22 Oct2014



Stunning adaptive use of a typically western tapas dish.

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22 Oct2014



Squash blossoms and dill flowers.

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21 Oct2014



These Indigo Rose tomatoes were so stunning they stopped me in my tracks.

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21 Oct2014



Scrambled eggs with shaved truffles is an epic food treat.

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20 Oct2014



Pako (young fern tendrils) with freshly made boquerones, quail eggs, tomatoes and a vinaigrette dressing.

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20 Oct2014



It’s always amused me how easy it is to find copious supplies of quail eggs, but it’s next to impossible to find a steady, reliable and economical supply of nicely fattened quail in Manila or most parts of the Philippines, for that matter.

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19 Oct2014



Salted, vinegar-bathed, then olive oil soaked anchovy fillets.

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08 Oct2014



I hope you got a glimpse of or were watching at length the lunar eclipse this evening in Manila and other parts of the Philippines, Asia and North America…

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