03 Sep2008

Assume for a brief moment that Marketman’s suki genie emerged from an empty can of Coke Light in your home a few minutes ago, and she asked you the following question, “If given a non-exchangeable, non-refundable wish, and without concern for passport, visa, etc. restrictions, what city anywhere in the world would you live in?” Please leave a comment what city you reside in TODAY, and which dream city you would chose to reside in if your wish could be granted… Of course, you could move with your immediate family (spouse, partner and children), no you would not be necessarily fabulously well-to-do, instead you would have to work to the best of your ability, and your success would be based on your efforts, or lack of them… The reason for this question is basically to get a pulse check from readers if they are happy where they are, or if the grass is always greener on another pasture… Folks based in the Philippines AND all over the world are encouraged to leave a comment. Thanks! :)



  1. TPS says:

    Currently in Laguna but wishes to reside in Baguio or in Washington, DC.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 6:54 am


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  3. fried-neurons says:

    I currently live in San Jose, CA (the heart of Silicon Valley).

    If I could live anywhere…. and my loved ones could be with me… TOP 5:

    1) Vancouver, British Columbia
    2) San Francisco, California (ok, so it’s only 50 miles north of me, but I work down here in SJ. lol)
    3) New York City (MUST be in Manhattan, not in any of the outer boroughs)
    4) Buenos Aires, Argentina
    5) Manila, Philippines (or, more accurately, Makati CBD or the surrounding “villages”)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:05 am

  4. Apicio says:

    Perfectly content in Toronto though need to be footloose in foul weather. Can be enticed to base myself in Provence, specifically Arles and can also be persuaded to stay put the whole year round in Cuernavaca in the state of Morelos in Mexico.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:29 am

  5. chunky says:

    i love the Philippines, but i would like to live in San Francisco because of the wonderful weather, people, and picturesque surroundings…

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:36 am

  6. T.Greentree says:

    I was born and raised in Sydney and I actually decided to move to the Philippines despite that i have no family there. So yeah the grass is always greener! Malate and sunsets keep me sane, and i think you will find this pattern happening more with youth, me being one, who will reverse the drain. Migration flows are so interesting (and complex) in todays world.

    Happiness is a state of mind and right now, Manila is the playground and backdrop for that. Who knows next…. okay i have a list…. Calcutta and Buenos Aires.

    But don’t get me wrong, I don’t take Sydney or my freedom to move (the colour of my passport) for granted :)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:37 am

  7. millet says:

    I love where i am, Davao City, Philippines, but would also be happy either in San Francisco, Ca., or Vancouver, B.C.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:38 am

  8. melody says:

    i live in manila but i am currently here in australia. if given the opportunity, i would like to live in auckland, new zealand

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:41 am

  9. Glecy says:

    I live here in Southern Cali. When I retire I would like like to split my time between California & Makati .Greenbelt of course to have the access to food, shopping and close enough to drive to the neighboring provinces.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:42 am

  10. Patrick says:

    I currently live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    If I could live anywhere, my top picks would be:

    1) A secluded villa (or I guess the appropriate word is “chalet”) overlooking Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

    2) In the hills of the Irish Republic.

    3) The Scottish highlands.

    4) A private island in the Caribbean.

    5) Santorini, Greece.

    What can I say? I have a really overactive imagination…

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:44 am

  11. Doddie from Korea says:

    I live in a tiny agricultural town called Janghowon which is annexed to the city of Icheon, here in South Korea.

    I rather live in Henderson, Ky in the USA.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:46 am

  12. Edwin D. says:

    Live in LA, CA but would rather live in Key West, FL where I was born.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:54 am

  13. Rico says:

    Very content here in the Philippines. Currently residing in Paranaque but would like to move, in our own house, in a better village.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:18 am

  14. noes says:

    I currently live in Laurel, Maryland, 30 minutes drive to Baltimore City, MD. If I could live anywhere it would be “going back to my hometown in Isabela, Philippines”.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:19 am

  15. dee says:

    Hand down..Manhattan, New York

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:23 am

  16. nonymous77 says:

    Presently in Ohio but would very much like to be in one of the rural towns of Galicia, Spain or Serendra at the Fort or Punta Fuego.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:23 am

  17. Jacob's Human says:

    I’m from Negros Occidental.

    I live in Toronto, Canada now. Came here to get away, was being random. I fell in love with the city — at first sight. Still in love, and this is where I want to die. Snow & heatwave & dearth of Ilonggo-speaking folks be damned.

    NYC, NY
    Vancouver, BC
    Paris, France
    Rome, Italy
    Bacolod City, Neg Occ
    Boracay (early 90s)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:27 am

  18. Marose says:

    I like the comforts of living in Manila (specifically, Eastwood, Quezon City). However, I do love San Francisco so that’s my top choice.

    I have always wondered what it would be like to live in Provence (must be fantastic because of the food and relaxed atmosphere). However, I do not speak French. :)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:29 am

  19. Artisan Chocolatier says:

    Cebu is Home for me and my family…..

    But to answer your question (in no particular order),
    1) Lago Maggiore, Italy
    2) Paris, France
    3) San Francisco, CA, USA
    4) New York, NY, USA

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:41 am

  20. bernadette says:

    I love it where I am—Mindoro! But given a choice, I wouldn’t mind shuttling back and forth New Zealand. Nice skiing areas for my husband!

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:42 am

  21. tweaker95b says:

    Queenstown New Zealand for me!

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:49 am

  22. weng says:

    im permanently residing here in batangas but given a chance i would love to live in an island…particularly boracay island.or maybe in AB,Canada where the rest of my family members are.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:54 am

  23. AleXena says:

    I leave most of my life in a little town called Carmona in Cavite and shuttleS back and forth to Manila. If my genie would grant a wish, these are the places:

    1.JAMAICA- sea, sun, jerky=)
    2.NEW YORK- the City just keeps on moving.
    3.AUSTRALIA- for its wide cultural mix and the outback.
    4.SPAIN- love Spanish wine
    6.FRANCE-cafes and produce
    5.A CARRIBEAN ISLAND- what more can I say=)

    Although I would still prefer to be transported to BATANES, DUMAGETE and a nice house somewhere in the hidden outskirts of MALATE. The Philippines is a place I can never leave no matter what.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:57 am

  24. Topster says:

    I’ve only 2 choices:
    1. Tuscany in Italy
    2. good old Mandaluyong City, P.I. or if I could afford it a house and lot at Ayala Alabang! =)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:03 am

  25. achtungbabe says:

    I currently live in Munich, Germany which is pretty awesome but I wouldn’t mind having a second home in:

    a. Vancouver, Canada
    b. anywhere in Tuscany
    c. Barcelona

    At the moment though I am pretty content in Munich which has a central European location making it perfect for traveling around Europe!

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:12 am

  26. AleXena says:

    pardon me for writing “leave” instead of “live” and for putting number 6 ahead of 5… this only means one thing=) I need a caffine boost! hehehe=P

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:14 am

  27. chris says:

    I live in Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Philippines, but for years, I’ve been dreaming of living in Marketman’s house.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:20 am

  28. linda says:

    I live in Adelaide (beachside)South Australia. It’s a smaller city compared to Sydney or Melbourne.It basically takes 20 to 30 minutes to get anywhere,not much traffic except peak hours,worldclass market where you can buy everything from French cheeses,Italian black and white truffles,wines,olive oils,artisan breads,delectable cakes,imported coffees and teas,fresh seafoods,tropical fruits,etc,etc.I love it!

    Manhattan NY will be my next pick or Greenbelt Makati,or Vancouver BC and all for obvious reasons -restaurants and shopping.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:27 am

  29. amor says:

    Bravo dream place Chris! Nice one… hahaha

    I’m current in QC and probably want to transfer to Maui…

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:28 am

  30. Apicio says:

    And AleXena I think you also mean to say jerk instead of jerky.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:34 am

  31. joey says:

    I live in Makati right now and these are my picks:
    1. Makati – hahaha! I love it here! If I could get a bigger flat life would be perfect! :)
    2. Paris
    3. Barcelona

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:36 am

  32. marilou says:

    Hanalei, Kauai

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:39 am

  33. agnes says:

    I am in West Hollywood, California. Although I have been in the States for the past 19 years that Hotdog song resonates with me. My heart will always be in the Philippines preferably in Tagaytay or Cebu.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:41 am

  34. happyman says:

    Lived in Toronto for a few years then moved out.
    Lived in Vancouver, BC love the surrondings but hate the weather.
    Lived in Victoria, BC love the surrondings, the weather and the people but felt a bit isolated.
    Tried Seattle but it did not work out
    Now back in Toronto after realizing how great this city is. I am happiest whenever I am in the downtown doing our market shopping @ St. Lawrence and Kensington Market.

