A donation for Guimaras for every reader comment…

I wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate just how much I appreciate your comments. Apparently, 95+% of Market Manila’s regular readers (who visit more than 3x a month) have rarely, if ever left a comment on this blog. Yes, that’s 95+%. That means that the vast majority of readers fall into the “voyeuristic” category that happily read the posts but don’t feel compelled to leave a comment, if only once in a while. I personally feel that the comments section of each post is almost as useful (or sometimes more so) as the main post itself…not only on controversial issues but on issues that are all obviously close to our hearts or stomachs. We all learn so much more from the comments, but participation does help. The comments add to our knowledge, they build on the sense of a community of like minds, with a passion for food, the Philippines, whatever; and selfishly, they let me know that someone, somewhere out there on the planet is reading the foolishness I am writing once or twice a day. Your comments truly do matter and I truly appreciate the regular and occasional commenters on this site. And if you notice the content of many of the comments, they seem to be so intelligent, humorous, thoughtful, intense, comprehensive, helpful etc. and I believe they directly mirror the type of folks who keep returning to this site day after day or week after week from all over the Philippines and over 80 countries worldwide!

But to make it a bit easier to coax out folks from comment “shydom”, I have come up with the following idea. My family has given to UNICEF before, among other charitable causes. I recently received a request for help from UNICEF for the victims of the tragic oil spill in Guimaras. While I have half a mind to suggest that Petron shoulder all of the costs arising from the tragedy, somehow I know that isn’t going to happen (though I refuse to knowingly buy any Petron products at the moment until it is clear that they are acting responsibly and comprehensively to clean up the spill). And help is needed indeed. So, here’s the deal. Marketman will donate the equivalent of one budbud kabog (at cost) for every comment left on this Guimaras post. Please leave only one comment per person or household. Say whatever you like but it will help me and you more if you let me know what Filipino food item you would like featured in the month run-up to Christmas 2006. AND, if you add what town you are currently living in so I have an idea of geographic spread of readers (e.g., “I am afraid to comment because I might catch a virus from other readers. How about featuring salabat?” – George Clooney, New York City…), I will donate yet another budbud kabog worth of pesos in your behalf! Isn’t that painless? All you have to do is leave a comment and I will donate funds to UNICEF, with the intention of funding drinking water purifying tablets to ensure safe drinking water for 600 people for 100 days… You don’t have to send me anything, you don’t have any cash outlay whatsoever. This offer is good until I receive 500 comments which is a real “stretch” considering that the most comments I have ever received on a single post is about 150 and on a poll question, about 400 votes. This post will remain up until it is clear that no more comments are readily forthcoming…


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  1. nice idea! at least it’s for a good cause.

    anyway, for the food that i want to be featured..do you have any good embutido recipe? this is my all time favorite and i believe that my lola (may she rest in peace) make the best one. i’m open to other recipes to try..

    keithchiko, pampanga

  2. MM,

    Guimara is a worthy cause & I commend your effort.
    Born & raised in Philippines. Presently lives in Covina, California. Almost twenty years . . .
    Loyal reader from the get go . . .


  3. Hi MM, you are the caused of my weight gain!! I visit your site everyday and my cravings for Pinoy food are endless…Yes, I blame you and I have no self control, hahaha. Dude, I have become a better cook because of your blog site. I made your nilaga, apple pie, plum crumble, sardines, pretty much everything except for that dam mongosteen jam….can’t find that anywhere!! Your contribution to good caused is much appreciated…CHEERS
    JD,Long Beach CA.

  4. I loved how you got described, indeed an angel behind a lovely copper fish pan. ;-) I cant think a food item to feature for the holidays, but a great recipe for roast chicken/ turkey would be helpful. Many thanks for this opportunity to give back, esp as a lot of us readers are far away from home. Best, Berry from Seoul

  5. what a wonderful and generous act Marketman! it would be interesting to read about different palamig concoctions =)
    – from an avid semilurker reader from Balintawak, Quezon City

  6. i just love your website. I visit your site regularly. My days is not without it.

    Born and raised in Isabela, Philippines. Presently lives in Newbury Park, CA

  7. MM, ikaw ay dapat tularan! I was born and raised in Iloilo city, just a short pumpboat ride away from Guimaras. I have many happy memories of numerous days spent in Guimaras, eating, and swimming in their beaches. I was dismayed to know about the magnitude of the ecological disaster back home.

    I hope you can write about lengua estofado and sambal squid. – from Toronto.

  8. One voyeur coming out of the closet for a worthwhile cause … have lived in Manila all my life but with roots in Pagsanjan, Laguna and in Davao. Looking for recipe to use up a recently acquired dried Kaffir Lime leaf. :-)

  9. I am one avid fan who had been reading & watching QUIETLY ON THE SIDELINES. I check your website everyday, no fail! With every food article you wrote, I am back home again (the sights, the sounds, the smell of HOME) I would love to read a post on CREMA DE FRUTA. God bless from Maryland, USA.

  10. Yey for MM! Leaving a comment here is better than donating my hair to clean up the oil spill. LOL.

    – Binondo, Manila

  11. Couldn’t think of any food you can feature for the holidays since you did feature a lot of them already. However, I greatly appreciate you donating some money to the victims of Guimaras oil spill. God bless you!

    From a semi-lurker in Kensington, London, UK :-)

    P.S. i do read your blog on weekends and leave comments whenever I can. :-)

  12. Forgot to include my location. Born & raised in Paniqui, Tarlac, currently residing in San Francisco, CA

  13. Like Berry, I was thinking of a roast turkey recipe-brining, stuffing and all. Or pato tim?
    Kudos for such a great idea! Salute to you Marketman for
    the help you’re extending to the people of Guimaras, truly a worthy cause.
    -from Ortigas, Pasig City/ U.H., Caloocan City

  14. Chicken galantina – with a how to emonstration on deboning the chicken.

    God Bless generous people like you.

    _ Manila

  15. hi! sama talaga ng petron. just goes to show that all these petroleum companies do not care about us. all they care about is money. they’re just like mr. krabs (from spongebob squarepants).

    i miss your posts on flowers. since i’m getting married in a few months, i’ll be needing tips on flowers, where to buy, who to buy from, etc. heehee. i’m from alabang, muntinlupa cityyyy! :)

  16. thank you for your generosity, marketman. does unicef philippines have a website i could go to to make a donation? my mother’s side of the family owns land in Guimaras. I had no idea the spill had taken place. my grandfolks own a house by the “baybay” in Iloilo with Guimaras in plain sight. I remember visiting Iloilo with my siblings and taking a 10-15 min “baroto” (is what they called it) ride to the Island just to get fresh coconut.

  17. MM, the Philippines need more people like you.

    I have always wanted to try cooking whole Chinese ham, we have here the Virginia ham which I think is almost the same as the Chinese ham. That would remind me of my childhood Christmases in Sta. Rosa, Laguna where I was born and raised.

    oggi – Ashburn, Virginia, USA

  18. It’s not fair that each time I search the internet for Pinoy food of my youth, the internet almost always direct me to your site. :O)
    Kidding aside, this is swell! I hope my one budbud kabog goes a long way and I tip my imaginary hat to you.
    I discovered your site a few months ago when I was having a cravings for duhat. I do not know what I was thinking, that looking at pictures of duhat would satisfy that craving. The photo you had just even made it worst and I was so envious. Now, I do not only have an unsatisfied duhat cravings, I’m also addicted to your site. Cheers for more fruit cravings!

    connie, currently residing in Webster, Texas, also a member of Market Manila Anoymous and have zero days sober.

  19. Here, they’re more of turkey or ham. It’s LECHON for me.

    You are truly a filipino at heart MM. Yes, hats off indeed, you don’t have to be a politician to serve your country. I felt embarrass, disappointed everytime I watch TV Patrol here when politicians arguing, blaming each other instead of working to help our country better.

    -Los Angeles, CA

  20. I’m a regular visitor of Market Manila since I discovered your site few months ago. It’s my first time post a blog (ever) because I am a kind of person who can not express well in writing. I am doing this now to support your good intentions for the oil spill victims in Guimaras.

    All the best.

    Big Al – Torrance, CA.

  21. MM, I am bowing at your feet—this is such a wonderful idea. Next time, maybe generous readers can return the nice gesture and donate to a worthy cause in your name.

