A Pungent & Heavy Load…


How to transport three humongous super-ripe langka or jackfruit on a motorcycle. Just pile them out back, secure them with synthetic straw, and pray that they stay together for the duration of your journey home…


I have seen all sorts of things transported on a motorcycle. But this was the first time I have ever seen three humongous jackfruit as the “passengers”. I was amused. Photos taken at the Murcia market, 20 minutes outside Bacolod City.


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20 Responses

  1. Everything is possible sa Pinas… when I visited my cousins in California one night out we decided to go out and use one car, my cousin in law made a comment “Ah Pinoy Style”

  2. I’ve always been amazed at how the fruit even stays on the tree.

    So sorry to go off the subject MM, but I’ve still got leche flan on my mind since you wrote about the carabao milk version. Imagine how happy I was to find fresh carabao’s milk in my neck of the woods! Mr. Moo now has a stall at South Supermarket in Filinvest Alabang. They have cow, carabao and goat dairy products.:)

  3. there you go!! as long as they ”get there” in one piece….remember the overflowing roof of jeepneys, busses and even tricycles??? cows, goats, animals crossing dirtroads?? home!!!

  4. di kaya super-lamog na ang langka pagdating sa paroroonan? not unless maganda ang dadaanan niyang mga kalsada.

  5. Depending on one’s career…they find their own solutions :)

    Have you tried latexless jackfruit? They are heavenly. Frozen and drizzled with rum or brandy….perfect for summer nights.

  6. In Vietnam, they transport everything (as in everything) via motorcycle. During a visit, I remember our guide telling us, matter of factly, that once she saw two guys transporting a ref in a motorbike: the ref was lashed in front of the driver rendering him unable to see the road in front of him. That’s where the other guy comes in: he is standing at the back of the driver and shouting out directions :)

  7. At least they tied the langka…I’ve seen 2-3 kids in one motorcylcle not tied up and no helmet :).

  8. Langka is one of my favorite fruits. In the province, we have a neighbor who owns a langka tree. My mother would buy a whole fruit from her, put spread banana leaves in a “kalalaw” (bilao)and slice the langka there. Then, kanya-kanya kaming kuha from there, nakasalampak pa kaming magkakapatid sa sahig habang kumakain. Sarap! The seeds would then be boiled and afterwards para papakin ulit.

  9. Ay Jun B. What I always see is one kid (the older one) sitting up front(holding the motorcycle bar and sitting top of the gas tank for pete’s sake ) and another kid squashed between the dad and mom (and holding onto dad for dear life). Mom’s arm around dad’s waist (to save the kid and herself from falling)with the kids bags and some groceries hanging from both arms. Dad and mom had helmets but the kids did not.

  10. Speaking of loading up motorcycles…on a trip to Samal Island in Davao, I saw a motorcycle carrying a full-grown cow slung across the seat! Only in the Philippines!

  11. 3 langka is nothing compared to the habal-habal I saw in Bohol: 4-6 people crammed into a motorcyle, the last two sitting on a wooden plank added to the rear of the bike as extension…

  12. Rhea, been there, done that. we were in an adventure trip in samar a couple of years back and access to some areas required trip via habal-habal. we were 5 people on the motorcycle plus the backpacks and other baggage, travelling down on about 40 deg incline of mountain trail! it was fun, but thinking of it now, parang hindi ko na gagawin uli.

  13. The habal-habal has to be experienced to be believed!

    On an Southern Vis/Northern Mindanao island hopping trip, I road a habal-habal with friends on dirt road around Siargao. I joked with my Fil-Canadian friend that he may get an email from me in about 3 months if I get a positive pregnancy test result.

  14. i love jackfruit! i remember back in the day, my mom would buy a whole fruit and we either eat it fresh or made into sweet desserts. Don’t forget the humongous seeds…we boil them until tender and eat it as another merienda.

  15. hahaha!!!! as they say…onli in the philippines……i love langka……its summer and its great for halo halo……yummy!!!

  16. yum yum! for halo-halo? turon? i like langka but i prefer the marang fruit. haven’t seen marang in MM though.. only in mindanao!

  17. With a side car (making it a tricycle), on my last trip to Quezon Province, there were 10 of us (including driver) in 1 tricycle – 1 hour drive trip to hilly resort.

    Paano nag-kasya, it still boggles my mind.

    At another trip, there were 7 of us (with a bamboo folding chair, and baskets) loaded on the rooftop.

    Pinoy innovations – original talaga!

  18. A wonderful creation of God..the langka. So “thorny” on the outside…then so nice,soft and delicious on the inside. A smell all it’s own.
    Cooked with turon…or just plain …really delish…….

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