20 May2016



A palate puncher! Shock those tastebuds! Scare the bacteria right out of your jaded mouth!

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17 May2016



Asia’s Best Female Chef and good friend/neighbor Margarita Fores and Filipino food is the focus of the first episode of Season 2 of CNN’s Culinary Journeys.

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06 May2016

Nation Before Self…

by Marketman


Nation Before Self. That is the essence of public service. Old-timers on this blog know I have long supported Mar Roxas, and I believe he is the best candidate for President this year as well. I am just as strong in my belief that Leni Robredo is the best candidate for Vice-President as well.

However, the polls are a good indicator of the likely outcome of Monday’s vote, and it looks like the frontrunner is well ahead at this point. At a very recent dinner with friends and colleagues, I mentioned that the ONLY realistic strategic option left barring “struck by lightning events” was to have Grace Poe and Mar Roxas get together and do what they have to do to join forces to defeat the front-runner. Nation Before Self.

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04 May2016


“I had really fond memories of the last time I had lechon in the Philippines. In fact, not to kiss your ass, but it is the finest pig I’ve ever had.”

Anthony Bourdain, 2016
Parts Unknown Episode in Manila

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18 Apr2016



After a morning visit to the terra cotta warriors located an hour outside Xi’an, our guide had promised a lunch at a “local” place.

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17 Apr2016



Our apartment was a five minute walk away from the Drum Tower and Muslim Street in Xi’an.

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08 Apr2016



The lure of freshly grilled or grilling meat is almost always irresistible.

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07 Apr2016



Glistening like edible rubies in the evening light, pomegranates on display in street stalls in the muslim quarter of Xian made me stop in my tracks.

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