08 Dec2005

Baking Ingredients 101

by Marketman

It can’t be the holiday season unless you have baked SOMETHING! aabake1In our home, the ovens go into overdrive this time of year and at Marketmanila, we started over a month ago testing ensaimada recipes, making several leche flans, pan de sal, lenguas, angel food cake, upside down pineapple cake, cookies… and the list goes on and on. Several readers have left comments regarding some of the key ingredients that I use for pan de sal and other baked goods so I thought I would put a quick post on the basics for those of you who are interested… First, the flour. I normally use the readily available Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour for recipes that specify all-purpose flour. Even though it says pre-sifted, always re-sift if the recipe asks for it. For breads, ensaimada, etc., I use a harder wheat flour, in this case from Liberty Mills and purchased from a bakery supplies store in Nasugbu town (though this is available in Manila and all towns above 5,000 population, I would think). It appears in the photo here and essentially it is better for bread.

This hard wheat flour is what approximates the old name “primera” which aabakerefers to quality and essentially gluten content, I think. It is also not as bleached as supermarket all-purpose flour. For cakes, I used boxed Maya cake flour only because I haven’t seen anything else, have had mediocre results with Maya so far. I read somewhere once that if you can’t find cake flour you just have to slightly reduce the amount of all-purpose flour to attempt to replicate the impact of using cake flour. For eggs, I use the finest organic eggs I can find such as the organic eggs from Joey Malana at the Salcedo market (though his are the bloody priciest I have ever purchased at PHP250 for 30 eggs and that’s discounted!) or the organic egg seller at the Taguig market. They have a near orange yolk and a viscous white. I thought I would do well to buy eggs in local town markets but they have generally turned out to be extremely watery and the yolks break into the whites annoyingly often… In general, the cost of ingredients in baked goods is small compared to say a meat dish, so splurge for the finest quality you can afford.

On butter, I have mixed feelings. I have practically given up. aabake3For some reason, the Philippines has really crappy butter – generally very high water content (which screws up recipes big-time) and lower than average quality. There are a few European and Australian butter brands available but they are incredibly expensive for the slight bump up in quality. For recipes which I don’t think the butter will necessary shine through, I use any decent locally available unsalted butter. In theory, unsalted should be of a better quality as there is no salt to mask the underlying taste of the butter. When I need something that will shine through the finished product, I go French or Danish (the latter on the assumption that they must have happy cows in Denmark, right?) and pay through the nose. Think butter spread ON TOP of finished ensaimadas then sprinkled with sugar and cheese and think nose-bleed butter. My sister buys superb top-quality French butter in New York from a wholesaler that delivers it to her home during peak baking seasons…how lucky is that!?!

On sugar, I should point out that despite our growing literally tons of the stuff, the bulk white sugar you get in the grocery is oddly, not the finest quality. It is often relatively large grain, so much so that sometimes it doesn’t mix well with other ingredients and your cookies come out grainy and the sugar granules are clearly visible. The brown sugar readily available is also crappy and looks like colored white sugar. If I need sugar that has to disappear into the dish, I buy the Peotraco caster sugar from better groceries which is finer and not that much more expensive. I also use their powdered sugar for icing on the “annual” gingerbread house. I have been known to literally fill a whole grocery cart with powdered sugar in boxes when they don’t have the bulk plastic bags available… finally, all through the year I keep my eyes out for good brown sugar like muscovado that looks, feels and smells like brown sugar should. If it clumps up and gets hard, that’s actually a good sign that it is the kind of sugar you should want. I read somewhere that if keep apple slices in the sugar jar it will prevent it from clumping up… I haven’t tried this and wonder if it will work in such a humid country…but that’s what I read.

On yeast, I use Fleischmans yeast in packets if I am only doing a little baking. This is the priciest of the locally available yeasts but it is reliable. Just make sure it hasn’t expired. If I am baking in bulk, I buy the Red Star yeast in cans and once opened keep it in the fridge. I throw it out after 5-6 weeks and buy a new can to ensure the best quality. On salt, I am lucky enough to have one more box of really salty tasting kosher salt that I use in bread. As with half the good stuff for sale in Manila, it is now no longer in stock and the store doesn’t know if they will ever get it again… Everyday iodized salt is good for most recipes. In fact, most recipes are done using measurements that approximate fine grain iodized salt.

Finally, for some of the readers, as you frantically search for sources… here are some you may or may not know about. Landmark grocery in Makati, while a mess, does have many of your baking needs under one roof. I also go to Cook’s Exchange in the basement of Rockwell with branches at Megamall et al (for baking equipment, some ingredients, silpat mats, microplane graters, etc.), I also like Gourdo’s in the Fort with several other branches (utensils and a few ingredients) and lastly, someone has handed me details for SWEETCRAFT, a baking and confectionery supplies store located on Boni Avenue. I have never been there though it comes recommended. I also understand there is a Chocolate related bake shop in Quezon City somewhere but I have never been there either. For those interested in SWEETCRAFT, give them a ring at 532-1595 to make sure they are still in existence. They are at 373 Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City. I will try to check them out but things are a bit hectic these days…



  1. belle says:

    Sweetcraft is 1 hidden bakers haven in Mandaluyong just like Galileo.You can get the best chocolates like Callebaut and Valhrona, the different flours like bread flour,cake flour, rice flour and whole wheat flour, they have different nuts as well. They have a clean and well lighted shop.I always go there for our baking needs for our pastry shop. You dont have to go to Killion in Quiapo for these things at this times coz of the traffic.

    Dec 8, 2005 | 8:15 am


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  3. Marketman says:

    Thanks for that belle, now I really will make an effort to check this out sometime soon!

    Dec 8, 2005 | 8:26 am

  4. ENYA says:

    For “clump-free” brown sugar, put a slice of plain white bread (we call ’em tasty) in the jar and close it tightly. After a week or so, that piece of bread will be hard and dry, so just throw it out and replace it with another piece. You’ll always have a jar of brown sugar with no clump. Guaranteed.

    Dec 8, 2005 | 10:20 am

  5. ENYA says:

    Cont. …
    This also works for cookies. If you want to keep the (chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal, etc.) cookies that you baked soft and moist (as opposed to dry and crumbly) put a piece of white bread in your cookie jar.

    Dec 8, 2005 | 10:31 am

  6. lori says:

    My vote goes to Chefs Nook which is at 220 Pilar St. in Mandaluyong. Phone: 724-5812. The owner, Imelda Go, really knows her stuff: she refrigerates the nuts that she sells and she has a wide variety of chocolates and cocoa powder. Also available are Microplanes and zesters, Silpat mats, and lots of other baking supplies that make me batty with joy.

    Dec 8, 2005 | 12:03 pm

  7. Mila says:

    I imagine the Danish cows to be happily mooing while wearing Viking horned hats (very Wagneresque).

    Dec 8, 2005 | 12:15 pm

  8. joey says:

    Thanks for this post Marketman! All this info definitely helps…will check out Sweetcraft and Chefs Nook (thanks Lori!) As soon as the holidays are over (crazy time). My aunt also mentioned this place to me along Shaw that I want to check out as well…thanks again! :)

    Dec 8, 2005 | 6:13 pm

  9. schatzli says:

    since am not located on your side of the pond my question is about FLOUR and siopao. How come the siopao dough there is SO WHITE?when I do mine here I get just a regular dough colour. Is this something what you mentioned BLEACHED? or they actually put something to keep the dough so ghostly white.

    Off topic I made LP4.5

    Dec 8, 2005 | 7:29 pm

  10. ShoppaHolique says:

    HiMarketMan, would you know where to find “baker’s salt” in Manila? I heard chocolate cake tastes better with that salt sprinkled on top…

    I’ve only seen “black salt” (but it’s colours pink) in an Indian store besides the usual sea, iodized and kosher (i haven’t seen one)

    Dec 9, 2005 | 1:59 am

  11. Marketman says:

    ShoppaHolique, I haven’t heard of “baker’s salt” though I have seen several mentions in really good chocolate essert cookbooks about adding salt to chocolate to “bring out” the flavor…for the most part, they refer to natural sea salt, generally the lightly flaky ones from France or Britain. I found some kosher salt that is rather flaky but the grocery that had it doesn’t carry it anymore. Schatzli, I have no clue why siopao bread is stark white…you have to give me some time to find that out. I don’t think it’s just bleached flour (most packaged grocery flour is bleached unless otherwise stated)… lori, I have heard good things about Chef’s Nook too but the last time I tried to find it, we got lost in the addition hills? so now with your exact address given I will check it out soon… Enya, thanks for that white bread tip.

