heat lamp to regulate the temp. for health reasons is not mandatory?

  18. Ok… I know that the “hair net ” is necessary for the food handlers. How about a BASEBALL CAP or a BANDANA with Zubuchon logo for the rest of the staff like the cashiers?

  19. bettyq, heat lamps not mandated. Anyone handling the food has passed all the health tests for TB, hepatitis, etc. and they do wear hairnets or caps and use gloves. Other folks at the counter are there because it is opening day, but on a typical day there are only two staff at this outlet. Compared to U.S. food handling regulations, let’s just say the Philippines is significantly behind the curve. However, we have been visited by a half dozen government inspectors with respect to our operations, cooking areas, etc. prior to getting our licenses. Having said that, lechons are sold on nearly every major street corner in Cebu completely uncovered and handled in manners that would make some westerners cringe… I suppose there are reasons why 1 lb of hand roasted lechon is $4 here in an upscale Cebu mall and probably 3-5x that amount in the U.S., if you can find it at all…

  20. Congratulations MM!!!! yey! we can now enjoy Zubuchon any day of the week… if only there’s a shorter route to Banilad from Labangon… :D

  21. Congratulations MM!!! I haven’t tasted this famed ZUBUCHON, but
    I’m already spreading the ambrosial news to all my friends. I’ll visit
    the BTC outlet one of these days.

  22. Best of luck to your “crew” in their enterprise! Anything to foster an appreciation of good honest REAL food is worth encouraging.

  23. Hey MM, BettyQ’s suggestion is a good one. A cap or bandana with the zubuchon logo would be more stylist than the hairnet. Also having heat lamps can keep the lechon warm and skin crisp the whole day.

  24. Congratulations MM’s crew1

    I hope that the business will really bring home the bacon for the crew! (sorry! :) )

    I hope I can also get the authentic zubuchon experience one day!

    It looks like it will be a very merry merry merry Merry Christmas for all of you! Mabuhay!

  25. ..Thanks for the info, MM!…I just find it odd that there wasn’t any heat lamp over the cooked food and the government inspectors did not deem it necessary?!? Well, I guess as you have said…food inspection issues in Pinas “behind the curve”…and that is SCARY! It is hepatitis waiting to happen!

  26. zubuchon is going places ;P chic stall! hopefully ill be able to ask manila bound cebu friends to buy me a kilo or two for the holidays.

  27. hi MM. Can your crew do deliveries in Cebu? Im thinking of ordering a whole lechon as a gift for an associate.

  28. We ordered 2 kilos for a working lunch at the clinic :-) i like that it comes in a nice clean box, not the usual “sando bag” wherein everything is thrown in together.

  29. Ging, thanks, please let me know how it turns out! Asunta, yes, the crew delivers whole lechons within Metro Cebu. whackerZ, you are right, on weekends, the lechons that arrive at the stall are usually sold out within 30-60 minutes and are still steaming when chopped! But for other days of the week, we will now look into heat lamps to keep the lechon hot for a longer period of time… Thanks everyone for your wonderful suggestions and well wishes!

  30. Hello Market Man!

    Congratulations on ZUBU Chon’s expansion.

    I am currently training for the Cebu City Marathon on 10 January 2010. I’ve been eating only fruits, veggies, tofu, fish, chicken breast and whole wheat naan for the past three months so I can be lighter and faster on race day. Believe it or not, my main motivation while training is the thought of eating Zubu Chon immediately after running 42K and crossing the finish line on January. I hope you don’t run out on January 10! It is very effective motivation. Like saving the best (lechon) for last.


  31. woot congratulations MM and the crew. I will refer your Zubuchon to all my Cebuano friends here.. they used to asked me where they can order online as gifts.

  32. Hey, the crew threw in a container of Lechon Paksiw as well! Fabulous! Thank you very mucho MM and crew!

    MM, the Lechon arrived still piping hot. The aroma filled the entire clinic that the staff thinks it made our patient wake up faster from general anesthesia hahaha.

    The crew placed the skin in a different container from the meat. The skin was still hot although some bits were more chewy than crunchy (can be from the trip or from getting “buot” in the bag). But the flavor of the spices was still very strong on the skin!! Yummy!

