08 Oct2015


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A moment of madness? Or just stirring a hornet’s nest? I had my GM download the one page certificate of candidacy for President of the Republic of the Philippines. I was just curious. I am so fed up with local politics that it seems bizarre to even consider a real run for elected public office. But think of the possibilities, I just want to attend 3-4 of the Presidential debates as a candidate and ask some of those intelligent questions that don’t seem to be asked nor answered. I have a graduate degree in management, when you don’t even need to have attended college. I am a natural born Philippine citizen and have never taken residency or citizenship of another country. So why not indeed? Nuisance candidate? Perhaps, but probably more qualified and articulate than most of the potential candidates currently in the running. Just as capable of studying/analyzing/dissecting any issue with logic and aplomb. It doesn’t specify that you have to be a winnable candidate, right?

As for continuing a legacy as some are won’t to claim, my paternal grandfather was a congressman from Bicol, my maternal grandfather was a congressman and/or governor of Bohol, and my father served selflessly in cabinet and other level positions for 4-5 Philippine presidents since we became an independent nation and he was considered the first “DILG” secretary before it was even called the DILG. And if I were to borrow a campaign slogan from him, it is definitely going to be “Hala Bira, Bina Mira!” Oh, but I have yet to consult with Mrs. MM if she will campaign beside me. :)


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27 Sep2015


I gained 3 pounds just listening to it (I am supposed to be on a Bond-inspired diet). It’s horrible in my opinion. Go figure. I really like some of Sam Smith’s songs, but this one is just not a Bond song, sorry. It’s evil bad, in my personal opinion. I sure hope the movie is much better than that.

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21 Sep2015


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I just had to take a photo of these monks who were visiting the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore when we were there last week on a crew trip (hence the long silence on the blog).

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11 Sep2015


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I found these old photos recently and they made me pause for a moment when I think about air travel then and now.

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10 Sep2015



A few weeks after we returned from our South African Safari mid-2014, I was speaking with Gejo Jimenez of Malipayon Farms when he dropped by to make a delivery of greens, and I mentioned that I had noticed so many pea shoots used as a garnish on snazzy dishes in Cape Town.

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10 Sep2015

Goat’s Eyes…

by Marketman


Care to take a wild guess? :)

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01 Sep2015


My Chief of Stuff just asked me how large automated tomato “pickers” work to gather tomatoes in large plantations… and I honestly didn’t know.

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31 Aug2015



Mrs. MM and I were at the “Maarte Fair” at the Rockwell tent over the weekend, and I was thrilled to find so many beautifully made local products.

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