    Dec 9, 2005 | 6:20 am

  12. Sister says:

    Siopao bread is angel white because a little bit of lye is added to the dough.
    “Bleached” flour has not been through a clorox bath, it simply has been exposed to a longer period of sunlight or the equivalent at the mill.
    If you do not have cake or pastry flour just add 1/4 c. cornstarch to 3/4 cup regular all-purpose flour.
    To make white sugar finer just put it in a food processor and process for one minute. No need to buy caster sugar.

    Dec 9, 2005 | 6:29 am

  13. HD says:

    Speaking of happy cows, napanood ko sa Discovery Travel and Living, one of the happiest daw ang sa Kobe Japan, kaya napaka mahal ng Kobe beef. Imagine baka na pinapainom pa ng alak para ma relax??? hehe. Baka lasang alak na ang gatas nila. :)

    Dec 9, 2005 | 3:24 pm

  14. Lani says:

    I buy my baking needs from Chocolate Lovers, they have 3 branches; one in Tuazon, Cubao then in Kitanlad Quezon Ave., and another one in Bel Air, Makati.

    I’ll try to visit Sweet Craft, Chef’s Nook and Cook’s Exchange.

    Upps, I am not an expert baker but I agree with what MM said, “so splurge for the finest quality you can afford.”

    Thanks MM!

    Dec 9, 2005 | 7:09 pm

  15. Maude says:

    FYI for Lani: Chocolate Lovers closed its Makati branch early this year. That leaves only Cubao & Kitanlad branches.

    Dec 10, 2005 | 6:27 am

  16. Bubut says:

    MM, you can also check on Chocolate Lover’s (store of different baking needs) located at P. Tuazon. You can easily locate them as their store looks like a Castle.

    Dec 10, 2005 | 11:03 am

  17. Marketman says:

    Will have to do a baking store tour soon…hmmm, maybe after the holidays nalang!

    Dec 10, 2005 | 2:02 pm

  18. Sita says:

    Thanks for all the advice on where to fine confections and baking needs. I have a new found site that I would like to visit everyday. What a great contribution to the cooking enthusiast!

    I would like to give away chocolates with my own design. Woudl you have any idea where I can have molds custom-made? Plastic, probably, right?

    More power!


    Dec 16, 2005 | 2:46 pm

  19. Marketman says:

    Sita, Cooks Exchange with branches in Megamall and Glorietta and Rockwell had some molds when I was last there…

    Dec 16, 2005 | 9:31 pm

  20. trishlovesbread says:

    Hello MarketMan,

    Do you know where I can get real sourdough to make starter with in Manila? I live in the U.S. and have been making baguettes, multigrain boules, Poilane-style loaves (well I try) with sourdough starters from Germany and San Francisco for some time now. Since I’m in Manila for the holidays, I want to make sourdough-leavened breads for friends and family. I’d appreciate any leads. Thanks for great food blogging!

    P.S. Oh, where can I get small amounts of whole wheat flour too?

    Dec 19, 2005 | 11:28 pm

  21. Marketman says:

    trish, not sure where you can buy commercial starters and I am too amateurish to have my own starters growing constantly in the house somewhere (my sister does this in New York). I suppose you could make some from yeast and other mold but I wouldn’t be able to help you much… As for whole wheat, you may try the Metro grocery at Market!Market!, Rustan’s or Healthy Options. The bakery stores mentioned above in mandaluyong should also have it in retail amounts…good luck!

    Dec 20, 2005 | 6:14 am

  22. dies says:

    hi. would you know where we can get glazed fruits are reasonable prices? what is the going rate for a kilo of glazed fruits?

    Feb 11, 2006 | 6:43 pm

  23. Marketman says:

    dies, sorry, I haven’t purchased glazed fruit in Manila lately. In fact, I have a pending post on glazed fruit from Australia for table consumption (rather than baking). Have no idea how much it would cost but I suppose any of the large bake shops (some mentioned in comments above) would carry it…

    Feb 11, 2006 | 11:35 pm

  24. Mae Camacho says:

    Hi! I’d like to inform you that there’s this newly-opened baking supplies shop in Pasig City. It’s called INGRID’S SWEET HAVEN Patisserie and Baking Supplies. The place is chic, clean and full of baking (and eating!) products. Their price is really reasonable and the people are very friendly. You’ll not miss it once you’re in Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue (it’s a national road already.. where jeepneys going to Pasig Palengke and Marikina pass by) because the store is a bright yellow brick house. Their office number is 641-2561. I’ve been there once and I’ll definitely go back there. It’s like going to Quiapo and Divisoria for the inexpensive products but like shopping in an air-conditioned mall!

    Mar 9, 2006 | 9:56 pm

  25. Marketman says:

    Thanks Mae, I hope to check it out one day…

    Mar 10, 2006 | 11:40 am

  26. chimmy ramos says:

    HI !



    THANKS !

    Apr 5, 2006 | 10:47 pm

  27. Marketman says:

    chimmy, good grief, too specific for me. When heading from Manila to Tali, it is on the left side of the road before the gas station in nasugbu proper, it has a shellane sign I think. they have sacks of flour as well as other baking supplies. Sorry I don’t have an address. Every bakery in town will point you to the same source…

    Apr 7, 2006 | 10:50 am

  28. mariel guina says:


    Apr 14, 2006 | 5:29 am

  29. mariel V. guina says:

    Can you recommend a store or brand for buying lye they use in whitening siopao? And could you give me a recipe that includes the right proportion of lye in making siopao. Tnx again

    Apr 14, 2006 | 5:31 am

  30. ms says:

    baker’s flour has higher protein content hence much more stable than ordinary flour (protein content usually around 5%).

    in my early foray into baking bread just for home consumption,i made the mistake of using all-purpose flour, but it’s not the same.

    i’ve come across some recipes for white bread that calls for bread improver. i haven’t really got to the bottom of it yet i.e. what does it do. any thoughts?

    Apr 16, 2006 | 8:58 am

  31. Marketman says:

    ms, I suspect “bread improver” introduces more gluten to your dough… not sure though… on the question of LYE, I have never purchased it but i suspect you could get it at Mercury Drug or other boticas…I don’t know what proportion is used…

    Apr 17, 2006 | 1:46 pm

  32. vangie says:

    I live in Las Pinas. Do you have baking supplies store somewhere in my area? I buy my supplies in Chocolate Lovers

    May 7, 2006 | 5:58 pm

  33. Marketman says:

    vangie, sorry, I am not familiar with a baking supplies shop in Las Pinas… if other readers know more, pls. leave a comment, thanks.

    May 8, 2006 | 1:41 pm

  34. ena says:

    hi thanks for all the information regarding bakery supplies store. i was wondering could someone give me specific directions or complete address of SWeet craft? possibly even a phone number? also for those of you who know more shops kindly post other bakery supplies stores out there and their addy and tel. so far i only have chocolate lovers, sweet craft chefs nook and ingrid’s sweet haven im planning to do some canvassing for my upcomming bakeshop. thanks a lot!

    Jun 22, 2006 | 12:42 pm

  35. ena says:

    hi there!

    it’s me again. was also wondering if anyone of you can pinpoi nt me to a cake and pastry packaging supplier/s would sure appreciate it. also kindly put in the addy and tel again. thanks so much

    Jun 22, 2006 | 2:02 pm

  36. Marketman says:

    ena, there are a few food packaging stores in Divisoria where you can get generic clear plastic bags, cellophane type bags, plastic containers, etc… Commoners Commercial is one that I go to often to stock up. I think I have it as part of my archive post on Divisoria. As for the other bakery stores, there are quite a few in Manila… I have never been to Sweet Craft so I can’t give you directions…

    Jun 22, 2006 | 3:27 pm

  37. ena says:

    hi! tried searching your archive related to Divisoria but was unsuccesful how do i go there? what street? thanks!

    Jun 23, 2006 | 7:15 pm

  38. Marketman says:

    ena, look for address of commoners commercial here http://www.marketmanila.com/archives/divisoria-pre-christmas-lunacy …it’s also in the phone book I think.

    Jun 23, 2006 | 9:00 pm

  39. Sleep says:


    Would you know who is the supplier of starbucks chocolate cake?

    Jun 27, 2006 | 11:52 am

  40. Marketman says:

    Sleep, sorry, I don’t.

    Jun 27, 2006 | 12:30 pm

  41. enyw says:

    Would you happen to have the number of Purple Oven?

    Jun 27, 2006 | 1:31 pm

  42. toffee says:

    This is my first time to visit your site, and it’s definitely not going to be the last! I will try out the stores that you mentioned when I am in Manila. I live in Davao, and the Gaisano mall supermarket here carries a lot of the items mentioned above. I have seen Kosher Salt (Morton’s.. I have wondered what the price premium was for, until I read your post), sourdough mix, nuts, whole wheat flour, choco, etc. Too bad it’s far from Manila!

    Jul 4, 2006 | 4:50 pm

  43. Karen says:

    Hello! Do you know where is Purple Oven(telephone nos. please) and where can I can
    get supplier of turkey ham aside from Santis.

