A Luxurious Start to the Day…


There is something decadent and luxurious about breakfast buffets at good hotels. If the breakfast is “included” in the price of the room, you are even more inclined to indulge, if not feel “obligated” to take a real stab at the vast offerings. Breakfast at home is often a single dish affair, and it doesn’t make sense to put out say 6 different jams and preserves if you are just munching on a re-heated croissant for one. But at a hotel, the more stuff to pick from, the better. At our recent stay in Hanoi, we had breakfast in our hotel three times, once at the continental style buffet in the lounge on our floor, and twice at the predominantly Vietnamese style buffet in the Vietnamese restaurant on the ground floor. At either buffet, the selection of jams and preserves was a feast for the senses. The most unusual selection that day was a dragon fruit preserve which I have never come across before…


After two days of local food, my breakfast at the lounge consisted of a self-styled chef’s salad, with smoked salmon, chicken, greens, beautiful grape tomatoes, pistachio nuts, etc. I had that with some fresh mango juice and several rolls or croissants. :)


The Teen had had enough of the noodles and grilled meats, so she ordered eggs benedict for breakfast. Not the finest she’s come across, but a nice way to start the day.


Mrs. MM had a mushroom omelette.


Another morning, we started out with a selection of fresh tropical fruit (so darned sweet and at the peak of their existence), glasses of lime and lemongrass juice, and a constantly refilled basket of croissants, danish and other baked goods.


The Teen had one of those sickly sweet Vietnamese coffees, made with condensed milk.


Mrs. MM opted for an omelette with hash browns and beans…


…we each had a platter of local breakfast goodies that included noodles, freshly made spring rolls with pork stuffing, and steamed buns… on another morning, with no camera in tow, we had chicken or beef pho (yes, it’s actually breakfast food).


The teen had these little jars of yoghurt with muesli or granola, with fruit on the side.


Despite the plate of local goodies, I went back for a classic fried egg, sausage, potatoes and beans. :)

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14 Responses

  1. Kinda made me want breakfast fare for dinner.. Where to go for eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, or corned beef.. Hmmm..

  2. i know i’d never be able to try all the varieties, but there’s something very luxurious about breakfast with a wide selection of jams and preserves. and i can never make omelettes the way the hotels do….

  3. Yum for the sort-of English breakfast and unlimited croissants! How’s the croissants, MM? Are they buttery and at par with the croissants in France? I am hoping, yes, since they were a French colony for some time. I love croissants!

  4. Breakfast, indeed — whether composed of scrumptious fare or otherwise — is one of the true luxuries in life. It’s having the time to savor your existence slowly and reflect with gratitude for the blessing of waking up to another brand new day.

  5. oh breakfast love! i also love to eat beans during breakfast and omelettes and greens and sausages. nakakagutom mr. mm! :)

  6. I love cafe sua nong! Vietnamese coffee is so good, we didn’t have to buy them at fancy coffee shops because the coffee in the streets were as good and a lot cheaper.

  7. I am not a brekkie person but the photos made me want to have omelettes for breakfast tomorrow!

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