    So my list would be:
    1. Toronto, Ontario (for the gastronomical reasons)
    2. Tofino, BC (for relaxation)
    3. Victoria, BC (for golfing reasons)
    4. Mandaluyong, Philippines (where I grew up)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:48 am

  35. Lex says:

    I presently live in Parañaque by the boulevard. It is actually a nice to place to live in. It is 5 kilometers from Makati, near Mall of Asia and home to future developments by the bay.

    If I were still single and had to live abroad, it would be in Manhattan. Lived there for 2 years while still single. It is pretty hard to beat in terms of culture, food, diversity, art, shopping, change of seasons and excitement. Loved every moment of my life there.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:50 am

  36. juli says:

    Currently working in Hong Kong.

    I dream of living in Tuscany.
    2nd choice is Palawan.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:53 am

  37. AleXena says:

    Oh so it is jerk.. I’m always confused with what its called hehehe! Thanks Apicio.=)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:57 am

  38. ECC says:

    Currently living in Houston, TX but would love to live in a vineyard in the Napa-Sonoma Valley area!

    Sep 3, 2008 | 10:00 am

  39. mojito_drinker says:

    i live in makati. life in the philippines is great (access to fabulous beaches, fresh seafood, etc) but for variety, i’d pick (in no particular order)–

    san francisco (lived there once, would go back in a heartbeat)
    barcelona (because the food is good and it’s by the sea)
    paris (would be nice to practice a language i studied for several years)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 10:06 am

  40. SimplePleasure says:

    I’m currently in Manila, would love to go to…
    1. London
    2. Paris
    3. Tuscany
    4. New Zealand
    5. NYC

    Sep 3, 2008 | 10:09 am

  41. Tuesdayy says:

    Born and raised in Iloilo, been living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for four years now and loving it here. Great variety of food available (but no seafood as CM is landlocked – I miss bangus!), wonderful culture and people, very global community, reasonable cost of living, and most of all, SAFE!

    Sep 3, 2008 | 10:20 am

  42. natie says:

    having lived in NY/NJ since 1978, i would love to go back to iloilo where i already have a nice retirement home,completed last year…there’s no place like home.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 10:22 am

  43. Fran Magbual says:

    I currently live in Hawaii and I moved here less than 8 years ago, so this is where I’ve always wanted to live. We have the best climate, weather, people, you name it. Now dream locations are something else.

    #1 would be Florence, Italy because of the food, culture, surrounding countryside and general atmosphere of the city.

    #2 would be New York, New York because of the food, culture and energy of the city.

    I’ve taken numerous trips to both places and I could see myself living in either city. I was totally at ease in both places even though they seem so totally different.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 10:37 am

  44. edel says:

    i’m in manila right now and not happy with the pollution. i’d like to live with my family in the ff places:

    – tagaytay
    – dalaguete, cebu
    – dumaguete city
    – galicia, spain
    – camiguin

    Sep 3, 2008 | 10:47 am

  45. suzette says:

    I would like to experience living in Zurich, Vienna or Geneva, the world’s top three cities offering the best quality of life according to the citymayors environment 2007 survey.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 11:02 am

  46. trish says:

    I currently live in San Francisco, but I wish to go back to live in Laguna. I miss home!

    Sep 3, 2008 | 11:09 am

  47. ntgerald says:

    I am partial to Pittsburgh, PA where I lived for several years. Specifically in the South Slopes area or along Grandview Ave.

    But, the view in Grandview is not as grand as the view of Taal Lake from the right side of the tracks in Tagaytay. I am developing a two-hectare farmlot in Amadeo, and although it is has sweeping views of the valley on the eastern side, the Tagaytay alure is a bit missing. But then, it is almost always several degrees cooler than Manila, where I am now. Plus, my orchid plants would be growing luxuriantly. Plus, it is near Manila, for professional and personal reasons. Plus, one can go to Puerto Galera or Anilao in a cinch.

    Purely for cooler temperatures while in the Philippines, Baguio or Malaybalay is probably fine.

    For cost of living and access to the beach reasons, I would probably opt for Iloilo or Tacloban. Seafood at very reasonable prices.

    Lyon and Paris are very pretty. Barcelona, San Francsico, and Vancouver as well.

    Ayokong tumanda in places other than the Philippines.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 11:22 am

  48. Myra P. says:

    I love living in Makati, especially since my apartment is practically next door to Greenbelt, although if pressed by the genie, I would ask to live;

    first, in a newer and bigger condo or apartment in the same area!
    second, san mateo, sf (so much warmer than downtownn sf, and only 30 minutes away)
    third, auckland (been there once and immediately knew it was One of Those Places)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 11:23 am

  49. cumin says:

    Currently based in QC and, as with many other Filipinos, I suspect, have mixed love and loathe feelings for living here. Would like to settle in Stonetown, Zanzibar, could make myself useful there and have the quality of life I desire, all the wonderful flavours and textures and warm relationships. But there are so many places still to be discovered and savoured, so that’s not my final answer!

    Sep 3, 2008 | 11:35 am

  50. Bongo says:

    Currently living in Costa Mesa, California.

    I’d love to go back and live in a little village called Yomitan in Okinawa, Japan because the people are friendly, crime rate is low, very laid back lifestyle, play golf in the morning, go diving in the afternoon, spend time with friends and great restaurants at night. Its a place where you can park your car in front of a convenience store unlcoked, leave the motor running, shop for 15 minutes and no one would mess with it. Aaaahhh paradise!!!

    Sep 3, 2008 | 11:51 am

  51. adam says:

    I live in Makati with my family – it’s taken a good few years to arrive here in the Philippines and it is certainly home now. Suspect that we may well swap city life for a small beach on the islands sometime in the not so distant future. If it had to be another city then definitely Venice (fantastic in the autumn and winter when there are very few tourists)or maybe Seville or Barcelona. I am not sure that the grass is often greener but time and money permitting we should never stop exploring….

    Sep 3, 2008 | 11:59 am

  52. karen says:

    I am based here in Manila but have been to some states in the US. Hmmm…i would love to live in the ff. places:

    1) New York — it really gives you this undeniable energy and drive to work really hard and enjoy life to the fullest

    2) Florence, Italy or Paris — because i havent been there and have heard stories of how beautiful these cities are; the culture, the sophistication yet preservation of historical places, the scenery =)

    3) California — because most of my relatives live there :)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 12:01 pm

  53. nina says:

    I am in the middle east (Qatar) and my only problem here is the summer season because it’s too hot. I’ve always wanted to go back home. I love Philippines more than any country despite the political instability, etc. No, I won’t live in US or Europe because of high taxes and high standard of living. It will be difficult to achieve finanacial freedom if I live there.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 12:06 pm

  54. elaine says:

    I currently live in QC, but if given a wish, I’ll move to Alaska, closer to nature, like the mountains and the waters and I love the cold! I would love to go back to basics, live simply amidst gorgeous scenery.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 12:18 pm

  55. EbbaMyra says:

    Oh, its Philippines always for me specifically in Quezon Province. Next will be in Lucban, even though I have not stayed there longer than 2 nights. I am now in Houston and this has always been home here in the States, however, I would love to go back to North Carolina, and also Colorado Springs. My olden days though would always have to be in Quezon where my mom’s farm is.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 12:27 pm

  56. dee says:

    Hi MM, hoping to get your own answer too… Curious to know where in the world you would most prefer to live :)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 12:47 pm

  57. Deedee says:

    I live in Davao City…but I can do New York anytime.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 12:55 pm

  58. tnm says:

    I’m presently residing in Portland, OR, USA and would not live elsewhere at this point. I’ve lived in various towns and cities in the US (rural, urban and in between) and this is it for me. I would consider living in New Zealand as my experience there many years ago was very positive.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 12:58 pm

  59. suzette says:

    btw, im living in the city of seven lakes in laguna… again, zurich, vienna or geneva for me :)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 1:08 pm

  60. virgie says:

    Presently living in Paranaque but Tuscany it is for me.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 1:10 pm

  61. Dreaming!! says:

    This is a most difficult question!! Everywhere I’ve lived, I liked it, although there are some ups and downs.

    I think I would like to live on a very, very large yacht. This way I could have all my things near me at all times. I can then travel from place to place as my mood grabs me. If I did not want to go by boat, I would send the boat ahead and fly to the next destination.

    All destinations would have to have lots of great food and an abundant selection of cultural activities. If I want to relax, then I find a picturesque secluded cove and veg.

