09 Sep2009

Enjoy The Sunset…

by Marketman


I am extremely busy for the next day or two… But I wanted to say a huge “THANK YOU!” to all of you who sent comments and emails when I asked how the marketmanila.com blog could be improved. Some design work is currently being pursued, but rest assured that once the upgrades are finished, you will notice VERY little at the front end of the site. The white space will remain, the page may get “wider”, new categories for the archives will be put in place (but re-tagging 2,300 posts will take months), some changes to the comments section will be pursued, etc. What you won’t see is a MASSIVE upgrade from a nearly archaic (read: dinosaur) version of WordPress from 5 years ago to the latest version available… I am not a techy, but have been told that there is some substantial work involved in fixing the “backside” of the site. When we are ready to start migrating to the new version I will put up a warning beforehand as there may be glitches for a day or two… So hang on for the improvements, they should be visible in very small doses in two weeks or so… Meanwhile, enjoy the sunset photo. I have ALWAYS been fascinated with Philippine sunsets. :)



  1. Artisan Chocolatier says:

    Enjoy your time off and don’t work too hard.

    Sep 9, 2009 | 6:25 pm


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  3. botchok says:

    Nice shot MM! I miss those, especially the Manila bay sunset. Have a nice day everyone!

    Sep 9, 2009 | 6:41 pm

  4. bearhug0127 says:

    i’ll be looking forward to the new look of a more improved mm, but am sure i’ll miss whatever would be taken out and replaced.

    have a great weekend MM…

    Sep 9, 2009 | 7:14 pm

  5. Connie C says:

    Beautiful! I so love, love sunsets whether in Maryland, Manila Bay or Puerto Princesa. But has anyone noticed the direction of the sunset has shifted? Dunno if it is the season of the year or the earth’s axis making a major shift ?

    Awaiting Marketmanila.com’s new look with great and happy anticipation!

    Sep 9, 2009 | 7:38 pm

  6. Divina says:

    I’m looking forward to a new look. I also like the white background. You might need an upgrade but what matters most to me is your content, Mr. Marketman.

    Sep 9, 2009 | 8:46 pm

  7. Vicky Go says:

    Thanks for the beautiful sunset! I like your site as is – very easy to use & your photos are enough enticement if not just reading your text posts. I hope the new & improved version is not too tricky to use. I am hoping you’re right that we will hardly notice anything up front!

    Well, enjoy your R&R!

    Sep 9, 2009 | 9:22 pm

  8. sanojmd says:

    wow, this is a nice photo. what a way to capture philippine sunset.. looking forward to the new look MM..

    Sep 9, 2009 | 9:38 pm

  9. Mom-Friday says:

    A well-deserved break indeed. will wait for the “new look”…and i need to catch up with those interesting yet simple line-up of dishes! thank! :)

    Sep 9, 2009 | 9:52 pm

  10. mdg says:

    great shot mm!
    I’m sure a lot of us are excited with the coming update in your site but just remain i’m so thankful with your tireless sharing of your passion…
    have a great day to all!

    Sep 9, 2009 | 10:22 pm

  11. Bong says:

    Sounds like the blog is getting a new motor!

    Sep 9, 2009 | 11:00 pm

  12. Didi says:

    Excited for the new look Market Man!!

    I missed your blog!

    Will be coming by often!!!

    Sep 9, 2009 | 11:01 pm

  13. marilen says:

    I cannot thank you enough for the pleasure so many of us experience from your blog, your generosity, your kindness are so evident, your interests so varied. I wish you well all the time, young man – to you and your family. God bless you.

    Sep 10, 2009 | 3:54 am

  14. Nina says:

    Wow! Beautiful sunset! MM I have a collection of sunset shots…..my fav is the one over at Oia, Santorini. Feel bad for my husband who travels with me as I’ve known as someone who waits for hours just to take a breathtaking sunset pics. Btw, Canon G11 was just introduced to replace the G10; care to upgrade?

    Sep 10, 2009 | 5:05 am

  15. solraya says:

    Sunrises and sunsets give a different feeling.. I like watching both. Sunsets have a drama that makes you emote :)

    Sep 10, 2009 | 8:47 am

  16. tipat says:

    Love the photo! Good luck on the work to be done with this site. :-)

    Sep 10, 2009 | 8:47 am

  17. Cris Jose says:

    I always love a beautiful sunset.. good thing that I get to see it when I want to since the Manila bay is right in our backyard (i.e. office building):).

    Can’t wait for the upgrades.. good luck. Enjoy the sunsets.

    Oh, and I will e-mail you back after a few days regarding the thing I was asking you. Thanks, MM.

    Sep 10, 2009 | 10:05 am

  18. cumin says:

    Great photo. And I look forward to seeing the new, improved version. Didn’t have any complaints before, except for the Search function, but it was enlightening to read the others’ suggestions. Thanks, MM.

    Sep 10, 2009 | 10:34 am

  19. Chowhound says:

    I definitely miss the fiery Philippine sunset. Looking forward to the new improved version of Market Manila.

    Sep 10, 2009 | 12:51 pm

  20. Helen says:

    Beautiful….Enjoy your R&R, Looking forward to the new version…

    Sep 10, 2009 | 6:02 pm

  21. Tricia says:

    Where was this taken? :) The place made me think about Siquijor island. They have one of the best sunsets :)

    Sep 10, 2009 | 6:08 pm

  22. Marketman says:

    Tricia, photo taken in Nasugbu, Batangas… nothing too exotic. :)

    Sep 10, 2009 | 6:20 pm

  23. Vicky Go says:

    To while away your time while MM takes a short vacation(?) why not try this blog/post of The Amateur Gourmet on his food travels in Barcelona including dining experience at Ferran Adria’s El Bulli? Here’s the link:

    Sep 10, 2009 | 11:28 pm

  24. sha says:

    have fun MM I am lucky to have seen lovely sunsets totally unblocked view, my good fortunes for being afloat all the time.

    will soon move to a new “home” as well.

    Sep 11, 2009 | 1:21 am

  25. Artisan Chocolatier says:

    Another site to check while we await the return of MM…


    This is a “shelf-life” reference site

    Sep 11, 2009 | 6:27 am

  26. lani says:

    love this shot….

    Sep 18, 2009 | 8:07 am


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