A Healthy Breakfast… :)


While ham and eggs, eggs benedict, a plateful of pancakes with a side of bacon, a roast beef hash, and even a sausage McMuffin seem like the most tempting things to eat for breakfast, I do occasionally try to get a healthier start to my day. Here, a simple bowl of greek style yoghurt, a few tablespoons of homemade granola with almonds and honey, some arils of pomegranate…


Served in a green ceramic bowl, it was quite attractive. The combination of yoghurt, fruit and granola was light but full of flavor, texture and lots of “good things” for you… :)


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  1. This should not be the “occasional” breakfast but rather the regular one. I really enjoy the combination of greek yoghurt and honey, seems to be a perfect match much like dates and walnut. On a side note, I hope everyone in the Visayas stays safe with the approach of the super typhoon. So soon after the earthquake, here comes another calamity.

  2. Good morning, MM. That is one breakfast I love to have. Yes, I mix my own granola. Off topic, just had a visit with Bebing in Fairfax. Also, hope everyone is prepared for the supertyphoon. Make sure you have the necessary provisions to last 72 hours or more. God bless and keep you all safe.

  3. this is power breakfast..making my own muesli mix too…and with yoghurt and honey nothing can sweeten the start of the day better than this…

  4. wow you all can eat yogurt! i can only eat the flavored ones… i tried the non-flavored variety (full fat, non-fat, low fat…)… managed to get down a few spoonfuls (with effort!) and then forgot about it in the chiller… =)

  5. Hoping that you and your family, as well as your staff and other readers of this blog in Cebu and other areas severely affected by the typhoon are ok. Stay safe.

  6. I loooove yogurt and have been having it for breakfast every single day for the past several months! Recently had it with blackberries and rye bread. Yum, yum, yum!



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