    This is only a dream, right? …. I’m currently living in Manila.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 1:12 pm

  62. proteinshake says:

    presently living in vancouver , BC and I love it here!
    other choices — Copenhagen, Geneva, San Diego and San Francisco.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 1:18 pm

  63. Didi says:

    For the culture and the food, I would like to live in:
    1.) Bangkok
    2.) Vietnam
    3.) Tokyo
    4.) Italy
    5.) Spain

    Sep 3, 2008 | 1:18 pm

  64. REGIE says:

    I would love to live in a sleepy village in Spain or Italy and work on my own farm and enjoy the quiet and slow-paced life with my family.

    Currently residing in Dubai where rules change overnight.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 1:30 pm

  65. fried-neurons says:

    I was thinking about this a bit more… I probably won’t want to be permanently based in Manila anymore, but since it’s my childhood home, it’s in my Top 5. One Roxas Triangle or the coming-soon Discovery Primea would be very nice, indeed. LOL

    By the way, Marketman, you should answer the question, too. :)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 1:44 pm

  66. shane says:

    I was born in Manila, raised in Houston, been residing in Dallas for 14 years since college. I love Dallas for being less crowded and equally diverse-not among the ranks of, say, NYC or LA, SF, etc, but getting there. The cost of living is not as high compared to these cities as well. I hope to reside in Europe in the future- a second home perhaps in Lyon or Macon, France, have an apartment overlooking the beach in Barcelona or Malaga, a residence in the English countryside or a flat in Dundee, Scotland so long as I can get away from depressing winters and scorching summers. It is really hot in Texas! I have travelled extensively but would like to eventually come back to the Philippines and explore all the beautiful and interesting places I only read about in books and magazines including the places MM already mentioned and described on this site.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 1:53 pm

  67. anna gan says:

    currently happy where i am, thanks :) like my location (the neighbors need a little work tho, hehehe)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 2:24 pm

  68. Angela says:

    I have lived in Seattle, WA for the past 20 years (vacationed here often when I was younger, and moved here permanently after I graduated from De La Salle-Zobel in 19 kopong-kopong). I LOVE it here!! While I was born and raised in the Philippines, my heart belongs to Seattle.

    I would wish for a second home either in Florence, Italy or in Santorini, Greece.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 2:40 pm

  69. Joey in Dubai says:

    I now live in Dubai but I don’t really find this city a good place to live and raise a family. When I first arrived here in ’94, I found it ‘artificial’ because I couldn’t find anything in the city that would show it’s identity. It became much worse as the years passed and till now, the city has no identity that is unique to itself. Too bad, it strives to be the city with the mostest, biggest, tallest, greatest what-have-you, but it’s all geared to be on par with the western world, as if it’s in competition with the West. In any case, I live here because of my work and I was thinking that when I have enough money to settle elsewhere, I’ll go to (in order of preference):

    – Tagbilaran, Bohol (I’d still love to settle in the Philippines but I’d rather go to the countryside where there’s fresh air and Tagbilaran or its environs is tops for me);
    – Bangkok, Thailand (I’m Asian at heart and the next best thing to Manila is Bangkok. I love their people and even if the traffic is sometimes horrendous, it’s a lot better than Manila’s traffic);
    – Singapore (For me, this is a good alternative to any American city—a very Asian, very orderly place complete with the technological amenities that can be found in any American city); and, lastly, but not the least,
    – Cape Town, South Africa – my dream city, my fantasy. I haven’t been there but I’ve heard, read and seen so much about the place that I feel I know the nook and cranny of the city and its suburbs. Hope to finally visit the city next year and drive the wine and garden routes that a lot of my friends have gushed about.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 2:49 pm

  70. Marketman says:

    I wouldn’t live in any one city, so since everyone has placed lists of preferred cities, this is what I would ask the genie…

    “Since you are my genie, can you bend the rules a a bit? What I would like to do is:

    1. Keep a beautiful two-bedroom apartment in Paris, with Mrs. MM thinking the 6th arrondissement, near the St. Germain area, is the place for her; finding the “fuddy-duddy” 16th around Avenue Foch just simply too snooty for her tastes… I personally want a renovated apartment in a classic old building with high ceilings and terraces, but I NEED a good view of the Eiffel Tower. Mrs. MM did her graduate degree in Paris, so we would have no language issues.

    2. Have a four-bedroom apartment in New York City, with a view of Central Park, basement parking and nice doormen and superintendents (that’s not an easy request in NYC!). I did my graduate degree and lived/worked there for several years and I absolutely love New York. Have two sisters there as well.

    3. Have a beautiful fully airconditioned country villa in Tuscany or outside Florence, with my own olive oil bottled on the estate. This is where we would entertain family and guests, and an occasional lucky winner on a marketmanila trivia contest that would get to spend a weekend cooking with Marketman :) hahaha. Oh, and The Kid just said if she did well and was the world’s first Filipina trillionaire, she would throw in a couple of red Ferraris to zip around the countryside with Dad on lazy afternoons. Of course, the Range Rovers would have to follow behind since I am prone to buying too much produce at town markets and it wouldn’t fit in the F430 Spider or her 599 GTB Fiorano. Oh, and Ranges come with crew, the guys who have taken The Kid to school since she was 4 years old!

    4. Keep a home in Manila, for links to family and for the Christmas holidays.

    5. A small vineyard and home outside Napa Valley, where we could bottle our own wine, and I could finagle a table at The French Laundry a couple of times a month. Also, a short drive to San Francisco, another favorite city…

    I would spend roughly 2 months in each of those locations, and another two months on various short trips to cities I enjoy but wouldn’t necessarily live in…. :) Oh, and one last thing genie, I would have a full wardrobe in each of these locations, so that I wouldn’t have to pack, check-in or unpack at each location. And no, I wouldn’t have a private jet, they are just way too claustrophobic. First Class, Sky Suite on Singapore Airlines would do just fine, thank you.”

    Ah, isn’t it nice to daydream??? :)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 2:49 pm

  71. cosmopolicious says:

    born and raised in munich/germany of french blood, studied in malaga/spain, worked in montreal/canada, settled down in manila… i love the philippines and if life would be perfect i would want a house with garden in one of the nicer subdivisions, a beachfront resthouse, an apartment in munich and one in paris, and frequent trips all over the world. but ultimately home is where your heart is, so i’m not complaining ;-)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 2:50 pm

  72. FoodJunkie says:

    And have enough space in all of these for all of us to visit :-)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 3:08 pm

  73. leirs says:

    currently living in the Philippines but would really love to move to New Zealand.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 3:51 pm

  74. lee says:

    Nearly got hit by marketman’s F430 Spider while I was herding sheep. He gave me the Range Rover for I was really shaken and my sheep scattered. Gave him a lamb to slaughter.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 3:53 pm

  75. Marketman says:

    lee, and of course, invited you over to have the roasted leg of lamb, with a bottle a fine wine. I hope black is an acceptable color for the Range, otherwise, you’ll have to repaint it yourself. :)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 3:59 pm

  76. aprillou says:


    Sep 3, 2008 | 4:01 pm

  77. tulip says:

    current residence Ortigas CBD and Caloocan City. Have always wanted to have a place around Batulao (farther than Tagaytay, first stop before hitting Batangas). Cooler than Tagaytay, nice view/greens.

    If I could choose other places to live outside the PI, would be:

    1. Saigon, Vietnam – rich culture, value for money, lots of opportunities
    2. Bahamas in the Caribbean – who wouldnt want to be in an island, I love the sea
    3. Seychelles South Africa – natural beauty, diversity of culture
    4. Napa Valley California – lush, peaceful and wineries abound
    5. lakeside villa at Lagos di Como in Lombardy, Italy – for its tranquility, and beauty

    Sep 3, 2008 | 4:41 pm

  78. dyne says:

    Dublin today. Vancouver tomorrow. And Vienna whenever I get bored.

    That’s the beauty of daydreaming, it doesn’t cost a thing but it makes you feel priceless..

    Sep 3, 2008 | 5:01 pm

  79. sunset says:

    Hilarious Lee! =) I dream of able to settle at any European country, be it Italy, Vienna, France, oh Paris! I can see my self enjoying fabulous cuisine, providores, restaurants and cafe and yeah the place! Simple pleasure in every corner. =)and yeah i can grow my own vegetable/flower garden!

    Sep 3, 2008 | 5:16 pm

  80. anthony says:

    I already live in the best place on earth. Sydney, Australia !!!

