08 Jul2006


Sometimes, a perfect moment need not be expensive… it would seem that Marketman & family were constantly snacking/gorging themselves on pricey gelato (see previous post) while fruit2in Florence, but in reality, I had to get my 2-3 times a day fruit fix as well. One day, on a small side street, I spied a tiny fruit store and purchased 4 of the most exquisite Mandarin oranges for just Euro1, a bargain compared to just about anything else you could buy! Carrying the small paper bag, we walked a few minutes more and found ourselves on the Ponte Santa Trinita crossing over the River Arno on the way to Via Tornabuoni, the premier shopping street of Florence. We stopped, took in the exquisite sun filled view of the Ponte Vecchio downstream, munched on the Mandarins, and knew it was just one of those perfect and memorable moments… Now if only I could jump in and do a few kilometers rowing in these spectacular sculls gliding on the river below us…

Another fruit that is quintessentially Italian seems to be the golden delicious apple. fruit3It is common elsewhere but it (or the variety in Italy) seems perfected as a dessert fruit in Italy. It has a very thin skin or peel and a distinctive sweetish/tart taste. When it is fresh and crisp it is a perfect ending to any large meal… I like to eat them as a snack as well and would buy several apples and keep them in stock in our hotel room just in case we got hungry…



  1. Wilson Cariaga says:

    a pity we don’t get quality fruits here in philipines. . .

    Jul 8, 2006 | 6:31 pm


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