    Jul 17, 2006 | 4:55 pm

  44. Risa says:

    Hi Ena!
    There’s this baking supplies store that i just visited a week ago. I was so happy with thevariety of products,from their complete line of couverture/compound chocolates (Valrhona, Callebaut, Tuip, Cacao Barry) to the basic ingredients in baking.It is a well-lit,air-conditioned place and prices are really affordable.Prices for most of the products they import/sell are even cheaper in Quiapo and Divisoria. It is a one-stop baking and confectionery shop. Very clean and the staff are very accomodating.It is called SWEETCRAFT BAKING & CONFECTIONERY SUPPLIES. It’s at 373 Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City. Tel #’s 532-1595/532-6289.Every cent spent is worth it. It is near Edsa so easier to find.

    Jul 21, 2006 | 3:57 pm

  45. janelle says:


    can i ask the web site of chocolate lovers? please thanks

    Jul 24, 2006 | 5:24 pm

  46. Marketman says:

    janelle, sorry, I don’t have the website address of Chocolate lovers, perhaps if other readers know they will leave a comment here…

    Jul 24, 2006 | 7:12 pm

  47. Mary Gelle B. Maranan says:

    For those living in Las Pinas, they can buy their baking supplies and ingredients from Chocolate Magic located along Alabang Zapote Road near the corner of Casimiro also near Makro

    Aug 2, 2006 | 6:18 pm

  48. ena says:

    hi someone was looking for the site of chocolate lovers here it is http://www.chocolatelover.com.ph/cbca_mkt_aug.htm


    Aug 18, 2006 | 8:14 am

  49. gingermom says:

    I am looking for the bakery supplier for Starbucks here in Manila – preferably on pasig side–They used to carry an Expresso (Heavenly) Cheesecake that was fantastic and melted in your mouth…heard that some bakery called Purple Oven made it — Any info, tel, address for Purple Oven???
    Thnx so much!

    Sep 14, 2006 | 8:10 pm

  50. Marketman says:

    gingermom, sorry, I don’t have the number of Purple Oven.

    Sep 14, 2006 | 8:13 pm

  51. ena says:

    hi marketman!

    i’m in dire need of help… i mistakenly purchased 1st class flour being misinformed by the seller that it can be used in cookies and be interchanged with all purpose flour and low and behold i was wrong. now i need to bake some orders for tom. is there a way i could use the 1st class flour and just mix it with cornstarch to produce all purpose flour like what i normally do when substituting all purpose flour with cake flour, u know adding cornstarch to it?

    thanks in advance

    Sep 19, 2006 | 8:40 pm

  52. Marketman says:

    ena, the flour you purchased is probably higher gluten flour hence the difference from all-purpose flour. Higher gluten flour has a higher percentage of proteins. I am not sure what you can do to correct it, I have heard the all purpose to cake flour trick but not a high gluten flour to all purpose flour trick…personally, I would run out to a late night grocery and buy some all purpose flour rather than risk another disaster! Sorry, I can’t be of more help!

    Sep 19, 2006 | 9:06 pm

  53. allen says:

    Purple Oven was featured in a daily a few years back, I think it was PDI. Lost the address but it’s somewhere in Cubao.

    Jan 5, 2007 | 12:56 am

  54. sherrie says:

    hi! ive been reading entrepreneur phils for almost 3 years. they featured the steps on how to make chocolates. fortunately, sweetcraft baking and confectionery supplies is there to entertain and accept comments. i am planning to make chocolates for business but my problem is the supply. can you source me the materials and ingredients for making chocos? Thank you and more power! hope to hear from you soon. . . . .

    May 16, 2007 | 6:39 pm

  55. Daeliciouz says:

    Hi, -dAe- hiR. .! im not a mom, nor’ a wife..
    but a child whos looking forward into my future, and especially in helping my parents in sending me to school.. Well, me as a girl, ive got lots of ideas on cool & girly businesses.. but one of my Weapon of choice is selling sweets..(uhmMm,YUMMY!)..but one problem is,where to purchase them.. coz you know, selling sweets is really Euphoric, its a cool & unique business.. fortunately, ill be glad to recieve your reply..God bless, and may a rainbow of blessings will
    shine on you..vAvoOoOh!!=)

    May 16, 2007 | 7:09 pm

  56. Marketman says:

    daeliciouz, learn how to bake or cook something competently. Acting as a middleman by buying something and re-selling has very little margins involved. I’m sure you also think writing creatively is amusing, and it is, but writing straight English for business is probably best. Good luck. Sherrie, I don’t sell anything. You will have to ensure your supplies through wholesale shops like Sweetcraft…

    May 16, 2007 | 9:46 pm

  57. carlo says:

    mariel ika ba yan? ds carlo from lubao

    May 27, 2007 | 1:35 am

  58. shiela san juan says:

    hi sa lahat..syempre sayo marketman..merun po ba may lam kun san makakabili ng oven? nagbebake kase po ako at ndi po kase magandang klase yung oven na gingamit ko..inaacurate kase ang temperature.gusto ko po kase yung tipong pang commercial..kase pagawa lang po namin to at luma na..magkano po kaya? at san din po makakabili ng wilton products..yung mga cake stand nila at yung ibang item na mura…? i hope matulungan nyo po ako.

    May 29, 2007 | 11:57 am

  59. Marketman says:

    shiela, ang daming nagbebenta ng mga ovens…try Shoemart appliances or even Abensons or Ansons. A decent oven should jrun PHP20-30,000 or more these days. But before buying a new oven, buying a small oven thermometer so you can gauge the temperature of your oven is probably a cheaper way to go for now. If you want commercial ovens, like for bakeries, you are talking PHP100,000 to millions, depending on size. Wilton products are available at the home section of shoemart department stores (especially Makati) or at Gourdo’s at Fort Bonifacio. There are also many baking supplies stores like Sweetcraft on Boni Ave or others in Mandaluyong and Quezon City.

    May 29, 2007 | 3:31 pm

  60. Marga says:

    This is the number of Purple Oven: 631-4221

    May 29, 2007 | 4:06 pm

  61. Maybelle says:

    Hi Marketman!!!

    I live in Antipolo, and I go all the way to Chocolate lovers to get most of the ingredients I need for baking. I really love baking and infact, some of my friends would order cakes and pastries from me…I would want to put up my own bakery and confectionery supplies store just like chocolate lovers (smaller version) but I don’t know where I can get the necessary supplies that I can buy for a cheaper price and sell it for a reasonable price? I hope you could give me some information where I can get wholesale prices for baking supplies. Thanks!

    May 31, 2007 | 6:38 pm

  62. Ingrid says:

    Hi Ms. Maybelle (also Marketman :) )! I would like to invite you to visit our store in Pasig — INGRID’s Sweet Haven Patisserie & Baking Supplies. We carry a wide selection of baking ingredients, confectionery supplies, packaging materials, sugar flowers, icings, premixes, silicone baking products, baking pans, etc. We also offer baking classes to beginners and those who would like to put up their own business. Hope to meet you soon! You may contact us thru 641-2561 for sketch direction :)

    Jun 10, 2007 | 10:13 am

  63. Zinnia says:

    Hi! Just happened to browse the site. I wonder if anybody knows if where i can buy chcolate maker/chocolate wonder/chocolate do-it-yourself kit or whatever you call it? It is like a set for making home-made chocolate which includes a double boiler, 8pcs or molder, dipping fork, measuring cup. I want to make a souvenir for my brothers birthday. thanks!!

    Jun 13, 2007 | 9:59 am

  64. Christine says:

    Hi! I’m looking for a bakery who can supply and make chocolates …I have a specific mold/design. Thanks! =)

    Jun 28, 2007 | 5:51 am

  65. carmen says:

    Hi Ingrid,

    I will be in Manila this month and I am looking for suppliers of chocolate products, moulders, etc. How do i get to your place from Ortigas (granting I stay there) or from Makati and what are your office hours? Thanks

    Aug 2, 2007 | 6:12 pm

  66. jenny says:

    hi market man do you know where i can buy the bread improver i been in divisoria but i coulnt fine it

    Aug 12, 2007 | 1:59 pm

  67. JM says:

    HI there purple oven’s number 9101365

    Aug 13, 2007 | 2:20 am

  68. Ingrid Mediarito says:

    Please visit us at http://www.ingridsweethaven.com :)

    Aug 19, 2007 | 11:20 am

  69. hi there!! can i have purple oven and chef's secret no. says:

    hi there! i really love butterscotch brownie from starbucks.can i get the no.of purple oven and chef’s secret?

    Oct 19, 2007 | 2:39 pm

  70. tielygirl says:

    Hi MM, i’ve been visiting your site for quite sumtym now, and i really find it very helpful and educational at the same time. Am using valrhona cocoa powder for that extra special kick,but i still add bittersweet chocolate, would u know what’s the best brand for that? Buncha thanks & more power!

