A PHP107 Million + Lotto Jackpot


Tonight’s Philippine 6/49 lottery draw is some PHP107+ million or roughly USD2.2 million. Nothing stellar by North American standards where mega-jackpots go as high as USD200+ million, but not bad in the local context. I am sure there are millions of millions of Filipinos who have lined up today to get a ticket or two if only to allow them to dream for the next few hours what they might do with the winnings should the heavens designate them as this week’s lucky winner(s). I am not a big fan of lotto, as the numbers and probabilities make it a losing proposition for the Filipino consumer overall, but I do subscribe to the occasional daydream about a sudden jackpot and all the probable benefits one might get from it. So every once in a while, when the prize money crosses PHP100 million, I buy a couple of tickets, just in case. With odds of winning the jackpot at 1 in 13.93 million (according to U.S. websites), that means that a PHP20 bet should ideally result in about a PHP260 million prize. So all of those folks who won single digit million peso prizes got screwed, in a sense. Or if you win PHP50 million but share it with 5 other lucky ones, then you were somewhat unfortunate, in a way.

But total prize money given away when compared to sales of tickets are, and I am taking a wild guess, probably just 30-40% of the total take. So in essence, it is a bad deal. However, drop the logic for a moment and succumb to the daydream… A holiday in Paris flying a Singapore Airlines A380 and staying in their private cubicles in First Class, a new car, a wildly overpriced watch, millions of meals for grade school children, employment generation for folks out of work, a crack team of cookbook editors, proofreaders, stylists, photographers, recipe-testers… ahhh, I could go on and on. Trust me, spending this would not be an issue… So today, I asked all of our crew to choose their winning number combinations, and I purchased tickets for all of them, and a few more for myself, hoping that today is one of their truly lucky days. And while I was starting to daydream (along with everyone else in the house, I am sure) I realized I should be ready with my outfit in case I have to go to PCSO tomorrow to claim my prize. Of course I want to remain as anonymous as possible, so friends and relations won’t hit me up for a balato (spoils). I thought this outfit above was the perfect solution. Fetching, wouldn’t you agree? :) I hope if we don’t win it, a marketmanila.com reader does. Good luck! :) Oh, and if you see a picture in the paper of someone dressed like this claiming their prize, you’ll know who it is… heeheehee. :)


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  1. i bought a ticket too! can i borrow your outfit if ever i won tom…hehhehe! i’ll give half of my winnings for your grade school children.

  2. Good luck! I pray that you win so you can feed more school children and take the wife and the kid on a ride on the A380. Speaking of A380, I just dropped off the wifey at LAX a couple of hours ago to fly home and spend some quality time with her Mom in Baguio. I noticed that her Cathay Pacific 747 was parked next to a Qantas Airbus A380 and was wondering what it would be like to fly first class on their A380 although their private cubicles are not as good as Singapore Airlines. Hmmmm, maybe I should buy a lotto ticket tomorrow!

  3. The outfit gives an aura of someone who is already basking in a sea of wealth..like a sheikh maybe? One does wish that the pot money goes to someone who really needs it and can put it to good use. It must be terribly hard to decide what to purchase first…a house? car/s? pay off loans? trips? jewelry?

  4. Ha ha ha MM…you’re so funny…looks like you have the authentic costume? Is it?
    My hubby likes lottos…so maybe I should egg him this time to get a ticket-palagay ko he has one already. (I don’t believe in lottos eh)…can we borrow your constume if we win..hahaha..hope you do win so we can have an eyeball–and it will be on you!!! Yahoo!!! Funnnisimo…..

  5. marisse et al, I spent a few weeks in Riyadh working for a fabulous client, the owner of a huge bank and also much of the Four Seasons, Gucci, a small stake in Citibank… so the ghutra, or scarf is authentic, albeit a cheaper cotton one, and so is the agal, or black heavy cord to hold the ghutra in place… I haven’t had the nerve to wear it to the mall in Manila, though I did wear it to my daughter’s school for international day once and it seemed to be a big hit… :)

  6. My Dad has had the exact outfit, a gift from a Kuwaiti friend, for years. Before 9/11, it was a great Halloween costume paired with fake monster hands.

