11 Jan2007

Nice Legs, Sr. Pedro!

by Marketman


Hahaha. I was determined to get a taste of Sr. Pedro’s lechon manok on my recent trip to Cebu City. I was always surprised to see a lengthy line snaking down the sidewalk at a Sr. Pedro outlet on Gorordo Avenue on previous visits to the city. And ever since this pedro2brand of roasted chicken was mentioned by tulip in a thread on my post on Max’s Fried Chicken a few weeks ago, I have been extremely curious about the taste of this chicken… And one of the earliest branches of this chain of roadside roasters was a stone’s throw from my office in Cebu, so I asked someone to mosey on over and buy six chickens for take-away, timed to arrive at the office at about 11:45 am. When we opened the styrofoam containers, I must say I was immediately impressed by the aroma that was released. It certainly smelled delicious, but then again roast chicken almost always smells good. Several minutes steaming inside the containers didn’t do much for the chicken’s skin, which started to wrinkle fairly fast but that was understandable… Nevertheless, the roasted chicken LOOKED like a roasted chicken, with a deep burnished tan and almost black but not scorched skin in some places. It wasn’t pretty, but it had verve, if you get my drift.

Before cutting the small chickens, we decided that the average size of the chicken must be just under a kilo in pre-cooked weight. It was rather small, but at PHP130 a piece, pedro4INCREDIBLY GOOD VALUE. I could see cutting a bird in two and serving it on a platter with rice and some veggies and the entire meal would cost less than PHP100 per person…now that’s a deal if you ask me! Less than the cost of one Big Mac! As for the taste, I was stunned to say the least. The meat was tender and moist, yet incredibly flavorful. I don’t know what they do to the chicken (inject it with marinade? marinate it overnight or longer? use native chickens? Baste it frequently while roasting? Slow roast it over lower heat? Etc.) but it was good. Very good. In fact, all of the folks in the office that tasted it agreed it was a keeper. Please don’t write in to tell me they rub it with some concoction that is mainly ajinomoto or other such ingredient…let me just enjoy it without knowing what the sordid secret is!

I did explore the cavity of the chicken in detail to satisfy my curiosity. pedro3Stuffed inside the chicken was a small bundle of lemongrass or tanglad, and one small bundle of green onions. That seemed like a simple stuffing but it was fragrant and delicious. I suspect the marinade and basting mixture has more sugar than I would normally use along with soy sauce and possibly kalamansi or vinegar and ground black pepper. Also interesting was their accompanying sawsawan of toyo, suka and siling labuyo with sliced kalamansi…so Cebuano, and so yummy…excellent with the flavorful meat. Sr. Pedro seems to have several branches in Manila, and I hope the quality of their roasted chicken is similar throughout their branch network. The next time you happen to be near a branch, give it a try…I was certainly pleased with birds!



  1. wendell says:

    whoa!!! nice legs….

    Jan 11, 2007 | 8:40 am


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  3. Grace Lopez says:

    Hi MM:

    Among the roast chix they’re selling in Manila, this is the best I’ve tasted, cheaper too.

    Jan 11, 2007 | 8:42 am

  4. wendell says:

    me branch na ba dito sa manila? i’d loved to try this.

    Jan 11, 2007 | 8:48 am

  5. Maria Clara says:

    Chicken is part of my daily maintenance nutrition. I eat chicken 320 days a year, once a day in any form and substance. Economic reason is one factor that I love chicken very affordable either you get the free range or organic will not hurt your wallet. Doing your Inspector Clouseau’s act revealed at least two of their secret ingredients lemon grass and green onion which both grow abundantly in the meadows. Whatever the market trend is the price of these two key ingredients will not go skyrocket! Sr. Pedro chicken looks truly delicious and cardiovascular friendly. Thanks for sharing your latest find for 2007.

    Jan 11, 2007 | 8:52 am

  6. Marketman says:

    wendell,there are several branches in Metro Manila. I saw one in Pasay on EDSA and in the link to Max’s there are some locations in the comments section. Tabing kalsada type yung mga stalls…like Andok’s. Nothing fancy, but the chicken is good.

