Alimango Claws (Mud Crab Claws)

If your arms weighed 5-7 times their current weight, you would have problems keeping them hinged as well. crab claws In the process of catching, sorting, packing, storing and transporting alimango, their claws often fall off or are ripped off by accident. In the wild, these claws can grow back over time. Severed claws make great appetizer material without the hassle of cleaning the whole crab. These brilliant claw specimens were discovered at a seafood stall at AANI FTI Saturday market in Taguig but it turns out they are typically sold wherever there is a large turnover of alimango or mud crabs.

I broke my own rule of buying only feisty and lively whole crabs to ensure freshness, but the seller assured me that the claws were fresh and stored on ice. Thankfully, she was right. I have since purchased these at least 8 times and they have always been fresh. The last time I bought some I paid P290 a kilo. They were on offer at P400 a kilo at a Mall type market in Makati area – yikes.

What do I use them for? One Christmas season I was looking for a festive appetizer and decided to serve a cold crustacean platter that included cold steamed prawns, crab claws and lobster. To prepare, just wash or scrub crab claws with a brush and drain excess liquid. Steam for several minutes until the shells turn bright red and the meat is cooked through. Cool the crab and chill in the fridge if you want to serve them cold. Serve on a platter with one or more of the following sauces: cocktail sauce (ketchup, horseradish, tabasco, lemon juice, salt and white pepper), melted butter and lemon juice, and perhaps a dill mayonnaise. Serve alone or with other seafood. Remember to provide crackers (to crack open the shells, not Skyflakes or Carr’s, silly) for your guests. You may want to pre-crack the claws before you serve them – just make sure they still look good when served, not like some battered (abused) crustacean. Happy eating!


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  1. To whome it may concern!!!
    As a importer of overseas sea food, I want know how much are you selling the Alimango per kilo in your market. What kind of ingredient in there(this is most important)? I will put the iterm to my business relate with franchaise many restaurant which are my buyer.
    Hope you answer back soon.
    Best RDS
    PS: Here I am in R.O. Korea

  2. Johnlee, I hope you still get my message. This is late, as I just happen to be browsing crab recipes here in MM’s site. We have a fish pond in Samar, with alimangos (big mud crabs). In fact, we just harvested yesterday. would you be interested to buy for your requirements in Korea?

  3. bettina, I tried to email you privately to forward you RDS contact numbers so you could try and reach each other but my message to you at the address you gave bounced back. If you want the contact information, email me privately and I will try and assist. Thanks.

  4. marketman, i’m browsing the net for an exporter of seafoods specially mudcrab (alimango) and prawn (sugpo) when i happen to read this comment. We have a pond that culture prawn and mudcrab at the same time. Maybe you can help me get some exporter like Mr. Johnnee Lee. Thanks.

  5. Hello everyone. please email me prices of your crabs and sugpo at rpabiania@ yahoo. com. I have several retail and for export requirements. Thank you! Good day! God bless!

  6. to ms MYRA MORONG.i can give you prices of mud crabs and me,09282512225.gerry jr

  7. Gud Day!

    We are looking for Mud Crab Supplier to those interested please call me at; 0917-859-6291 OR 0922-8875070, king crabs only m7 up, we are consuming about 15 tons per month.

  8. sir ronie

    im just asking bwt d price of d mud crab dt u r buying m7 up. tnx hir my cp no. 09263380034

  9. good day. we are looking for buyers of prawns and blue crabs. i would also like to ask if there is a market for sea bass in the country? thanks!



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