24 Jun2018


The inspiration for this dish was David Chang’s roasted brussel sprouts with fish sauce dressing at a recent lunch we enjoyed at Momofuku in Las Vegas. We don’t often see brussel sprouts on offer in Manila, so I thought I would experiment with other brassica relatives — cauliflower, broccoli and red cabbage.

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24 Jun2018


The Metro Channel teaser for the “Show me the Market” premiere episode. For folks abroad, I understand they will be putting all of the episodes on the Metro Channel Youtube Channel eventually so they can be watched from anywhere at anytime. :)

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11 Jun2018


Please head to the ABS-CBN website or Metro.Style to read it if you like…

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10 Jun2018


Me feeling the heat at the Taboan dried fish market. Bourdain was cool as a cucumber, even as the crew jokingly said through t-shirt wrapped nostrils, “OMG, this is THE smelliest place we have ever shot an episode”… :)

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09 Jun2018


The news of Anthony Bourdain’s passing is simply devastating.

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04 Jun2018


Bad Saint has received a lot of phenomenal press coverage in the past 3 years since it opened.

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18 Apr2018


My first attempt at dried flying fish or dibang, here, yielded so-so results.

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17 Apr2018


It happens less often now, but I have a history of eating something wonderful (and often deceptively simple) and wondering if I can replicate it at home to ensure availability.

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