    I can’t let the day pass without visiting your blog and picking up a lot of useful cooking tips from you and your readers (especially your sister—maybe she can be guest writer for her favorite Filipino dish). We have only one or two really good Filipino restaurants here in Vancouver, British Columbia so I am always in search of Filipino recipes I can do at home.

    We can indulge you your fish pan and grape scissors. It’s good to know there are such things.

  22. Hi there! I’m one of your many regular silent readers. I love to visit your site and learn about recipes, tableware, table settings, decor and other accessories. I am newly married, learning to cook and loving it. Your entries inspire me to try things. My husband and I are vegetarian so I can only try the dessert and purely vegie recipes that you feature. I modify some depending on the availability of meat substitute.

    This UNICEF donation through comments is such a noble cause you’re doing. I commend you and your family. It’s such an honor that my simple comment would be able to support the need in that area of the spill. More power to you MM.

    The holidays is fast approaching. I am hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this November and a Christmas dinner before Dec 25th. I won’t be serving the traditional turkey and ham as staple of the holiday table but I would love to get ideas on natural table centerpiece much like what you had in your previous post about the dalandan, pepper and other green stuff. I love those!

    Again, more power to you and thank you for sharing with us your love of food and elegant presentation!

    Warm thoughts from north New Jersey

  23. If one in every ten Filipinos have the mentally you have, our motherland will be a much more pleasant place to live. Good Job, God Bless and long life to you and to your family.
    From Liopetri, Cyprus

  24. We must save the best mangoes in the world and the people who take care of them!!! I visited Guimaras just last Christmas, it was so beautiful, I hope it’s not too badly damaged. Thank you Marketman for your efforts!

  25. Love the blog. I’ve commented a couple times before. Not knowing very much about Filipino food, I can’t suggest a particular item for the holiday season, but I’m sure it’ll be an interesting couple of months for readers. Thanks for helping out the people of Guimaras

  26. I visit your blogsite everyday, sometimes even more…I have yet to try your recipes though because I am so busy.

    I am so sorry that the post about budbud kabog was too late as I was in Cebu a month ago. I had it only once, in 1985 or 1986, and I believe that was from Dumaguete.

    I was born and raised in Iloilo. I had visited Taklong island in Guimaras as part of my Field Zoology class at UP Iloilo (now UP Visayas).

    I now work and live in Manila, and occasionally I go to the FTI (ANNI) market on Saturdays. A very compact market, with good produce and seafood sections. I may have seen you there.

  27. galing-galing, MarketMan! thanks for this initiative. yes, we need “small” initiatives like these because we cannot wait until government or the “big guys” initiate things for us. and it is so MarketMan to move hte budbud-kabog non-controversy to a higher level! you are a genius, MM!

    aside from wondrous mangoes, Guimaras’ other, less-known product is casuy (cashew), so maybe you can show us a new recipe using casuy? Not strictly a request, just a thought in line with the theme. Good luck, MM, and hit those keys, everyone!

  28. Now if only our local politicians could emulate you then perhaps this would be a happier world for us Pinoys. :p

    Since you’re on a diet, how about some “diet-friendly” recipes for the holidays? I have been blessed with a pretty good metabolism that I can eat whatever I want without gaining too much weight. And even if I had to go on a diet, I wouldn’t. The hubby however is a totally different story. Has to watch what he eats because otherwise everything will go up — blood pressuce, uric acid….. So MM, please, please, please share some low fat (eeeewwww!) recipes for the holidays!

    wannabe kitchen goddess and my children’s #1 fan, QC

  29. i visit your blog twice a day:)but i’m one of your silent readers. now i need to post a comment for the sake of your donation to UNICEF “guimaras”.keep up the good work, bless your heart.

    born and raised in manila, been living in zurich, switzerland for 17 years!i still love PHILIPPINES…

  30. MM,

    Thanks for creating this awesome online community. Its been very helpful to me. It gives me lots of creative culinary ideas. It also gives me a lot of insight on life back home. My fiance and I are planning on moving to Manila from Pennsylvania so I can attend medical school.

    May I suggest some posts on pinoy festival foods? I’m getting married here in Pittsburgh in May 07 and I wanted to incorporate filipino food into my menu. I’m glad my caterer is willing to create dishes for me. So far we have Paella as an entree and some tapas.

    Keep up the good work!

  31. OK, MM, one more silent lurker coming out into the light of the grille fire, that is ;). I visit your site as soon as I wake up, even before I open my mailboxes, and before I sign off at night, just in case you slipped in another post.

    Hope you gather enough posts to make it to the 500 mark. Thank you for your commitment. Your advocacy and admirable efforts leave a great taste in my palate :).

    BTW, thank you for your posts on the market in Firenze. I lead one of my best friends there with the great info from your site. He had a blast. Truly bug-eyed, as I would have expected. And all I got was a couple bottles of limoncello! Darn. No, wait. I am not complaining. At this time, I have a bottle left. I toast your generous heart.

    N.B. you think it would do any good if I write Petron? Share me your thoughts on the matter. Salamat.

    – Orange County, CA

  32. Joining your good cause Marketman. Cheers from Janghowon, Korea from a Caviteña. You don’t know the countless recipes I’ve made from your site. You have help beat the homesickness everytime it strikes me. I swear to bring home a sack of millet for you when I get a chance to go back home.

  33. Although I’ve only commented twice before, I’m a regular lurker of your site. I second the embutido request.

    Fantastic idea on the Unicef donation!

    Cheers from Melbourne, Australia :)

  34. Well to start off, this is the very first site I always open upon going online. If that is not marketmanila addiction, then I don’t know what to call it anymore. =)

    Kudos to MM for once again being generous, in this case being generous with his hard-earned money, though may I add that you only not share your financial blessings, but more importantly, your time and your passion and your love of food. Reading your blog is truly endearing, inspirational, heart-warming.

    As for the Christmas dish, I seem to have a hard time thinking, as you seem to have featured most of the dishes that I’ve been wanting to try. So I think I may want to settle with Lengua Estofado!

    As you mentioned back then, I return the greetings to you now, from our family to yours, we wish you all the health and happiness! God bless

    -Lei of Caloocan

  35. This is a wonderful idea! And it’s made me come out of my lurker-mode.
    Would love it if you could do a feature on chicken galantina, chicken imperial (my lola’s helper in Cebu used to cook this usually for our Sunday lunch but sadly, no one got the recipe)or yema with the caramelized coating. yummy!
    -Patricia, QC

  36. Thanks for pushing such a worthwhile cause. As always, you give so much more than you receive.

    Born in Africa, raised in Canada, got fat in Asia and now living in Manila!

  37. MM for President! Not a bad idea.

    Would love a chicken galantina recipe for Christmas.Thanking you in anticipation!

    God bless you for being such a caring and wonderful human being!

  38. I’d like to add my vote to the chicken galantina recipe/demonstration.
    I hope you reach over 500 comments, which if my calculations are right, would be a donation of more than P5,000 to Unicef.
    – New Manila, QC

  39. Bravo Zulu (BZ) Marketman…my whole clan bows before you. If every Filipino have your heart and spirit, who would not want to go back to the motherland.

    Born and raised in Makati, presently in the Bay Area, CA. Honey Baked Ham…don’t need to be spiral cut.

    A suggestion to all readers/lurkers, send e-mail to everyone in your mailing list and have them visit MM’s URL/Blog. That is not hard is it?

  40. how about d-i-y bibingka (plain or with the works) or puto bumbong for x’mas? x’mas tabletop decor utilizing native flowers/fruit/produce? : )
    -intramuros, manila

  41. please count me in! can you feature a dish or recipe on “pugita” or octopus? i love adobong pugita with its thick tinta in it it called be more aptly called “dinuguang pugita”. i cook adobong pugita once in a while if they’re available in the market.

    your avid fan from tuguegarao city, province of cagayan, philippines.

  42. Your blog goes well with my morning breakfast in the office. You make me crave when I should be dieting. Don’t stop cooking, dont stop eating, dont stop blogging and most of all dont stop helping out!
    My domain shows Ottawa but I’m in Makati.