    Oct 23, 2007 | 7:51 am

  71. Marketman says:

    tielygirl, locally available, I think there is Callebaut and Valrona bittersweet chocolate that is pretty good…. or if you go to the grocery there is Lindt or other retail type chocolates…

    Oct 23, 2007 | 9:23 am

  72. PiPer says:

    I’m about to try baking a ciabatta, and the recipe calls for a “baking stone”. Where can I buy one in the metro?

    Oct 24, 2007 | 12:03 pm

  73. Marketman says:

    PiPer, some baking or kitchen stores sell the stone to be placed at the bottom rack of your oven, the one in the basement of Rockwell used to have them, but if you want a cheap adequate solution, buy unfinished Vigan tiles from a large hardware, wash them and try them, then put them in a really hot oven to sterilize them for say 30-45 minutes, before going on with the recipe as stated… Do not get glazed tiles, just the plain red ones with no finishing…

    Oct 24, 2007 | 12:55 pm

  74. PiPer says:

    Thanks, MM! I’m sure you saved me a lot by recommending the vigan tiles as substitute to the baking stones. You’re right about getting unglazed tiles—the glazed ones may have harmful lead in the paint!

    Oct 24, 2007 | 2:35 pm

  75. liel says:

    hola! marketman! i’m thinking of having a small pastry business, but i don’t have any experience in baking, i just thought that pastries will click this coming christmas. can u give me some inspirational advise for me to carry along.
    help me naman oh!
    God bless and more power!

    Oct 28, 2007 | 6:28 pm

  76. Marketman says:

    liel, if you have no experience in baking, I wouldn’t think of putting up a pastry business.

    Oct 28, 2007 | 10:10 pm

  77. joey says:

    HELLO! i’m trying to cut on production cost for my brownies and butter is one of the most expensive ingredient..i’m currently using magnolia gold unsalted butter..do you know of another cheaper brand? ‘cos i noticed that the only available cheap brand is not butter but margarine. can i use that too?
    Another thing is vanilla. The one im using is from Chocolate Lovers and it’s quite expensive compared to the ones from the grocery…can you recommend another brand that is cheaper but of good quality?

    Lastly, Im also looking for a chocolate shop closer to my house in Muntinlupa, do you know one? Cos the only place i know is Chocolate Lover’s in Cubao.

    thanks for your help! this site is superb!

    Nov 5, 2007 | 4:38 pm

  78. Marketman says:

    joey, your end product is only as good as the ingredients. Magnolia gold unsalted is only a notch above other branded grocery butters, unsalted being a little better than salted. No, I don’t know of a more economical alternative. There are several shops mentioned in the comments above if you read them.

    Nov 5, 2007 | 4:59 pm

  79. wendy says:


    if you want to go into the food business, mag aral ka muna magbake. i dont want to buy pastries from a BUSINESSMAN,id rather buy from a CHEF.

    Nov 7, 2007 | 2:07 pm

  80. pat says:

    hi there! i wonder what to use to replace self rising flour for my carot cake? and is the coffee powder for chocolate cake is same as the coffee we ususally drink? thanks!

    Nov 13, 2007 | 1:45 pm

  81. Marketman says:

    pat, I am not certain, but maybe you can use cake flour instead of self-rising flour? And yes, coffee powder refers to instant coffee crystals…

    Nov 13, 2007 | 2:12 pm

  82. isha says:

    do you know any place where i could buy lye which they say is used for making soap?

    Nov 14, 2007 | 5:04 pm

  83. Marketman says:

    I think they sell lye in the wet markets.

    Nov 14, 2007 | 6:39 pm

  84. k says:

    Self-raising flour: for every 1 cup flour + 1 tsp baking powder.

    Nov 16, 2007 | 1:57 am

  85. Risa says:

    Hi Joey, I spied Queensland butter that is cheaper than Magnolia. They have unsalted also. I hope that helps.

    Nov 20, 2007 | 11:08 am

  86. red says:

    this site is really a big help! thanks to all of u. i learned a lot and got lots of info though im not really a good baker but i do some pastries and cookies and some cooking.

    one question. how long is the self life of a bonafee pie? i know how to make it but i dont know how long will last because of the bananas?

    thanks and happy baking to all.

    Nov 21, 2007 | 12:33 pm

  87. Beth says:

    bonafee pie? Is that the same is banana pie? If it is, the one I’m baking lasts for approximately one week.

    Nov 22, 2007 | 4:46 pm

  88. pat says:

    hi to everyone! do you have any idea where to find ready made pie crust and affordable cream cheese for my cheese cake.
    ur advice will help me a lot! thanks!

    Nov 24, 2007 | 8:58 am

  89. Maever says:

    You can check out S&R. They carry different kinds of ready made pie crusts (graham, pie shell, chocolate, etc). You can also use Magnolia cream cheese…same quality, cheaper than Philadelphia by 15.00!

    Nov 24, 2007 | 6:19 pm

  90. yojchan says:

    hello everyone! hope it will help, those who wants to know where they can find molds for chocolates and packaging stuff, you can go to chocolate lovers. you can find a wide variety of molds, chocolate and packaging in cubao. and as for vanilla flavoring i’m using the orion brand because it doesnt taste like gulaman(samalamig) =) and it’s cheaper, only P16.00 per bottle…
    good luck to everyone! happy baking…

    Dec 1, 2007 | 1:12 am

  91. aze says:

    where can I buy magnolia Whip n’ top?


    Dec 1, 2007 | 10:02 am

  92. Elvis says:

    Hi MM,

    Just bumb this site when i search where to buy baking products in the net. I find this site very helpful. I went to quiapo already to buy my baking stuff but 1 ing they dont have the “unbleached white flour.” Do you have idea where i can buy this flour. I’ll be using this for my sugar free stuff. Thank you for your reply.

    God bless and more power MM

    Dec 8, 2007 | 2:35 pm

  93. telyyy says:

    Hi, do you know any stores that sell baking stuff such as ingredients and supplies (ex: boxes for chocolate giveaways) in Makati area? thanks.

    Dec 15, 2007 | 5:58 pm

  94. telyyy says:

    Hi, I came across the website http://creativeeventsph.com/favors_lib.php and found these contact details and addresses:

    Chocolate Magic
    Contact Person: Jimmy / Hilda
    298-H Realt Street, Alabang Zapote Rd., Las Pinas
    Tel: (02) 8718676

    Chocolate Confections
    Contact Person: Maribeth Santiago
    151 Tanauan St. Ayala Alabang Vill.
    Muntinlupa City
    Tel: (02) 8509828
    Mobile: (0917) 8931688

    Dec 15, 2007 | 6:37 pm

  95. Dj Sy says:

    Hi! I’d Just like to ask for those who’ve tried baking cupcakes.. san kay bumibili ng pang icing ninyo? and how do you make it? I tried making icing by combining confectioner sugar, water and butter… pero na tunaw agad pag patong ko sa top. Gusto ko sana yung mala PROFESSIONAL ang dating nung cupcake :)

    also, anong tawag dun sa mga color and flavoring dun sa top ng icing.. san kaya pwede bumili nun?

    Dec 27, 2007 | 11:52 am

  96. Dee says:

    For those living in the Paranaque area, there’s this shop that sells baking stuff called DOUGH IT ALL in the market near BF Homes. Check it out.

    Jan 3, 2008 | 12:54 am

  97. anna says:

    were can i study baking? any suggestions..thanks

    Jan 5, 2008 | 12:55 am

  98. Len says:

    Hi! This is the first time I came across this site and it is very helpful. I was wondering if Sweetcraft’s products are really cheaper than those in Quaipo and if someone could give me an example or estimate for comparison. Thank you for your time in answering.

    Jan 8, 2008 | 8:20 pm

  99. Dinronin says:

    Hi, anna! you should definitely try Heny Sison’s baking classes. I’ve tried her carrot cake recipe and it’s just heaven! My classmates at one cooking class said her fees are a bit pricey but well worth every cent (they could compare because they admit being cooking class addicts). Check out her web site at http://www.henysison.com for the schedule and fees. :)

    Jan 20, 2008 | 11:21 am

  100. mary ann says:

    this is a very helpful site and i am lucky i’ve seen accidentally because i am searching for 3 layers cake stand with a fountain which i’ve seen in a birthday party.i want to buy one but they don’t want to tell me where could i purchased.can you help me to locate a website even there in the phil.i am staying here in italy but maybe icould order one thru the site.

    Feb 3, 2008 | 11:50 pm

  101. judy says:

    hi marketman!i’m been very lucky to accidentally seen your site. i’ve been looking for supplies needed for sugarpaste icing especially the paste food color. please help me where could i buy all that stuff. your site is really a heaven sent! thanks!