    One of my junior associates is picking through the skin and i can hear the crunch(!) in my cublicle as i type this.

    By the way, we are approximately 15-20 minutes away from BTC in moderate traffic so the trip can well affect the skin crunch factor.

  33. Congratulations MM and crew! So timing for the season. Now that really means I have to make that trip to Cebu which I’ve been postponing!

  34. Artisan, I agree, Haide count on a free meal post Marathon courtesy of Marketman, just contact me again just before the event! Ging, glad to hear it arrived in reasonably good shape. The travel period will affect skin quality. The crew threw in a frozen paksiw because you were officially the first one to order for delivery! :) bettyq and sister, commercial 500W infrared heating lamps installed at BTC at lunchtime today, and we fondly named one “bettyq” and the other one “sister” in your honor… :) Black caps to replace hair nets. Nearly sold out of BTC lechons today. Airport outlet opens in a few hours… :)

  35. Congrats MM and crew, zubuchon franchise soon? :) Also, I second Gener’s question on shipping the Zubuchon to Manila. Some of my friends are shipping cebu lechons from Cebu to Manila so something like that should be doable. On-line payment through credit card, any thoughts?

  36. WOWWWW! promise, i’ll visit cebu again just to taste Zubuchon lechon. after what i experienced on Cebu last September, napaisip ako kung babalik pa ba ako eh pero dahil Zubuchon is available now, I will proly conquer Cebu again maybe next year. congrats MM!

  37. Hello! I follow your lechon articles and I am wondering if you already accept orders here in Manila. If not, where do you recommend I get some Cebu Lechon, either thru shipment or here directly in Manila? Thanks and hoping to taste your lechon soon :)

  38. Awesome venture, Marketman. Seconding the question on whether there are any plans of expanding to Manila…

  39. JE, no plans for Manila at this point, this is, after all, a Cebu crew led venture. But hopefully in the months ahead we will be able to ship whole lechons to Manila for the folks clamoring for it. At this point, lechon would have to be carried by friends to Manila…

  40. Wow! Congratulations MM! Glad to hear about the airport outlet. Now, i just need to find someone who’s coming in from Cebu! ;)

  41. OMG, the airport outlet sold out of limited stocks of fresh lechon in less than 15 minutes, and frozen lechon in less than 45 minutes. They also sold several frozen sisigs and lechon paksiw… Many thanks to all of you who have been so kind to try Zubuchon products, the crew are thrilled with the response over the last few days! :)

  42. Ok ok let me book my flight (Singapore – Cebu) even if I hate flying on Silk air hehehe ….I have to plan for this trip next year !!!!

  43. Congrats to All at ZUBUCHON…..OMG !!! I know you are having a blast of a time !!! Your excitement is infectious and needed during these challenging times. Oink Oink, Quack Quack and so forth….Hahahaha

  44. I don’t eat pork but I’m so excited to bring some home for my family and friends! Will be in Cebu for the holidays… I hope that there will be a lot of stock in the store :)

    Congratulations MM and crew!

  45. congratulations mm and crew! now this would be another reason for me to hurry home to my cebu. mm, would there be a chance in the near future for the crew to deliver to nearby cities like talisay? delivery fee would be okay. and how about setting a paypal account so those of us who are outside the country can still order for one (or two or three hehe) for our love ones in cebu.

  46. Congratulations MM and all the Zubuchon staff. Your store looks very stylish. Sana makatikim din kami ng lechon nyo dito sa Metro Manila. I want to make your lechon wrap.
    Happy holidays to everyone.

  47. Congratulations to you, MM, and the zubuchon crew! The “best pig ever” has really made it big!

  48. A GAZILLION THANKS, MM! I am deeply honored that you and your crew named one of the heat lamps after me! Ay, yah! This is toooo funny, MM , lalo ka na Lee! I’ve never had anything named after me..OH, except that time this guy said if I would teach him how to bake that cake, he will name his child after me even if it is a boy!

