24 Aug2015

G. Detou, Paris

by Marketman

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If you bake a lot, curious about all things ingredient wise, just like food shops or are into sweets, this is one shop you SHOULD NOT MISS when in Paris.

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23 Aug2015



There are several dishes that I simply have never mastered to the point that I was satisfied to write and publish a good recipe for it.

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20 Aug2015

JB to inspire JB…

by Marketman

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It’s my 51st birthday today.

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18 Aug2015


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If you told me ANY patisserie and caterer had managed to last 285 years in the same storefront, I would have guessed you were bluffing.

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18 Aug2015



A friend who visits Paris often recommended Semilla, on rue de Seine, Saint Germain.

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17 Aug2015



Okay, here it is. A chance to win one of these beauties, a custom made wicker basket on wheels, lined with denim and handles covered in leather from S.C. Vizcarra.

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16 Aug2015

Polmard, Paris

by Marketman

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One of the snazziest meat shops I have EVER come across.

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16 Aug2015


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Jealous. Absolutely.

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