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Sarciadong Daing na Lapu-Lapu

13 Oct, 2009

The daing fried rice was only one of two dried fish comfort meals that we indulged in over the last two weeks… With the remaining kilo or so of dried fish, we decided to make a “sarciadong daing” which is basically fried dried fish braised with a sweetish sour sauce. There is another…

Daing Fried Rice / Stir-Fried Rice With Dried Grouper

04 Oct, 2009

It’s been THAT kind of week. And for me, comfort food is the easy, temporary palliative for the blahs. And there are few dishes more comforting for many Filipinos than fried dried fish. In the tropics, and among large archipelagos, dried fish is one of the most basic and reliable sources of…


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