“100% Pinoy’s” Feature on Desserts on GMA7 Tonight

GMA7 will do a 30-minute feature on Favorite Filipino Desserts tonight on their program “100% Pinoy” after the program “Saksi”. I suspect the 100% Pinoy program will air near midnight, so only the late sleepers among you might catch it, unless it airs in foreign markets as well (at a friendlier time schedule). I was contacted by a researcher from GMA several weeks ago and asked about the results of an old poll of favorite Filipino desserts that I posted a while back.

After a few emails were exchanged, we did a telephone interview and they requested permission to refer to the Top 20 Pinoy Desserts Poll in their program. We discussed the “Top 20 Pinoy Desserts”, the size of the survey’s sample, and the “reliability” of my reader’s responses, etc. Actually, I was thinking at the time, “why don’t you do your own poll?”, but I resisted the urge to be cranky… I agreed to their request to use some of the information from the poll on the condition that they site their source of information as Marketmanila.com. They wanted to do an on-screen television interview with me and possibly a tour of the Salcedo market with a crew, but I declined to do the on-screen interview, as I didn’t think it would add much to the data and results from the poll already posted on the blog. I had one more follow-up call with the researcher, and now I am actually quite curious what will be covered by the program… That is, if I manage to stay awake that late! :) Many thanks to Marketmanila readers for participating in polls like this… essentially, we would never have a Top 20 list without your participation!


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  1. With their resources they could have done their own poll and then compare it with Market Manila’s. A sampling of the general population would probably not quite compare with the cross-section of Market Manila visitors.

  2. Apicio, very good point. I suspect of the demographics of marketmanila.com readers do differ dramatically from the overall population of 88+ million… hmm, now I really have to try and stay up to watch this program…

  3. According to my TV Guide, 100% Pinoy airs at midnight on Thursdays, which meant it would’ve already aired very early this morning (or, in a way, last night). My TV Guide is old, though, so it’s possible the sched has changed. I’ll check it out, anyway. I’m never asleep before midnight.

  4. If anyone sees it on YouTube or similar, please let us know. I’ve got an early morning tonight and have to get some sleep. Want to see it.

  5. Katrina, I thought the same thing… but someone in the family office said the trailer for the program was on GMA7 this morning… so the show is apparently tonight, (or early Friday)… so go figure?! And although they did tell me July 4, they never sent me a confirmation of the air date, so I would have forgotten about this until they talked about it in the office today… Maybe midnight is different in GMA7’s book…hahaha.

  6. GMA7’s 100% Pinoy airs every Thursday after their evening newscast SAKSI, close to 12midnight. Yes, I already saw the trailer this morning….and I’m going to watch it.

  7. 100% Pinoy also airs in North America via GMA Pinoy TV. If I’m not mistaken it airs every Friday night, and is replayed on late afternoon Sundays (PST). I do watch the show every now and then, one of the very few I find worth watching among the programs available from the 2 Filipino channels. I’ll try to catch it and maybe post it online for all to view.

  8. yes please do post it online, for us who have no access to GMA Pinoy TV, maraming salamat……

  9. Hmmm, it was a pretty interesting program, I must say. And the content was clever and varied, with only a few questionable statements on the origins and dates of particular sweets. However, there wasn’t a single mention of marketmanila.com, except in the quickly scrolling credits at the end, BUT at LEAST they did do that! I had a funny feeling this would happen when I wrote this post on the program airing thursday night, but lesson learned, yet again… bag any local requests for materials from marketmanila.com unless their use is clearly stated in writing. And do NOT bother to spend a good half hour on the phone with junior researchers, even calling them back from Hong Kong for follow up questions when it is likely the material will not be used, cut or simply be paraphrased. I have been skeptical of the local press standards before, and the concern is now confirmed, several times over…. :(

  10. I know the feeling. A one-time cameo appearance all ended strewn on the editing floor and to date have not seen the cassettes of Filipino music they asked me to bring. Make them work hard next time, demand a veto.

  11. oh how sad! hope that MM is credited properly next time. btw, i hope there will be a replay because i missed it last night :(

  12. and i’ve been sore at myself this morning, thinking that i had probably dozed off and missed the part!

  13. yeah it was so late I dozed off too!sorry to have missed the show and sad to hear that you were not properly credited.:( Looking forward to a replay or post on you tube.

  14. hi MM, was able to catch the program when switching between AFC and Foodnetwork, tho’ i didnt know u were contacted for some material so didnt watched it intently..anyway, u were right, there was no mention of the poll and no mention either of your name or the top 20 list for that matter…i even forgot the title of the episode, was it pinoy panghimagas? i cant recall..after the ginger cake feautre i slept so wasnt able to catch the rolling credits..

  15. Since many of us missed the program showing the feature on Philippine desserts, perhaps you can fill us in as to the result of your survey or dedicate blog on it. I am sure many are as curious as I am as to the results of the survey. In the future, could you advise us earlier when the show will be aired……

  16. Lex, the survey results were of an OLD poll, the link is in the main article, above. Just click on the link to be directed to the post… and I didn’t do an earlier advise as I wasn’t sure when it was coming out…

  17. hi marketman,
    i saw that program lastnight. it really made me crave for those desserts!yummy esp the pastillas….and its so nice to see those pastillas wrapper handmade with design!!!nice nice…i thought they’re going to show to the carved dayap sweets made by the same lady.

    i hope you saw the issue of inquirer yesterday. they featured the top 20 heavenly cakes!!!!!!!!and they all looks so yummy cant wait to try it all !!
    you’re right , showing yourself on cam wont affect the polls..but, surely it will fill in our curiosity on how you looklike

  18. Dear MarketMan:

    Before anything else, we would like to thank you for generously sparing us your time to share with us valuable insights about desserts. We are also grateful for the survey on the favorite desserts of Pinoys. Your comments and suggestions were helpful to us. We regret that the poll was taken out in the course of the shoot. The team had to make a difficult decision on which elements will be explored. Due to time constraints, the team found it best to give more time to show the actual preparation of the featured desserts and dig deeper into the historical perspective.

    We apologize for failing to inform you about the changes that were made and for any inconvenience that we might have caused.

    Again, allow us to express our deep appreciation for your warm accommodation.


    Riz Figueroa

    Progam Researcher

    100% Pinoy


    Eliza Zamora-Solis

    Executive Producer

    Kristoffer Brugada

    Program Manager

  19. I always watch 100% pinoy here in the U.S., but with your experience MM, maybe i’ll say i USED to watch it ;-)

  20. I went to youtube and found something with the title of “panghimagas”, is that the one? They talked about pinoy desserts(fusion), they talk about how to make pastillas with the old lady making a decorative wrapper from papel de hapon? They didn’t mention anything about marketmanila.com nor marketman, so i thought it wasn’t the one…oh that’s too bad

  21. My bibingka cake with a twang was featured as a fusion dessert (re-created by ChefKC). At first I felt honored. But after seeing the youtube video, I was disappointed that I was not given credit for the recipe. It was obvious that ChefKC was browsing my website, but they made it seem like it was the lasangpinoy website (I entered that recipe for the theme “Distinctly Pinoy with a Twang”). They could have at least mentioned my cybername to give me proper credit. Ces of LP gave me proper credit in her blog, but GMA-7 did not. Had I known, I should not have agreed to have my recipe recreated there (or I should have made it a condition that they give me credit for it, but I thought that was pretty obvious). Maybe if they learned I was a doctor when I was in PI, they would have been more interested to mention that.

    Oh well, GMA-7 truly sucks. I do not plan to get myself involved with them in any way in the future.



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