A “Nutty” Diversion

We lunched yesterday together with a group of friends and colleagues at an outrageously bizarre Japanese restaurant name Ryuma at the Paseo de Sta. Rosa complex in Laguna, and the conversation inevitably segued to bizarre Japanese television game shows. So if you can handle the ballsy humor, you must watch this video for several minutes of deep belly laughter and amusement. I have to say, as a guy, it isn’t as easy to watch this as you might think, but it’s so outrageous that I thought I would post it for a light moment for marketmanila.com readers. :) And just when you thought that was enough, click on this video for some marshmallow desserts. :)


11 Responses

  1. OMG.that’s weird. it’s so hilarious, i’ve got a really good laugh before hiiting the sack. thanks mm.

  2. You must have the balls to join this (lol) , or a little crazy to join in the head (lol) or you should wear an armor!!! LOL…

  3. Sorry MM, what i’m trying to say is ” or a little crazy in the head (lol) to join this…

  4. Aww!! Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! (Downtown: ‘This is no task for kids!!). Truly a classic/legend in Jap comedy/variety show. I do hope that they internationally release a DVD compilation with English subs. My favorites would be the “No Laughing at ….” series and the annual “Goodbye, Yamasaki” skit.

  5. hehe. you should try watching the episodes when they try to speak in english. by the way, i like this show because they donate money when they lose a challenge.

  6. He he ha ha ha !! I was the clerical ranks working for a Japanese car company quite a number of years ago, they had a videotape library of funny Japanese game shows, cooking shows and most were so hilarious – their sense of humor is so often ridiculously funny!)

  7. I also saw the same game at Eat Bulaga.. so that is where they might have gotten the idea but it is funnier watching the Japanese Version.. hahaha!!



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