    Sep 3, 2008 | 5:25 pm

  81. annette says:

    Home right now is Mandaluyong but I would like to live in Montmartre in Paris or Firenze, Italy.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 5:32 pm

  82. kreez says:

    I am currently living in an area just outside Amsterdam Central and is very happy with where I am, i would ask the genie to add a third floor to our 2-storey house though. :-)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 5:42 pm

  83. Tina says:

    Currently in Manila, and we love it. We’ll eventually end up back in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. But between then and now we’d like to do 2 more stops. Ideally Peru for the culture and Helsinki for the snow. Unfortunately it’s looking more like Delhi (although the food would be interesting – but no beach!) and Sydney.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 6:04 pm

  84. millet says:

    a lamb for a Rover? fair swap! i’m bringing dessert!

    Sep 3, 2008 | 6:31 pm

  85. dessy says:

    Tuscany, Italy

    Sep 3, 2008 | 6:55 pm

  86. Cathee says:

    Currently loving the provincial life in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte but if I were to prioritize the future of my young children I’d choose to live in either Vancouver, B.C. or Singapore where there is good free public education for children, comprehensive health care, convenient public transport and quality housing. I love the Philippines but I absolutely hate how all the country’s wealth get concentrated into a few rich families or get siphoned by corrupt government officials.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 6:56 pm

  87. cherry pie says:

    Currently living in Auckland, New Zealand.
    If I could live anywhere…. 3 top choices:

    1. San Francisco
    2. Paris
    3. Philippines

    Sep 3, 2008 | 6:59 pm

  88. Artisan Chocolatier says:

    MM,….2 months in every location..hmmmmm…doesn’t that free you from paying income tax too?

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:19 pm

  89. edee says:

    currently in Cork, love it here….but missing Philippines badly….
    would eventually like to return someday, have a place in the province, don’t know yet where, preferably near the sea :) …. ultimate dream, able to travel everywhere whenever we feel like it! …

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:19 pm

  90. Apicio says:

    Happy happy talk. And from the same musical, If you don’t have a dream, how can you have a dream come true?

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:20 pm

  91. mikel says:

    been living in paris for the past 7 years and san francisco, los angeles and manila before that. my ideal spot would be an island in palawan. for all you guys who dream of living in france, speaking french is helpful but not a must, so don’t let that stop you. besides, pinoy’s have a gift of learning languages fairly quickly.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:20 pm

  92. Homebuddy says:

    I love the Philippines, for where else in the world can I have help doing housework and the simple chores of home. However, I would love to be in Venice and Paris a month each year.
    I’m Now residing in Leyte but would love to retire and go back to my roots, Cebu sometime soon.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 7:56 pm

  93. j. says:

    I live in Los Gatos, CA at the moment, about thirty minutes south of San Jose. I would really love to move to anywhere on Highway 1 near SF Bay :-) …If money isn’t anything I should worry about…now that I think about it I want to live on the 1 by Big Sur…which is far from SF…

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:05 pm

  94. corrrine says:

    Living in Metro Manila but like MM would like to go around different cities…

    1.New York because of the freedom of moving around through the subway and because it’s lively and artsy and has interesting global cuisine
    2.Stockholm because it’s clean and I think Swedes are nice peple
    3. San Francisco because it’s always cool and it’s quaint and has great Asian cuisine.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:08 pm

  95. Jane says:

    happily living in Wiltshire, UK.
    I’ll just ask the genie for 2 months holiday each year.
    First month of which will be spent in the Phils to see my relatives and friends. The second month will be spent just shopping and relaxing :)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:11 pm

  96. Sophie says:

    1. Rome, Italy – I would do just about anything to work amidst that much beauty and celebration of pleasure.

    2. New York, New York – I love how alive everything is, and how accessible all the cultures are there. I also loved how it was okay to be alone there, very much like the city is your date. Lovely. I didn’t have any problems with rude people when I was there.

    3. London, England. I just think the English are absolutely fascinating. I always buy books to try and learn more about their culture.

    4. Melbourne, Australia – beautiful place, very peaceful. Great community.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:20 pm

  97. Bubut says:

    i’ve been in Makati since birth and i would love to live in London.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:34 pm

  98. Alan says:

    I live in Quezon City, Metro Manila. I would ask the genie to make a magical door that can take me to and from anywhere I wished instantly. No hassles with planes, trains and automobiles, no lining up for tickets, no need to pack or worry about being late for anything. The top 3 places I would probably go most often would be New Zealand, The Island of Santorini and Palawan. Oh, and one more thing, a month’s time spent in those places would only mean one hour’s passing back home.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:36 pm

  99. lee says:

    marketman: black is perfectly fine….
    millet: dessert is welcome :)

    now I really am from Bacolod, in Bacolod, at Bacolod, will be in Bacolod. I would love to live in Dumaguete.
    I honestly could not imagine living overseas but am open to the opportunity. Kabul, Georgia, Bosnia, Krygztan, wherever… as long as there’s pork, internet access, air.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 8:50 pm

  100. sister says:

    I live in Manhattan but this is what I dream of:
    Jan and Feb in the Philippines
    March in Southern Italy.
    April in Paris, of course.
    May in Rome, Florence, and Como.
    June in Paris and the South of France.
    July in NYC.
    August on Long Island.
    September in some new place each year.
    October in NYC
    November in another new place.
    Thanksgiving and Christmas in New York!
    And in each location access to the best green market.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:02 pm

  101. vicky says:

    currently in queensland in australia, have lived in hastings and napier in new zealand, originally from baguio city.

    i will stay where i am right now- i love it here, 10 minute walk to the beach, lovely weather, nice fresh air!

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:14 pm

  102. anna.banana says:

    I’m from Davao and Manila, not currently in Seoul.
    I’d love to live in Edinburgh, Scotland. Visited the place when I lived in London, and fell in love with it.

    It would also be nice to have a home in Tuscany. :)

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:43 pm

  103. zena says:

    I live in Mandaluyong which is a great location in Manila because I’m at a geographical center and just about everything is acessible. The cities i have visited and would like to live in for 2-3 months at a time: Barcelona for the market; Paris for its beauty; Lucerne for its understated elegance; London for its history and Harrod’s.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:44 pm

  104. lyna says:

    1. Tuscany, Italy
    2. Dunnedin, New Zealand
    3. Aix En Provence, France
    4. Sausalito, California
    5. Calgary, Canada

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:49 pm

  105. cherub96 says:

    I am currently based in Bacolod City and for me, it is one of the best cities to live in the Philippines. If I have to dream, I wish to live in San Francisco from January to April (I love, love that city!!!), fly back to Negros for the summer (to our rest house in Guintubdan — Negros Occidental’s unspoiled Baguio), shop in Singapore (where I lived for almost nine years) during the great sale period from May to August, spend the next three months discovering a new city or country and come home to Bacolod for the holidays. All trips via Singapore Airlines :P.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:50 pm

  106. Glo says:

    I migrated to Boston 10 years ago.

    Given a choice, and enough money to get by with a small business, I would like to live in Cebu. I was born and raised in Manila (Makati and QC in particular)and I married a Cebuano. Cebu grew on me the more I visit the place. I like the metro vibe of the malls, bars, clubs, casinos, airport and the businesses around, and I love more the proximity of the beaches and other recreational activities you can have. I thought in the past that Cebu was very rural until I set my foot in there. It was like Manila with quadruple of more things to offer.

    Abroad, I would like to have a chance to like in Brazil, Switzerland and Paris.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 9:53 pm

  107. britelite says:


    Sep 3, 2008 | 10:23 pm

  108. Ling says:

    Currently in Singapore, but would jump at a chance to move to London. Have lived there before when I was a student, and have been back many times. It’s pretty much home to me. I’d also like to live in Rio de Janeiro for a while – it would be a completely different experience to anywhere else I’ve lived before (Liverpool, London, Chicago, New York).

    Sep 3, 2008 | 10:32 pm

  109. menggay says:

    moved to florida from new jersey, would love to retire in a farm in tagaytay.
    btw mm, anthony bourdain just announced in his blog that they’re finally doing the philippines next season. you know anything about it? wouldn’t it be great if you’re the one to take him around?

    Sep 3, 2008 | 10:39 pm

  110. naghihingalo says:

    I moved back to Manila three years ago after 20 years abroad, including long stays in some wonderful cities. While I loved everywhere I lived, I never really expected to end up anywhere but here. I have a love-hate relationship with this city, and many places are much nicer. But at the end of the day, I’m happier here, and have a fuller life here, than I’ve had elsewhere.

    The interesting twist to your question is the non-refundable, non-exchangeable part. I wouldn’t mind living abroad again, or even another city in the Philippines, for a while. But not if that came at the price of never being able to move back to Manila.

