Flowers at Liberty of London…


While we are “virtually in London” at the Liberty shop, just take a look at this spilling-onto-the sidewalk flower shop at Liberty, that then draws you into the rest of the plants and flowers and gifts on offer indoors… Amazing how retail specialists, stylists, creative people can actually make a flower shop look like a liberty print material in some ways… Something about the mix and choice of colors and blooms in ready-made bouquets for a quick stylish purchase…


The blooms and greens grouped by color ranges…a few garden statues and doodads for anyone searching for a gift for folks with yards or estates…


…when it’s in the 40’sF outdoors, you can just leave the flowers in pails of water… the selection of blooms was just so beautiful.


I was also interested in the amount of greens and fillers. I tend to use all flowers and no fillers, but with the choices and palette available here, I could easily see building up nice huge mixed arrangements if there was no budget in mind.


I spotted a pail of freesias (in the middle of photo) that have always been a personal favorite and of course I bent down to smell their incredibly sweet fragrance.


The ranunculus on the lower right side of the photo above are also a favorite. And just look at the colors of stuff on offer!


Roses, hydrangeas, narcissus…


I have actually coaxed amaryllis to life and bloom in Manila before, but had to keep them air-conditioned at night to mimic a more temperate climate. Never got narcissus bulbs to bloom in Manila though, not for lack of trying… I used to bring in bulbs from trips to the Netherlands and the U.S. and attempt to get potted plants like those in the photo above during the holidays…


Indoors they had some potted evergreens, dried hydrangeas wrapped around baskets, etc. Overall, a stunning mini-shop in a stunning department store.


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  1. Appreciate this post very much – – you know about flowers – – my thing! So beautiful flowers – – – love, love, love.



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