    Feb 5, 2008 | 9:29 am

  102. Neesha says:

    hey! do you know of any baking supply store that does online selling? i’m in the province and it’s hard to find high quality ingredients and in whole sale. am trying to start a business. thanks for your help!

    Feb 6, 2008 | 7:54 pm

  103. Marketman says:

    Neesha, I am not aware of a bakeshop that sells on-line here in the philippines. You may want to visit Manila suppliers at least once and set up relationships then see if they will ship to you based on phone orders…

    Feb 7, 2008 | 10:08 am

  104. Marketman says:

    judy, cooks exchange in major malls and several bakeshops mentioned in the comments above carry the paste food color. I am not sure who carries the sugarpaste icing… you could make it, I think. mary ann, Sorry, not sure what cake stand you seek, but there are some interesting ones at large SM departments stores in the home section. You can also try Gourd’s in Fort Bonifacio that carries baking utensils and supplies, including Wilton pans, etc.

    Feb 7, 2008 | 10:10 am

  105. Neesha says:

    thanks MM. i’m in the visayas and it costs too much to fly to Manila just for ingredients. I guess I’ll just look in nearby provinces then. =)

    Feb 7, 2008 | 11:00 am

  106. adamant says:

    I find the conversations here really interesting.
    Can you tell please me where I can buy peach, blueberry and raspberry extracts/oils/flavoring around manila?
    By the way, you can buy Peotraco Confectioner’s Sugar at Quiapo [(Killion-you just have to extra patient) and other similar stores in the area]. A 5-pound bag only costs less than php110.

    Feb 8, 2008 | 5:12 pm

  107. Marketman says:

    adamant, I am would guess that the bakeshop supply stores in the comments above (the two in mandaluyong) might have fruit flavors/extracts.

    Feb 9, 2008 | 9:41 am

  108. Neesha says:

    hi there! Could anyone tell me the brand names of shortening available here in the Philippines? I’ve been trying to find a store that sells them but i don’t know exactly what to look for. I doubt they sell Crisco here and if they did it might cost a fortune.

    Feb 18, 2008 | 1:05 pm

  109. Marketman says:

    Neesha, many large groceries here carry Crisco. It isn’t that difficult to find.

    Feb 18, 2008 | 1:13 pm

  110. gailey says:

    i googled and you’re the first on the list!

    SALAMAT, I need good supplies and materials.

    please allow me to link you.

    Mar 20, 2008 | 4:10 pm

  111. Maricel says:

    Hello marketman can I ask your help about if you had a known store here in cebu city or place that is close to lapu-lapu city that sells bread ingredients..I hope you can help me for this..tnx and God bless…

    Mar 26, 2008 | 7:51 pm

  112. Marketman says:

    Maricel, sorry, I am not familiar with baking supply stores in Cebu, but I suspect a couple of stores in the Carbon would be worth your while…

    Mar 27, 2008 | 5:49 am

  113. Ingrid Mediarito says:

    Hi Marketman! Some of your readers might be interested to know that we will offer a 2-day Basic Cake Decorating workshop on April 25 & 26 (Friday & Saturday 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)at our store in Pasig. It will be just a small class composed of (maximum) 12 students. Please visit our website http://www.ingridsweethaven.com or call us thru 6412561 for more infos.

    Thank you!

    Apr 5, 2008 | 1:46 pm

  114. ronald c. sioson says:

    Hi marketman they can buy profesional ingredients in sonlie I am 1 of the best pilipno executive pastry chef Iam planing to open a school in manila and write some books. I worked in france and usa can anyone help me to get info how much money do i need and what documents to open a french school i will bring 1 3 star michelin chef experience from france to be my partner. thanks

    Apr 8, 2008 | 11:14 am

  115. artisan jun says:

    Hello Marketman!
    I stumbled upon this site just now; this is just what i’m looking for. Great info you and the respondents post here.
    I’m really interested in the pastry business. I have some questions which I hope you could help me with:
    1. Which brand and type of oven would you recommend I buy that would give desirable results in baking delicate cakes? Is a convection-type, electric oven the best choice? Is Ariston good enough? How about Glem? GE ovens are very good but equally expensive.
    2. I used to buy Softasilk enriched cake flour by General Millings. This used to be available in the supermarkets but have suddenly disappeared. Would you know where I could buy this brand of cake flour? If it’s not anymore available, would you know any other brand of cake flour that could deliver the same very satisfactory results in cakes?
    Many many thanks.

    May 11, 2008 | 11:19 pm

  116. Marketman says:

    artisan jun, sorry, I don’t bake commercially, so I wouldnn’t know what ovens are best for commercial cooking. Personally, I have a Viking 6 burner with twin ovens, that has a traditional oven and an option to make it a convection oven (by turning on an internal fan). In Manila, I use a large La Germania which is okay, but you should get a thermometer to check how hot the oven really is… For flour, they sell other brands of cake flour once in a while at Metro Grocery in market!market! but I don’t know how they would compare to softasilk. ronald, that is a very complicated question and frankly, I don’t have an easy answer. I suppose to be safe, you may want to estimate you will need several million pesos to do it right.

    May 12, 2008 | 6:20 am

  117. kan chan says:

    this store in quiapo which sells confectionary would anyone have their phone number, i REALLY need to buy sugar flowers or gumpaste ones at a reasonable price.

    May 22, 2008 | 3:07 pm

  118. lance says:

    for the south people! there is a place near shopwise sucat! i forgot the name its ‘something’ master! they have lots of ingredients available!

    May 23, 2008 | 7:06 pm

  119. ichan says:

    where can i find
    gum taraganth?

    May 30, 2008 | 6:21 pm

  120. michiko says:

    neesha, chocolate lover’s has diff kinds of shortening.
    i have a ? though. is killion in quiapo a street or a storename? where is it located. have heard of it but never been there. any directions pls? tnx!

    Jun 2, 2008 | 12:39 am

  121. Fennie says:

    Hi there!
    I saw your posts and was happy to read all your comments…I am currently a food supplier of imported cheeses and pastry products and that purple oven and chef’s secret are one of our top clients…I might help you with the contact details…

    Jun 20, 2008 | 5:12 pm

  122. artisan jun says:

    hello fennie!
    do you have a store? contact details pls. i might need something you can offer.

    Jun 22, 2008 | 4:30 pm

  123. Nika Catbagan says:

    Fennie, do you offer small quantities as well or is it mostly for wholesale? I just started baking at home and I find it hard finding ingredients here in the province. I had fun in mafbex since I was able to get a lot of ingredients I needed, though I still need to find cheeses. Lol. Just in case, you can reach me through my contact page in my blog.

    Also, does anyone know of some websites (and contact addresses/numbers)of baking supply shops? I’m trying to make a list in my baking blog and forum so I would have references of where to get ingredients when I need them. And have it handy in case some people bump over it looking for the same things I’m looking for. Finding ingredients can be so frustrating sometimes. Lol.

    Jun 25, 2008 | 3:06 am

  124. tigerlily says:

    hi! do you know where i can buy the ingredients needed for making gumpaste like gum tragacanth powder, acacia gum, tylose gum? also, “petal dust” and other coloring used for making flower gumpastes. if you have any idea or some techniques on doing cake icing and decoration using gumpaste pls let me know. thanks so much.

    Jul 22, 2008 | 11:01 pm

  125. maimai16 says:

    hi… anybody knows where to buy a peppermint extract? i need an alcohol based flavoring for fondant… any suggestions?

    Aug 4, 2008 | 9:38 pm

  126. Tim says:

    Hi Market!

    Very useful post! I sure picked up a thing or two from here even if its a post from long ago. BTW, would you know where I can find flours (like unbleached or high gluten flour) apart from our usual all-purpose ones?

    Aug 7, 2008 | 2:55 pm

  127. Mirabella says:

    Is there a chocolate store around Cavite, particularly in Dasma? Thanks

    Aug 12, 2008 | 9:32 am

  128. Angela says:

    i’ve the same dilemma as maimai16.. i am in dire need of peppermint extract.. =( any suggestions where to find it..??

    Aug 15, 2008 | 9:09 am

  129. Liezl says:

    Hi! I’m very thankful that I chance upon with this site when I’m searching for baking pans. The information contained in the previous post are very helpful especially the supplier’s location and contacts. Ms. fennie, where is your store located and what is your contact number/s.

    Thank you very much and more power!

    Aug 22, 2008 | 8:08 am

  130. MELISSA ESPEJON says:

    is there an online website where you can purchase different baking chocolates???thanks a lot people!!!

    Aug 29, 2008 | 10:46 pm

  131. diane says:

    where can i buy ready-to-use Wilton fondant colors?? THANKS!!