    Now, if for some reason my life were in danger and I just HAD to move abroad, I’d toss a coin between Hong Kong and Madrid.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 10:55 pm

  111. Ed says:

    Tossup between Bedugul and Ubud area in Bali, Indonesia.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 11:05 pm

  112. Roland says:

    I now live in Plano, Texas a suburb of Dallas purchased our first home here with my wife in 2001, moved to Texas in 1985 with my parents (was born and raised in Angeles City)- like Shane said above, Dallas has enough to keep one busy, I would not move… but I would love to have a second/vacation home in the following cities / Locations;
    Baguio – great memories from my youth
    Austin, Texas (capital of Texas and the area is called the Hill Country)
    Marin County
    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Sep 3, 2008 | 11:06 pm

  113. elektra king says:

    currently living in Pasig/Ortigas CBD but i wouldn’t mind maintaining homes in (1) Tuscany in Italy, (2) Washington DC, (3) Buenos Aires, Argentina, (4) Paris, France, and (5) good old Baguio City.

    Sep 3, 2008 | 11:50 pm

  114. zoi says:

    currently in vancouver, bc (since 03), born and raised in the phils. manila/bicol would always be another home for me. would also love to have a yearly vacation to Paris, London, Sydney, Cabo, HK, New York, SF. given all of that, vancouver still tops my list of places to live, so, i’ll stay here.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 12:06 am

  115. danney says:

    No hot and humid weather for me and no winter weather for me please.

    I like to live in a place with good view and nice environment with nice parks, trees, waterfalls and hills like Baguio and Tagaytay . I prefer Los Banos, Tagaytay and Baguio weather but and I don’t like crowded area. Home is a place where you can comfortably relax,no screaming neighbors, no blaring horns and security is a must.

    Obviously same goes in foreign countries,I like the weather in Aspen (except for the snow. that is too much), San Francisco, Vancouver Island, Stockholm.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 12:08 am

  116. Jing says:

    Currently live in Seattle, Washington. I would like to move back to Kona, Hawaii. [Big Island]

    Sep 4, 2008 | 12:33 am

  117. ragamuffin girl says:

    In HK now, would like to live in:

    1. HK- yes am very happy here:)
    2. For a few years only:
    Europe: France (Provence), Italy (Tuscany), Greece, Austria or London
    North America: New York or San Fran, Vancouver or Toronto
    South Africa
    Asia: Singapore, Bhutan, Japan

    But ultimately, after satisfying my wanderlust, I would like to settle in the Philippines. There’s no place like home.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 12:35 am

  118. pilar says:

    My top cities to live in would be:

    1) Vienna, Austria – lived here for a couple of months and I just fell head over heals in love with the city.
    2) Vancouver / Toronto, Canada – heard they had great market places there.
    3) Queenstown, New Zealand

    Sep 4, 2008 | 12:52 am

  119. kongwi says:

    I partly live in San Jose, Ca and partly Pampanga, Phils…

    My choise would be:
    1) San Francisco – lots of place to eat
    2) Rome – lots of place to visit, just a train away from all interesting spots in europe
    3) Vancouver – food, food, glorious food
    4) New York – if only for Broadway

    Sep 4, 2008 | 1:01 am

  120. Christina says:

    Hands down the best place in the world to live is


    We have better restaurants, less crowded cultural events, much friendlier people, and a cheaper cost of living than our Manhattan neighbors.

    If Manila could go through a proper urban planning facelift with better and more parks/green space, a decent public transport system to tie the municipalities together, and manageable traffic, that would be my second choice. Manila is where the heart is. And it’s a fun city.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 1:51 am

  121. Lorelei says:

    I live in Washington D.C. I’d trade it for

    1) Edinburgh, Scotland (or the burbs).

    2) Vancouver, BC Canada – it’s the best of all worlds: the convenience and awesomeness of the west, the deliciousness of the east.

    3) Monteverde, Costa Rica – oh man…

    Sep 4, 2008 | 2:05 am

  122. eej says:

    Happy and content living in the heart of Silicon Valley with San Francisco a mere 30 min. drive, while Napa and Monterey an hour or two away. Places I’d love to call home to run away from it all…

    – Montecito, Santa Barbara for a sunny, laid back lifestyle
    – Pebble Beach/17 mile drive area in Monterey for seclusion and nature at its finest.
    – Paris for Arts, museums and culture.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 2:40 am

  123. Nana says:

    I live in Montreal.
    Ideally I would hop between Tahiti (the South Pacific dream you know…. and Paris for the culture and the food. But I would keep a house in Montreal to relax but only during the summertime.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 2:52 am

  124. Avic says:

    I live in Pasig but would love to maintain homes in San Francisco, Florence, Barcelon, NYC . . . :)

    Sep 4, 2008 | 3:22 am

  125. bemberina says:

    i have been living here in the us for 20 years, and wish
    to go back home – to the philippines, bulacan in particular.
    that’s where my parents and siblings are, and the warmth of
    home is always present. i’ve proven that money doesn’t bring you happiness, but sharing it does! thanks mm for connecting
    us to our roots!

    Sep 4, 2008 | 3:56 am

  126. bullet says:

    I would love to live in San Francisco. It is my family’s favorite city outside the Philippines.

    Puerto Princesa in Palawan, Philippines would be my second choice.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 4:29 am

  127. betty q. says:

    Without a doubt…Vancouver, B.C.!!! I am looking outside from my bedroon window as I am writing this…all I see is the sun clearly shining today…mountain silhouette …360 Degree view of lush greenery…no traffic noise!!!…it’s peaceful. Then there is the health care system (one of the best there is!) and free public schooling for kids… EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYERS!!!!!!! …am very, very fortunate to have worked for people who recognize talent, hard work and give credit where credit is due…

    I am not dreaming…Yup, this is HOME>>>Vancouver, B.C. where I am content, happy …that goes for my hubby and my 2 boys!

    Should my days be numbered, there is no other place on this planet I would rather be!!!

    Sep 4, 2008 | 4:42 am

  128. alilay says:

    currently in los angeles california and would like to live in sampaloc, manila , batangas – in a farm with a creek and in tagaytay for the cold weather.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 5:12 am

  129. issa says:

    i live in zurich switzerland. i wish live in one of these places….

    1. manila
    2. sydney
    3. vancouver
    4. tuscany
    5. los angeles

    Sep 4, 2008 | 5:21 am

  130. Mudgirl says:

    My one criterion for where I want to live: It has to be the place where I can get the sweetest strawberries, juiciest nectarines and peaches, freshest asparagus, artichokes, and peas (all picked the day before)…wild salmon and dungeness crab direct from the fishboats… oysters from the oyster farm…and the only place I know of is the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Throw in the great weather, excellent restaurants, local artisanal chocolates, and proximity to Yosemite… where’s the genie when you need her?

    I’m living in wet, dreary London right now, where most of the produce come from somewhere else. This is no place to be even thinking of eating local…

    Sep 4, 2008 | 5:39 am

  131. Mudgirl says:

    Hey, Marketman. French Laundry twice a month? Does the genie provide a limitless expense account.. and make reservations, too? :-)

    Sep 4, 2008 | 5:51 am

  132. sggirl says:

    currently happy in auckland, nz but wouldn’t mind having homes in tuscany, london, manhattan and singapore where i can shuttle back and forth depending on my whim :)

    Sep 4, 2008 | 6:27 am

  133. Nina says:

    I currently live in Sydney, Australia and will continue to live here forever.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 6:34 am

  134. Agnes Diaz says:

    We are on our 8th year being stationed here in Sasebo Japan (the home of Noritake china, Fukagawa and golden Imari porcelains)….
    my choices are
    1. Tuscany
    2.Santorini Greece
    unfortunately( back to reality lol) we have decided to retire in a small golf community called Summerlin in Nevada in 2010.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 7:08 am

  135. mary grace says:

    i’m happily living in the best place to be, beautiful british columbia, in vancouver. we have sun, sea, mountains, rivers, lakes, snow, desert, bogs, meadows, hot springs, etc. not to mention access to food, glorious food. as man is ambulant by nature, if the genie is at my disposal, i dream of being in these places –
    baguio city or singapore in the winter
    san diego where it never rains or somewhere on the coast of oregon in the spring
    a month each in oslo, copenhagen, amsterdam in the summer then
    fall will be home in bc for thanksgiving
    don’t everybody wish there really is a genie? a magic carpet would be nice.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 7:26 am

  136. Pia says:

    I live (and LOVE it here!) in QC, but given the chance, I would love to live in Austin, TX.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 7:37 am

  137. pulutan says:

    From LA to NYC, from Chicago to Houston i have lived 1/3 of my life after i left my heart in Batangas. Now living in God’s country Tennessee my next stop is Destin Florida with my sailboat (not F430 Spider) parked underneath my condo overlooking the emerald coast and living dunes, simple living what the genie said! btw, my genie’s name is 401k, she came from Wall Street, NYC. but my heart belongs to a 1-bdrm. bahay kubo in a beach front property in Batangas. thanks, genie!

