26 Mar2015


About a month and a half ago, the website experienced an unusual spike in visitor activity, and I had no idea what prompted it.

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25 Mar2015


Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.28.10 AM

I have heard some ridiculous things, and I am well aware of the sorry state of our public education system, despite real attempts to improve it in recent years.

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25 Mar2015



So I had spectacular furled taro (gabi) leaves on hand.

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17 Mar2015



I have made laing (stewed taro leaves with coconut cream/oil) several times in the past few weeks.

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16 Mar2015

Banaba Bark

by Marketman


Another unusual find at the weekend markets was this little clump of banaba bark.

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16 Mar2015



I was browsing the greens sections at Rustan’s Rockwell over the weekend and spotted these attractive leaves in a plastic bag in the chillers.

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15 Mar2015



Ginger is the Kid’s, then Teen’s, then Young Lady’s chocolate labrador.

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11 Mar2015

Creamy Fruit Mash…

by Marketman


I was in Divisoria earlier today.

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