    Jan 11, 2007 | 9:03 am

  7. sha says:

    god MM whenever I roast chicken w tanglad the crew’s eyes sparkle… my Ukrainian stewie who never tried ginger and lemon grass before can now guess from the smell wherever i do this. Nakat on sa ako !!! hehehe
    I do believe slow roasting is one secret of good roast!
    Verbotten ang ajinomoto sa kusina ko!!!

    Will check on this cluck cluck when I come “home”!

    Jan 11, 2007 | 9:21 am

  8. Anne says:

    where is this in cebu? your post is so timely since i’m going there

    Jan 11, 2007 | 9:23 am

  9. Fler says:

    We had a franchise of that 2 years ago, we inject them with a special marinade before roasting and after roasting. At least thats what we did. :)

    Jan 11, 2007 | 9:25 am

  10. wendell says:

    Thanks MM for that speedy reply :P tabing kalye ba? ok lang po, street urchin naman ako e :P

    Jan 11, 2007 | 9:50 am

  11. marga says:

    I love Roasted cccChix but everytime I try roasting on my own it ends up dry, at times bloody. Even how exotic my marinade is it still ends up that way. Any suggestions on how to Roast a chicken? Does using a Turbo or an ordinary electric oven matter? Do I cover the chix with foil first and uncover later or just leave it uncovered? Suggestions are welcome PLEASE. Thanks!

    Jan 11, 2007 | 10:00 am

  12. peterb says:

    Hi MM! Finally you got to taste Sr. Pedro! Now you know what me and tulip were raving about. I’ve been wondering myself why the meat is so tender and flavorful. I’ve marinaded chickens overnight but never got a similar result. Maybe they do inject it with marinade.

    Looks like i’m dropping by Sr. Pedro later. :)

    Jan 11, 2007 | 10:31 am

  13. ROnaldo says:

    i always bring this to our family lunches and they always ask where i get it…. i guess my secret’s out!

    Jan 11, 2007 | 12:22 pm

  14. Mandy says:

    there’s a sr. pedro near my husband’s home. we’d buy it to bring to parties. really good! better than @#dok’s pa. i wonder if this sr. pedro is orignally from laguna? i have seen quite a few branches there.

    Jan 11, 2007 | 12:25 pm

  15. TOPING says:

    Hmmm… there’s a branch a block away from my place; should give it a try sometime. Thanks for the tip!

    As for things to look for in roasted chicken, I never thought of “verve” before, hehe…

    Jan 11, 2007 | 12:31 pm

  16. bohemyo says:

    there’s an outlet at lopez ave. in sucat, paranaque. at P169/chix, it’s a lifesaver when we have surprise guests at home, or when im too lazy or tired to cook. i’d also say it’s a lot better and cheaper than andok’s or baliwag.

    talk about great value for great food.

    Jan 11, 2007 | 2:17 pm

  17. bohemyo says:

    if i may shoot a suggestion to marga’s query, i’ve roasted chickens in a turbo broiler (i don’t have a roasting oven) and the result has always been to my expectation, so far – brown outside, moist and tender inside.

    what i make sure of is the temperature setting, which i usually place at 350-375 F. the bird just sits in there for about an hour or so, or as soon as even browning takes place. rubbing it with butter inside out usually ensures moisture and browning. bottom line, though – time and temperature. hope this helps.

    Jan 11, 2007 | 2:25 pm

  18. tulip says:

    So far, almost any Sr. Pedro outlet satisfies me. But I know an outlet that sells quite bigger than others since the franchiser is into poultry business I believe.
    peterb, kinukulit ko lagi ang seller to share the secret! hahaha. They do inject something.
    Mandy,Sr. Pedro is originally from Cebu.

    Jan 11, 2007 | 3:12 pm

  19. Dodi says:

    Whoa MM!
    I thought you resolved to lose some weight for this year! Just looking at those nice legs will really tempt a full-bloodied male if you ask me. What’s going to happen to my bet?

    Jan 11, 2007 | 3:20 pm

  20. elit says:

    Hi MM! I definitely agree that Sr Pedro is one of the tastiest chicken around. When we first tasted it in Cavite about four years ago, we totally got hooked. It’s good value for money and their sauce really compliments the marinade of their chicken.