  43. Great idea MM! I hope tourists don’t avoid Guimaras cause they think that the whole island is affected… (note to self: must plan trip)

    How’s your diet coming along?

    -Ortigas Center

  44. i’ve been one of your silent lurkers for over a year now and i guess this is the best time to come out in the open for such a good cause. bless your heart,mm and keep those informative and entertaining posts coming :)
    after my mail and the newspapers, this is the first site I check though i never left a comment until now.

  45. great idea MM! The only thing that comes to mind right now is stuff roasted chicken for christmas (QC)

  46. I’ve purchased Guimaras mangoes for many years and wish to visit the place someday. Hope Petron thoroughly clean up its act. Would love creative breakfast recipes. -Corrrine, Phils.

  47. And oh, my cousin from Cebu said that budbud kabog is sold for P2.50 a piece in Cebu. I wonder how much it’s sold in Salcedo market and if the quality is the same.

  48. this is a good cause and deserves full support not just from Filipinos, but also from people all over the world. yes, i visit ur blog on a regular basis, read the informative and sometimes funny posts, but never leave a comment. this would be the first time. i’m sure ur readers out there will come out just so they can make their presence felt here.and of course, for the benefit of the folks in guimaras. may God richly bless us all! more power, Marketman! :D

  49. God Bless. Thanks for consistent sharing of thoughts and ideas. You are so kind and generous. – Imus, Cavite

  50. I have to admit that I do not comment after reading your entries. I’ve only done it 2-3x. I do enjoy reading your blogs, and this particular post really caught my attention.

    Pque, Metro Manila, Philippines

  51. Hi MM, another lurker coming out for a worthy cause. Great blog! Very helpful and interesting. Will you feature crown roast? I’m from Manila.

  52. You’re the man, Mr MM! Here’s to Guimaras!

    Hope you’d feature roasted chicken with stuffing and an easy-to-cook roast beef for Christmas and DIY Christmas decor to boot!

    Parañaque/San Pedro

  53. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories. Please keep kabog-ging.

    How about featuring “lenggua” dishes? I remember “lenggua” often makes an appearance in festive occasions back home.

    Canberra, Australia

  54. We bought budbud kabog last week in wholesale at P5.00each. According to our supplier if you will buy it in retail it would be P7.50each. Our supplier whose origin from Bogo, Cebu had been in that business since 1985 and she has orders from abroad. Her budbud kabog is perfect for me. All our office staff loved it too. I can give to anyone who want it her telephone number and address.
    MM… God will you bless you on this endeavor.. I would wish to have a good recipe on the embutido please… thank you.

  55. Greetings from Dayton,Ohio formerly of Pangasinan and Bicol! My extended family and I love all the recipes that I have made from your blog, specially the kakanins.

  56. Always enjoy reading your posts and all the comments! Keep blogging Marketman!

    From the beautiful Pacific Northwest (Washington state).

  57. Geez, what a nice post. This has always been an interesting site. Reading this post makes visiting your site really worthwhile. Bless your kind heart.

  58. Looking for a sansrival recipe when I came across this site. Never missed and have read all of your entries. Very entertaining. Keep up the good work !

    mother of 2 young active boys
    Alpharetta, Georgia USA

  59. here’s one for the good folks of guimaras…

    i live in makati (close enough to the salcedo market!!!)

    for christmas, no particular requests. just another photo of your annual gingerbread house =)

  60. Another lurker out of the shadows. Love your blog, I visit thrice a day, at least. Would love it if you could feature panna cotta.

    I’m from Sydney and food is my passion alongside genetic biology. =)

  61. hi MM! the food that you feature here made my dieting even harder. though that did not stop me from visiting your blog every single day (just imagine me salivating in front of my computer and wishing that body fats can be donated like blood). i love your site and i commend you for wanting to help Guimaras.

    Keep up the good work!! btw, i just learned of the budbog kabog here. never knew it even existed. and now, i’m so totally addicted (thanks to MVH of salcedo market).

    Lourdes: hope you can share the contact number of your budbod kabog supplier

    Gummi – Ortigas, Mandaluyong

  62. You have a big heart, MM. God bless you and your family. All your features are interesting and educational, I love them all. Just moved to Vegas 4 months ago and terribly miss the Philippines and and its food. Keep up the good work.

  63. Kudos Marketman on your altruistic endeavor. All of us should do more for our country.

    I don’t cook so I don’t need a recipe. :D But I would appreciate some suggestions on Indonesian, Malaysian, and Singaporean dishes to try since you’ve lived for quite sometime in those areas. Will be visiting Singapore soon for a vacation. :)

    maddie – cebu city

  64. I visit your site everyday for at least twice a day every since I was introduced to it early this year.

    I would love to see a feature on pastel on your pages.

    Keep up the good work, MM. And may God bless you more.

    ~ from a manileña working in pasig and soon to study in japan

  65. hey ! of all places to come across someone from my hometown.
    ( MM’s coment page )
    – I too was born and raised in Tuguegarao City =)

  66. “…the foolishness I am writing once or twice a day”? Banish the thought, MM. Your blog is one of the most intelligent and useful I’ve come across in a long while. Not to mention warm and generous. You never cease to amaze me. MM for 2007! Yay!

    BTW, the offer for budbud kabog stands, hehe…

  67. What a worthy cause MM. I was born in Iloilo City; and Guimaras is where my Lola and my little mom hide during WW2 and where my lola’s sister was captured, tortured, paraded naked and killed by the Japs, so it brings memories of stories I could not forget. I now live in Laguna and Mandaluyong but that part of PI is dear to me.

    I really can’t think of anything I would like to request for Christmas 2006 but know whatever you come up would be yummy and nice. Or perhaps something for big fish, turkey, and whole chicken?

    Rob from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

  68. Renee, that comment was priceless. Marketman, again you contine to inspire. Thank You! San Juan City, (Manila,Philippines)
    Will have to give the holiday feature request more thought.

  69. Marketman…as I have mentioned many times, my day is not complete without visiting your website. It makes my day and yes, I have tried your ensaymada recipe…perfect and lots of other dishes.

    Well, could you please let me have a good lengua and puto recipe (it does not match)but it is for different occasions. And oh yes, some quick breakfast meals.

    For the xmas holiday, i think i want to prepare a real good morcon.

    So long…and have a great wonderful day.

  70. I have been to Guimaras and it is such as beautiful place.

    Lee from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

    (my comment sounds so sane. i need a check up)

  71. Great idea! You could feature Guimaras mangoes for a thematic effect; or a really excellent ‘sans rival’ just to see if the cake lives up to its name. :-) P.S. Am writing from the States–Philly and DC.

  72. Worthy cause there, MM. Maybe, you can feature some ‘kakanin’ recipes before the Christmas/New Year holidays. I like ‘ube’ very much; will appreciate it if you can give us such recipes with ube as the main ingredient. More power to you and your blog.

  73. really no pain at all,i would be more than pleased to suggest something to be featured this coming season,my fave holiday Christmas! plus i get to help the people of Guimaras indirectly, yey! if you could please feature fruitcakes, i would really love ’em..
    btw,loved the comment that you’re an angel behind a fish pan..true,true..
    – blue from san rafael, bulacan

  74. You are certainly a league of your own. Your generosity and kindness will go a long way especially for the folks of Guimaras.

    I have never cooked in my entire life until your blog got me interested in cooking. Today, my wife marvels at the dishes I prepare. The bad thing is that she has turned over that responsibility to me.

    You’ll hear more from me in the future. Hope to bump into you at Salcedo this January.

    Good luck!

    Len (Retired & Living)

    34 weeks in the Great State of Texas
    12 weeks in Salcedo Village, Makati
    6 weeks in (Cape Cod) Mashpee, Ma.

  75. MM,

    I am definitely one of the 95% who visits your blog but fails to leave a comment. I read your posts everyday without fail but somehow feels either too busy to leave a comment or can’t think of a comment worth sharing with your readers.

  76. What a great way to jumpstart the season of giving!

    Its not a Christmas food but would love a feature on banana bread, i have looked far and wide but cant seem to find the perfect one for me. The yaya of a grade school friend used to make a fab one and that is what i have been craving for… it has been a 20 yr search!


