31st Negros Trade Fair

Gosh, you know you are getting older when you can say you were at the 2nd Negros Trade Fair to buy barquillos… I was away at university for the first one… Always lots of familiar things and the occasional new surprise on offer at this fair. I can’t make this particular edition due to a pre-scheduled trip to Cebu, but maybe Mrs. MM will drop by to pick up some Casa Carmela pitaw, large barquillos, thin flavorful piaya and some good muscovado.

September 14-18, 2016
Glorietta Activity Center
Ayala Mall, Makati


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  1. Hi, MM. Just an update re: going through US Customs. Read through their policies. Couldn’t find anything about the banana leaves specifically. What got me thinking though is the message that said anything permissible can be disallowed at any time. I just wanted to make sure they won’t take my budbud kabog away! lol. My daughter and I are going to try your recipe though. And also the Sriracha flavored salt. Christmas is coming. Thank you for your blog. Take care, MM.

  2. I would think budbud/banana leaves should be OK as both are cooked and not listed under prohibited food items. I think a few readers did bring some already in the US including Sister and have not heard any problem, unless I am mistaken? Interested to know as I am planning to bring some, too. Thank you.

  3. Yes, Nina, Sister and various cousins have all brought them in. And in fact I think they say it is cooked desserts when asked. But U.S. Customs can be fickle, and if there is any doubt, probably best not to chance it. Sister and I bring 10-15 kilos of muscovado sugar to the U.S. every time we go. I declare it and they don’t seem to have a problem with it. Oddly, seafood like bottled sardines, etc. are also permissible. But dried fish is not, or gets odd looks and comments from all concerned. My wife’s family used to know a “canner” that would can anything at the last minute, so “canning” the kabug would technically allow it in, as most canned items are typically let through… I also think the port of entry matters…

  4. Every year I bring back dried fish ( years ago, an entire BBox) and never had problems. I came back last March and didn’t have problems (JFK).



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