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“Wake the Dead” Sauce/Condiment/Elixir a la Vern…

20 May, 2016

A palate puncher! Shock those tastebuds! Scare the bacteria right out of your jaded mouth!

Huge Chicharon a la Gidor…

02 Mar, 2016

I haven’t been experimenting as much as I used to.

Boiled Peanuts

26 Feb, 2016

Whenever I come across a sack (they are inevitably transported and displayed in sacks) filled with freshly harvested peanuts, soil bits and all, I buy a few kilos worth.

Sampalok / “Ripe” Tamarind

22 Feb, 2016

It looks a bit like a brain, doesn’t it?

Tuna “Conserva” or Bottled/Canned Tuna… :)

24 Apr, 2015

I absolutely love canned tuna.

MM’s Treat – The Day After…

30 Dec, 2014

The nice thing about making your own gravlax is that it costs just 1/4th or 1/5th of the price compared to your nearest snazzy delicatessen.

The Crew’s Boquerones “Relish”

22 Oct, 2014

Stunning adaptive use of a typically western tapas dish.

More Uses For Passion Fruit…

29 Sep, 2014

A comment from Footloose on my previous post on passion fruit sent me straight into the kitchen to experiment with the remaining fruit.


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