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Another Chance to Win 2 More Bottles of Sister’s Jam/Marmalade

15 Jan, 2015

Believe it or not, no one has nailed the cost of the three arrangements I put up in the post the other day, but some folks are close.

The Price is Right… Win 2 Bottles of Sister’s Jam/Marmalade

14 Jan, 2015

I was at the Dimasalang flower market bright and early yesterday morning.

Behind the Scenes Preparations — Holiday Dinners a la Marketman & Family

26 Dec, 2014

Our annual Holiday Dinners are a big deal in the Marketman household and it takes a lot of effort behind the scenes to pull them off well.

Pine Wreath 2014 a la Marketman

16 Dec, 2014

A simple and perhaps more classic use of the pine wreaths — the ribbon just emphasizes how nice the basic wreath is to begin with.

What the London Box Contained… :)

16 Dec, 2014

Mrs. MM and I had a combined baggage allowance of 140 kilos on our flight back from London to Manila (we travel to Cebu on PAL for business very often and a benefit is massive additional baggage allowances) and we had purchased hardly anything that wasn’t a food item, ingredient or kitchen related utensil…

Wonderful, Locally Sourced Wreaths from Down to Earth…

15 Dec, 2014

If I had only known earlier!

Flowers For Our First “Holiday” Dinner 2014…

23 Oct, 2014

This was a bit of a “wacky” autumn holiday dinner for close friends.

Greens for the Beach House…

04 Sep, 2014

I really like the combination of light green, yellow/green or almost chartreuse greens and blooms and white flowers.


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