More Uses For Passion Fruit…


A comment from Footloose on my previous post on passion fruit sent me straight into the kitchen to experiment with the remaining fruit. After a day under the glass cloche, which kind of moistened up overnight, the fruit seemed riper and perhaps less tart (actually, it wasn’t) so I decided to try and make a simple passion fruit coulis. I used roughly 1.25 cups of passion fruit pulp and about 1 cup of sugar and placed this over medium heat for some 8-10 minutes until the sugar was dissolved and some of the liquid evaporated. A quick taste confirmed it was the desired consistency but it was still surprisingly tart, albeit intensely fragrant and quite flavorful.


I put some in a gravy boat for a photo or two as as it started to cool it’s surface started to form a thin crust… You could tell this would be brilliant spooned over vanilla ice cream, or crumbled meringues with cream. But we didn’t have any in the house, and I am trying to stick to a diet. But I did bottle up some of the “sauce” and will refrigerate it until I do get some vanilla ice cream.


The portion in the gravy boat, I decided to dump into a glass pitcher, add some cold water, stir it well and added lots of ice cubes. It was delicious! Tart, flavorful and just sweet enough to make a refreshing drink. It would have been better had I used sparkling water, and will keep that in mind for future reference. I wonder if this coulis will freeze well at all, so I can stock some up for the holidays while passion fruit is in season…


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  1. @Connie C…not exactly a dessert for when one is on a diet…that’s why he is looking on freezing it.

    But to answer the question, frozen concentrated passion fruit juice (with seeds) are available in Brazilian markets so I imagine it’s not too much of a stretch to congeal its coulis too.

  2. PASSION FRUIT aka LILIKOI in Hawaii.

    Let’s stop this boring nonsense about foods made with passion fruit and get to something more appropriate with the holiday season approaching. Let’s see some fun experiments on Passion Fruit Martinis, Passion Fruit Margaritas, Lilikoi Mai Tais, Caipirinhas de Maracujá, etc. In fact, anything than can be served in a pitcher to satisfy a festive crowd. I will be more than happy to judge the results.

  3. @Rob, actually Khew’s kir concoction, is a good start.

    …and in the same spirit, my cordial of Filipino mango nectar and Alizé gold passion fruit liqueur I call Passionate Mango, does not seem to have leaked out of my inner circle yet to enter the canon in spite of the ardent name I dubbed it.

  4. Hi MM,

    Where did you get your passion fruit in Manila. Having trouble finding the orange/ yellow pulp. What I see regularly are the white pulp variety,which is incredibly bland!

  5. MM, I was able to “pick up” some passionfruit when I went to Tumalog falls in Oslob. They grow along the trail that leads to the falls. The tour guide told me that the fruits just fall off and left to waste. I picked up as much as I could carry in my pockets, brought them back to the city and made several batches of passionfruit juice. I scattered the seeds from semi dried ones hoping they’d sprout and indeed, they did. I wonder how long till the plant matures and bears fruit…

  6. Hello all,
    This coulis can be frozen in ice cube trays, and stored in ziplock bags to be used later or added as is to iced tea or other mixed drink combinations. I purchased the yellow passionfruit seedlings from the nursery outside SM Cebu, and they have already climbed to the top of our wall. I hope that they bear fruit in the future.
    Tried the passionfruit gelato at Gelatissimo, and it was fabulous, with the seeds throughout!



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