    I’m buying lotto tickets too, wish me luck. If I win, I will wear my Dad’s outfit when I collect at PCSO.

    First splurge? Pay off all loans, small and large, and secure my kids educational future. Then, gifts for people who have helped my family in the last few years. Then, plan a series of trips around the world for me, my kids and selected friends/family per destination. Then, call you for advice on how to invest/manage the rest.

  7. lol….you are so funny mm!!! Great costume.

    i hope you take home the jackpot so your costume can be use again, not to mention the great benefit of the feeding program

  8. The nice thing about the Philippine lotto is that its paid in a lump sum. Many of the foreign lotteries are paid over 20+ years. Not to mention your winnings are exempt from income tax.

    In this age of disappearing portfolios, people retiring without much savings, and all the luxury food and travel options, I just wonder how long Php 107 million would last?



  10. This post is so hilarious!!! Your photo is a riot! For a second I thought I got the wrong website!

    Good luck to you and your crew! I hope you win!

  11. I’m buying a ticket today, who knows, we might be able to realize those long time dreams. Hehehe!

  12. ….hilarious photo, MM!

    BTW, just as I was reading this post, there was a segment on the news here tonight about the Ontario Lottery fraud…So, a word of advice….I don’t know if they have the ticket machine there that you yourself check if you have won or not. …DO NOT JUST RELY ON THE WORD of the store clerk that you did not win! Take the time to check the numbers yourself!!!….always sign the back as well!

  13. Ah, too late to try my luck. I bought my first lotto tickets last December with a friend since we had never done it before. We didn’t win, but it was a fun experience. You dream, you imagine what you’d spend it on, your imagination is happy.
    Sheik MM, may you win and feed tons of schoolkids!

  14. what a coincidence! i was actually thinking of buying a Toto awhile ago. Lotto is called Toto over here and the prize money for the next draw is $10 Million (Sing dollars) = 310,000,000 pesos! :)

  15. wahahah.. nice outfit.. you look like someone from saudi hehehe…

    anyway… goodluck on your lotto fortune… I cant buy any tickets, its against my religion.. hehehe… ^__^

  16. In the US make sure the clerk returns the “non-winning” ticket to you instead of just declaring it a loser and keeping it in his pile… many a candy shop does that and then turns in the winning ticket.

    Marketman, you might consider wearing this head dress to your niece’s despideda de soltera. Or would that be very un-PC?

  17. won’t it be something if “my ship finally comes in” here in the Phil…maka bili nga….maybe i’ll have an eternal vacation..

  18. my late lolo (1916-2006) had the habit of betting on lotto weekly. i believe he started lotto betting since the 80s? so that would make him a 20-year lotto suki. he spent around P600 per week. i know he won around P23,000+ for the 5-digit correct number once or twice, but he never won the jackpot. so good luck to one and all! keep dreaming!

  19. Brilliant photo to go with a sensible (but really funny) posts. I do place bets in lotto pero I do the lucky pick. I don’t make alaga any number. I don’t want to be a lonely, grumpy old gal should the one day the numbers I take care of wins and I didn’t place a bet (aray ko talaga). Tipo bang sasabunutan mo ang sarili mo at puro pagsisi the rest of you life. But if it’s meant for you sa iyo ‘yon. So any number you bet on pag nananalo – swerte mo talaga.

