27 Aug2016



I used to be a pretty good walker.

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19 Aug2016

Chimney Bread

by Marketman


This post is long overdue.

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18 Aug2016



I just couldn’t believe my own eyes.

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18 Aug2016



The market seemed unusually clean, almost antiseptic.

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17 Aug2016



After keeping up a blistering pace walking some 65 kilometers in total over 3 days in China while on a buying trip, we decided to take a breather on our last afternoon and visited a local market and local food store before a dinner of Northeastern Chinese food.

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17 Aug2016



We were in the middle of the most ginormous wholesale mall on the planet in Yiwu, China.

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16 Aug2016



Seafood, seafood, seafood.

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15 Aug2016



Our office in Cebu is located in a (literally) converted garage in the middle of a generous lot on a hill.

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