19 Jan2018

Sugar & Spice…

by Marketman

Things I might have in the fridge or larder…

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19 Nov2017


This is my recipe for homemade pancetta.

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10 Oct2017


Later this year marks our 25th Wedding Anniversary, a feat few manage to achieve in this day of less formal living arrangements and seemingly five-year renewal “contracts” between couples. :)

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25 Sep2017


Rarely have I tried to replicate something I have never ever cooked before and end up with results this good, the first time around.

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16 Aug2017


The blog’s been quiet lately, but you can follow our progress through Kyoto, Naoshima and Osaka on my instagram account @therealmarketman or if you don’t want to sign up for instagram, just go to this webpage to view the photos and posts. Thanks!

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30 Jul2017


So here is the step-by-step instructions for the santol jam that I posted on my instagram account @therealmarketman that elicited so many private messages/requests for the recipe.

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03 Jul2017

‘Nduja Carbonara

by Marketman

Andrew Carmellini’s recipe for an ‘Nduja carbonara or “Calabrian Carbonara” in a recent Food & Wine Magazine was the tipping point to hunt down the ingredient from Italy and see what it was like.

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03 Jul2017


by Marketman

For at least 3-4 years now, I have been reading about this ‘nduja in food journals, magazines, books, etc.

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