  77. Guilty as charged, I am a lurker from Parañaque, but for the Guimaras aid I am showing myself :). I’d be so happy if you can do your version of kaya toasts. I fell in love with this humble breakfast staple on a recent trip to Singapore and have been salivating over it ever since.

    thanks and keep the good food coming!

  78. Hi MM. Count me in.

    hi maddie from cebu. i’m maddie from makati (currently) but born and raised in bacolod city.

  79. Hello Marketman! Thank you so much for your generosity to the people of Guimaras. God bless you & your family!

    Math, from Makati

  80. Hi from the UP/Balara area.
    As you are yourself on a diet, I wonder if you can feature how to cook granola Marketman style. My wife has been doing granola using whole oats and preserved fruits, and I’d like to see your take on this great breakfast item.

  81. hey MM!

    bless you and your family for such generous heart!

    please feature recipes for putong puti, chicken relleno and embotido.

    erleen from pateros, metro manila

  82. Hi Marketman!!

    You are such a sweetie. How’s about your favourite fried rice recipe, or any kind of fancy rice dish? Not very South Beach-friendly I know. Anyway all the best to ya, from Melbourne Australia!! :-)

  83. mabuhay ka MM!

    i make it a point to visit your site on a full stomach otherwise i end up rushing to the canteen. maybe a recipe for lengua?


  84. Hi Marketman, anything to help save guimaras!

    Your website really got me hooked, it’s really so very, very interesting and the pictures are great!!!

    For the holidays, how about giving us the whole shebang… a great christmas/new year dinner menu ala marketman with matching recipes!!!

    PAM, paranaque

  85. this is my second post (my first is the favorite dessert contribution). i always try to comment whenever asked (if I have something worthwhile to say), and this one I think is most worthy.

    all the best Marketman!

    Kathleen (from London, UK)

  86. for my neighbors in guimaras. (i’m from iloilo but manila-based now.) thanks for giving us a chance to help, mm!

  87. well count me in. i find the extent of the modern filipino diaspora pretty amazing really. I wonder if there is any country in the world that doesn’t have resident pinoys…maybe north korea? i heard that even in Iceland they’ve got 14 expat kababayans living amongst them. Wild.

    I’m boycotting Petron as well. the cleanup job i hear is woefully inadequate so far.

  88. for a worthy cause, i am coming out from being a longtime lurker to this blog.

    keep up the good work, marketman!

    sta. rosa, laguna

  89. hope more people will become more aware of the guimaras situation. it’s sooooooooo right next door to negros. so if the oilspill will reach sipalay, it would be a terrible blow to the tourism industy in negros.

  90. Thanks for giving me a really good reason to forgo my lurkerism.

    As for Christmas 2006 requests, this may sound weird, but when I was a kid, my dad used to get these really huge galantinaesque roast chickens with stuffing from a restaurant along Makati Avenue (I don’t know which, because I was too short to see from inside the car) for Christmas, I never liked chicken, but I loved the stuffing.

    I’d really appreciate a similar recipe, or better, if you (long shot) have any idea which restaurant it was, I’d really appreciate it.

    I’m from Ilocos Norte when I’m here. :-)

  91. count me in too. i read your blog on a daily basis. maybe that is why I am gaining a few pounds just readin it. Keep up the great work.
    i really enjoy your post on the more unusual pinoy foods.
    I am born and raised in MM and now based in NJ.

  92. it’s so sad about guimaras…Petron doesn’t seem to give much their effort to clean it all up….

    food request: rellenong bangus with no pork….and pansit malabon / palabok / luglog….

    big fan mo talaga ako…brgy. magtanggol, pateros, mm.

  93. MM,
    What a nice gesture. God will give it back to you shaking, pressed down and running over!!!!! I would like a good recipe for hamon (malapit na ang Pasko)…Born in Mandaluyong, living in Dallas, Texas for 21 years….

  94. just learned your site from a friend
    think I’m going to be hooked from now on as I love cooking

    you have an ingenious way of showing generosity to others…. God bless you

    – from Oxfordshire, UK

  95. Count me in, MM. For your holiday post, may I request a recipe for Cochinillo, the type you can slice with a saucer.

    How about a regular post from Sister–I’d love that, too.

    And more posts in the genre of fish pans and grape scissors, please :-)

    Born and raised in Malolos, Bulacan, now a resident of Taytay, Rizal.

  96. Finally out of the shadows!! Thanks for all your work and effort on this blog. I enjoy visiting your site every night. Born in Manila, now residing in Apex, North Carolina.

  97. puto bumbong, christmas without it?? hindi pwede yun. . . it’s nice to know that people care and do anything they can to help the oil spill, that is the christmas spirit. . .

  98. i just discovered your blog and i enjoy reading it a lot. thanks for giving us the chance to help out. i’m from makati and my food request is chicken pastel =)

  99. Thank you again for a FABULOUS blog, MM! Maybe you, or your now visible lurkers would know this. As a child, my Ilocana yaya would always bring back to Manila this suman: it was a kalamay type, that was poured into a section of young bamboo. That bamboo was now roasted over coals (I think) to cook the suman inside. Then they would break open the bamboo, and the now solidified “kalamay” would be in the form of a roll, like an embutido, coated in the white inner skin of the bamboo. You could then eat this as is, or slice up and fry, just like embutido. What is this suman called? I can’t remember anymore. Not that I can duplicate that in NY, but I just want to remember. I can still taste it though! It was my favorite pasalubong from my yaya, when she came back from her annual month-long vacation!

  100. bonjour..fil-american living in paris. am from LA taking mba in insead. miss filipino food sooooooooo much. your blog is comforting. even if i can’t eat it! luv the visuals. words & pics bring back fond eating memories and tastes. there are no fil. food stores or restos. here. one day will ask a pinoy lady who works as a manager at the grocery i go to. maybe she knows..otherwise, thanks for keeping up the blog!

  101. Yet another silent reader coming out into the open! I don’t let the day pass without visiting your site; and I just realized how widespread is the foodie community you have spawned. It’s a phenomenon! Apt to be called MarketMania.

    Kudos to the Guimaras initiative!

  102. I am not exactly a lurker cause I’ve left some comments before, but not as often as I might have wanted to. I visit your site at least twice a day, and more so on weekends when the wife and I had the time to try some of your recipes.
    I’ve said this to you before and I’d say it again, this is an incredible thing you got going on here. You can’t imagine how much it had made a lot of your readers feel good about their culture and the food that they had missed for so long now.
    How about running for mayor of Makati ;), or a cooking show, maybe. I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong with Arroz Valenciana. Tried making this before, but I just couldn’t seem to get it right. BTW I’m in LA.

  103. Ever since I came across your blog, I have stopped navigating the web looking for recipes to try. Just like everyone here, visiting your site became a daily routine for me. Tried your chicken inasal and became a big hit with friends and family. How about something on “bagnet” (Ilocano specialty). Is there a way this can be done at home, especially outside the Philippines?

    Born in Manila, raised in San Juan, living in New Jersey

  104. Hi MarketMan,

    Ever since I got hooked reading my sister’s blog (Christine aka GypsySoul) I ventured into her links and other blogs. I must say yours is my favorite. I just had my 5th baby last year and decided I would be a full time housewife. Prior to this, I left everything to the cook so naturally my family thought I didn’t even know how to fry an egg. But once I made up my mind, I “borrowed” your recipes and cooked the ff so far… the lumpiang ubod, calamares, bicol express, fish with balsamic vinegar, the talakitok, i made a halo-halo bar, several of your salads and just tonight the the buffalo wings. All great tasting. They now think I’m a genius. I just tell them about this certain Marketman i discovered. They even asked if you’re the reason behind my sudden weekly crack of dawn trips to farmers market. I guess if I am going to learn, I need to start from there and I have found it to be so exhilirating. Seeing the produce etc is such a lively experience. So just to let you know, your my inspiration behind my new hobby:-) Thanks so much! Your blog is fun, intelligent, informative, concise and a breath of fresh air. I was born in Manila of Filipino, Spanish, Swiss decent and my family’s favorite dish is Filipino with a touch of European flavor. So your blog is heaven sent. Keep blogging. Won’t be shy to comment anymore, I’ll risk catching any virus as long as I get to read your next posts. Hehe. I reside in Mandaluyong. Haven’t gone thru all your past posts yet so am not sure if you’ve featured my fave filipino drink…sago’t gulaman. Also wondering if you have any recipes for mango desserts…like mango cream pie or mango torte. My family is nuts over mango and like you, mangosteen.

