27 Sep2015


I gained 3 pounds just listening to it (I am supposed to be on a Bond-inspired diet). It’s horrible in my opinion. Go figure. I really like some of Sam Smith’s songs, but this one is just not a Bond song, sorry. It’s evil bad, in my personal opinion. I sure hope the movie is much better than that.

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21 Sep2015


P1050093 (1)

I just had to take a photo of these monks who were visiting the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore when we were there last week on a crew trip (hence the long silence on the blog).

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11 Sep2015


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 1.16.34 PM

I found these old photos recently and they made me pause for a moment when I think about air travel then and now.

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10 Sep2015



A few weeks after we returned from our South African Safari mid-2014, I was speaking with Gejo Jimenez of Malipayon Farms when he dropped by to make a delivery of greens, and I mentioned that I had noticed so many pea shoots used as a garnish on snazzy dishes in Cape Town.

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10 Sep2015

Goat’s Eyes…

by Marketman


Care to take a wild guess? :)

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01 Sep2015


My Chief of Stuff just asked me how large automated tomato “pickers” work to gather tomatoes in large plantations… and I honestly didn’t know.

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31 Aug2015



Mrs. MM and I were at the “Maarte Fair” at the Rockwell tent over the weekend, and I was thrilled to find so many beautifully made local products.

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31 Aug2015



Last year, whilst shopping in an obscure spice shop in a local neighborhood of Cape Town, I got what I thought was a “mother lode” of vanilla — beautiful, plump, moist and amazingly fragrant beans from Madagascar, one of the premium sources of some of the world’s best vanilla bean.

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