01 Sep2006


It’s not the first time I have felt that the simplest foods or dishes are often the finest tasting. It’s even better if there is a story that goes behind the produce or its preparation. I had this dish of chilled avocados and condensed milk just minutes ago for dessert and I found it so refreshing and so delicious avo2that I had to write about it immediately despite sitting at a desk at work… Earlier in the week, our maintenance supervisor, “Boy,” brought several spectacular avocados from his home in Sibonga, Southern Cebu. He said that his 9-year old daughter Rosel, had planted an avocado seedling just 4 years ago, and these were the fruits from its first “season.” There is a local belief that “virgin” avocados are the best, not sure where THAT came from, so I was curious to see what they tasted like. These are the variety of avocados with long narrow necks and a larger body (they look like humongous caperberries) and after four days in a bowl they ripened to a deep maroon or burgundy…

The task to prepare the avocados for dessert fell on “Seaman,” a member of my crew who did a Kinilaw na Dilis for this blog last year. He had an avocado tree beside his home as a kid. avo3Here is his shockingly simple recipe. Peel and chop the fresh ripe avocados (these were superb, no bothersome veins at all), place in a bowl (one of my grandmother’s stash), add a lot of ice cubes to cool the fruit down and as the ice is melting, drizzle condensed milk to sweeten the mixture and make a milky/cloudy soup. Spoon into matching ceramic serving dishes and enjoy. That’s it! Avocados, ice and condensed milk! And it tasted terrific. If I were to jazz this dish up, I would use cold heavy cream, pre-chill the avocados before peeling and use condensed milk as well. Serve very cold. Yum! This is NOT, however, a diet dish as the super high calorie avocados (despite the good type of fat) and condensed milk is wicked on the flab deposits…



  1. teth says:

    Yum! Avocado is one of my fave fruits! “miss our old avocado tree in our backyard in Bicol but unfortunately it was uprooted by very cruel typhoon… Ours was the green ones, big fruits. And that tree only have ten to 20 fruits per season!

    Sep 1, 2006 | 2:30 pm


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  3. Angel says:

    I’m not a fan of avocados but your avocado dish is something I would definitely try!

    Sep 1, 2006 | 4:17 pm

  4. Nila says:

    MM, I’m having difficulty of what to do with my avocados ( even thinking of making some guacamole ). But after looking those yummy pictures that will change. Thanks MM.

    Sep 1, 2006 | 4:32 pm

  5. Nila says:

    MM, check this website ( http://www.avocado.org ). Good stuff.

    Sep 1, 2006 | 4:54 pm

  6. carol says:

    I share your avocado love. In fact, I have exactly the same post!

    Sep 1, 2006 | 5:31 pm

  7. blue says:

    i grew up having this avocado dessert at home.i thought everyone prepares their avocado in the same manner.now i chuckle and realize how lucky i am since apparently not everyone knows this simple pleasure :)

    Sep 1, 2006 | 5:34 pm

  8. Apicio says:

    An aunt invited us kids to harvest her avocado that were like yours although they never turned dark. In fact they were introduced as evergreen but were also known as cheese avocado because they were also completely vein-free. Close to small butternut squash in size and shape, mother quartered them and we ate them as is only peeling off the rind as you would banana. The Vietnamese here serve them as a frappé as they do in the juice bars of Brazil although in the rest of Latin America they take a lingering second look at you when you ask for avocado for dessert.

    Sep 1, 2006 | 6:04 pm

  9. mardie says:

    its funny how the mexicans have different dishes for an avocado. but in all it’s varied dishes i still love an avocado mashed and mixed with condensed milk and cooled in the freezer.

    Sep 1, 2006 | 7:49 pm

  10. annesqui says:

    I love this salad too. Brings back a lot of childhood memories. My mom used to make this when the fruit is in season, the fruits coming from the tree in our backyard. When there’s time the salad gets chilled in the freezer; when it’s thrown in at the last minute we use evaporated milk, white sugar and some ice cubes.

    A li’l health warning though, as I noted you’re on a diet… avocado’s rich in fats!

    Sep 1, 2006 | 8:10 pm

  11. oggi says:

    One of my favorites, sweet milky chilled avocado “soup” with extra ice cubes. As a child I used to sprinkle brown sugar on top and scoop it right out of the balat.

    And to Apicio, I thoroughly enjoyed The Blue Afternoon, the Philippine history got me a bit depressed though.

    Sep 1, 2006 | 10:36 pm

  12. kaye says:

    i am so inlove with avocados. even my kids love them. i also make them with condensed milk but i don’t put ice cubes. we want it thick!! we just place it in the freezer and take it out before it freezes, yummy!!! i also love guacamole and adding avocados to my sandwiches!!

    Sep 2, 2006 | 4:13 am

  13. shane says:

    i love this “dessert”! friends make fun of me when i prepare this because they are only familiar with the staple guacamole in mexican/tex-mex cuisine. Vegetable vs fruit! Seaman prepared it like I make it with chunks instead of mush. with whole milk,avocado chunks, 1 packet of splenda, and 30 min of chill time, this dessert is comfort food for me. thanks for the post!

    Sep 2, 2006 | 4:43 am

  14. Wilson Cariaga says:

    yummy. . . you can even add bananas to this. . .