  105. Dear MM,

    1. I remember really enjoying your ensaimada post. How about you experiment about making the most perfect (native style or not) hot chocolate? It’s not too hi-tech for people like me who hardly cook to also try out. :) Dang, I’m feeling Xmassy already.

    2. Re: Petron. . . I was at Connecticut cor EDSA and needed gas, so I went to . . .CALTEX! My default used to be Petron on the other corner. No more. They’re getting none of my money.

    3. I enjoy it when your posts deal with uncommon fruits and vegetables.

    -fabian (Quezon City)

  106. Hello :) I just want to say it’s great what you’re doing here. I visit this site at least once a week, came across it through the Dessert comes first blog.I’m from Vienna, Austria.

    And for Christmas? Humm some good Philippine desserts would be great.

  107. Instead of just responding to this blog why not ask marketman on how to make donations to UNICEF for Guimaras too…. :)

    Nice and Cool blog :)

  108. Hi MarketMan,

    Ever since I got hooked reading my sister’s blog (Christine aka GypsySoul) I ventured into her links and other blogs. I must say yours is my favorite. I just had my 5th baby last year and decided I would be a full time housewife. Prior to this, I left everything to the cook so naturally my husband and kids thought I didn’t even know how to fry an egg. But once I made up my mind, I “borrowed” your recipes and cooked the ff so far… the lumpiang ubod, calamares, bicol express, fish with balsamic vinegar, the talakitok, i made a halo-halo bar, several of your salads and just tonight the the buffalo wings. All great tasting. They now think I’m a genius. I just tell them about this certain Marketman i discovered. They even asked if you’re the reason behind my sudden weekly crack of dawn trips to farmers market. I guess if I am going to learn, I need to start from there and I have found it to be so exhilirating. Seeing the produce etc is such a lively experience. So just to let you know, your my inspiration behind my new hobby:-) Thanks so much! Your blog is fun, intelligent, informative, concise and a breath of fresh air. I was born in Manila of Filipino, Spanish, Swiss decent and my family’s favorite dish is Filipino with a touch of European flavor. So your blog is heaven sent. Keep blogging. Won’t be shy to comment anymore, I’ll risk catching any virus as long as I get to read your next posts. Hehe

  109. Lengua and chicken galantina, please.

    Born, raised, educated and married in Los Baños, Laguna (home of the original buko pie.) :) Now living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

  110. Way to go MM! God bless you and your family!

    I do visit your site often and have tried some of your recipes. Thanks a lot…

    from Cork, Ireland

  111. I am all for your ultra generous deed for Guimaras, however, I am quite disturbed about hooting for a boycott of Petron stations. I am affiliated with Petron and believe me, the operators of these stations have nothing to do with the oil spill at all!In fact I’m one of the people out there enraged with Petron’s treatment of this catastrophe. I heard too that they even had the gall to call on their rank and file employees to give up their Christmas bonuses to donate to the Guimaras oil spill fund, when the company itself declared millions (or billions?) in revenue each year…and you should hear about the perks of their top level managers: millions spent on restaurant bills, golf games, out of town trips..all at the expense of service stations operators who literally get crumbs in fuel revenues. I would suggest everybody pissed at Petron write them directly, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already deluged with tons of hate mail on their website. It’s http://www.petron.com.

    Just so I could contribute to your fund, I’d like to request a mango torte recipe.

    ..from Quezon City

  112. Have been avidly reading your stuff for about 12 months, Market Man – really about time I emerged from the shadows. No personal Pinoy connection, just fascinated to read about fantastic food, enthusiastically described. How about investigating some recipes with cooked rambutan? Great cause, good luck.

    Mr. D, Birmingham, England.

  113. Based on the comments above, it seems embotido is quite popular. I’d love to have a good embotido recipe myself, since I am quite wary of buying it from supermarkets or bazaars.

    And for Guimaras,

    Just like the clever comment of the retired lady way up above, I divide my time thus:

    11 hours in QC
    11 hours in Taguig, and…
    2 hours on EDSA

    (though I dream to be able to say in the future that I spend 6 months wandering around Europe and 6 months in Manila, heheh)

  114. Hi there! Been a lurker here since I discovered your blog from Lori’s food blog DCF. I was looking for Bicol Express recipe, and my search led me to your site. Another recipe that would really interest me is the Chicken Pot Pie. I want to make it from scratch. I hope you know how to make chicken pot pie and post this recipe.

    — MRJP from VA, USA

  115. hello market man! you are generous.
    for Guimaras.
    re. recipes, what about puto and sapin-sapin? not sure if you have it in your archives. i read the blog on bibingka. still have to try that.

    thanks from haddon twp., nj

  116. you have a very big heart MM, bravo!!!!
    born and raised in Calaca, Batangas now living in Los Angeles, CA

  117. just to let you know that i read your blog daily without fail eversince i’ve accidentally discovered it. love the pictures and everything in it. i miss home so much. wants to go back but feels that life will be hard for me and my family there. i envy you for having this opportunity of doing what you love most.

    i grew up in bicol, worked in manila and now am here in the bay area.

    thank you for sharing your delicious and wonderful recipes.

  118. mabuhay ka! keep the recipes coming.. i enjoy reading your blog. sana sipagin akong magluto one of these days. im living by myself kasi kaya mas madaling bumili :P

    i wonder if you know some ilocano recipes?

    los angeles, california

  119. All the best to a worthy cause.
    The suggested morcon and embutido recipes will do nicely, thanks.
    I was born and raised in South Cotabato, now in Auckland, NZ.

  120. I have a lot of sunburned-memories of Guimaras where we’d cross the waters from Negros island in our little boat. I cringe each time I see photos of the beaches coated in oil. I think Petron should do the decent thing and clean-up the whole darn mess.

  121. Not sure if your site was down yesterday, but I have been trying to log on so I could “de-lurk” for a worthy cause. I have been a regular visitor for the past couple of months after I found it Googling for a longganiza recipe.

    I second Lisa from Toront’s request for lengua estofado :)
    orn and raised in Olongapo City, now in Kinston, North Carolina.

  122. MM, this is a great thing you’re doing. Would love to hear more about seasonal items (produce, fruit, seafood) as Pasko approaches.

    -Ed: born and raised in San Diego, now in Santa Barbara, CA.

  123. MM, the world needs people like you! Morcon would be lovely. Zita- Born in Quezon City, grew up in Makati, currently living at Brisbane, Australia.

  124. Marketman, you ROCK! — Gigi, Santiago Village, Makati! (Where Caffe Maestro, new SOMS Noodle House and EDC Chicken Inasal, Buddy’s Pancit Habhab are …)

  125. Ok. Didn’t bother reading the full post…. I would like you to feature Morcon and Chicken Galantina please…

  126. Mr. MarketMan you really are something :) well as for me let see, I have been dying to find a recipe of dinuguan with gata (not the chicken one its like the typical dinuguan with intestine and other stuff but it has a gata on it, well that is according to my friend). A friend has let me taste it when her uncle had cooked for her in one of his visits. I have been looking for it for the longest time :) God Bless you and your family :)

  127. Hi MM, I remember buying puto bumbong from a street vendor in Batangas after simbang gabi when I was a kid. As an additional freebie, the vendor would usually have some kind of tea made from avocado leaves. Do you know how to make this tea? LHB – Montreal.

  128. MM,I read your website almost every day except when im’out of town at palagi mo akong ginugutom lalo na pag seafood ang nasa picture.
    Iba ibang recipe nang pancit.
    Born in La Union and been here in Palm Springs California for 30 years.

  129. It’s like food for the Soul…reading your site. Keep it up MM.

    Am from Angeles City – but currently in Abu Dhabi, UAE

  130. What I’ve been reading and seeing on yr blog over the last year about food in the Philippines is one major reason we’re planning a trip to the Philippines (a first for me, Dave lived in Baguio for 6 mos way, way back) for the leadup to Christmas.
    No recipe requests but I’d love to know about December food festivals around the Philippines so we spend our time (and eat) well.
    We’re in KL, Malaysia. Home country USA.