  20. Bettyq,just finished baking some empanadas and used your empanada crust. Empanadas were nice,shiny and plump and per hubby and sons—very good! My bunso ate nine in one sitting. I still have to become better shapewise–but overall–A-OK. Will make another batch.I still have filling in the freezer. Thanks bettyq for your empanada crust recipe!!
    Made some fudgey brownies again…they’re so yummy. It feels so good when you get good recipes and get good results. So fulfilling….salamat MM and bettyq and all…

  21. Ahh, gambling… I’m glad I wasn’t born with the gambling gene, if there is one. That’s why I always remind our employees that even if they manage to win once or twice a year, they’ll still be holding the short end of the stick–because the house always wins, as they say. Do the math, I urge them. That usually works for a while, but then one of them hit it big this morning–I think he won 130K in sure-tres (or whatever that’s called)–and now everyone’s back to the corner lotto store to place their bets. *Sigh*

    Love the outfit!

  22. PCSO Charter Mandates that revenue is divided this way

    55% Prize fund (Including smaller prizes like hitting 2 out of 6, 3 out of 6, etc. I believe 38% directly goes to the jackpot though, so your guess is more or less on the spot)

    30% Charity

    15% Op expense

  23. betty q,thanks for sharing your pancit malabon recipe. got to try it! but is it okay to use smoked fish and aligi for garnish and rice giniling as thickener? for the sauce, how much canola oil is needed for sauteing? can i use freshly picked atsuete seeds? chicken broth usually comes in big packs/cans and it costs much.is there a substitute? sorry for all these questions coz i’m quite new in cooking. pls help me betty q. i just love pancit malabon so much. thanks!

  24. ay grabe na ito… ang haba ng pila!!! i would buy tickets but fail to checkthe numbers until sa mabura na lang yung print… siguro ako yung isa sa mga winners ng unclaimed pot… :(

    em, is it ok if i put in my two cents worth?

    i use the tinapa as toppings, but the meat is flaked, refried then ginigiling ko siya coursely. i toss the tinapa with the noodles, garlic, and some ground chicaron.

    you know its okay to put any toppings, the aligi will blend well with the flavors kasi seafood din pinanggalingan, pero hinay-hinay lang sa aligi kasi taas ng cholesterol niyan.

    when i realized i dint have breadcrumbs to thicken the sauce, i used cornstarch, but i didnt like the consistency kasi pagtagal, nagiging watery siya. the rice giniling has more body and will have the same thickning effect as the rice giniling does to kare-kare. tingin ko may mas body yung sauce if you use rice giniling than cornstarch.

    the recipe i got from malabon uses as much as isang longneck sa isang salang o recipe. bettyq’s yata is 1 cup. ako naman i reduce it to just as much as i need, yung tantyahan. i eyeball mo nal lang if you think longneck is too much or 1 cup is too little.

    you can use fresh annato seeds. i guisa mo muna sa mantika until magbleed o magkulay orange yung oil, then remove the seeds and use the oil to guisa the ingredients. i use the cube flavors,its cheaper and more available. i use the shrimp cubes para iisang lasa ang lilitaw. although in the sauce, i would include a little ground pork just for texture and mouth feel.

    enjoy cooking!

  25. you are such a joy! your postings always make me smile. God bless you and the family!

  26. Very nice cover up you look like one of those Arab sheiks coming down from camel ride and getting into the stretch limousines. To me chances in winning lotto are very minute not even slim but like a fine quilting needle. If your lucky star really shines on you it is a pot of gold. I hate when people get so hooked to it and kept pushing their luck until the last roll of change they have.

  27. EM: I think I mentioned before my thickener issues …maybe to those I have sent it to…anyway, I mentioned din the recipe to others that cornstarch tends to get watery as Chris said esp. if you reheat it…then flour just gives it the consistency of gravy (pasty to me). Breadcrumbs gives it the body I am looking for or texture I should say. If you don’t have store-bought breadcrumbs, why not make your own. You can use prepared croutons or sliced bread…torn to pieces and toasted in the oven…then just whack it with the bottom of a clean bottle (put the toasted torn pieces of bread in plastic bag). The only reason I said chicken broth is sometimes, I don’t have enough chicken bones to make my own. I have all the choices here to use…But use whatever is available to you. Don’t go out on a limb and buy whatever I use if it is not cost effective to you there. What I posted is just maybe a guideline…What makes a difference to me in taste (and I have my share of a looooooooooot of Pancit Malabons in my lifetime!) is the prawn-garlic infused oil coating the noodles and the BREADCRUMBS! Then you can make your own sauce but use the breadcrumbs as thickener…TOPPPINGS: whatever your heart desires!…sometimes, it is a plain as lechon and the the vegetables and tokwa and eggs for my non-seafood eating Panganay na baby and all the seafood I can find for my seafoood lover bunso!!!….the hubby has a choice of what he wants!!!!