    Sep 2, 2006 | 8:10 am

  15. Maria Clara says:

    Avocado is near and dear to my heart. I am an avocado advocate. Whether it is prepared in an unassuming fashion with milk – fresh, canned or condensed version and crushed ice or chunky one, it is still very fulfilling and refreshing. Be it in guacamole, salsa or sandwich it is heaven with its rich and creamy texture. It is also an integral part of my beauty regimen. I use it as an hair conditioner by mashing and leaving in the hair for 30 minutes. Mash it once a week with grainy salt which acts as an exfoliating agent for my face and feet treatment. My feet they have the look and feel of “macopa” and I have an unblemished skin. Long story short it defies my aging process. Thanks to you avocado.

    Sep 2, 2006 | 9:45 am

  16. hchie says:

    That’s a pretty bowl you have there. Chunky avocado with milk and sugar makes a great breakfast fo me too.

    Sep 2, 2006 | 10:55 am

  17. Michelle says:

    Lurv my nanny’s avocado ice cream the best. Since we come from a middle class family, owning an ice cream maker is out of our budget. So what Nanay Febe did was mash the avocado with condensed milk and freeze it. In about three hours [our freezer sucked big time], you have smooth, creamy, dreamy bestest ice cream on earth. I swear, I literally licked my bowl clean every time. Which makes Nanay Febe very happy.

    Sep 2, 2006 | 11:46 am

  18. Marketman says:

    Michelle, I think I know the taste…we used to make avocado popsicles the same way… hchie, the bowl is a remnant from my Lola’s kitchen, it’s still in the office today and in use… Maria Clara, yes avocados are great. I like them a lot in salads paired with tomato and a nice vinaigrette as well. Shane, splenda, hmmm, never thought of that… sounds good for one on a diet! Seems everyone has a fvorite version of this avocado and sugar and cream combination. Avocados WERE abundant when we were all growing up, I suppose!

    Sep 2, 2006 | 4:08 pm

  19. Jean says:

    At home, we all love avocados. We like it mashed then frozen. yummy!! Thanks MM for posting our favorite.

    Sep 2, 2006 | 5:54 pm

  20. linda says:

    I heart avocados – love it slightly mashed with macapuno and vanilla ice cream. Love that lovely green bowl,too,MM.

    Sep 2, 2006 | 7:20 pm

  21. marga says:

    HI MM! I am curious as to how come some avocados are “hairy” or has lots of veins in them? Also how come some have a bitter taste? Only for these reasons do I now hesitate to buy them for my family although I grew up loving this fruit. In fact we also used to mke avocado popsicles ( one of those simple pleasures while growing up ).

    Sep 3, 2006 | 5:34 pm

  22. Marketman says:

    marga, I’m not sure what the scientific answer is but I suppose it has a lot to do with the conditions where the tree is raised, soil quality, variety of avocado planted and the weather, nutrition, etc. However, there do seem to be more consistent avocados abroad where the integrity of the base seed or seedling is more carefully guarded. In the Philippines, where everyone just keeps planting from seed to seed to seed, there are natural mutations or degradations in the quality of the fruit stock…

    Sep 3, 2006 | 7:02 pm

  23. Apicio says:

    If I may add a bit more to the above, very few fruit trees, or indeed living beings, reproduce as exact replicas of their parents. That’s why we have always resorted to budding for fruits that are commerically grown and lately to meristemic cloning for identical orchids. And then as MM mentioned above, there is also the effect of optimum growing condition.

    Sep 3, 2006 | 8:40 pm

  24. MasPinaSarap says:

    Am I the only one who has eaten Magnolia Avocado (sorbetes) ice cream growing up? I’m not one to brandname drop, but it’s sooooooo good. Plus people like to go, “there’s an Avocado ice cream?!”-“why yes there is”. :)

    Sep 4, 2006 | 11:44 am

  25. Toping says:

    Yum! I love avocado! Goes best with bananas, though you must add them right before eating, else they will discolor and look generally unpalatable.

    Re: avocado ice cream. Was excited to see that Selecta had that. Brought a gallon home and it was god-awful! Tastes like cornstarch, I kid you not! The tub is currently languishing in deep freeze til I find a way of pepping it up to make it halfway passable (serious doubt). Stay away from this, folks!

    Sep 4, 2006 | 7:22 pm

  26. Blaise says:

    We used to have an avocado tree in our front lawn but it eventually was uprooted by a very strong typhoon.. and we also make this to the avocado, it is really good. My grandma used to do it a few hours before mealtime, and takes it out after we have our meal.. YUM! So sweet and cold..

    Aug 16, 2007 | 5:47 pm

  27. Roberto Vicencio says:

    After being in the US Navy for a few years, our ship, the USS Midway, served some avocados at the salad bar. I quickly took two slices and proceeded to make my avocado dessert ( milk ice and sugar). I was about to dig in when I noticed a threesome of white faces staring at me. They have never seen anybody eat avovadoes that way before.

    Oh, the avocadoes were the ones with a very bumpy skin. Not bad.

    Mar 10, 2008 | 6:43 am

  28. peasmom says:

    We had two avocado trees in our yard when I was a kid, along with a star apple tree, a santol tree, a kamias tree and a couple of coconut trees. I was always very proud of the trees in our house because not everyone who lives in the heart of Manila had trees in their house.

    When the avocados are ready for picking, we seven siblings will make different kinds of desserts from them. One of our favorites was the avocado ice. We will “osterize” the avocados mixed with milk and sugar and freeze them into ice cubes. After a game of patintero or touch-taya, this is usually our pampalamig. Saraaap the memories of childhood…

    Sep 8, 2008 | 9:18 pm

  29. Rose5 says:

    my favorite is the same as seaman’s but with chunks of sweet mango

    Oct 17, 2008 | 3:46 pm

  30. paulo says:

    This is exactly how I eat avocados since I was a kid!

    Jun 3, 2009 | 10:23 pm


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