    Sep 4, 2008 | 7:48 am

  138. Dean says:

    I’ve been here in Santa Rosa California for twenty years and my preference are:

    1. Tagaytay ( permanent home when i retired)
    2. Niagara Falls, Canada (vacation home when i retired )

    Sep 4, 2008 | 8:00 am

  139. Mel says:

    Singapore for sure-it is like a city from the future-nearly crime free, very clean, great food in all price brackets-lots of cultural options also

    Sep 4, 2008 | 8:03 am

  140. RGM says:

    This is a tough one. It’s true when they say that the grass is much greener on the other side. I live in QC (and I love it here) & I recently had the good fortune of being sent for business abroad. I’m having a fantastic time here, but you know, it made me realize that in Manila, we have a lot of things going for us. Not to say that we have everything good (if we can do without the politicians, Manila is the place to be).

    But you know, there are some places that I want to live in (but might regret it since they’re romanticized for me).

    1. London, England – Being an Anglophile, it’s a natural choice. Plus, English is my mother tongue and I would need it to “work to the best of your ability, and your success would be based on your efforts”. Plus, I really want to live in a city where there is culture all around you.

    2. Paris, France – Being a Francophile, it’s a natural choice. I can speak French, but it’s not my mother tongue and still not that fluent, so doing business/working in France is going to be a bit challenging, and that’s why it gets second place.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 8:14 am

  141. Ley says:

    Currently residing in Cebu City and cant imagine growing old anywhere.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 9:24 am

  142. RoBStaR says:

    born in bacolod city.been in nyc for about 24 yrs. but would gladly relocate anywhere with a nice breeze ,sound of waves splashing, and sand between my toes..living off the sea.cayman islands, borabora, kuai, amanpulo. Now if only cows could swim..it’d be perfect.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 9:55 am

  143. Allen O says:

    I live in Palm Harbor, Florida.

    Puerto Princessa, Palawan would be my first choice. Singapore would be my second. Having lived in Davao, NY, LA, Berlin and now the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Puerto Princessa reminds me of the Davao City of my childhood during the 60s and 70s.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 10:53 am

  144. ajienaissant says:

    I love the Philippines, particularly Quezon City and I don’t think I want to leave the country for too long.

    BUT… Im smart enough not to waste my wish by staying here (I can always go back right?) I’d like to live in Paris.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 11:00 am

  145. Lani says:

    I live here in QC. I’m happy living here in the Philippines but I want to have a vacation in Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 11:09 am

  146. Ley says:

    Currently residing in Cebu City and cant imagine growing old elsewhere.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 11:35 am

  147. marz says:

    Living in Penang (island), Malaysia.
    But would really like to go back and live in San Francisco, CA and/or Laguna, Phils.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 11:44 am

  148. Dennis24 says:

    I divide my time between Los Angeles, my home base, and Stockton CA where work takes me.

    I’m happy with my current state, but wouldn’t mind living on the outskirts of San Francisco, or along the black sand beaches of Albay. Within the Timog/West triangle wouldn’t be too bad either for a near metro feel.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 11:45 am

  149. eej says:

    mudgirl… come and enjoy the Bay Area. You described my beautiful city perfectly.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 11:51 am

  150. garret sanchez says:

    The greatest American city of Chicago is home but I grew up in the Philippines.
    I love Chicago for the perfect blend of cosmopolitan culture, midwest friendliness and gorgeous setting….BUT given the chance I would love to live and die in either PARIS ( most sophisticated, height of urbanity) or ROME ( fantastic layers of history,vibrant colorful locals) or Madrid (the most underrated European capital).

    Sep 4, 2008 | 12:15 pm

  151. k. ramos says:

    I live in Tagum City now (when I’m not studying in QC) and I’m content. But if I were to choose, my top three picks would be Singapore, Honolulu and Darwin, Australia.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 12:26 pm

  152. jay p says:

    My city by the bay.

    South SF.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 12:37 pm

  153. Cookie says:

    Palawan!! Specifically, the town of San Vicente. I love it there :)

    BTW, I just got my issue of Rogue. Congrats for being featured :)

    Sep 4, 2008 | 1:03 pm

  154. fely says:

    1. a village in binan laguna where I live is my perfect place
    2. Auckland – vey serene, nice location
    3. greece

    Sep 4, 2008 | 2:05 pm

  155. Queen B says:

    I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia and I am content with where I am. Actually I’ll be happy anywhere as long as my family’s with me. :D

    Sep 4, 2008 | 2:15 pm

  156. mila says:

    Fun daydreaming exercise! I would ask the genie for a fully loaded and staffed megayacht, so I could hop from port to port, and own a luxury chain of hotels so I wouldn’t have to bother owning apartments everywhere (the Presidential Suite will always be available when I’m in town). I’d never be anywhere too hot or too cold, and would savor all of the fruits when in season. And, of course, the genie would do away with all sorts of visa bureaucracies, currency exchanges, and the yacht would never need to be restocked for water and gas! Dream big, I say.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 2:22 pm

  157. kiko says:

    Brisbane (suburb), AU

    move to

    Brisbane (city), AU
    Melbourne (city), AU
    San Pablo City, Laguna, PH

    Sep 4, 2008 | 2:48 pm

  158. clara says:

    I divide my time between the US and the Philippines right now. I love living in Manila, but am sometimes frustrated at the variety of our options. If we’re talking moving to a city where one is ensured amazing gastronomical experiences, I would move to:

    1) New York City
    2) New Orleans
    3) San Francisco
    4) Las Vegas
    5) Los Angeles


    Sep 4, 2008 | 3:09 pm

  159. Hchie says:

    Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. It’s a country wherein you get what the first world has to offer only much better. The people are so much more friendlier and more family oriented. I like it that the stores and malls close at five except for shopping day (Thursday for Sydney) when they open till 9:00pm. The food is just great and so varied.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 6:42 pm

  160. Ben says:

    Im currently living in Dublin, Ireland. Given a chance I would like to live in Vancouver, B.C. Been there about 3 years ago and I thought it was faboulous!! I loved the people and the surroundings. Its like nature at its best.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 7:01 pm

  161. Ejit says:

    If I were to tell something to the genie, i’d tell the genie just copy the wish of Marketman above and that’s exactly what I wish for. Will I be charged for copyright? Hope not! hehehe!

    I am currently based in the Caribbean and someday I would like to settle in New York but still visit the caribbean at least once a year. 11 months city life (equivalent to a busy and chaotic life) in New York and 1 month serenity in the Caribbean… that would be nice!

    Sep 4, 2008 | 7:14 pm

  162. Kasseopiea says:

    I live in Manila but I would love to go back and live in CDO where the beach is 20 minutes away by car…

    Sep 4, 2008 | 8:11 pm

  163. evel says:

    imus, cavite…but would love to move to :

    – Tagaytay
    – New Jersey
    – Vancouver
    – Austria

    Sep 4, 2008 | 8:16 pm

  164. kate says:

    currently residing in Ortigas (love it) but will be moving to Singapore next month. but my dream location would probably be somewhere close to the beach :)

    Sep 4, 2008 | 10:25 pm

  165. sterling says:

    I have a beautiful house in Manila right now, but I would ask the genie to give me homes in
    1. Kona, Hawaii- where I would drink the most wonderful freshly ground coffee every morning, & swim in the ocean every afternoon
    2. anywhere on the Amalfi coast, Italy- yummy food, fabulous shopping
    3. Columbus Circle, New York City- plays, concerts, museums, Central Park
    4. Four Seasons Residences- a cruise ship run by Four Seasons, that goes around the world. Now that would be the ultimate.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 10:48 pm

  166. Geordie says:

    I live in San Francisco, CA.

    I love it here but, if I could move it would be to;

    1.) Bali, Indonesia, Ubud or Seminyak

    Sep 4, 2008 | 11:10 pm

  167. rina says:

    i reside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I love living there. my family and I have been vacationing in the Philippines for the past month and have realized that the sensory overload that is Manila is not for us so I would say that next to Calgary (ideally in 15 years time) I would love to live on a beachfront property in Calatagan, Batangas.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 11:18 pm

  168. rina says:

    (cont) in Calatagan, Batangas.

