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Foraging for Ambilang or Sand Worms…

08 Apr, 2014

Kinilaw na Ambilang. Ceviche of foreskin. Bad sounding translation for an appetizer, I know. Maybe better to say Ceviche of Sandworms. :)

Homemade Spicy Tuna and Crabstick Maki/Temaki

28 Mar, 2014

We all love Japanese food in our household.

A Mostly Vegetarian Dinner…

18 Mar, 2014

My niece attended graduate school just outside Boston, and had a flat-mate who eventually ended up doing development work in Cambodia, Laos and is now stationed in Tacloban with a multinational agency.

Caviar Pie 101…

06 Mar, 2014

Caviar Pie is often mentioned as a luxurious nibble for some of Manila’s home “cocktail” crowd.

Tinapang Bangus & Sotanghon Lumpia

03 Mar, 2014

I was flipping through The Philippine Cookbook compiled by Virginia Roces de Guzman and Nina Daza Puyat and saw a recipe for “Lumpiang Bangus” which is attributed to Carol Andrews Ferrer.

Caviar & Salmon Appetizers for Valentine’s…

15 Feb, 2014

We had Valentine’s dinner at home last night, just Mrs. MM and I.

Chicken Skin “Chips” a la Marketman

04 Feb, 2014

This dish is for “Lee”, in his far away, off the grid, military location, toiling the “salt mines” while wishing he was home in Bacolod.

Beet-Cured Salmon Gravlax a la Marketman

02 Jan, 2014

Just a little twist on the Salmon gravlax I have featured on this blog before… but this one elicited a lot of favorable comments over the holiday season.


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