    Jan 11, 2007 | 3:33 pm

  21. Marketman says:

    Dodi, not to worry, I am having plain oatmeal and a V8 for breakfast and strawberry whey shakes for snacks…heehee. Oh, and I think Sr. Pedro started in the Visayas, maybe even Cebu…

    Jan 11, 2007 | 3:45 pm

  22. carina says:

    we also put tanglad when cooking fried itik. it takes away the lansa, according to my lola.

    Jan 11, 2007 | 4:24 pm

  23. TOPING says:

    It just occurred to me: There used to be a hugely popular radio soap entitled “Esteban Escudero ug ang Manok ni San Pedro” that aired weeknights on DYHP back when I was a kid (loooong time ago), so maybe that’s where this joint got its name. The “San” (Saint) part was dropped for obvious reasons: what Christian would entertain the idea of eating St. Peter’s, er, umm… cock? (Because that’s what it was: the cock that crowed repeatedly when Peter denied knowing Jesus. And for you non-Christians or otherwise unfamiliar with the Philippine brand of Christianity, we use Senor when referring to/calling on our saints, although I don’t remember the female saints being referred to as senora/senorita…)

    Jan 11, 2007 | 4:44 pm

  24. Mila says:

    This is a suggestion for marga (post above) re: dry roasted chickens. Brine the chicken for at least 4 to 6 hours in a salt and water solution. Then stick some tanglad/green onions in the cavity and roast on low heat (300 F) in the turbo for an hour, before increasing the heat to 400 or 450 F for 20 minutes to crisp up the skin.

    Jan 12, 2007 | 9:20 am

  25. chris says:

    I heard somewhere Sr. Pedro started in Mindanao- Cagayan de Oro or Bukuidnon I think… Not sure though.

    Jan 12, 2007 | 2:25 pm

  26. marga says:

    Thanks guys for your suggestions on how to Roast Chix. Will surely try them next.

    Jan 12, 2007 | 4:07 pm

  27. foodie says:

    Chris is right about the origins of Manok ni San Pedro. My former officemate came from Cagayan de Oro. He used to talk about Manok ni San Pedro, and that this chain was owned by his student from Xavier University.

    Jan 12, 2007 | 4:57 pm

  28. Ted says:

    Aridelros, i’ve tried the can of beer when roasting chicken, and you are supposed to do this with the chicken literally sitting on the open can of half filled beer. The steam from the warm beer is suppose to make the chicken juicy, but that did not really work, it’s even harder for the chicken to sit still..done it once, will never try it again.

    When i was younger, we often go to church somewhere in Las Pinas or Zapote, where the bamboo organ is, or is it still there? And just a few blocks outside of the church are lines of stands pedlling those bbq’d chicken leg quarters,,,up to now when im grilling chicken, i get this flashback of those times when i smell the aroma of charcoal grilled chicken. Does anyone know if those chicken stands still exist?

    Jan 13, 2007 | 8:20 am

  29. passive observer says:

    Yup, sr. pedro is the best roast roadside chicken ever. better than andok’s and baliwag. marami na sila franchise in manila. sayang lang kasi they seem to employ people who have no sense of hygiene. the branch/franchise near us is manned by a binatliyo who was not wearing any t-shirt while he was tending the store. total disappointment!

    Jan 13, 2007 | 2:19 pm

  30. Maddie says:

    I like Sr Pedro chicken but I like Willer’s even better. They are located across the Metrobank JY branch in Lahug. Its just a hole in the wall carenderia affair. Their liempo is great too.

    Jan 15, 2007 | 11:20 am

  31. Ryan says:

    Just tried Sr Pedro last Saturday due to the good feedback from MM and its readers. It was juicy and tasty unlike the 2 most popular brands. It had a good taste and even the inside meat had the marinade’s taste.
    I haven’t tried Mang Bok’s. Anybody tried it? How’s the taste?

    Jul 9, 2007 | 4:25 pm

  32. ian says:

    hello pips,

    im one of the partner of sr pedro,the business really started at cagayan de oro,then it branches out mindanaowide first then visayas,serving cebu,ilo-ilo,bacolod,bohol and dumaguete. then we tried luzon…..thanks nga pala for the comment sa isang branch na may nag tanggal ng shirt,we will resolve that matter po….maraming salamat po sa pag tangkilik nyo sa product namin..

