10 Jan2006

Fruit from Australia

by Marketman

A comment on the previous post on veal reminded me stone1about the photos I had of stone fruit that some of our houseguests brought from Sydney a couple of weeks ago. On arrival from the airport, this wonderful box or case of fruit emerged from one of their suitcases and carefully ensconced within were fantastic stone fruit: nectarines and peaches. They were perfectly ripe, juicy and full of flavor. It is a rare occurrence that I get edible nectarines or peaches in Manila so this was a real holiday treat! Also in the box were small containers of raspberries and blueberries…yum!

We ate the nectarines and peaches au naturel over the next stone2few days and I must say there are few things as memorable as biting into a ripe peach and having some of the juice run down your forearm, no matter how careful you are… The raspberries were served with butter cake and whipped cream and the blueberries mixed into morning fruit salads. As for the customs questions, my cousins declared everything and the customs officers let them right through. I have, in the past, also brought back cases of berries and those were allowed in as well… I would not, however, bring fresh fruit or even mud on your shoes into Australia as their airport dogs will have serious conniptions when they sniff your luggage!!!



  1. bianot says:

    i wish we could get these here: raspberries! cold and with lemon and sugar.

    Jan 10, 2006 | 9:44 am


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  3. linda says:

    Hi MM, have you tried the white fleshed peach before? It’s just the cat’s pajamas – it’s the best! There are only a limited amount of growers here in Australia as these peach trees are very labour intensive in order to maintain a good crop. Harvest time is very short that’s why I keep an eye on the produce market so I can pick the best of the crop. Lovely to eat on it’s own or mixed with arugula salad, goat’s or buffalo or parmigiano reggiano, prosciutto and your favourite dressing.

    You’re lucky to have cousins who can bring you these gorgeous fruits – if I happen to come for a visit I’ll gladly bring you some – this is just a gesture to thank you for all yr good deeds and also pala plus a bottle of Grange Hermitage.

    Jan 10, 2006 | 10:19 am

  4. suzette says:

    can we get these fruits locally?

    Jan 10, 2006 | 10:35 am

  5. joy says:

    we have all those fruits here in Denmark but I do not know if it is imported or grown here. Really taste heavenly.

    Jan 10, 2006 | 8:14 pm

  6. Marketman says:

    linda, yes I have tried white fleshed peaches, they are great. The ones in the photos are slipstone which I gather means they are easy to extract from the pitt. suzette, you can sometimes find nectarines at some upscale groceries but they aren’t the best quality ones.

    Jan 10, 2006 | 10:08 pm

  7. sha says:

    Friends who fly back home from Athens bring cases of grapes, peaches,apples… no prob at the airport
    on the other hand a filipina who came back from Manila and went shopping galore on diff dried fish had hers confiscated at Athens airport….

    Jan 10, 2006 | 10:19 pm

  8. Candygirlmd says:

    There were some okay peaches at sidcor last year :-)

    Jan 11, 2006 | 11:24 pm

  9. kiko says:

    at work we get a box of fruits every Monday morning for a healthy alternative to sweets. and because it’s stone fruit season maraming nectarines and peaches. Nectarines are my absolute favourite after mango. Nothing beats Pinoy mangga for me.

    Jan 12, 2006 | 2:02 pm

  10. ShoppaHolique says:

    are there peaches available locally? (im manila)

    Jan 17, 2006 | 1:58 pm

  11. Marketman says:

    ShoppaHolique, sometimes you can find chinese peaches (white ones) and maybe even australian ones at specialty food vendors but it is relatively rare… I have gotten them at the Salcedo market, at fruit stands in the heart of greenhills, sometimes at Rustan’s…

    Jan 17, 2006 | 6:37 pm


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