30 Sep2014



I don’t know about you guys, but as a kid, these were one of my FAVORITE SNACKS.

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29 Sep2014



A comment from Footloose on my previous post on passion fruit sent me straight into the kitchen to experiment with the remaining fruit.

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29 Sep2014



This is simple food.

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28 Sep2014



Nothing could be simpler and more addictive!

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27 Sep2014



I’ve been trying to lose some weight lately, and have managed to shave off 13 pounds from an all-time high so far.

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23 Sep2014


I love to go to trade fairs, provincial food fairs, handicraft fairs, etc.

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23 Sep2014



Pomelos rank in my top 5 favorite fruits, ever.

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22 Sep2014



While browsing through a suburban mall on the U.S. east coast recently, I spied these spectacular, authentic, heavy-duty canvas book bags that a company called Levenger manufactures presumably for the Boston Public Library.

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