    Jul 22, 2007 | 2:47 pm

  33. Blaise Fortuna says:

    There’s a branch of this one in Las Pinas and I’ve been wanting to try it out, since their tagline says Know the Reason why we’re number 1 in Visayas and Mindanao, or something like it, so it really got me curious.. Now, I would definitely try this out.. ;)

    Aug 6, 2007 | 6:13 pm

  34. eric says:


    i read your old post regarding sr. pedro and there’s someone posting regarding having a lechon manok franchise before, would it be possible if you could send me his/her email? there are many things i would like to ask regarding this lechon manok franchise..

    “Fler says:

    We had a franchise of that 2 years ago, we inject them with a special marinade before roasting and after roasting. At least thats what we did. :)

    January 11th, 2007 ”


    Jan 18, 2008 | 9:43 am

  35. Marketman says:

    eric, sorry, I don’t give commenters emails out. And I don’t have anything to do with franchising. Contact the company directly. Thanks.

    Jan 18, 2008 | 11:28 am

  36. wendel says:

    im also interested in franchising sr.pedro, can you pls give me the details how, you can send it thru my email add xxxxxxxxx. tnx in advance.. good day!

    Jan 21, 2008 | 7:34 am

  37. Jhocette Marcelo says:

    good day!

    Can you kindly send me details regarding franchising of sr pedro. My email add is xxxxxxxxxxx
    Thanks in advance.

    God bless!

    Jan 21, 2008 | 3:19 pm

  38. Marketman says:

    I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FRANCHISING, DONT YOU GUYS READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT??? All earlier comments regarding opening a store have been deleted.

    Jan 21, 2008 | 3:28 pm

  39. marife torrevillas says:

    franchise ba ang sr. pedro.

    thank you.

    Feb 15, 2008 | 11:30 am

  40. Fish says:

    Meron bang Sr Pedro near Vito Cruz are in Manila, thanks!

    Mar 3, 2008 | 12:04 pm

  41. Mitch says:

    I want to franchise sr pedro pede po bang makahingi ng details and contacts kung san at pano po mag apply pati narin ung cost ……really want to know!!!

    Mar 11, 2008 | 4:33 pm

  42. del says:

    Sr. Pedro the best!

    Mar 23, 2008 | 1:13 pm

  43. jennifer says:

    im interested in franchising sr pedro lechon manok. pls give me details on my email.i want to put up a branch in zambales.pls send me info asap. thanks.

    Mar 25, 2008 | 11:21 am

  44. Marketman says:

    Jennifer, mitch, marife, please READ first before you ask for a franchise. Marketmanila is NOT Sr. Pedro, and no where in the post above does it suggest that. Contact Sr. Pedro directly!

    Mar 25, 2008 | 12:19 pm

  45. May says:

    To EVERYONE in this site who seeks info regarding FRANCHISE of ANG LECHON MANOK NI SR. PEDRO, I’m sorry guys but they dont accept franchise at all. It’s a Family Business. They do have partners but those are their immediate relatives and probably very close family friends, but not to anybody whom they dont know or no connection at all. That’s all folks. Hope I have made it clear to you all. And thanks for patronizing our product. We owe you our success. Always remember this caption: “ANG LECHON MANOK NI SR. PEDRO…NO.1 IN VISAYAS AND MINDANAO…ONCE TASTED, ALWAYS WANTED!!! TRY IT NOW AND TASTE THE DIFFERENCE!”

    Apr 11, 2008 | 4:57 am

  46. RAMCE says:


    Apr 13, 2008 | 12:35 pm

  47. romg says:

    i’m just wodnering why they don’t want to open it for franchise…hmmnnn..sayang

    May 20, 2008 | 12:24 pm

  48. Gerrrex says:

    To: The Management
    Sr. Pedro Lechon Manok

    Lami ta ang lechon manok, pero ang mga tag tadtad sa manok mga kawatan. Pila nako ka beses nipalit ug lechon manok dire sa mambaling branch ninyo(cebu city). Maningala gyod ko kay pag abot sa balay namo, usahay wala ang usa ka paa sa manok or pitso. Paita ani oi sakto ta ug bayad pero kulangan na ang manok. I hope mahatagan ni ug saktong pagtagad sa management kay madaut aniinyong negosyo.

