10 Apr2007


Our Day 1 lunch with friends RAM didn’t consume more than 50% of the ingredients they brought out with them lunch2to the beach, so we decided to do a second lunch that incorporated some of the dishes we had originally planned on the menu. We mixed leftover salads and olives with a fresh leafy green salad tossed with a simple vinaigrette, and a large bowl of delicious mushroom pasta. Mrs. Marketman made the pasta sauce which had shiitake, oyster and porcini mushrooms with porcini and chicken broth for moisture and lots of butter for flavor and creaminess. Lots of grated parmesan cheese and some chopped herbs were added at the last minute and this yielded a very satisfying and flavorful vegetarian pasta. Frankly, it tasted more “meaty” than a lot of meat based pastas. Fresh mushrooms are terrific in this dish, but I find the addition of the intensely flavored dried porcinis really put this over the top!


I also put together a salad plate for myself with a cold artichoke, a green salad and some lunch4of the leftover fennel and orange salad. Throw in a few olives and actually, this plate could have been a great meal on its own. What is nice about this kind of meal is that you can take as little or as much of each of the dishes placed on the table. You can mix and match and experiment along the way. You can eat a lot if really hungry or simply graze if you aren’t… This is perfect beach fare…easy to throw together…can be eaten at a pace you are comfortable with, and leftovers can be the source of fridge munching opportunities for days and days to come…



  1. Maria Clara says:

    The mushroom pasta looks divine peppered with parmesan cheese. The pasta and leafy green salads are great pick at any gatherings. I love to mix on my own plate the pasta and leafy green salad with vinaigrette dressings so I get both texture and flavors that go well together with garlic bread on the side.

    Apr 10, 2007 | 7:24 am


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  3. mila says:

    Why does the description of the meal make me think of the meals served at Sonia’s garden?

    Apr 10, 2007 | 8:39 am

  4. Marketman says:

    Mila, you mean like you need a Big Mac after you finish with the green stuff?!? Hahaha!

    Apr 10, 2007 | 10:00 am

  5. mackenzie says:

    Yummy! My kind of meal! Any dish with three kinds of mushroom reminds me of that joke where the nun goes into the garden and starts picking out mush… mush… mushroom! Oops. This site is rated GP pala. Hehe

    Apr 10, 2007 | 10:07 am

  6. ann says:

    Hello. I was wondering if I can have the recipe for your mushroom pasta? I dont really cook per se but would love to try out starting with that dish. Hope you could help me :)

    By the way, I’ve come across your site few months ago and am now hooked. Great reading hehehe…

    God bless.

    Apr 10, 2007 | 12:24 pm

  7. izang says:

    can you share mrs.mm’s recipe for the mushroom pasta?….would like to try it soon……thanks…..

    Apr 10, 2007 | 12:29 pm

  8. audball says:

    i’ve had the chance to work w/ porcini powder lately. that is, to make risotto using bouillon powder. and i have to admit, the taste was quite good…

    Apr 10, 2007 | 2:30 pm

  9. Marketman says:

    audball, I totally agree with you, I have two boxes from a trip to Florence last year…it does have terrific flavor!

    Apr 10, 2007 | 2:32 pm

  10. Chinachix says:

    Hi MM,

    Pls. add me to the growing number of requests for the recipe for this pasta dish…thanks!

    Apr 10, 2007 | 6:32 pm

  11. Marketman says:

    ann and Chinachix, I will ask Mrs. MM for her recipe…it may be a few days before it can be posted as I am traveling…

    Apr 11, 2007 | 9:09 am

  12. U.T.O.Y says:

    wow this seems healthy and fits my diet. I’m having problems with my kidneys thus this is a perfect alternative.

    can you pls send me dishes/recipes I can easily cook? thanks

    Apr 14, 2007 | 6:17 pm

  13. Marketman says:

    UTOY, please check the archives, there must be over 300 different dishes featured…

    Apr 15, 2007 | 5:59 pm

  14. kaivegan says:

    Pretty impressive MM.
    I won’t call it “vegetarian” though, since there is chicken broth in it.

    Apr 17, 2007 | 9:11 am

  15. Marketman says:

    kaivegan, you are right, for vegetarian, use a vegetable stock instead…not a problem, since the porcini water is intensely flavored. The problem will become the butter, since it comes from a cow…

    Apr 17, 2007 | 10:14 am


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