  131. How about a plain Puto? Maybe a siopao asado or sweet brown kakanin?

    Really nice service you’re doing.

    La Union family,
    Live-All Over

  132. Grabe ha, ang dami mong readers! Kudos for this good deed you are doing. Nice to know my comment will result in a donation for a good cause. Market Manila is like an addiction; if I can’t access the site I get withdrawal symptoms!

    Born in Cebu, raised in Manila, reluctantly living in CA :)

  133. Been a reader for a over a year but I think this is jus the third time I made a comment. this is a good idea marketman!

    miss ko na pancit malabon…


  134. Bless your soul, MM! Count me in for that worthy cause.

    I visit your site once a day, either early in the morning or early evenings. So far, I have posted replies twice since I found your site last year. Been contented just reading lately but not today, I have to leave a message:)

    I don’t know why, but as soon as I finish reading the news about the Philippines online, I would direct my mouse to go find your site! Maybe it’s a case of trying to find something pleasant to read after all those nauseating news about our leaders’ greed for power and corrupt practices.

    How about doing this same idea of yours for another cause? That is helping in our own little way to fight corruption in our country? I know, it’s a bigggg think but we can make a start…

    By the way how about a recipe for morcon? I remember this dish from way back, now I want to learn how to make it, but just don’t know where to get information from.


    Featherston, New Zealand

  135. Thanks for this very special idea MM. More power and God bless!

    PS: Pls. feature your yummiest Carbonara. Salamat po. :-D
    PSS:I’m born and bred in Bicol. Currently in China.

  136. another reason to love marketman. thanks for this brilliant idea!

    currystrumpet from mandaluyong

  137. MM, you’re the best! A great cook with a big heart, how about that? Can’t think of any recipe to request right now, I just follow whatever you post each day. God bless you! Regards from Saudi Arabia.

  138. How about the Ferrinos Bibingka and the Mango Tart from MAnila MAndarin Hotel way back 1979 and early 1980’s???
    ALoha!!! from the Beautiful Island of Oahu.

  139. thanks for helping guimaras. write to petron and sign the petition. write to gma and go to the rock gig of dinig guimaras at bela bar wilson street on sept 30!

    now we are in the subject about guimaras, id like to see a mango recipe for christmas!

  140. Bless you for the aid to Guimaras. Our mango farm is in one of the hardest hit area — Barangay San Lorenzo.

    Petron should help us because they are insured. They should not hide under any pretext. Exxon made good when the Valez spilled all that oil.

  141. Bonjour from Montréal!

    Hope you and your family are safe during the storm.

    My comment is long time due, I’m have to admit. Although I’m sure I’m one of the many avid fans of your blog who checks out what’s new in your blog almost everyday. I must say that your passion for food is enriching us all and this passion spreads like wild fire.

    As a Bicolana from Naga, I was particularly pleased when you featured the magnificent Mayon volcano and some Bicol dishes.

    Also worth mentioning is that I was ‘introduced’ to the music of Florante Aguilar, a Philippine guitarist based in California, whom you featured in your blog and whose concert in Montréal this October will be produced my friend. Small world indeed.

    Even of more importance is your community involvement in a cause that needs a lot of help.

    Bon courage, as we way in French. Keep it up!

    Riza Trillanes Esmeralda

  142. Hi MM,

    I’ve left comments before but not lately. I continue to be an ardent reader though and like another commenter earlier, I visit your site after I read the PDI and Philstar online.

    When I see something saliva-drooling on your site, I immediately tell my other friends who are in London and US about it so they too can drool with me. At least, pare-pareho kaming naglalaway. haha.

    This is a great idea you have re the donation. May your kind increase!


  143. wow, ferrino’s bibingka brings back good memories! i miss that.

    NYCMama, i think the ilocano suman is called tupig (?) or sounds like that.

    i would love to have a recipe for baby octopus – i always order it as an appetizer in a greek restaurant in manhattan, i’m pretty sure they cook it with balsamic vinegar.

    another recipe i’m constantly looking for is salpicao!

    God bless you and your family, marketman! gotta read the bubod kabog post – i have no idea what it is!

  144. Have been a regular reader, infrequent commenter. Much appreciative of your blog – have shared with family, friends & classmates. Born & raised in Tuguegarao, Cag. with Pampango parents (so food is a big part of our lives); moved to the big city to study @ UP. Now in Waterloo, IA with hubby & 2 teenage girls. Have encouraged our bubwits to read your blog for their cultural education. Maraming salamat po.

  145. a great cause!

    as for filipino food during the winter season..any mouth-watering dish that will warm the tummy, satiate the palate, and remind you of the philippines while taunting the frigid temperature outside because you just had the best meal…

    fairfax, virginia

  146. Hi MM, I want to write more often but I am almost always quite busy. Sometimes though I can’t resist especially if its a topic that I really like and there’s something more to say than what has been said in the other comments. Cheers.

  147. Hi MM, you are not only generous with the recipes you share but also with helping those in need. I pray that Guimaras returns to it’s old beauty and that the whole area rises from this very unfortunate event. I once stayed at Isla Naburot and it was a wonderful place. The Guimaras mangoes are the best in the world!
    I am a quiet lurker, but a very full one! If only food you talk about can just be transported to where I am, I wouldn’t be so homesick!
    -Greenwich, CT

  148. A worthy cause indeed. Hmmm so many choices – I plan on devouring everything when I go home to Manila for Christmas. Maybe you can feature La Paz Batchoy – not exactly Christmas food but definitely good in cooler weather.

    Warmest (and I do mean warm = 80 degrees) regards from Los Angeles.

  149. Hi MM! Great idea you have though I admit I never posted any comment on your blog but still I keep on coming back. I like everything you have here. Thank you for making this site. God bless!

    L.R.A.F.B, USA

  150. Love your blog Marketman and I visit twice a day its my routine schedule (grabe nuh lol).
    Keep up the good work and God Bless you and your family.

    Susan From the Buckeye State..

  151. ‘Sure thing, MM. Anything for a good cause :).

    ‘Am partial to ‘kalamays’ during the holiday season … anything cassava-based are always a favorite of mine — be it the cassava cake or suman (yup, we use it for suman in Laguna, at least in my hometown, that is) or my quintessential favorite, the “budin”. This one has this crusty, dark-brown layer on top when it comes out of the oven. Underneath it is the almost gelatinous, brownish thick layer of cassava. Yum. It’s something I snacked on almost everyday after school as a young kid.

    ‘Am an avid reader of your blog and ‘been reading it off-and-on since last year.

    From the SF Bayarea, CA. More power to you MM and keep the passion up!


  152. it’s my first time here and i’m interested to find out what alternatives there are for the fast approaching yuletide season! :)

    on saturday, sept 30, we will be having our rock event for guimaras entitled, DINIG SA GUIMARAS. proceeds shall be to Task Force Sunrise. Do check it out and thanks in advance!

  153. I live in Hawaii and really enjoy your blog! Although I am not Filipino, I grew up with many Filipino friends and am now married to a Filipino man. I have to say I have learned more about Filipino produce and foods in the several months of reading your blog than in my first 38 years! Keep up the great work! And prayers go out to all those affected by the Typhoon. I grew up in Guam so I know what it’s like to pick up after a storm.

  154. You’re such an inspiration, MM! Keep up the good work.

    Sylvannas recipe is what I need. Thank you.

    Lani from Quezon City.

  155. I’m late to the party, but want to be counted! Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts on food and life with us everyday.

  156. Greetings from Hong Kong.
    An environmental chemist by profession and a “Friend of Unicef”…I’ve got no choice but to come out! Good work, MM.

  157. i don’t have a special request as i love all your posts (sipsip aside). but i did want my comment to count. blessings on your effort!

  158. Maui, Hawaii, now expat in Japan- so close to the PI and yet so far away.

    I enjoy reading your blog. It brings back a lot of fun and delicious childhood memories…
    Every month I look forward to Jeff Steingarten’s article in the Vogue magazine. A month is a long time to wait. Now I can have my daily dose of foodie reads by checking your site. Keep up the good work.
    One request- could ask all those who bottle bagoong for export why they have to add that hideous red food coloring? I won’t touch it so I make dishes that should have bagoong without it! And it’s not the same. waaaaa!
    I think it was in this blog that someone posted a recipe for a basil drink. I have a lot of basil right now and thougt I’d try it but don’t remember which post?????