    May 22, 2008 | 10:41 am

  49. Payec says:

    Hi Gerrrex! The management of Sr. Pedro is doing its best to satisfy their customers and protect the brand name they are holding. Our family owned a branch in Bohol and I can be part of the management. I suggest you directly go to the branch you are complaining to futher address your complaint. I believe the management of that cebu branch will be very happy if you can talk to them.. Thank you very much for your continued patronage. More power and God bless..

    Jun 23, 2008 | 1:37 pm

  50. Steve says:

    I went to a Sr. Pedro branch in Caloocan and saw uncooked chicken wrapped in plastic bags scattered on the dirty floor. It’s creepy if you let it get to you. Makes you think about the other possible unsanitary practices that occur.

    I agree that it tastes good but is it worth the risk? I guess it’s worth it, for some.

    Jul 1, 2008 | 1:47 pm

  51. djanx says:

    As i was reading your comments, complaints and other concerns like franchising,we’ll truly try our bests to talk to our aunts & uncles about this matter of yours.

    Lechon Manok ni Sr. Pedro was originally in Bukidnon. And about the franchising we don’t allow it bcoz it is not only a family business but we don’t allow other people to know the secret ingredients (even us the niece & nephew), only the true owner(including the wife & sons) knows the ing.. If your complaints will occur regarding the plastic bags on the floor and the missing parts then it shall be done soon as long as you wait. Thank you for buying our precious product, may you keep supporting it and we’ll try our bests to serve you.

    Jul 13, 2008 | 12:20 pm

  52. romarcel says:

    Sr pedro’s roasted chicken is the best among the rest of same businesse’s,thats why i kept on patronizing the prodct every payday of mine.(15th & 30th).
    but i have one suggestion to the management of sr pedro,please provide any MASK to all your employees to cover their mouth when chopping the chicken.”sana mauna d2 sa laguna”
    salamat senior……………..

    Jul 23, 2008 | 6:58 pm

  53. mitch says:

    sr. pedro really tasted great..may franchise ba kayo?…i want to know…..

    Aug 12, 2008 | 10:32 am

  54. earl says:


    Hi i just wana know where can i inquire regarding your chicken contract growing? im very interested because i believe and patronize your chicken because it so juicy and so delicious. no. 1 i want to be one of your contract grower. thanks and more power

    Aug 12, 2008 | 2:56 pm

  55. jaschard says:

    salamat sa suporta and patronizing the sr. pedro because by buying one, u contributed at least 7.00 pesos of additional income per month of small poor farmers in misamis oriental, mindanao… because almost 30% of the total production of live chicken of the sr. perdro litson manok are coming the well trained 1,800 small farmer of misamais oriental, raising on the backyard level of contract growing…indeed for every Sr. Pedro Litson manok you buy, you are helping transform the small farmers into a sustainable entrepreneur… again, salamat kaayo sa tanan….

    Sep 13, 2008 | 8:07 am

  56. shadz says:

    to fler, i would like to franchise a senior pedro. do you have contact numbers? thank you.

    Oct 17, 2008 | 11:23 am

  57. carlo says:

    my comment to the owner or management of senyor pedro, why not allow franchising??? If your only concern is to keep the secret…. pwede naman sigurong magsupply ng mga templadong manok na to your franchisers at kayo na mismo ang magtimpla in your “exclusiv place”, di ba? At lease this will help you grow even more bigger. To the management, you can contact me thru my e-mail address “bcbrokerage@yahoo.com” kasi I am also welling to get a franchise kaso lang disperado ako na exclusive to the relatives and close friends lang pala. I also have business and I can keep secrets and I can be your best friends too hehe. Promise………. I just want to earn kasi may mga prospective places ako, kung saan???? secret din hehehe. Bye, just contact me, if you have change of mind. Good luck!!! Hulog ka ng langit.

