14 Jan2007


Here’s a “Marketman/Bond 007 Diet” Dinner that is healthy and hearty. A salad of mixed greens with a couple of sliced bottled artichokes and some homemade roasted red peppers and tomatoes if you have them. Dress it with a simple olive oil and balsamic vinegar combination, and salt and pepper to taste. If I am feeling tough on myself, I cut the oil and just drizzle vinegar. Serve this on a huge plate (makes it seem like you aren’t depriving yourself), with a nice large serving of roasted vegetables. On this particular plate is a mixture of one-half carrot, a small onion and cubed kalabasa or squash that was drizzled with olive oil and baked in a hot oven until cooked. I then cut up an extra boiled potato (that was being used in another dish) and mixed it all in. I realize the potato is a bit of a no-no but I do like to have some carbohydrates since I am also exercising. If you wanted to, you could add some sliced chicken breast (skinless) and this would be a very complete and filling meal.



  1. joey says:

    I see what you mean by everyone going salad! :) This looks great! I love roasted peppers and put them in everything…salads, sanwiches, pastas, or just solo…

    BTW, I went to the market and did see some good produce…thanks for the tip! Bought some watercress and had it in a sandwich tonight…yum!

    Jan 14, 2007 | 10:06 pm


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  3. Pete says:

    I’ve lost some weight myself eating some good salads. I normally just buy a bag of spring mix. Its so much better than lettuce IMO. Throw in a can of tuna and some chic peas some cheese and some vinigarette. I also eat a lot of lean steaks and steamed broccoli or baby boc choy. Then on the weekends I’me allowed to binge drink beer, scotch or wine. I swear if cut alcohol out of my diet i would have lost more weight but its winter here and Pittsburgh is s drinking town.
    I went from 190 to 172lbs from october to now. Training consisted of running on the threadmill for 25 mins and lifting some weights pretty much 4-5 days a week and 2-3 games of racketball per week. It takes a lot of time but it well worth it. Gotta look good in my Barong Tagalog for my wedding in May.

    Jan 15, 2007 | 1:06 am

  4. peanut says:

    MM and Pete good luck!We love salads too but I guess it’s a “naughty” salad ’cause i love my avocado and feta cheese in my salad hehehehhehhehehe.I love marinated asparagus in it too.

    Jan 15, 2007 | 9:48 am

  5. Maria Clara says:

    Your vegan salad serving sounds very nourishing and heart friendly. I will add garbanzo beans for added protein. I agree with you and aridelros chicken breast is a good addition too. Fresh tuna is a bit pricey to me though I like. I use a lot of canned tuna though!

    Jan 16, 2007 | 1:09 am

  6. DivineG. says:

    I eat vegetable salad once in a while but I tell you it is not to lose weight , it’s just that I get tired of the same food so I go to this salad bar. I get either mixed greens or the spinach before it was banned for a while because of e coli.Anyway, so I get the greens, then a little hoisin chicken, a little candied walnut, a few slices of strawberry, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls, goat cheese, sometimes sliced roasted portabella mushrooms, and raspberry vinaigrette. I use chopsticks it’s easier to use than a fork.

    Jan 16, 2007 | 8:49 am

  7. Mila says:

    Add some nuts, or beans for protein. Or grill some tofu! Or some light cheese.
    DivineG, that salad sounds wonderful. And chopsticks might make it harder to gobble it all up, so it should slow down the digestion as well.

    Jan 16, 2007 | 11:07 am


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