    Sep 4, 2008 | 11:20 pm

  169. jdawgg says:

    If I had all the money in the world, I say let me be in my own beloved county “The Philippine Islands”. What a beautiful place. Oh yeah, no one would be racists against my color, the stinky tuyo that I love to eat, neighbor won’t complain if I cook with bagoong and everyone would be my friend.

    Sep 5, 2008 | 12:19 am

  170. Lety says:

    Born and raised in Pampanga, currently living in the Bay Area.
    If a genie would grant my wish, I would like to live in a beach front home in Cebu, far away from the tourists.

    Sep 5, 2008 | 12:26 am

  171. Ted says:

    I live 45miles away from San Francisco for about 13yrs now, but i’ve lived in San Francisco for 5yrs, San Antonio, TX for 4yrs, and South Georgia for 5yrs. I’ve been back and forth to Florida, North/South Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. Visited Toronto and Chicago which are nice cities in the fall but wouldn’t want to live there in the winter. I hate snow, it’s only nice for a week, but for 3mos out of the year, you would hate it too.

    I would love to visit Europe someday just to find out how people live there. My living in the SFO bay area is temporary, because i work here and all my siblings and my family are here. I wouldn’t consider healthcare as my priority, plus i get healtcare services from pinoys everywhere i go anyways, so why not at home? So if i have a choice, it is to go back HOME and live somewhere close to the big city but far enough not to get the smog and the traffic,,,so It would be Tagaytay, nice weather, fresh food, nice golfing place.,,,and most of all it’s really nice to live at HOME “where everybody knows your name” cheers ;-)

    Sep 5, 2008 | 12:30 am

  172. Sonia Fauconnier says:

    Where I live now, in Britanny,France is not that bad,but it gets boring in winter.
    I’d like to own a two room flat in Paris, another flat in New York,a country house in Tuscany, I’d keep my house in Cavite to see family and friends and a cottage in southern England.

    Sep 5, 2008 | 12:46 am

  173. rhea says:

    In the Philippines, any from the four:
    a. bohol – for the freshest seafoods and the beach!
    b. palawan – again, seafoods galore, beach and the greens all over + fresh air…
    c. baguio – veggies, cool mornings and colder evenings…weee!
    d. tagaytay – cool weather, veggies and fruits galore, just a few drives away from manila (if you miss the hustle and bustle of the city), and batangas (for your beach cravings).

    Outside the Philippines:
    Athens – the quaint tavernas, emerald seas

    Sep 5, 2008 | 12:48 am

  174. Romina says:

    I love the area where I live right now (Jackson Hole, WY). But I’d like to be able to escape to the westside of L.A. or Manila for part of the winter.

    Sep 5, 2008 | 1:18 am

  175. m says:

    i was born in caloocan city, raised in san francisco, and currently live in los angeles. if i could live anywhere though, i would live in gorgeous BARCELONA!

    Sep 5, 2008 | 2:46 am

  176. the beancounter says:

    Perth, Australia (with a view of the Swan river) or maybe Manchester, England (right next door to Old Trafford).

    Sep 5, 2008 | 3:56 am

  177. shalimar says:

    been officially been a resident of Athens Greece since 1984
    But bumming the world….
    Was once a resident of Oslo, Hampshire UK
    and temporary resident of different ports…
    and currently in Florida…

    wish from ghenie:
    a lovely house facing the sea… in one of the Greek islands.

    Sep 5, 2008 | 8:56 am

  178. bea says:

    i live a stone’s throw away from the pacific in bicol but if i could have my way … i will bring my family to THE HAMPTONS ….. still near the sea … small specialty shops … fresh produce … somebody else as president …. MAN!

    Sep 5, 2008 | 9:23 am

  179. Lissa says:

    Marketman, since you have two sisters in NY, does only one or do both give their input on your blog as “sister?”

    Sep 5, 2008 | 9:32 am

  180. jules winnfield says:

    it is quite amusing to note that some people here who reside in the very same city where others can only daydream to live would much rather live in the daydreamers residence.üüü

    anybody living in paris who wants to swap residences with my las piñas home??? hehehehe.

    Sep 5, 2008 | 9:35 am

  181. Aleez says:

    I live in Toronto since 1988.

    During winter, would love to reside between:
    Los Banos, Laguna (the place I grew up before moving to Canada), San Francisco and Tuscany.

    In the spring and summer, stay in Vancouver.

    Return to Toronto or Northern Ontario in the fall season – just gorgeous.

    Sep 5, 2008 | 11:13 am

  182. melissa says:

    I was born in Baguio, lived in Canada, lived in Nice, France, and now living in Makati due to extreme corporate slavery.

    I would love to move to Italy, my favorite country so far. Rome, with the overwhelming beauty, the enchanting mix of the new and the old…the food, the wine, the Italian men…hahahah. Mmmmm. France and Spain come close but not quite. ;)

    Sep 5, 2008 | 11:38 am

  183. JE says:

    Hm. Am living in Cubao right now, but given the choice…

    I actually thought about it, and realized I’d still want to live in the Philippines, but only be a little more well-to-do so that I’d essentially have more time for a relaxed life. I was actually thinking San Francisco, CA, but in hindsight it’s just a place I remember fondly and would want to visit again; long-term, can’t really see myself doing that.

    As far as specific cities here, hm… I do recall Dumaguete being pretty laid back. That could probably work for me.

    Sep 5, 2008 | 11:55 am

  184. scv says:

    2 months in manila and i just want to go home. we have been fleeced 5 times more than the fees stated on the immigration website for my dependant pass; pick-pocketed twice; met too many taxi drivers who think they are free to keep the change; service personnel who do not apologise for bad service; staff who recommend suppliers not based on merit but because they can get a commission from the supplier; the inability to say “no”, promising to do something but later pretending it never happened or excusing themselves as they or a family member is ill/hospitalised; too many things… sure there are good moments but i can’t deal with the corruption and dishonesty that seem to be everywhere. some tell me things are better outside manila. is that so?

    Sep 5, 2008 | 12:45 pm

  185. lee skmt says:

    I’m married to a Japanese. I would’ve never imagined to live in Tokyo. Magastos (600 en, roughly 300 pesos para sa ordinary burger) tsaka yung culture nila na ewan na parang mga batang isip. Syempre di mawawala na bigoted tayo sa isa’t -isa. Now everything’s change. Tokyo is far from perfect. But at least people there respect the environment and are always forward looking. They just don’t make roads just for the sake of progress. My hubby is based in NY and me in Manila, but I’m likely to stay in Tokyo for our kids future and even contemplating on retiring there too.

    Sep 5, 2008 | 1:42 pm

  186. cindz says:

    in the Philippines:
    1. Baguio
    2. Camiguin

    1. Tuscany, Italy
    2. Greece
    3. Paris
    4. Bahamas
    5. Japan

    okay im getting carried away…………

    Sep 5, 2008 | 3:12 pm

  187. Dot says:

    I live in Mandaluyong, but I fell in love with Miami Beach :) So that’s where I want to live,. :)

    Sep 5, 2008 | 4:00 pm

  188. chungwan says:

    Been living in HK for the past 6 years.

    But would like to live and get lost in NYC.

    Sep 5, 2008 | 4:40 pm

  189. chinachix says:

    currently in toronto but would also love to live in paris/nyc/london, and go back for extended christmas holidays in the philippines in between.

    Sep 5, 2008 | 9:50 pm

  190. shockresist says:

    I’m, well, in NYC right now (for an internship) but I’ve lived in Manila all my life (except the last year when I was in Tokyo for my masters) and I’d transfer to Paris in a heartbeat. Of course, from the MM genie, I’d ask for a high-paying job, fluency in French, citizenship for myself and those that I want to transfer to Paris. :P

    Sep 6, 2008 | 5:58 am

  191. panache says:

    I’m based in Quezon City.My dream place is Auckland, N.Z.
    – clean, environment friendly place
    – good government, health and education benefits to its citizens
    – relatively peaceful as compared to major American cities

    Sep 6, 2008 | 11:31 am

  192. alicia says:

    I live in Manila . My husband and I opted to move back after spending a considerable amount of time in the US. We live here because family and friends are here and we enjoy the lifestyle it allows us with two small children. The only places I would want to live in the future are NewYork City and London.

    Sep 6, 2008 | 12:01 pm

  193. sagada says:

    at present, am in McAllen, Texas.

    would like to go back to my hometown SAGADA, MT. Prov.

    simple living, fresh air and greens everywhere.

