19 Sep2016



Mrs. MM was at the local atelier of Filip + Inna to choose a jacket from their line of their spectacular garments made from local fabrics, and Len Cabili graciously gave her this spectacular alula.

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19 Sep2016

And the Winner Is…

by Marketman


I used a random number generator to pick the 1 winner of the guava jam or goiabada from the contest a few days ago.

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13 Sep2016

31st Negros Trade Fair

by Marketman

Gosh, you know you are getting older when you can say you were at the 2nd Negros Trade Fair to buy barquillos… I was away at university for the first one… Always lots of familiar things and the occasional new surprise on offer at this fair. I can’t make this particular edition due to a pre-scheduled trip to Cebu, but maybe Mrs. MM will drop by to pick up some Casa Carmela pitaw, large barquillos, thin flavorful piaya and some good muscovado.

September 14-18, 2016
Glorietta Activity Center
Ayala Mall, Makati

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12 Sep2016



I should have known those remnant Portuguese genes would kick in sometime.

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11 Sep2016



A very tall white brunette, who was born in Manila to a British father, who later voluntarily opted to take on Filipino citizenship because he loved the country that much, and an American mother.

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09 Sep2016

Kasubha or Safflower

by Marketman


Almost always referred to as “local saffron”, kasubha is almost certainly NEITHER.

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01 Sep2016



Most folks recoil at the thought of ordering a plate of octopus tentacles to enjoy with their ice cold beer or a glass of white wine.

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01 Sep2016


I am in the midst of a LEVEL 10 unsatisfactory experience so far with two boxes weighing a total of 110 pounds that I shipped from the U.S. to Manila almost 2 months ago. I will write a full post on the service encounter(s) that make me want to reach into my computer and virtually strangle the folks who typed the most inane absurd customer service answers (I kept copies of all of them) to simple queries like “where is my package” and “when is it going to get here” and “why don’t you know if both boxes left or not?” and I can only tell you if using my copper fishpan were legal recourse, I would have smacked someone silly several times.

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