A Brief Holiday…


I am away from my desk and without regular internet access for several days. I have left some posts to keep you amused, but I will NOT be responding to any emails you send my way. I will also have far less frequent access to the site to respond to any comments requiring an answer. It’s funny how we are all in some way creatures of habit. Before a holiday trip, I almost ALWAYS stock up on two things, a little bag of kiamoy or champoy, whichever term you use to describe chinese dried salted prunes, and some Thai spiced seedless sampaloc. Normally I buy the natural champoy, but for some nostalgic reason, I got the red ones this time around. These two items are almost always present in my hand carry bag. On this trip, I also have another critical item that is packed into my luggage, a couple of rolls of toilet paper. I suppose what goes in must come out, and I am particular about the quality of TP available. :) Not saying just yet where we are for a few days, but you can take a wild guess. I don’t think we are really focusing on food during this trip, just several days of rest and relaxation. Please keep yourselves amused by heading back to any of the 2,100 posts in the archives of this blog…

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44 Responses

  1. Maybe some place where “TP” is not available. Have a nice weekend MM and family!

  2. I need help, anybody? As MM is not available at the moment. where can i find the recipe for chicken inasal, the oven version. can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance!

  3. definitely not on swine flu stricken countries, you’re maybe in Palawan, bohol, el nido or davao? enjoy!

  4. Non-food focused Marketman trip? Kind of hard to pull off I assure you. That’s like keeping celibate during prison conjugal visit weekend.

  5. LOL….when I went back home (philippines) I never leave the house without my toilet paper. Enjoy your vacation!

  6. Thanks Katwinamawie, I already found it. It turned out my pop up blocker has something to do with it, that’s why i can’t find that link.all’s ok now, will try the recipe tonight.Sorry MM if we used your blog site like a chat room, but it’s really a big help. My mom misses chicken inasal really bad. Back to the topic, where is MM vacationing right now?

  7. hehehe—MMfans helping each other out…love it!

    i think it will include a top-rated hotel. with good toilet paper…

  8. You are my precedent as well traveled guy both international and domestical by the utmost standard. To take with you your wippies is a neat idea. It is our own personal choice from day-to-day experience that really serves us best and nothing but the best especially when it comes to that matter. The rolls of wippies will really serve you well – well spent money!

  9. The whale sharks are still visible in Donsol, maybe they’re off to swim with them. But perhaps the lure of that island in Palawan is calling to MM and family.

  10. A word on TP when travelling. I prefer to bring travel size packs of baby wipes instead. The ones by pampers or huggies are thick and soft and it can multitask for wiping hands before eating in a restaurant or any general purpose cleaning of any body parts when water is not available.

  11. 4 rolls of TP .. sampaloc and kiamoy …packing sour or tart food .. . this is to avoid vomiting sensation while traveling… mmm mountain trip? I’m just jealous. Take care and enjoy!!

  12. Enjoy your getaway…hmmmm no internet? Couldn’t be a hotel then…the wilderness?!! Have fun…we eagerly await your return…and the stories you bring…and whatever food fantasies you accomplish….
    Hurry back..hahaha…we miss your blogs…

  13. I am also quite particular about toilet paper, but that is a wonderful idea, Lojet! … Keeping ourselve company while MM and family are away … Love it!

  14. MM, I hope you feature here the hotel you stayed in like what you did with Siem Reap :)

  15. You are climbing Mt. Apo thats my guess. Probably with some detours to the many farms and plantations on the way to the top. Although I heard you can take a jeep almost to the top. What else would you need kiamoy and toilet paper for ? Pretty sure there still is no WiFi there. Then again I could be wrong

  16. Ok, Here’s something for all of us to keep ourselves busy while MM & family are on vacation. I will give as prize a Brioche à tête like the one on this url


    I’ll make the big one for the winner.

    The mechanic are:
    1) Everyone who knows before hand (like me) are disqualified.
    2) Sorry, I can deliver/mail only in The Philippines.
    3) Only one winner, so the first one who guess right wins.
    4) MM will declare who the winner is.

    MM, I hope you don’t mind my making this offer without your prior permission.

  17. Ok, its a go. MM just gave me his OK. Thanks MM.

    Let the games begin!!!

  18. Sayang I can’t join your contest, but I’d love to have a taste of your brioche nonetheless. Do you sell this in your shop in Cebu?

  19. Chrisb, even if you are abroad, you can join and if you win, you can gift it to a relative or friend here in the Philippines. I make the brioche only on order.

  20. Chrisb, Oh ok. Sometimes, it pays not to know huh…hehehe.

    I make them on order as with most of my products. I’ve closed my store (too much headache) and just kept my commissary to serve the hotel and restaurant industry, and direct order consumers

  21. OK, Artisan….let’s make this interesting and worldwide! On my part of the globe here, I am willing to make 4 dozens of ensaymada OR 2 -14 loaf cakes of my COCOLAT cake (those who have tasted this cake know what I am talking about…Pinky, Keiko, siblings, friends of siblings, and friends of friends of siblings!…OR 2 SANS RIVAL (4×7 in.). Only Lower Mainland B.C.please. But if you are in the Pacific Northwest and plan on going here in the summer, you can have it too, if you pick it up…might not work with Sand Rival though (it has to be kept frozen unless you plan on staying here in BC for a few days)


  22. Oh, so sorry…typo SAND….I cannot make SAND RIVAL!lol…OK?

    And Artisan…it is a HEADACHE…major super duper headache running a store! I should know, I owned one as well years ago and vowed…never again! If they want my products, they know where to get hold of me!…BUT I WOULD RATHER BE GARDENING!!!!!

  23. Ok. Artisan….he’s wearing a sweater?…blue skies…rental car…flowers in bloom…..must be spring….I’d say somewhere in Oregon coast…near Coos Bay…Cape Arago?

  24. hahaha….betty q…We will keep everybody guessing until MM returns and he declares the winners for the Philippines and your neck of the woods.

  25. Keep on guessing guys. MM will declare the winner when he returns!!

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