30 Sep2016


For the next week or so, get up to 6 daily updates on instagram at #therealmarketman while we traipse through forests to search for black and white truffles, stroll through hazelnut groves, visit vineyards, chocolate or confectionary stores, and head down to Rome for a Roman holiday. See you there.

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26 Sep2016



I never know the difference.

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26 Sep2016



I love gardens, but I am certain I have a black thumb.

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19 Sep2016



Mrs. MM was at the local atelier of Filip + Inna to choose a jacket from their line of their spectacular garments made from local fabrics, and Len Cabili graciously gave her this spectacular alula.

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19 Sep2016

And the Winner Is…

by Marketman


I used a random number generator to pick the 1 winner of the guava jam or goiabada from the contest a few days ago.

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13 Sep2016

31st Negros Trade Fair

by Marketman

Gosh, you know you are getting older when you can say you were at the 2nd Negros Trade Fair to buy barquillos… I was away at university for the first one… Always lots of familiar things and the occasional new surprise on offer at this fair. I can’t make this particular edition due to a pre-scheduled trip to Cebu, but maybe Mrs. MM will drop by to pick up some Casa Carmela pitaw, large barquillos, thin flavorful piaya and some good muscovado.

September 14-18, 2016
Glorietta Activity Center
Ayala Mall, Makati

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12 Sep2016



I should have known those remnant Portuguese genes would kick in sometime.

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11 Sep2016



A very tall white brunette, who was born in Manila to a British father, who later voluntarily opted to take on Filipino citizenship because he loved the country that much, and an American mother.

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