18 May2005

I was rummaging through our freezer trying to smooth1 consume “old” stuff (fearing the situation where an aunt found a duck that had been in her deep freeze for over 6 years, yikes!) when I came across some frozen strawberries that I made over 2 months ago at the height of the strawberry season. To freeze strawberries at the peak of ripeness, wash them and hull their stems and place on a metal tray that will fit in your freezer. Place in the freezer and when totally frozen, transfer them to a ziplog bag and store in a cold part of the freezer. What can you do with the frozen berries? You can make dessert sauces with them, thaw them and eat them mushy with whipped cream or make them into strawberry milkshakes or smoothies…

To make a smoothie put lots of milk in a blender, smooth2 add slightly defrosted berries, sugar, a ripe banana (optional) and some ice if you want it less thick. Blitz this with the blender on high and voila, a yummy cool summer drink that kids and adults alike really seem to enjoy. This is a good way to get young kids to eat some fruit without it being too obvious…my daughter likes to have these smoothies with her breakfast. If you want it creamier, try adding a scoop or two of good vanilla ice cream.



  1. wysgal says:

    Good idea — although I personally have a hard time finding strawberries in Manila that ever really reach an optimal state of ripeness and sweetness. They usually go from not-sweet-enough to mushy-and-icky.

    May 18, 2005 | 9:49 am


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  3. Barney says:

    NOTE TO SELF: Never visit marketmanila.com before lunch. Sruff on this site makes me hungry ahead of schedule! =)

    May 18, 2005 | 9:53 am

  4. stefoodie says:

    hey, i just did this this morning! although mine was with some yogurt, lemon juice, and mint from the garden. i never let myself run out of frozen strawberries because it’s a quick snack, dessert, sauce, or whathaveyou. good for when you have hungry kids! i guess GMTA?

    May 19, 2005 | 2:11 am

  5. jan says:

    for those who are on diet, you can opt out the sugar. what i put are just the ff: one banana, few pieces of strawberries, one nestle 0% fat yoghurt-strawberry flavor, milk and ice. yummy and filling!

    May 22, 2005 | 10:50 am

  6. dhayL says:

    Is it just me or what, I find that the 1st photo with 2 glasses of full milkshake looks more purple-ly right? :)

    Anyhow, our family also enjoys strawberry milkshake, i make mine with a few ice cubes, a teaspoon or so of freshly squeezed orange, vanilla ice cream, milk, banana and lots of strawberries! It reminds me of Tropicana – orange-strawberry-banana flavour that they have or i also call it as the “bubble gum juice”!

    May 10, 2007 | 6:50 am

  7. meekerz says:

    do try strawberry-mango shake (no milk)! yummmmmm!

    Jun 27, 2007 | 3:02 pm


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