    MM, siguro for Manila clients…have you ever thought of building the same lechonan somewhere in Manila and have some of the Cebu crew relocate to get it strted as well….OH, I can see FRANCHISING not that far ahead!

  49. MM…for your airport outlet…the one AB signed and wrote BEST PIG EVER…how about photocopying it and enlarging it an have it laminated and plastered on one the front counters…so tourists who come or fly in will notice and try it and eat it in their hotel room…

  50. Hello Marketman,

    Congratulations to you and the crew. Question is when are you opening a franchise out here in the SF/Bay Area? I Can’t wait to try it out.

  51. I was hoping that something more esoteric than a heat lamp would be named after me, like a park or museum, but heat lamp is better than nothing, I suppose. At least I have Betty Q for company!

  52. Hi MM! I went to Cebu last November 2009 and even got a late plane trip back to Manila just so I can give Zubuchon a try. I bought about 3 kilos and had the fantastic lechon for lunch. Really wonderful! The meat was flavorful and the skin was definitely crispy. I’ve tried several lechon versions in Cebu and Zubuchon tops my list!

    Well done! More power to Zubuchon. :D

  53. Congratulations to you and your crew! I will be your number 1 customer when you finally do expand to Manila! Meanwhile, I’ll have to find someone Cebu bound to pick some up for me at the airport!

  54. wow!!! i have a friend coming over for the weekend from cebu. i hope she agrees to buy me a pack or two :D

  55. Hi Marketman! Flew to Cebu for the day last Monday morning and to my pleasant surprise, I saw the Zubuchon logo on my flight back to Manila the same day…The girl said that it will open tomorrow (Tuesday) pa! Sayang, but then again, it gives a good excuse to go back to Cebu…Congratulations to you and your team! Very inspiring to see their entrepreneurial spirit rising (soaring!). This is what our country needs =) Btw, i tried Sweet Melissa(discovered from one of your articles in your archives) — the coffee crisps were so yummy!

  56. Congratulations MM and Zubuchon Crew! It’s been a fantastic two years for the crew and your dream for the best pig ever. Does zubuchon have a website already? You might need to set up a few of the crew on their own pig farm so they can breed the best pigs for lechon (hmmm, Joey would be very thrilled to take part in raising her own pig, I am sure)

  57. congtratulations and more power to MM and crew!!! wishing a prolific prowess to the SEXY RED PIG!!!

  58. Congratulations, MM! Love the name! I will eagerly await your Manila shipping news (Please include the lechon sisig and lechon paksiw in the package. Please?). Hopefully, that happens before I give birth. In the meantime, I will just keep looking at the pictures and reread Ging’s experience with Zubuchon.

  59. Yay! I was thinking of booking my flight from Davao to Mla via Cebu on the 23rd but waaa it seems that the airport branch sells out so fast! Revised plan: book flight Davao-Cebu-Manila, then text the Zubuchon crew to reserve a few kilos.

    On a totally out of the topic note, I found the famed Davao cacao makers in Malagos, yay! Apparently they supply the cacao for the famed Askinosie Davao chocs: httpss://www.askinosie.com/p-75-77-davao-dark-chocolate-bar-85g3-oz.aspx. So happy!

  60. Congratulations, very good idea on the pabaon in the airport. I wish you and the crew continued success on this business endeavor. Happy Holidays.

    Like the other poster, I am waiting for a branch in the SF Bay Area.

  61. bettyq–you are now officially one HOT babe!!

    MM, ecstatic about the great success of the outlets…

  62. MM…more congratulations for the airport outlet!

    and are there shirts with the sexy red pig logo coming soon? or a canvas/jute bag?

    and like Haide…I hope this goes well into the month of January coz I still dont know what date I will go to Cebu

  63. …hehehe the MM Crew called at 8 am and apologized for having forgotten to give us the instructions to prepare the sisig. unfortunately, it was ALL GONE when the call came. whether we reheated it correctly or not, sizzling pan or not, it still tasted fabulous and 4 containers of sisig together with 3 orders of pinakbet and 2 orders of kangkong from cafe laguna were polished off by 9 persons (4 male and 5 female) in less than an hour!