    Sep 14, 2008 | 12:04 pm

  132. Marketman says:

    There’s a wilton area at the home section of Shoemart makati. They also used to carry Wilton at Gourdo’s in the Fort, and related outlets…

    Sep 14, 2008 | 1:42 pm

  133. yari says:

    Hi! somebody looking for a belgian chocolate…. just call actron industries tel 8443041 loc 108.

    Sep 17, 2008 | 4:49 pm

  134. patricia sandejo says:

    hi. Sino po ang may alam na baking school around quezon city. Ung hndi po masyado mahal ha. thanks…

    Sep 17, 2008 | 10:49 pm

  135. katrina Sibangan says:

    hi i was wondering where can i buy a sugar free white and dark chocolate. thanks !

    Sep 18, 2008 | 10:46 am

  136. mayeth says:

    hi mga sis!i want to know the exact location of chocolate lovers in cubao or somewhere in manila na malapit lng kc we wil hav fieldtrip dis coming saturday target kc namin ang chocolate lovers…tnx!

    Oct 1, 2008 | 12:47 pm

  137. mandi says:

    purple oven is at 63 st. peter st., oranbo, pasig city. you can buy from there or have it delivered to your place via phone 6314221

    Oct 7, 2008 | 8:36 pm

  138. Shing says:

    How to contact Chocolate Lover
    MAIN: 45 P. Tuazon Blvd. corner C. Benitez St.Cubao Quezon, City 1109 (use Benitez St, main entrance)
    Tel. nos. (632) 411-7474 / 724-5752 / 724-4964

    Oct 9, 2008 | 2:54 pm

  139. gladys says:

    hi.my son’s bday is getting near. a friend of mine has a chocolate fountain that i can borrow.i saw recipes on chocolate fondue.the info that i got here on where to buy the ingredients are very useful.but can i buy chocolate for the fountain that’s instant na? yung ill just melt it lang and put it on the fountain?

    Oct 14, 2008 | 12:38 am

  140. Marketman says:

    gladys, why don’t you check the instructions of the chocolate fountain to see what kind of chocolate it requires?

    Oct 14, 2008 | 6:12 am

  141. Joica says:

    Hello, Marketman. I find your site very helpful. I was wondering if you know or if anyone here know of a store or a supplier of edible ink and wafer paper? Thank you. God Bless you.

    Oct 16, 2008 | 3:36 am

  142. Marketman says:

    Joica, sorry, I have never seen edible wafer paper for sale here…

    Oct 16, 2008 | 5:53 am

  143. checka says:

    where exactly is chocolate lovers in quezon avenue?

    Oct 20, 2008 | 1:19 pm

  144. mechelle says:

    ask q lang do have school near n marikina? ung good for 6 months ung nd masyado mahal.thanx u,,

    Oct 23, 2008 | 4:30 pm

  145. claire says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you knew of any stores with a wide selection of cookie cutters. I really am planning to buy tons of designs and shapes but I am having a hard time looking for cutters (gingerbread man, christmas tree, etc). And also a store that sells different candy flowers and other ready-made candy designs for cake toppings.

    Oct 25, 2008 | 8:15 pm

  146. Minson says:

    If anyone is looking for an alternative nonstick silicone baking mat that’s 1/3 the price of the “popular imported” brand. You can check out Easymat at bakingtools.multiply.com

    Oct 26, 2008 | 11:53 pm

  147. creocakes says:

    hi. we’re from cebu. we customize wedding and birthday cakes and edible cakes as favors. we also customize cake stands according to your specifications. if you want to see our samples, just log on to http://www.creocakes.multiply.com.

    Oct 30, 2008 | 10:23 am

  148. Ingrid Mediarito says:

    Hi! Please visit us at http://www.ingridsweethaven.com and http://www.ingridsweethaven.multiply.com for your baking needs :) Thank you very much!

    Nov 4, 2008 | 11:36 am

  149. coleen says:

    i might be a child but i go to sweetcraft. you can buy anything there. i like it there coz they are complete. and because its the nearest to my house. thank you 4 sharing ur knowledge with me:)

    Nov 4, 2008 | 4:53 pm

  150. chef angelique says:

    Good Day MarketMan! I just got back from schooling in London and I’m planning on putting up a pastry shop here in our province, I was wondering if anybody knew what T45 and T55 flour is called here in the Philippines? T45 is strong flour and T55 is soft flour. With regards to gelatine, does anybody know where we can buy gelatine leaves instead of powdered gelatine (Knoxx)? And with ready-made fondant, where can we buy a really good quality of it? I heard about Satin Ice, where is the nearest distributor here in the Philippines? Hope to hear from you very soon, thank you very much!

    Nov 7, 2008 | 4:25 pm

  151. Marissa Arriola says:

    Hello Marketman,

    I just want to ask if you happen to know the supplier of queensland, their website and telephone numbers. I have a home business cakes and pastries and would like to canvass a good quality butter and other dairy products. Scanasia recently sent me a sample of their butter and cream cheese, I would like to try other brands to find out the best product to use for my bake goodies. Thank you and more power.

    Dec 1, 2008 | 5:46 pm

  152. Marketman says:

    Marissa, sorry, I don’t know who the distributor of queensland is. Chef angelique, I have never heard of flour here referred to as T45 orT55. You may want to try seetcraft and other bakery supply shops mentioned in the earlier comments above…

    Dec 1, 2008 | 10:31 pm

  153. Marissa Arriola says:

    Hello Mr. Marketman,

    Thank you so much for your reply. Can you just suggest the best creamcheese to use for cheesecake recipes and the best unsalted butter as well. Your opinion on this would be very much appreciated. Thank you and more power.

    Dec 2, 2008 | 8:56 pm

  154. wannabebaker says:

    Hello Marketman,

    Do you know where i can buy blocks of unsalted butter? thank you.

    Dec 6, 2008 | 2:33 am

  155. chef angelique says:

    Thank you very much Marketman, will check it out! Love this site! Keep it up!

    Dec 6, 2008 | 6:26 pm

  156. Winston says:

    Sweetcraft is still there along Boni Ave., near MRT, just infront of a school. Phone is 532-1595
    Just bought baking materials for this advent.

    Dec 11, 2008 | 4:34 pm

  157. Darlingchoco says:

    HI! Good Day! Does any of you know where I can acquire peanut butter chips? This is the same with chocolate chips but only made out of peanut butter. Also, Do you think that all the stores mentioned above have Callebaut Coveture Chocolates? I preferred coveture than compound. The ones in Chocolate Lovers are compound. The only source I know was in Bake Master in Paranaque and I only ask my friend to buy these for me and we seldom meet and I don’t know how to get there and it’s quite far from my home I live near Divisoria. Thank for your help.

    Dec 15, 2008 | 5:07 pm

  158. artisan jun says:

    Fennie, I’m very interested to know your product portfolio. How do I contact you? You could reach me instantly at 09228176933. Hope to hear from you soon.

    To All,

    Do you have Fennie’s contact details? Hope you could share. Thanks.

    Dec 21, 2008 | 3:13 pm

  159. garry says:

    I want to set up a small bakeshop of fondant cakes. Where can I buy the best priced baking ingredients for a bakeshop. Anybody knows? :) thanks much

    Jan 10, 2009 | 1:15 pm

  160. lilet gerona says:

    where can I buy a food thermometer and accurate thermometer for liquids?

    need help.

    Jan 14, 2009 | 9:28 am

  161. weng says:

    I just chanced upon this site while searching for baking supplies stores in Manila. I now live in Toronto (Canada), and I’m a wife and cake hobbiest. I’ll be in Manila in May, and I’m looking forward to go and visit these places that everyone is raving about. Wow! The last time I was in Divi was during my Mapua days when I’ll find a store that sells computer books and electronic tools and gadgets. I also remember when my friends and I would go to this small eatery that happen to serve the best pork n rice meal in a bowl along Juan Luna St. I can’t remember the name now. Anyhow, since I’ll be flying in a few month’s time, I thought I’d like to ask if anyone wanted some cake decorating supplies that are not easy to find there, give me a shout (goldengwen@gmail.com). Things like petal/luster dust, modelling tools,silicone moulds,FMM cutters – just small stuffs which are easier to pack in my balikbayan box.

    Btw, marketman, kudos to you! love your site and keep it up!

    Jan 17, 2009 | 2:50 am

  162. lani says:

    good day!do you know a school or place where i can study baking at a low price.there are schools here in quezon city but the tuition are too high.i hope you can help me.thanks.more power.

    Jan 20, 2009 | 3:39 pm

  163. arnice says:

    may i just ask where can i buy a lye/ a lye is one of the ingredient in making a soap please reply asap! because we need this,,, tnx

    Jan 27, 2009 | 8:40 pm

  164. arnice says:

    i am here in manila

    Jan 27, 2009 | 8:41 pm

  165. cookie addict says:

    hi would just like to ask what do you call the liquid use to decorated cookies? like if you want to put flowers or borders on cookies. I dun think it’s icing because it is hard even not frozen and it comes in different colors… where can I buy that?

