The Crew’s Boquerones “Relish”


Stunning adaptive use of a typically western tapas dish. The crew were having some grilled meat and a freshly made pot of pork adobo for lunch the other day and I had encouraged them to have some of the boquerones we made a few days earlier. On their own, they decided to make a riff on guinamos and tomatoes, and into a bowl went some chopped ripe tomatoes, red onions, some fresh young ginger, boquerones, kalamansi juice and a garnish of chives or spring onions.


Mix it all up and eat it with some grilled meat or fish and you will sigh like few food sighs of recent memory. Utterly delicious. A kind of kinilaw but used more as an accent, a condiment, rather than the main dish. And frankly, it looked as good as it tasted. When you want to ramp up an otherwise common lunch, it’s little touches like this one that will make guests sit up, smile and eat a bit more than usual. I HAVE TO REMEMBER this the next time we have boquerones in the larder.


6 Responses

  1. Pakasam, a kind of native dish with fish, shrimp and rice has taken to mean in our household, my sister’s many improvised concoctions for ulam accompaniments or relishes similar to the subject of MM’s post today. It really makes for the added oomph to any grilled or fried ulam or main dish which the family truly enjoys.

  2. remembering my childhood summer lunches…ginger,spring onions, and tomatoes picked from the garden, my lola’s homemade bagoong, kalamansi from the weekend market…and bowls of steamy hot rice!



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