    Achuete…Chris described it fully well how to prep it.

    I know this is quite a production in making it but I think you will be pleased with the results! Even my Caucasian friends have come to drool when I make this Pancit.

  28. Another thing…EM: do you have access to pork bones? You can BLANCH the bones first in boiliing water, then drain, them clean the pot and put COLD WATER….add the bones, some onion chunks, carrots or celery ( if you have the carrots and celery), pepperc orns salt, and boil and then simmer gently for a few hours…then use some of the PORK STOCK for the PANCIT MALABON and leave some stock and add pechay, potatoes and you have TINOLA to eat while making the Pancit…hit 2 birds with one stone, I always say!

  29. Our department pooled bets back in 1999 and we won yata P1,500 we bought mereinda for everybody and the P500 we bought tickets again. I remember being a judge in the lotto draw Tina Revila was the host and you get an honorarium of I think P1,500 if you are the chairman and P1,000 as member of the judges

  30. Ok. Nobody won! So everyone has another chance to borrow MM’s garb on Monday!!! Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Sunday draw.

  31. Sobrang nakakatawa ka,MM . . . plus with added informative posts from bettq et al . . . panalo!

  32. on achuete/atsuete/achiote/annatto seeds (or even called lisptick tree seeds): my lola had 2 versions on how to “bleed” them. i personally like the hot water version for making palabok redder-orangish. the hot water version – take about 1 heaping Tablespoon whole atsuete seeds and soak in about 1 cup boiling hot water, leave until the water is warm enough to dip your fingers to ‘mash’ the seeds in, ofcourse your fingers will also colour, but you do get most of the colour out. the oil version, same as chris, – you heat about 1/2 cup oil, low heat, then put about 1 Tbsp atsuete, then fry the seeds until they bleed into the oil.

  33. Oh, DARN! Now I have to buy more tickets. That’s what I don’t like about this lotto thing. And despite PHP100 million worth of new sales in the next couple of days, the prize money will only rise by 10-20 million maybe. Jeremy, thanks for the info re the PCSO charter. I suppose I am okay with 30% going to charity, and 55% going to winners if that is really the actual numbers achieved… Now if only I could be a winner… heehee. Oh, and I just checked, of the several tickets I bought, we managed to pick 5 out of the 6 winning numbers, just not all in one bet! Bummer! :( This is gambling, nothing else.

  34. Mimi the warm water atsuete soak works for me. What I do is I rinse the atsuete in water, then soak the atsuete and keep the bowl out in the sun for 30 minutes or longer and all the color comes out. When is is overcast I pop the bowl of atsuete for 1 minute in microwave.

  35. I really love this site. the topics drag you up and down, right and left. Food to lotto, rant to rave etc etc etc…
    The real spice of life – unpredictability!Thanks MM

    So did anyone win???

  36. it is fun reading lotto comments interspersed with soaking atsuete seeds… what’s the number for atsuete? I’ll cook up a new 6 number combo…

  37. Hahahahah! You’re soooooooo funny! Anyway, going back to leche plan, had anybody ever tried using pancake syrup instead of caramelized sugar? I discovered it myself and my leche plan turned out absolutely delicious. I have tried with maple and butterscotch flavor and both were so good. Or just choose the darkest brown pancake syrup in the grocery and for sure you’ll be amazed how good it is.