    Jan 28, 2009 | 2:16 pm

  166. nancy says:


    You can enroll at ABI (Asian Baling Institute) at PWU along Taft Avenue.They offer short courses and is not that expensive compared to the other baking schools.Commercial Baking is their forte and you would be amazed how fast you would learn.They will also give you pointers on where to buy baking stuffs.Ingredients and all.

    Feb 2, 2009 | 7:03 pm

  167. nancy says:

    cookie addict
    you can try Wiltons cookie icing at Gourdo’s..its ready to use but a little expensive.I was fortunate to buy it during their sale period kaya sulit! Tastes good too!

    Feb 2, 2009 | 7:10 pm

  168. cookie addict says:

    hi nancy, really?! you know I think I’ve encountered that product when I was researching for cookie decorations but I was not sure if its locally available. good thing you know! hehhe thanks. i’ll check it one of these days.. hope they’ll be available in different colors.

    I’ve heard there is a store in Sta. Mesa, I’m not sure but it seems RM is the name. They said they sell low cost packaging materials and baking ingredients. Commoners Commercial kasi in Divi is a little bit unreliable when it comes to sanitation, you know if you’re an OC person. I dunno it’s exact address, so if you guys know kindly reply to this post. Thank you very much!!!

    Feb 6, 2009 | 11:21 pm

  169. renegade says:


    Just an advise to you guys, though I find Sweetcraft to be a nice place to buy especially if you love to bake, their prices are expensive. Had a chance to visit Divisoria to find other products and I can’t believe that the one of the plastic packaging they are selling is 3 times as much as the one in Divi. Be careful also about their other products, the ones with just stickers as labels. I bought some choco syrups which on the label said to expire on 1/29/09. the label got wet and we discovered that another label underneath states that the product expired on 10/10/08. Imagine our horro since we bought it end of October. Just be careful.

    Feb 24, 2009 | 2:42 pm

  170. renegade says:

    To Joica, you can for wafer paper and edible inks check out sweetlinks in Muntinlupa. They also have a web site.

    Feb 24, 2009 | 2:45 pm

  171. cookie addict says:

    hi I happen to get these infos re suppliers.

    for customized ovens:
    DCM Molina in Las Piñas. 801-4009, 801-5170

    Nuts store (736-9647) and Killon (733-8221) both in Quiapo

    Boxes/ Packaging
    RM Boxes 713-8547 in V. Mapa
    Best Way 242-5366

    According to my sources these suppliers are reliable and have affordable prices.

    If ever guys you know a store where they make customized candy toppers for cupcakes and cakes please inform us. Thanks!!!

    Mar 6, 2009 | 11:38 pm

  172. Telle says:

    Thanks so much to all your posts, I’ve learned so much and will definitely visit all the shops cited. Yehey! We’ll have a road trip soon..

    Mar 12, 2009 | 12:49 pm

  173. princess says:

    hi..just wanna ask wer we can buy cookie cutters with pusher

    Mar 13, 2009 | 12:25 pm

  174. renegade68 says:

    Good day,

    For those looking for customized candy toppers for cakes/cupcakes, you can email me rene-garcia@omgsweets.com. Or visit our site (www.omgsweets.com) for photos of the samples.

    Mar 16, 2009 | 3:17 pm

  175. LUKA says:

    Does anyone have information on where I can buy Kitchen Aid Mixer in Manila aside form Focus Global in Mandaluyong and Rustans? Im hoping I can get it a lot cheaper than from these distributors. Thanks

    Mar 22, 2009 | 9:48 pm

  176. elay says:

    where can i buy red star yeast in Manila? thanks

    Mar 23, 2009 | 6:52 pm

  177. Agnes says:

    There is an abundance of kosher salt at santi’s and dressed turkeys and even cornish hens at the landmark supermarket (in reference to previous mails).

    Mar 24, 2009 | 10:04 am

  178. Aeris says:

    Hi! Does anyone knows where to buy this ingredients: bread flour, cake flour, rye flour, molasses, white or yellow cornmeal? And last.. Selbourne chocolate? thanks! :)

    Mar 25, 2009 | 5:08 pm

  179. Angelita Fagyan says:

    hello will you please help where to buy gumpaste flowers to decorate wedding cakes. I am worried my daughter will get marry this april and I promised to make her wedding cake. I want to use gumpaste flowers to decorate her cake. please direct me the address where to buy in manila.


    Apr 10, 2009 | 8:34 pm

  180. blessie says:

    hi.. good day! ask ko lang san meron nabibili plastic for cookies like sa red ribbon.


    Apr 30, 2009 | 11:34 am

  181. Edith Bautista says:

    Hi would anyone please know the bakers supply store in Divisoria along Sto. Cristo. I heard one time from Henny Sison’s show, I got so tired looking for one today but still unsuccessful. Am looking for really cheaper supplies. Thanks a lot.

    Edith Bautista
    from Pasig

    May 22, 2009 | 12:42 am

  182. Rhea says:

    hi! would anyone tell me where in divisoria can i exactly buy mold for chocolate lollipop. lose hope na aq na makita un…

    thank a lot.

    from Meycauayan Bulacan

    Jun 10, 2009 | 5:49 pm

  183. mozi cakes & pastries says:

    hi i am new here, and wnated to put up a pastry shop, Mr. marketman, where can i buy good quality wheat flour and otehr flour used for low carb bread recipes.. ???

    Jun 14, 2009 | 12:44 am

  184. arminda t abrazaldo says:

    i want to known where can i find the ingredient for baking thank you

    Jun 15, 2009 | 4:20 pm

  185. dits says:

    ask q lang po kung san here in manila may mabibileng kitchenaid stand mixer? or kung meron pong mgandang brand na mixer kahit di kitchenaid thanks.

    Jun 21, 2009 | 7:19 pm

  186. ela cruz says:

    Where is LUVIMIN mgf co which sells flavor powder like ube,pandan,leche fl?an,etc

    Jun 23, 2009 | 2:55 pm

  187. michael floriano says:

    hello,how to make a siopao dough?

    Jun 25, 2009 | 11:14 am

  188. kristine says:

    Hi! Ask ko lang kung saan pwede makabili ng crystal egg white? Thanks!

    Jun 29, 2009 | 9:31 am

  189. mariefe says:

    I Remember Your Name, April Teh of Sweet Craft! Jul 22, ’09 8:50 PM
    for everyone
    I have decided to personally make the cake of Zeena and Zac for their Fairytale Party. In reality, I have never really done any fondant. To call Swell Sweet or Icings N’ Sprinkles seemed too easy to do. Truth be told, I have no idea how to make a cake but the will power to learn it specially for the babies. I was thinking, perhaps I’d never get the chance to do something like this again given my schedule.

    I tried my first ever fondant 1 week before Zac’s 1st birthday. With the help of Mommy Joe and you tube, the experience was great. Although I bought the wrong type of sugar, and that day, no powder sugar seemed to be anywhere, thus, we were not able to make one. The next day, I attempted again remembering the procedures of how to make a fondant.

    The night before Zac’s birthday, here I was proud that I made my first ever 8” fondant cheese cake especially for Zac. It was cute I would say coz the bear that was supposed to be sitting down, in the morning was already lying down. Thank god for the ready candy flowers I got from Chocolate Lovers, I made the bear look like it was lying on a flower field. ;-)

    After seeing that, I was torn between trying to do it again and ordering from Cuppy Puppy. But then again, I thought it would be more meaningful if I do it myself as my personal gift to my babies on their special day.

    Thus, 1 week before I was planning to make a dummy cake so it will give me more time to prepare it. After all, I was decided to make 200 cupcakes for my sugar land. So, I decided on making 2 cakes – Bumble Bee and Lady Bug. I chose the simplest. I watched how it was done in you tube. And I would say I can do it.

    Again I asked assistance from mommy Joe and Mommy-to-be Crix. We rolled the fondant and we colored it. 1 cake was finished. It looked yummy and nice. I love the yellow color and the bumble bee. It was a Tuesday, 4 days before the big day. And since it was a dummy cake, I felt it will last not anticipating the 2 day-storm that melted my cake away ;-(.

    Saturday came, 1 day before the fairytale party, not giving up, we went to get the costumes we had made for the party. Then right after we planned on passing by Sweet Craft in Boni from QC to get big flower candies and mallows. Carla’s Bake Shop would have been ideal only it closes at 5PM and we’re still on the road by then. As per advised by Charlene of Baby Bears, Sweet Crafts closes at 6pm.

    So we rushed. Flew our way to the traffic. 6:07 PM as our car hit the driveway to park, our heart jumped for joy seeing the store still alive. All lights open and 2 attendants were still walking around. As we near the door, we saw a stick – the one that guards normally hold that looked like a drum stick – locking the 2 handled together to prevent people from coming it.