    Sep 6, 2008 | 1:42 pm

  194. rose says:

    i live in quezon city, i dream to live in nyc, specifically manhattan……but, i also like to try live in thailand, vietnam, or korea…

    Sep 6, 2008 | 7:26 pm

  195. Jin-jie says:

    Lovin, The Bay Area, Cali right now!
    In a few years would love to have a house in LUCBAN, Quezon, a condo in MANILA, a villa in TAGAYTAY, a shack in BORACAY [ I’m not even forty yet].
    This is of course in between our travels to Europe, South America and other beachy places with my super sexy at gandang mahal.
    I love The Philippine Islands so much!

    Sep 7, 2008 | 2:23 am

  196. mariquette says:

    i have been living here in san francisco for the past 19 years. in a heartbeat, without a doubt, i will choose MANILA over any other place.

    Sep 7, 2008 | 6:43 am

  197. Edik says:

    1. Bohol
    2. Bohol
    3. BOHOL!

    Sep 7, 2008 | 11:47 am

  198. Jo Chua says:

    I’m in Melbourne, Australia now. The only place I’d move to given the opportunity would be Vancouver, Canada.

    Sep 7, 2008 | 12:13 pm

  199. greasemonkey says:

    omg, MM! overwhelmed by the responses yet? to add to the cacophony..

    my year’s pretty much spread over subic, marikina, and cebu (with my hometown, marikina, necessarily topping that list).

    however, as the lazy sunday afternoon does lend itself to wishful thinking (quite possibly a bit of future planning? lol! there will be water if God wills it..)

    i’d apprentice under dario in panzanno for a while, loaf around baja california, mexico for a year, make a ruckus around shibuya and roponggi until they take my credit card away, start a family and have our first child in paris (perhaps even our second?) , and settle somewhere along the gold coast.. still undecided as to whether or not returning to the philippines would be prudent at that point.

    = ) it’s fun sharing dreams..

    Sep 7, 2008 | 4:05 pm

  200. erbie says:

    no particular order.
    Tokyo,Shibuya or the Japanese Island where they costume play all through out the year.( I kinda forgot the name..sorry. otaku forever hehe)
    Paris (for the art)
    Modena, Parma or Rome (for the food/art)
    Philippines, Makati or Cebu (for the business, love this Java,the coffee and the language :) )
    Miami or Los Angeles (for the night life)
    South Korea (just a treat for mother dearest)

    Sep 7, 2008 | 4:29 pm

  201. Rand says:

    Currently live in Iloilo, which I love, so if I were to choose a dream city… it would be to live in Honolulu 3 months of the year. Is that permissible Ms. Genie?

    Sep 7, 2008 | 7:21 pm

  202. odette says:

    I’d ask genie to grant me houses in:

    – Singapore
    – Santorini, Greece
    – Tagaytay Highlands
    – Ayala Alabang

    pretty please, genie???

    Sep 7, 2008 | 10:53 pm

  203. brenda says:

    Currrently in Cebu, will trnafer to Manila next year but given a chance, would love to live in Mexico or Panama

    Sep 8, 2008 | 6:57 am

  204. subwaysubs says:

    i’m from manila but currently live in ny now taking my graduate studies.

    if i could live anywhere else post business school, i think id still want to live here in ny and eventually move back to manila after i’ve made enough. oh, maybe given a choice, instead of living in midtown, id want to move to brooklyn heights.

    Sep 8, 2008 | 9:13 am

  205. cai says:

    born in mandaluyong but grew up in pasig. moved to south jersey in my late 30s, then minneapolis, and now pittsburgh. i love it here but i don’t know how long we will stay here. my “dream” places to live in are:

    1. key west, fl
    2. charleston, sc
    3. kittery, maine
    4. the poconos, pa

    Sep 8, 2008 | 12:00 pm

  206. cai says:

    Edik – i forgot Bohol until i saw your post. i would love to visit sa next na uwi namin. we’ve heard a lot of good things about Bohol kaya hubby and i are thinking of visiting, and see if it would be a good place for us to settle down in – if and when – we go back to the Philippines.

    Sep 8, 2008 | 12:05 pm

  207. DADD-F says:

    I love the Philippines! Home can only be the Philippines. I would love to have an organic farm and a bed and breakfast (like farm stays) in Cagayan or Misamis using solar and wind energy. And, of course, in my home province of Leyte. But I wouldn’t mind a nice country cottage in England or Scotland and a nice home in Spain as well. :)

    Sep 8, 2008 | 3:25 pm

  208. Tricia says:

    I would love to live in San Francisco, CA. Either in a condo near Union Square or in one of those gated communities. I love the weather!

    Sep 8, 2008 | 3:33 pm

  209. riza says:

    From Isabela/QC but would love to have a beautiful place in Tagaytay!!! Soon!
    I love to travel and would like to visit France, Italy, Morocco, South Korea, Australia in the near future but will still reside here in the Philippines where my heart is… There’s no place like home!

    Sep 9, 2008 | 3:28 pm

  210. Cecilia MQ says:

    First time here.. Now I’m already hooked hehehe
    I was born and raised in Molo, Iloilo City, migrated here in California year 1989.

    My only wish would be:
    * Iloilo (there’s no place like home) ang banwa ko. I could always take the bus to Boracay once a month just to take a break from the relatives.

    btw…love your site :) thank’s

    Sep 11, 2008 | 11:50 am

  211. dragon says:

    Lee, that was sooo funny; had to pick myself off the floor!

    Interesting how a few of you would like to live in the Scottish highlands..leaving for Scotland (Ayrshire) in less than 2 weeks for a 3 week stay…

    Just finished reading all the comments! Recently relocated to Melbourne Australia (too early to say if I will love it here: it’s ok). Have lived in Noumea, New Caledonia (a French territory in the south pacific-smaller island than Cebu!); Bangkok Thailand for 3 years; Washington DC (6 yrs); bred in Quezon City, born in Sampaloc.

    I’ve done the island thing; tho I love the water & we had a great terrace by the marina, it wasn’t for me. Bangkok was too noisy, rude, dirty and uncultured (a personal opinion & observation only). Have spent Christmas in Scotland (tooooo darn cold & miserable, doesn’t matter how bundled up you are & how much single malts you take); only beautiful in summer (2/3 weeks of the year!); have wintered in Linkoping Sweden (too dreary & food too limited); Vancouver too rainy…

    My list would be:
    1. Washington DC–NW, Alexandria, Bethesda
    2.New York City — Manhattan (include CT area please)
    3. Paris/Rome/Madrid/Barcelona/Milan/Athens
    4. Singapore
    5. Philippines: one in the Tagaytay area and the other in the Vigan area (where my father’s originally from)

    Condition: not just family comes with me: the helpers as well….

    (MM: Apologies for the length of this comment…)

    Sep 11, 2008 | 1:15 pm

  212. Mixxy says:

    Here’s what I dream of doing now:
    January to February in the Philippines (house in Silang, near Tagaytay, Sta. Rosa/Binan, Laguna)
    March – a random Asian city
    April to July in Amsterdam (where my inlaws live)
    August to November in either Toronto (visiting my sister) or a a 2 Bedroom log home in a small New England city.
    December – back in the Philippines again

    Sep 12, 2008 | 11:57 pm

  213. Buffy says:

    I was born in Naga, raised in Batangas, and now live in a good village in Makati. I’d ask the genie to grant me and my family the following:

    1. A house in the Hamptons with a garden just like Ina Garten’s. She’s the Barefoot Contesa, I’ll be the Barefoot Prinsesa.
    2. A 3-bedroom condo in Manhattan where I can traipse around New York Sex and the City Style. And I’ll shop til I drop for sure.
    3. Paris, France for the food and culture.
    4. A vineyard in Napa where me and hubby can make our own wine and live on that and cheese and bread for days..
    5. London. Just so I can practice my fake British accent.

    And i’ll ask the genie to provide us with a cook and a driver and yaya wherever we go… sarap mangarap!

    Sep 17, 2008 | 1:50 pm

  214. ROY SHINPAUGH says:


    Jun 4, 2009 | 4:28 am

  215. Tess says:

    Lived in Toronto – it was too cold, moved to Houston – it was too hot,currently living in beautiful Vancouver BC – too expensive…wherever destiny leads you to, you will never be content if you’re longing for a place you call paradise…but for me if genie gives me all the money w/ my honey I’ll be content in a simple hut on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean in Pagudpud,IN,Philippines w/ all your love ones…you will never be happy even if you have all the money in the world w/out the ones you love.

    Dec 19, 2009 | 5:49 pm

  216. Jack Hammer says:

    I would live on a Super-Yatch which converts to a nuclear submarine when I travel, at 6000 kms an hour. The Yatch would have 15 ensuite bedrooms, with all the accoutrements of a Five Star Hotel, like Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Spa and Casino. It would also have a F22 Raptor on board which would source all my food requirements.

    Jan 14, 2010 | 10:29 pm


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