A Holiday Sideboard a la Marketman…

We have spent 20 out of the last 21 Christmases in our home. The one year we were away, we spent the holidays with family in New York in their home, along with a wonderful trip to snowy Vermont for a hit of that very New England White Christmas of the songs, movies and greeting cards. We have floated the idea of taking a trip abroad during the holidays, but our daughter nixed that notion quickly and said there is nothing like celebrating the holidays in our home (this coming from someone who is at school in frigid weather at the moment). Mrs. MM and I take that as a compliment, and understand that we have tried hard to build family holiday traditions and memories…

When December rolls around, a lot of STUFF comes out of the cupboards, some of it seen only around the holidays. We inevitably place many items on a sideboard, and inevitably one ends up arranging things so it doesn’t just look like just additional storage space. This is what it looks like this year on a typical day in mid-December. The only styled thing about it is the addition of foil wrapped Christmas chocolates, to add color for the photo up top. Otherwise, this was how it appeared. From left to right, are everyday items like an olive wood salt cellar, a peppermill, silver bell and toothpick holder on one of our molave boards. A pressed glass bowl from the 1930’s or earlier(?) from my grandmother holds some cheery holiday chocolates. Some red wine glasses on a silver tray. Behind that some new additions from a recent trip, olive oil canisters and a beautiful parmesan cheese grater from Alessi.

A sterling silver drink strainer in case Bond, any Bond, wants a martini, shaken and not stirred. :) Some silver chopstick rests, for those dinners with an Asian twist. A bowl filled with more chocolate christmas “ornaments”. Glass candlesticks in the background (forgot to buy tapers for this Christmas, anyone know where to get good ones in Manila?).

A silver gravy boat, inherited. Two wine buckets, a gift from Sister. Several bottles of red wine out at the ready. A white poinsettia in the background and under the table.

Two types of candy canes round out the table at this point in time. It isn’t Christmas without candy canes in our household. And those two silver tea infusers almost always seem to be exclusive to holiday use. Only two infusers out until our daughter arrives just before Christmas. It’s a relatively quiet run-up to the holidays this year, but the house is still filled with the aroma of baking gingerbread, several kinds of cookies and cakes, pine incense and scented candles. There’s nothing like being home for the holidays… :)


2 Responses

  1. I enjoy the Christmas posts, MM. Love the silver drink stirrer and tea infusers. I agree with The Teen.. there’s no place like the Philippines for Christmas.

  2. those tea infusers and the the cheese grater look like Christmas ornaments themselves! merry christmas to you and your family, MM!



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