    Having to see people inside, feeling the aircon still alive, we slightly pushed the glass doors open to make sure they will here us.

    “Excuse me. Sir? Sir? Baka pwede pa bumili, 1 minute lang. Kailangan ko lang flowers and mallows.” I humbly pleaded my lips trying to shoot in between the glass door to make sure I was heard. An attendant saw me for sure. He looked at me and headed towards the other direction.

    “Please. Emergency. Birthday ng anak ko tom.” Again I humbly pleaded hoping it will validate the consideration more.

    There were 2 of us women. Clothed nicely. I don’t think they’d think that we will rob them. Few minutes after, I think 1 attendant got kunsensya seeing us there pleading for just 2 minutes. Then he opened the glass door.

    “Sarado na kami eh.”

    “Sige na please, flowers lang and mallows kasi birthday ng anak ko tom. Emergency lang. Kahit hindi na kami pumasok.” Which I believe is not so hard to drag from the shelves!

    “Sandali.” The attendant said.

    Again he left and talked to whom I would assume was the manager.

    We were still standing outside for about 10 minutes already. They knew very well that we were outside standing and waiting in the midst of drizzle and pollution from jeeps. Ok I am feeling insulted already by the minute. More so when saw them trying to hide between food stands as if we cannot see them. I knocked 1 more time using my car key, tell me how can they not hear that, the moment I caught 1 person looking at us I knocked again – after all they said – wait lang. Unfortunately again they ignored us.

    Had I not pleaded and told them that it was an emergency, had I not humbly begged to buy just 2 things – Mallows and candy flower; had I not respected and held on to what the other person said “wait lang”; and had I not waited for almost 20 minutes with a hope that they will simply hand me what I hoped to purchase; and had we not been 2 women nicely and cleanly clothed and respectfully begging to buy 2 items, then fine we’ll let this pass.

    But no, they insulted us further when I asked who their manager was. The stupid attendant who looked (again I assumed at the girl manager) for whatever to say, said “hindi ko alam name nya.”

    Then I said, “Pano mo hindi malalaman? Nagtratrabaho ka dyan!” Yes by this time, I was getting mad already – who will not?

    Then he said, “bago lang kasi ako dito.” I swear, either he’s stupid or he thinks we are stupid! How can he not know who the manager is? That’s the first person they introduce to you the moment you start working!

    Then he said ang may ari nito si April Teh. After saying that, I found the girl who I assumed was the manager if not the owner herself to walked back in and pretended not to see us.

    I therefore conclude that this shop has very poor service. Attendants are not competent. Stupid actions were deliberately shown. Gosh, how can you hide between the stands and pretend not to see 2 women whom you have asked to wait!

    And as for you April Teh, in this business, service is very important.

    6:07 – yes that was closing time. And yes you have the prerogative to not open the doors for us. But we pleaded, you heard. We begged your personnel made us wait. Almost 20 minutes is no joke under the drizzle and pollution. But we took that because as made mention, it was an emergency.

    For simple packs of mallows and few pieces of flowers we begged to buy with utmost respect, you humiliated and insulted 2 clients. How dare you! Remember, people remember and people talk. You are not the only bake shop in this country – let alone in Manila. I just hope one day, when you’ll be placed in a situation also for your children, I hope you will not experience what you made me experience

    Jul 27, 2009 | 9:50 pm

  190. April Te Seng says:

    Hi Mariefe,

    I’m April, the General Manager of SweetCraft. Thank you for your comment, I saw it as part of my almost-daily habit of visiting Market Man’s blog.

    I am truly sorry to hear about your bad experience at SweetCraft. As a shopper and mother myself, I can understand your frustration and wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone.

    As with all feedback received from various sources, yours was reviewed with the SweetCraft staff. Upon investigation, we found that this unfortunate situation was caused by two things:

    1. Timing (our cash/change fund and receipt books are taken offsite at around 6PM for security reasons, so the staff wouldn’t be able to readily process sales)

    2. Internal miscommunication on our part (I was not in the shop and this situation was not relayed to me for resolution, and it was not relayed to you that the staff won’t be able to do sales).

    These are merely facts to explain what happen on our end, and not excuses, as we should still have been able to find a way to accommodate you somehow. We usually accommodate last-minute customers, but this time we had failed to so for the reasons given above.

    For this, please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of the SweetCraft staff. Rest assured that this has been discussed with the staff and steps taken to help prevent this from happening in the future.

    We thank you again for your comment. If not for people who give feedback such as yourself, SweetCraft would not have grown all these years. We are not perfect, but we do try for excellence; if we make mistakes, we make up for them.

    I would like to get in touch with you, but unfortunately I don’t have your contact details.

    We’d appreciate it if you could email your contact details to us, our email address for customer concerns is sweetcraft@sweetcraft.net.

    I would understand if you wouldn’t want to return to our shop, but I would still like to invite you to visit our store once again. I’d be glad to personally assist you.

    Sincerely yours,

    April Te Seng

    Aug 2, 2009 | 12:00 am

  191. meow says:

    hi everyone, if anyone knows where i could get some vanilla extract of good quality (maybe madagascar, or tahitian?) please let me know! i get so frustrated when i go to sm mall of asia (closest to my house) & all i find are ferna & what not. not too happy w/ mccormick’s vanilla “flavor”, either. i’ve tried healthy options. no luck! i’m also looking for i’m willing to spend good money on good quality vanilla. any suggestions? :) thanks in advance!

    Aug 11, 2009 | 8:53 pm

  192. Marketman says:

    meow, healthy options at Rockwell had REAL vanilla extract a week or two ago, you may want to call them.

    Aug 11, 2009 | 9:31 pm

  193. meow says:

    wow, thanks, marketman!! will make that trip to rockwell healthy options ASAP :D

    Aug 16, 2009 | 1:28 am

  194. joey says:

    hi, good day! i just wanna ask if paano ba gawin yung maputi na dough ng siopao at malambot na siopao?gusto ko pumunta ng manila at maghanap ng mga ingredients na wala dito sa bohol.ang business q pala ay siopao at siomai. can you help me?

    Aug 19, 2009 | 11:02 am

  195. amor says:

    hi everyone. Just like most of you I also love baking and I would say that 90% of my time was spent in the kitchen. I also love reading recipe books and thanks God though I did not enroll in any baking lessons I was able to successfully bake what I want to bake. I also make chocolates for my kids and for give-aways during holidays but then I decided to make it as a business. I started then with a P1000.00 capital and believe it or not I was able to buy a lot of my kitchen utensils and equipment from makjng chocolates, pastries and other delicacies. I invest on recipe books and love surfing the net for more information in cooking and baking. Now I already started my own store just 3 weeks ago.I was so thankful I happen to see this site.I have learned a lot and I also want to share these things to all of you guys who really love baking and cooking. I called my store as MOM’S CHOICE. I sell not only chocolates, pastries and delicacies like butterscotch, brownies, cassava cakes etc. I also sell household cleaners, dishwasing liquid, fabric softener, toilet bowl cleaner and powdered detergent. Now I am focues in selling packaging materials specifically boxes for chocolates, cakes, pizza, buko pie and goody boxes. We also customized boxes. We also do stickers as labels for your goodies. For more information visit us at 2nd level L39 Maylor’s Plaza F. Manalo St., Antipolo City (almost infront of Iglesia Ni Cristo Chapel) You can also call us at 630-0820 or 0922-8809467

    Aug 28, 2009 | 10:23 am

  196. jennifer says:

    hi, im a dealer of san miguel purefoods. last year we’ve this SIOPAO FLOUR that is used by many dimsum houses and tea houses (restaurants) here in metro manila. i’ll be leaving my contact details just in case u may need something. together here is a list of some of my products. thank u.

    We are located in Paco Manila
    Tel Nos. 536-1019 and 536-1023
    Cell No. 0922-9236761 or 0915-3096669






    ROYAL Misua Flour

    Noodle Flour
    Wrapper Flour (Best for lumpia wrappers)

    BAKEBEST Baking Powder

    ZUPRIM Bread Improver

    536-1019 536-1023

    Sep 15, 2009 | 4:36 pm

  197. Mary Jane Indiape says:

    Hi everybody! i love baking pinag aaralan ko palang pero ok naman, i bake chocolate cake, chocolate candies etc. Kaya lang dito sa bacolod parang kakaunti yung mabibilihan mo dito meron rin naman, pati yung packaging or yung mga paper cups gusto ko maiba naman kasi sa market puti lng ang nakikita ko. Saan ba pweding makabili for packaging likes box, paper cup, assorted bar chocolate for baking and for candies.

    Sep 17, 2009 | 7:39 pm

  198. She says:

    Does anyone know where can I buy Magnolia whip n top?

    Sep 24, 2009 | 4:40 pm


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