  159. Such a generous soul! May a deluge of graces (approximately like that dumped by Milenyo)rain upon you and your famliy.

    Maricel – Plaridel, Bulacan

  160. There are a lot of mango plantations here but nothing comes close to Guimaras mangoes! (even if planters here say it tastes the same feh)
    -currently in Kununurra, WA Australia

  161. I would love a festival of kakanin for the holidays. My dad is from Bacolod and I would love to read a recipe for puto manapla and kalamay hati. I grew up in Manila and I now reside with my 9 year old, 70 lb english bulldog in West Hollywood. California.

    I visited Blue Kitchen last April encouraged by your post. I brought back to the States bottles of good food.

    Keep up the nice blogging!

  162. Hope the people of Guimaras recover quickly and I hope to visit someday (and I hope MM gets its power back soon — I mean Metro Manila!)

    Ciao from (boring) Makati, M.M.

  163. leche flan recipe for the holidays and chocolate coated polvoron as give-aways!

    am surprised you had an entry despite the nasty storm. here in valenzuela city, our electricity conked out as early as 10am. it was a spectacle seeing the limbs and branches trees being tossed around like mad, gosh!

    and yes, i join your guimaras crusade ( God bless you, mm) and i am boycotting all petron outlets!

  164. for that great food spread at isla naburot in guimaras island! indeed, may recovery be quick.

    pastillas, yema atbp. christmas goodies?

    thanks, MM!

    antique province

  165. I truly admire you, MM, for your unfailing generosity, surpassed only by your appetite! ;-)

    I vote for a feature on Puto Bumbong. I love this, especially the Via Mare way with quezo de bola, panucha and tons of butter! Many think it’s made of ube because of the color, but it’s just purple rice, right? Is it really naturally THAT brightly purple, or do they use food coloring?…I just realized people who know me will say it’s so predictable that I voted for a purple dish, but I swear I didn’t realize that when I chose it! :-)

    I hope you and your whole family are okay after that horrific typhoon.

  166. What a great idea.

    Christmas food request: simple lang eh, but it’s hard to find a good one: leche flan

    Thank you from Mandaluyong City.

  167. this is the second time i’m posting a comment (the first was on the library book drive…) but i am addicted to this blog. and have tried out some recipes (love the sotanghon crab!)
    i’m just extremely shy! hihi..
    i would like to request for more crab recipes.
    thanks a lot for all the effort you’re putting on this site.
    you’re a cool man! keep the love coming!

    irene (pinay in singapore)

  168. Commending your efforts marketman :-)
    I too am a long-time lurker coming out of the closet. Please feature the chicken galantina.
    – Makati City

  169. Hello from Washington DC. I can’t think of any specific item for your December posts that has not yet been mentioned. But the offer of matching comments with UNICEF donations was just the impetus needed to make me write something. I’ve been visitng your blog ever since your Sister told me about the ensaimada recipe. Incidentally, I am one of the cousins mentioned in your 6/12/05 post about the wedding flowers. And yes–we must have been a sight wrapping the church balustrades while belting out Visayan wedding songs. :)

  170. i am a marketmanila peeping tomasa. a marketman addict. daily. without fail. i need my marketman fix. its an addiction i hope no one can find a cure. keep it up marketman. you make my day brighter. even with milenyo battering the city.

  171. Hi MM,
    Great idea to coax us out – your regular readers & fans who’ve never left a comment before.
    For Christmas goodies, hope you can share recipe of pastries which are easy to make. For distribution as gifts to frieds & officemates. Am a beginner, you see :) (am based in KL)
    God bless and keep it up.

  172. What a worthwhile cause you are supporting, Mr. MM! It brings to mind that social consciousness is a trait that Filipinos must really learn to practice. I guess the Philippines has had too many a share of natural disasters, now the recent typhoon, that the Pinoys get immuned to witness tragedies at national levels.

    I do hope you and your family are safe and that the effects of the typhoon would be less painful to all those affected.

    Best wishes from Stockholm, Sweden

  173. nice…. hmmm.. just so you’ll know… petron is doing everything they can to help… and it’s not their sole responsibility, mind you. in fact, they are also a victim of this… but i assure you, they have already spent millions on cleanup missions, medical missions, and even maintains a daily allowance for each household in the affected barrangays… not that i am siding with petron, but this is just the truth.. =)

    anyway, my organization is also organizing a benefit concert for the victims in guimaras. all proceeds will go to our relief operation which will be focusing on the little ones… the children who are suffering the effects of the oil spill. these little ones are suffering the most because they have poor resistance… yet, we still cannot find a date for this event because of poor fundings and lack of sponsorship flow…

    i think this thing of yours is great. spending your money on charity is much more better than just gambling it on nonesense stuff like some people do… it is so nice to know that people like you still exist in this world… if only we were as rich as you are.. hehehehe….

    goodluck! and godbless!!!

  174. Hi MM, i hope our political readers are as generous, as dedicated and as kind-hearted as you! :) please keep up the very good work.sana highly contagious ang ganyang character, para madaming mainfect so we can save our country from a lot of mess. i’ll appreciate a panna cota recipe.

  175. im a regular lurker now coming out for a good cause.

    MM, your website is such a delight to read. you have inspired me to cook and bake more often now than i used to. my boys (dh and 2 sons) are truly grateful that their mom has been cooking new goodies every week. in fact, i tried your ensaymada recipe (the reason why i discovered your site) yesterday. boy, i didnt expect this much work for my fave snack. even my professional series kitchenaid mixer was stunned to have finally met its match (meaning: nag over heat so for the very first time in my life, i had to hand knead the dough. napasubo ang arm muscles ko.) the result: not as i expected it to be. dont get me wrong.. taste wise, it was delicious (esp when its warm with all you can load of butter, sugar and cheese.) BUT its not the ensaymada I envisioned the final product to be. Mine was dense like a pandesal. Did I do anything different or is this the way it should be?
    I hope you can write back to me and answer my question above.

    For future posts.. hmm.. how about a philly cheese steak ala MM, pancakes ala MM.

    Keep up the very good work you have started. Not a day goes by without me checking on your site.

    From Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Formerly from Manila, NJ, Jakarta, Singapore.

  176. Thirteen years ago at a friend’s house, i tasted “sambal” from Malaysia. until now, i would dream of tasting sambal, or make my own with your help. i think it was made of ground shrimps and a lot of different spices. please, mr. marketman, can you feature this?

    cheers to your good cause. from a lurker living in cagayan de oro.

  177. I support your cause :) It’s a pity I haven’t have the chance to even get to Guimaras before the tragedy happens. I am embarassed that the only thing I know of the place is its mangoes. Period. Hey, maybe you can feature some nice unique mango recipe to salute Guimaras.

    – Cathy from Malabon City

  178. Hi everyone, thanks for keeping those comments coming. MY APOLOGIES for not being better about responding to your queries, but I am on day three of no electricity and our area is badly affected by the storm so it will be days before things normalize…please bear with this…there is so much I would like to post but I only get a few minutes connection time a day…

  179. Hello from Bacolod City!
    I’m so so sorry I’m late for this one but I hope not too late to support your rally for neighboring Guimaras. Thanks MM for taking up this cause!

  180. Para sa Guimaras.
    Tubong Bulacan at minsan ding namirmihan sa Iloilo noong nasa UP Visayas pa, kaya’t me kapirasong kirot sa dibdib pagnapaguusapan ang sinapit ng Guimaras. Sana mula sa simulaing ito marami din ang ma-antig at maibalik muli kahit bahagya ang dating Guimaras.
    Mula sa kasalukuyang tirahan sa Korea bandang hilaga.

  181. Bravo MarketMan, what a worthy cause! I’m a Phil-Am, live and raised in the Bay Area for 53 yrs, your’s and Lori’s blog keeps me in touch with our heritage through food. I thank you for that. A mango torte recipe would be nice. Also, I noticed that when you had the poll on favorite Phinoy desserts, there was only 1 response for carioka other than mine. Since I’ve only had it the States, is it not common in PI?