  64. Bettyq—you’re now a HOT Babe with that lamp named after you!!! Congrats MM!! Great job to all the crew!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. OMG! Zubuchon Crew: Get widdit! You gotta get this stuff to MNL now! The iron is hot. You gotta strike! They want Zubuchon for Xmas din-din and they will pay the freight! Do this:
    Call a Cebu Freight Forwarder and tell them you have 5 kilo packages that need to get to MNL by 1 pm (work out the details, 10 kilos/12pm, etc.). Freight Forwarder to pick up at your airport outlet, Customer to pick up at the Freight Forwarder’s MNL facility. Customer to pay freight charges at time of pick up (insist on this-eliminates bookkeeping and other paper crap!). Customer pays for lechon at time of order. Win-win for Zubuchon! It’s a simple freight COD arrangement. No overhead costs to Zubuchon. Freight guys take the risk on “no-pickups” (maybe they can make paksiw!) so who cares. Zubuchon got paid when the customer ordered by fone. This should take an hour to arrange with a Freight Forwarder (they want to make money too). So, ZCrew, get widdit! Time’s a-wastin’!

  66. It’s not a surprise the lechon at the airport got sold out, word of zubuchon’s fame spread like wildfire na here in Cebu. Our silvanas freezer got evicted to the other side of the departure area to give way to the spiffy-looking zubuchon stall! hahaha ok lang MM, dahil mahal namin kayo and the crew. This is going to be great Christmas for the crew! Congrats!

  67. Wow, congrats MM… I wish that you will open a branch here in Manila in the near future, I really want to try Zubuchon, the lechon with international appeal, heheheh….

  68. joan, OMG, I didn’t realize they were going to transfer your fridge! Am sending you a separate email… silly lolo, the crew have a small production capability at this point, still doing it all by hand, so shipping isn’t likely in the near future or at least not during the month of December… :)

  69. Silly Lolo….I was expecting you to make some remarks about BettyQ and Sister’s hot lamps, but since you haven’t (chicken), I will.

    BettyQ and Sister are two hot mama’s!!!! hehehehe

  70. MM, now if you can manage opening one stall in domestic mnla airport for pal preferably before jan 8th i should be set…. wishly thinking anyways.Congrats to the crew for their success. I’d settle for a stall in salcedo market. if all else fails, am seriously considering taking a one nite trip to cebu to grab some of the lechon.

  71. btw, am finally taking cooking lessons for native puto and bibingka… bacolod style.
    Maybe I can share the magical secrets for perfect puto with you.

  72. I tried to reach some lechon from zubochon airport but i was told that order should be 2-3 days before,,,is that true? I contacted my bros in APO there just to arrange for me for a piece and be send to manila and i was told to send it thru bilivery.com for quicker shipping time….

  73. I just came from Cebu last sunday (dec 13) since i was taking an early flight back to Manila, i opted to buy 3 kilos of frozen zubuchon from your branch in cebu airport. Anyways, here are my comments :
    1. Is it possible for you to put up some signs around the airport so we can easily find Zubuchon? I asked around 5 personnels at the airport and they are totally clueless about Zubuchon. One personnel even directed me to Ayer’s lechon just outside the airport.
    2. The lady manning your store wasn’t that helpful. :( She was more attentive and concerned to her eloading cellphone business. I was initially thinking of buying 6 kilos but i decided to get 3 instead since she can’t provide me straight answers to my questions. I don’t think she doesn’t know the answers as they were basic questions. :(
    3. I gave 1 kilo to my mother, another kilo to my mom in law. They have nothing to say but praises… they loved the lechon! They were meaty and tasty. However, when it was my turn to try my share, i was a bit disappointed upon removing the plastic from the styro container…. half of them were bones. :( Nevertheless, i still enjoyed half of it. The skin were crispy after heating them in the oven toaster. Maybe i was just not lucky enough. :(

    Congratulations, MM :) I hope to buy more of your lechon next time… medyo nabitin talaga ako sa share ko. :)