  38. wow wo! that’s something new… would like to try that, i think kids will like the taste.

    bettyq: how did you come up with that number? am figuring out… akala ko you substituted the leters with their corresponding no. pero atsuete has 7 letters, eh 6 lang numbers mo. code ba yan? hehehe

    from where we used to stay, the tenants of the apartments used to pool their money to bet on several combinations, at pagnanalo hati-hati sila sa pot.

  39. thanks so much again betty q! and to everyone who shares their knowledge and experiences in cooking, baking & other stuffs.i’m learning a lot from this site. Thanks MM!

  40. I also dream of riding an Airbus A380.. I heard rumors that one of Cebu Pacific’s long term plans is expanding their fleet with a couple of these jumbos.. they’ll probably use them for a budget LA-Manila route or so

  41. hahaha…At first look, I thought you’re gonna announce converted to Islam. Must have scared lots of lechon lovers, including moi.

  42. ooopppss…too quick on the click.
    meant ” …you’re gonna announce you converted to Islam. ” on my previous post.

  43. My apologies, mardie c”,) if your comment was directed to me! I will try not to interject any more comments NOT RELATED to the subject at hand…I just can’t help but reply to questions posted by others.

    mdg, maricar: I haven’t forgotten aboutyou!….response is on its way!

  44. I do not know how and seldom to look at the lotto station but the prize seem encouraging. Thanks Marketmanila. I think i should consider this once in a while.

  45. we have a daily bet in lotto . 365 days a year . .we still hopin for our luck coz my aunt had won already

  46. Artisan, the PCSO website estimates PHP130 million prize money. Yes, I did buy tickets again… :) That’s the problem with gambling.

  47. betty q., not directed at you at all. what i meant was, ang daming nag-comment. pasensya na bisaya kasi, i dont have a very good command of the tagalog language despite the pilipino subject in school. pls dont change anything in anyway, i love to read your comments and i learn a lot from them (as im sure the rest of the readers do) even though i dont cook :-)

  48. Ako nga ang nahihiya na sa iyo at sa iba kasi naman hindi ko mapigilan na sagutin ang mga tanong at madali ako MA-SIDETRACK!!!!

    OMG!!! 130 million PHP, MM? a word of caution or advice kung sino ang manalo among MM readers: it is so easy to get caught up in the hype once you find out you won! Let all the hype blow over! I am assuming you have up to 1 year to claim your prize esp. if given in lump sum! YOU WILL BE the target of those who will take advantage!..and NO, it DOES NOT HAPPEN only in the movies!…They will wait for the most oppprtune time when you least expect it. Though I don’t knowthe particulars, (not lotto winnings!) it happened to my sister’s in-laws (may he RIP).

    So, THINK nad PLAN ahead…for you own and your loved ones SAFETY!!!!

  49. Hi! This is my first time to view your site. Just got curious when i read ur column on health care this pm. I loved it,and promise to visit the site everynow and then.

  50. Oh Man, here we go again….hahahahaha…With the projected Php150 million….the lines are going to be longer….I wonder who I’m going to meet in line….hehehehehe.

  51. It’s already PHP 288M!!! I don’t believe in luck. Just computed the numbers lately it has 8.8 Billion combinations to hit the exact numbers.

    But still I can’t help myself falling in line in Lotto outlets to hit that 1 out of 8.8 Billion. Just focus on the PHP 288 Million. =)

  52. Dredd, its any 6 numbers out of 49, not in the order they are picked, so as such I think the odds calculation is 49x49x49x49x49x49 or roughly a 1 in 13 million chance. You can check the PCSO site and similar sites for U.S. 49 count lotto for confirmation. If the odds were 1 in 8.8 billion, the jackpot would have grown for years on end until someone got it right. But I agree with you, I’m in line for tickets for Sunday! Good luck!

  53. Did not see that post because I was flying to Manila….I did ask my asawa to buy a ticket for me…she just laughed at me…She does know I have won the Abu Dhabi Duty Free Raffle 15 years ago….Good to know you are a real big time consultant…to have worked with Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud…I will need your skills just before I settle in the Phils.

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