  182. hi marketman!

    is there an easy way to bake brazo de mercedes? the one from my mom’s cookbook looked difficult (and well i’m not really a baker – i’ve only done brownies and a couple or so cakes) but i’d like to try baking something new for the holidays.

    and i’m based here in manila but consider nueva ecija as my domicile.

    you’ve such a big heart. more power to you and your family.

  183. Coming out of the lurking mode for a great cause to save the environment.

    Keep up the good work.

  184. a great cause and a worthy site. i will link you in my site. my hubby and son love spring rolls and curries(lamb,beef,chicken) while i am into herbs- and salads. location is qld autralia and as they say here, g’day. this is my 1st time to visit and liked what i saw. more power to you.

  185. Goodluck on you A-Donation-for-Gumaras-For-Every-Reader-Comment. Anyway, can you feature something made with TVP – Textured Vegetable Protein. When I was still in Manila, I was able to buy ground TVP or TVP chunks from a small cafe in UP Diliman, it was near the Gulod area I think. I used TVP before for Menudo and Picadillo.

    C=:-) Andrea, Los Angeles, CA (but I still consider Antipolo, Rizal to be my home)

  186. Hi MM, am also still without power at home, so I’ve been sleeping elsewhere. I’m borrowing my sisters laptop from her sons for a few minutes just to say thank you to you for this project! :)

    Paranaque , Manila (though typing this from Makati)

  187. I believe in your cause! The first five years of my life were spent in Guimaras (my father worked for PNOC-EDC and was stationed there for awhile) and I find it so sad that such a beautiful island is suffering from the effects of a totally preventable oil spill. May you be blessed a thousandfold!

  188. I was supposed to visit Guimaras a couple of times before, but I never pushed through with it. Now, its been turned into a virtual wasteland because of corporate negligence. I feel sorry for the residents + the flora & fauna affected. It’s really sad…

  189. Love your blog. I make time to visit it–doesn’t matter where in the world I am!

    From Singapore (recently relocated; but my home is in San Juan, Metro Manila)

  190. i’m with you in this worthy cause.
    thanks also for your wonderful posts!

    your fan,
    tei of san juan

  191. this is truly a brilliant idea!
    i’m hoping you could feature improvised way of making “puto-bungbong” and “bibingka”…i want to taste the traditional Christmas foodie ng Pinas while here in Dubai, U.A.E.

  192. i got here from bugsybee’s blog. it’s nice what you are doing to help guimaras. =)

    i’m from quezon city.

  193. living in another country, in this case, Hong Kong, makes one feel a bit distanced from disasters back home. come to think of it, even Manila dwellers are at times apathetic to bad news springing from anywhere too far up North or South. which is why i admire your efforts when it comes to Guimaras. kudos to you and the 250+ comments left on this blog. here’s hoping 250 more flood this entry. can you feature your fave resos in Metro Manila?

  194. good to be back with electricity after the typhoon.. i missed this blog soooooooo much!! hehehe! good thing i didn’t miss that much!! from pasig here but i have already shared this site with my sister in las vegas who also loves the site!

  195. hi! i’m one of the many “lurkers” of this site and i think you should be commended for even coming up with this post. i vote for lechon cebu to be featured! i’m from quezon city, by the way. Ãœ

  196. Milenyo really cut my internet activities, esp visiting my favorite blogspot (ehem!) So even if this is late, I am only too happy to help the Ilonggos of Guimaras. C’mon people, paabutin natin ng 1,000 yung comments. That’s a lot of budbud kabog!

    P.S. I’m just a local gal from Paranaque. :)

  197. Hi MM! I’m kinda embarassed that I’m only posting now, being a regular in your blog. Well, blame it on Milenyo! Just like you, we didn’t have electricity for 4 days. Great efforts on your Guimaras project! I’m from Q.C.

  198. oops, forgot to request you to feature something. hmm.. what about a nice chewy/gooey/heavenly dessert using guimaras mangoes?

  199. Hope this is not late, MM this is a very nice idea and very generous of you to donate something for the UNICEF, specifically Guimaras, I’m from Iloilo so your effort is really appreciated,thanks!

  200. Thank you for this! =)
    Am currently in Pennsylvania.
    Re. features, anything sold in those glass shelves in provincial bakeries. I miss local sweet breads…they remind me of my childhood.

  201. this is actually the first time i’ve been to your blog, and i’m so very happy that you’re doing this! it really instills hope for everyone!

    -kat, new york, NY

  202. I was about to post a comment but suddenly, there was no electricity. Great idea, MM! Now, all the voyeurs (at least most of them) are out in the open.

    Can’t think of a recipe request for Christmas. Just a question. Would you know where I can get peppermint extract here in Metro Manila? That’s all. Thanks.

    Ooh — btw, I’m from Cainta, Rizal.

  203. Hi from another long time “lurker.” Great site and commendations on your generosity. I’m always keen to learn about other food cultures so anything you feature on Filipino food is appreciated! From Melbourne, Australia.

  204. That’s the real filipino spirit!!! Hurrrayyy for people like you! :)- aimee from Manila

  205. Hi MM! Ang dami ng commenters ah!! E kasi your blog is one of the best so far. I always mention it to my friends and people I meet. Keep up the good work! You are my inspiration when it comes to cooking. God Bless! Blogging from Dasmariñas, Cavite.

  206. Hi Marketman! I am from Manila but am currently in Beijing, China. Keep up the good work!

  207. God bless you for your generosity. halloween is fast approaching, how about featuring some halloween treats and decors for the home.i’m from QC, by the way :)

  208. Hello, Mr. MM!
    Another one from shydom emerging and I hope am not too late! Such a worthy cause to ignore…

    I love your “recipe quests”, even the initial failed attempts! Can you please feature or find/concoct the best/ultimate recipe for chicken galantina (the type Rustan’s sells), morcon, regular simple chocolate cake with choc fudge icing, and white puto! A recommendation to a vendor would be great also.

    Thank you so much and bless you!

    JoyC (who earned so much ganda points with your pandesal recipe)
    Cainta, Rizal

  209. God bless sa good cause and kind heart mo.
    Magandang balita yan para sa lahat ng Pilipino. Sana ma-realize din ng mga tao ang importance ng ating mahal na Kalikasan.

    God bless sa future projects mo. Sana mka-join nman me nxt time (pero dis time nde na sa mga oil spill, tama na ung nangyari sa Guimaras)

    Sana u can feature din ung Bibingcrepe. Located ung main branch sa Tomas Morato, near ABS-CBN. Sobrang sarap ng food dun.

    Salamat. God bless ulet

  210. I just want to give my support to your cause MM! Hope you get your 500 comments soon. I enjoyed your ensaimada posts in your archives. I was wondering if you can feature an easy lasagna recipe. It’s so mahal kasi to buy it or order it from other people. Parang it would be something more special to serve this holiday season than the usual spaghetti or baked macaroni. Thanks ha! God bless you and your family!

    I am from the shoe capital…..Marikina City!

  211. How about a post showing your family picture? I’m curious to see the man behind these great posts.

    I’m a first time commenter and a long time lurker from Vancouver, Canada. I truly enjoy your posts and I admire your honesty.

    Mabuhay po.

  212. dear marketman….nice move. hope i can also help just as you intend to do. i am your avid reader since i found out your blog and i own a business of pastillas de leche,ube,yema.turoones de casoy anyone interested to order for special xmas gifts you can contact me anytime at 9361265 or my mobile at 09266215774 thanks from caloocan city

  213. What can I say? I have been hooked. I have spent days now on your site – morning noon and night I have been going through archives and am LOVING it!!!! I will need to have my eyes checked soon since I have beenn straining them from reading through all previous posts.

    You are God sent – keep it up MarketMan….

    Hugs from Hamilton Ohio, USA…..

  214. I am so excited to try making the Chicken Galantina. I have tried it when I was little and couldn’t forget it. I could still taste it and my mouth waters everytime I think about it. My only problem is where to get the “sinsal”. I live in Denver and occasionally go to Asian market. Hopefully I’ll find it there. Thank you soooo very much. My boring meat and potatoes will soon be over!

  215. where can i possibly buy good quality bubod?
    can you recommend any person?
    thanks in advance.

  216. googling for isla naburot brought me here :) but i do frequent your blog every now and then. here’s “my share” to your cause. goodluck!

    *commenting from makati but i hail from cavite



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