    Oct 31, 2008 | 4:03 pm

  58. Willy says:

    Please give me all the details in applying for a franchise. Thanks

    Nov 15, 2008 | 7:04 pm

  59. Dominic M. Bagabalado says:

    good day,

    im a native of Paete, laguna and im interested to franchise your Sr. Pedro

    im currently the territory sales manager of Coca-Cola handling the area of Los Banos to polillo quezon.

    hope to hear from you soon,


    Nov 17, 2008 | 7:33 am

  60. Hmmmm says:

    Yes, I am a Sr. Pedro convert as well. How it was described above is the same way I would also describe it. Plus the sawsawan na sukang native. When I left Mindanao i thought this is one of the food i will miss most. Fortunately, several branches have mushroomed around Manila and nearby provinces.
    It is way better than other known brands of roasted chicken.

    Nov 26, 2008 | 1:49 am

  61. blah says:

    carlo: you have no idea how voluminous the owner’s “relatives” are. so, i guess it’s yet ridiculous to lay a place for franchising when the owner himself wants to help his families first.. uh, before granting your interests on d business..?? -bLah- :D

    Jan 15, 2009 | 8:32 pm

  62. ann says:

    Gusto ko sanang magfranchise nang Sr. Pedro’s Lechon Manok, sana meron makapagbigay sa akin nang exact contact number kasi meron silang inilagay na contact number sa opisina dito sa Cebu pero hindi naman macontact. Sana merong mabait na taong makapagbigay sa akin nang contact number nila. Salamat po.

    Feb 17, 2009 | 9:06 pm

  63. rain says:

    Sr. Pedro lechon manok is not very tasty and juicy. Parang hilaw ang loob at ang labas nya ay sunog…malabo rin ang lasa parang amoy hilaw pa para sa akin hindi talaga masarap…Ang masarap na litson manok sa cebu ay yong nasa talamban…pag natikman nyo magbago talaga ang tingin nyo sa Sr. Pedro…Pag Pumunta kayo sa cebu sakay lang kayo ng taxi pahatid kayo sa talamban…doon sa kanto lang…yan kung gusto nyong tumikim ng masarap na litson manok…

    Apr 14, 2009 | 3:33 pm

  64. Christie says:

    Is Sr,pedro open for frnchise coz im interested to frnchise here in bukidnon..

    Apr 23, 2009 | 11:43 am

  65. Edmond says:

    pano ba mag franchise ng poduct nyo? i have no idea eh

    Apr 28, 2009 | 5:43 pm

  66. Reo says:

    Hi i would like to know the website of Sr.Pedro lechon manok kindly email me @ reochiuagus@yahoo.com.ph

    Maraming salamat po

    Apr 29, 2009 | 12:03 pm

  67. Arnold says:

    Please provide contact numbers. I’m interested in buying a franchise… Thanks!

    Jun 15, 2009 | 10:48 am

  68. Gigi says:

    Yea, i am also interested in buying the Sr pedro frachise for San Antonio, TEXAS, USA. there’s lots of Filipino’s here especially in Houston, TX. maybe we can make an agreement, and maybe even get a percentage each month depending on the lechon manok we sell.. or anything that we can agree on.

    my email: gigreyes@gmail.com

    Jun 16, 2009 | 6:02 pm

  69. jm says:

    Indeed.. number please. just wanna ask, nag di deliver din ba sila?

    Jul 13, 2009 | 6:23 pm

  70. eubert says:

    hi there,im a charcoal supplier,if your interested just text me 09298800636 im willing to deliever your outlets in all branches of cavite,and laspinas at low price…our charcoal came from quezon province and have good quality thanks..

    Jul 21, 2009 | 2:53 pm

  71. Payec says:

    Hi guys!

    As earlier mentioned and posted, SR. Pedro is not open for franchise. True indeed that it is a family business and are open to those who are close family relatives and friends. The management is protecting the secret ingredient in making preparing the chicken. Even us (we own several branches in Bohol) do not know how they prepared the chicken to taste that good.

    With regards to the complaint, I suggest you go directly to the branch whom you are complaining and have a talk with the branch manager regarding your complaint. I am very sure that your comments and suggestions will help improve the quality and service of our product.

    Thank you all for the continued patronage. God bless..

    Aug 9, 2009 | 9:36 am

  72. ed says:

    gadahum man gud mo mga tagalog kamo ang maayo sa tanan karun unsa na wala pamo kabalo sa secreto sa mga taga salot. unya mabaton pa kayo sa amon………..unsa lami no!!!!!!!!! mao na diha

    Sep 24, 2009 | 4:50 am


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