  74. Drakey, thank you for your excellent feedback on the zubuchon experience.

    Our little outlet in the airport is made available on a consignment basis, as we are not the tenant of that retail stall. As such, our products are sometimes sold by third parties, some of whom may not have yet been briefed on our products. However, we have now assigned a dedicated salesperson at the airport so the stall should be manned from 10am to 7pm by a Zubuchon representative. I apologize for the seeming lack of interest from the salesperson who served you, and I will let the stall owner know of your experience. At this stage, we cannot really place signs in other parts of the airport and hope that our brightly lit, albeit small stall in the pre-departure area will be easy to find. Perhaps we need to give airport employees a taste of our zubuchon so they will know where to find us. :)

    As for the lechon itself, I am glad the packages for your mother and mother in law were well received. All packages should have a mixture of meat and some bones, and so I am disappointed that your third package contained more bones that you anticipated. I have emailed you separately to ensure that we make you whole on this issue. Of course bones are an expected part of lechon, and some clients predominantly ask for ribs, which are very boney, but I understand your concerns and am thrilled that you chose to leave a comment here, as it is VERY HELPFUL for the Zubuchon crew.

    Thank you!

  75. britelite, yes, the two outlets are still there. But best to call to ensure they still have fresh lechon or to place an order… 032.583.5699 Thanks.

  76. hi MM! my husband is in a work-related trip to cebu this week and i am requiring him to bring at least 3 kilos of zubuchon when he comes home. can’t wait to taste the famous lechon! :)

  77. Hi MM,

    Wow wickedly delish and looks very tasty! I just wish maybe Anthony Bourdain could visit again Cebu to check out the Zubuchon that he mentioned “the best Pig ever” and maybe visit other islands that have particular culinary adventure and good food.



  78. I’m glad to be going to Cebu 8-11 April, because I love the place & I’ve been wanting to try your Zubuchon! From various blogs & websites, it seems the best place to buy is at the pre-departure area of the airport… But your stall opens only at 4pm? My flight back to Manila is after lunch! Would it be possible to pre-order & then pick it up there before my flight leaves at 3pm? Much thanks!

  79. Cherrie, the stall opens earlier, but fresh lechon tends to be there from around noon onwards. To be certain, call ahead to reserve. Please call Zubuchon at 032.236.5264 or 0917.627.4761 to reserve. Thanks.

  80. Hi MM! just want to confirm if the numbers posted above are still current? thanks :)

  81. Thanks MM! we’ll be in Cebu on July 14th, so sinisingit ko talaga zubuchon :) i was thinking to have our lunch sa Banilad, so i just call them hours before we come in to reserve po? does your crew sell rice/rice meals as well or just the lechon? pardon if makulit, just tryin to iron out the logistics of the trip since its first time my parents and I are goin on such a trip. i think having the best pig ever is the best way for my parents to celebrate their first plane ride together ^^,

  82. Hello MM! Congratulations on Zubuchon and of course being hailed as the best by Anthony Bourdain. I must say that even after transport and wraps, the skin is still crispy…and the meat tastes really good too. It tastes a bit different from the the traditional lechons but it is also very yummy! I can actually say too, based on the taste…packaging, that you have put quality in the whole thing : ) One order (I think one kilo) looked jut enough for a small family meal but I was happy to find out that it was packed and so more than it looked plus, there is a good proportion of skin, and meat and just a few bones. I am huge foodie and I enjoy going through your blog as well. I was wondering if you will be franchising in Manila? Cebu? Thanks!

  83. Kim, no franchising plans yet. We can’t even meet demand in Cebu with our modest facilities at this point… So it’s a long way to go before we think of expanding.

  84. Hi MM,

    want to ask the address of the zubuchon restaurant ? I will be in Cebu next month and i won’t miss the chance to dine at your restaurant.

  85. analyn, thanks for asking. We have two branches, the one with the most complete menu is located at One Mango Mall, General Mximlom Ave (Mango Avenue) about 20 meters BEHIND the large Sunburst Chicken Restaurant, their telephone number is 032.239.5697. We have a smaller branch near the Capitol building at the Escario Building on 731 Escario Street, telephone 032.239.1225. Enjoy your trip to Cebu!

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