An Avocado & Grapefruit Salad


I saw a similar recipe to this in a vegetable cookbook a while back and kept it in the back of my mind until I had the ingredients readily available. Avocados, and some BRILLIANT avocados at that, are now abundant in weekend markets and I bought a couple of kilos a week or so ago and let them ripen fully at home. I peeled and sliced an avocado and placed the slices in a shallow bowl, added some peeled and sectioned pink grapefruit, made a simple vinaigrette with the juice of the grapefruit remnants, some good olive oil, some salt and dressed the fruit. A light sprinkling of Piment d’Espelette and some coriander leaves and it was done…


While the combination may strike you, as it did me, as being rather unusual, it was refreshing, tasty and incredibly easy to make and eat. I don’t think I would go out of my way to assemble this salad again, but I would make it if I happened to have everything within reach. This is all part of a personal campaign to eat more vegetables and fruit — and while I am successful in that quest, I have also been eating lots of everything else, hence my current state of blimp. :)

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  1. A healthy , photogenic and unusual combination, but IMHO, not really a winning assembly:)

  2. There is a variant of this I really like – watermelon and avocado with some acid in the vinaigrette (lemon or lime), cilantro and lovely ground black or pink pepper.

  3. If you have JAmes McNAir’s cookbook, MM, try the pasta with the uncooked avocado tomato relish. it is so refreshing, and excellent if I may say so. I make it every summer when it is scorching hot outside. The sauce is similar to pico de gallo sans the cilantro and sub basil leaves instead. For the acid, you can use red wine vinegar if you don’t have balsamic. Add some toasted pine nuts. Be generous with the cubed avocado. I mash up some to add creaminess to the spaghetti and the rest all cubed. For the cheese, I have used torn burrAta and sometimes feta. For those in my neck of the woods looking for good burrAta, Cioffi’s on Hstings has the best burrAta. Phone ahead first and ask if they have the burrAta flown in from Italy in stock.

    Joey from 80 breakfast also has pasta with avocado sauce. Excellent as well!

  4. Off Topic: Congratulations to your Sister (and indirectly to you too, MM) for winning the 2015 Dalemain Marmalade Awards again!!!

  5. Jovita, you knew before me! :) Turns out Sister bagged 3 Gold and 2 Silver Medals — so all those bottles of jams I have been giving out come with medaled provenance… :)

  6. I love avocadoes! Not sure though if I want them with graperfruit! But the photos make them look apetizing so might as well give this combo a try. Thanks MM!

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