27 Apr2015



I learned something new at Madrid Fusion Manila last Saturday.

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26 Apr2015



Some freshly made kinilaw served on fried fish skins.

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24 Apr2015



I absolutely love canned tuna.

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24 Apr2015


I was booking a regional Asian ticket on-line on PAL and checking prices over the past three weeks. They definitely fluctuate as the plane starts to fill up, but they don’t head in one direction, meaning they don’t just increase as the time progresses. It’s true they are priciest nearest the flight time, as they feel customers have no choice, but I found an even more offensive little (and I am assuming INTENTIONAL) quirk in the system…

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23 Apr2015



It seems the breadfruit or kolo season starts in April or May and continues for several months over the summer and into the early parts of the rainy season.

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23 Apr2015



Whenever I see them in the market, as I have for the past 5-6 weeks, I get a huge bunch of them.

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22 Apr2015

Hot Tomatoes

by Marketman

P1020401 (1)

The summer heat has started to get to me.

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20 Apr2015

Manila From Above…

by Marketman


I probably fly close to a hundred flight segments every year, the vast majority of them on domestic hops from Manila to Cebu and back.

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