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“Fish Tacos” a la Marketman

09 Jul, 2014

It’s a bit cheeky for me to add the “a la Marketman” in the title of this post.

South Africa 20 — Breakfast at La Residence

27 Jun, 2014

With this groaning cheeseboard, do I really need to write much more?

South Africa 16 — A Braai in a Boma and a Private Dinner by the Pool

18 Jun, 2014

Our first dinner in the resort dining room was just hours after we arrived, enjoyed a three hour game drive, a half hour wine-tasting and the effects of jet lag were kicking in.

South Africa 9 — Two More Light Lunches

07 Jun, 2014

All food and drink included seems like a fabulous thing.

South Africa 5 — A Light Lunch…

04 Jun, 2014

Shortly after arriving at Singita, we decided to head to the outdoor deck for some lunch.

Lunch at Gerarda’s, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

10 Apr, 2014

I hadn’t been back to Bohol in over 5 years, and had several things on my “to do list”.

Bun Cha, Hanoi

25 Oct, 2013

Described in our Luxe Guide to Hanoi as “Yes, it’s a total dump, but who cares when the grilled pork patties and spring rolls are that good” — so obviously we had to try it. :)

A Luxurious Start to the Day…

01 Oct, 2013

There is something decadent and luxurious about breakfast buffets at good hotels.


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