Anthony Bourdain in Cebu, Philippines…


I was up before the crack of dawn, deeply concerned about the weather. The day before it had poured buckets, and lechon skin does NOT take kindly to rainy weather, in my experience. From the 21st floor of our hotel, I snapped this spectacular photo of the sun rising, and I instinctively knew everything was going to be just fine, ancestral intervention assured. Let’s get something crystal clear right up front. I am not a chef. I have never even taken a cooking course. I simply like to dabble in the kitchen and am innately curious about ingredients and markets. This blog has expanded my food knowledge over the past four years. But “amateur home cook” is still the best way to describe what I do. So why I was suddenly faced with playing host for a day to a big-name world traveller/chef/writer/gourmet/adventurer, I will never really know. Anthony Bourdain was in the country for almost a week, and I spent nearly a full day with him and his crew filming part of an episode for his program “No Reservations, Philippines.” It was agreed a few weeks earlier that a pig or lechon or inasal was to be the centerpiece of the day’s meal, but the other dishes were completely up to me. I wanted the menu to reflect a REAL meal, something folks from that part of the country could really relate to. Festive yet simple. Reflective of the ingredients available on the island. By chance, I ran across Pigafetta’s (the Italian chronicler of Magellan’s voyage to Cebu) written account of one of the meals that they had enjoyed in Cebu nearly 500 years ago, in 1521. The locals apparently provided an offering of “black pigs” and presumably they roasted them after, and Pigafetta wrote, “cakes of rice and millet, baked and wrapped in leaves and roast fish,” according to a book by Doreen Fernandez. I also guessed that they must have had more sea-based ingredients, as well as coconuts and their by products such as vinegar, etc. I was utterly stunned to read of this account penned by Pigafetta. My menu covered practically all of the items he mentioned in the diaries. Sure, some of my dishes were a bit updated, but not by much. I was further heartened by my last minute tour of Sunday street food and a lechon lunch in Talisay, as many of the same food themes were consistent. This was going to be as real, authentic and native a meal as one could hope for in Cebu! If this type of menu existed before the Spaniards arrived, and survived nearly 500 years of history since, it must be pretty good…


We started off the day’s shoot at a market. Discussing ingredients, purchasing a few items, walking, talking and being filmed. Between takes, we talked about the part of the country that we were in, the fact that thousands of islands made up the archipelago and this meant that each island had its own preferred way of doing things foodwise, and yet there were broader themes regarding how we preserved our food, common ingredients, etc. that bound all of us together…


I must admit to a case of serious nerves about this whole thing and I don’t do particularly well in front of cameras, but Tony was extremely nice, very calm and that made this part of the day a little less uncomfortable than I thought it would be… I was sweating like a pig (apocryphal? and oxymoron?, as pigs have few sweat glands) throughout the hour and a half at the market, while the man from New York remained as cool as a cucumber.


The weather turned simply SPECTACULAR by mid-morning, and hopefully a view similar to this one will make it into the final program, a stunning panoramic sweep of the city of Cebu, taken by some of the show’s film crew from 320 meters up on the nearby mountains, possibly the FIRST time ever that this particular vantage point has been made available to a television program.


We had several pigs, both black and pink, on hand for the lunch and we used different stuffings and spices…


Roasting was done in the purpose built lechonan that was previously featured on this site, and in subsequent chapters of the “Lechon Chronicles.”


Here a photo of a STUNNINGLY FRESH, six kilo tanguigue, caught off the island of Bantayan in Northern Cebu. After a cell phone discussion with our scout or purveyor who was sent to the shore where the bancas were unloading their catch, he picked this specimen, packed it vertically (as though still swimming) in an ice-filled cooler, and rushed it on a hired jeepney on the roughly two-hour journey to the city of Cebu, arriving just before I was to slice it for one of the dishes at lunch. And this theme of fine local produce harvested or picked at just the last minute would apply to much of the menu, a key to the overall rustic feel of the meal. Coconuts were harvested on the property just minutes before we used their water or meat, tuba was collected before dawn on the western side of the island of Cebu and rushed by bus along with artisanal coconut vinegar, scouts to the East and North of the city were hunting for the freshest gems from the sea, tons of lemongrass and green onions were picked steps away from the lechonan before they were stuffed into the pigs which were then impaled on green bamboo poles also cut from fresh stands of bamboo nearby, and one of our attorneys even hand-carried delicacies from the nearby island of Bohol on a ferry that landed just hours before lunch…


The first pig, a black one done “Cebu style” came off the coals and within seconds Tony had a taste of the skin… nothing like lechon skin straight off the fire…


Other pigs including an “Accuchon a la Marketman” were cooked soon after, and the film cameras were soon on overdrive…


Guests each consumed several square inches of skin, comparing the accupunctured sections with more classically smooth skin, reaching for seconds, thirds and more…


And what better way to enjoy lechon skin than with an ice cold bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen?


But you will have to wait for the program on television to get Tony’s reaction to these lechons and for the rest of the menu at lunch that day. I must say that I was not prevented from blogging about this event, in fact, I was graciously told by the show’s producer that I could write anything I wanted, but armed with that freedom, I understand fully the responsibility involved, and I definitely will not pre-empt the program (which should air in the United States in late January 2009 or so, and several months later here in Asia) by listing details of the foods served other than the lechon or inasal… Participants at the upcoming Marketmanila lechon eyeball on November 15th will of course get the blow by blow personal account of the goings on that day… :)


I am hoping that all of the cameramen and women got sufficiently good shots of the lechon/skin and that the audio picked up the most glorious crackle and crunch whenever I sliced off a piece or when a guest stuck it in their mouths and chewed… Tapes did run out at critical moments, and some comments were lost for good. But in general, they must have shot nearly 12+ hours of film for perhaps just 5-7 minutes in the final program. We then sat down to a leisurely meal, sampling most of what was on the buffet table and when it was deemed fully documented, the cameras were put away and the crew got to enjoy a hearty lunch as well. It was this final hour or two that I actually enjoyed the most out of the entire day, and it wasn’t caught on film…


Soon after the equipment was packed away, I realized that I forgot to put out the lambanog, and we tasted this potent drink along with fresh tuba (the mangrove bark colored liquid in the gallon plastic jug in the photo above)…


The guests had departed and the film crew were eating their lunch and the relaxed conversation at the table was like any gathering of close friends, sated with the food, shooting the breeze, covering varied topics from food to travel and lots of other things… Tony is extremely well-travelled (duhh) and well-read. I knew he was a war buff so I dug up an old Manila Times Sunday Magazine from the 1950’s that dedicated the entire issue to Douglas MacArthur’s return to the Philippines at the end of WW II, that he read through between takes that day… With a gentle breeze blowing, under the shade of a kapok tree, this was as good as it gets… body language alone suggests this, I hope…


We laughed about the crew’s stories of crazed fans throughout their visit to the Philippines, and I had to relay my own story of three regular readers and commenters of this blog (Mila, Joey and Katrina + friends), who drove a total of six hours to try and catch a glimpse of Tony in Pampanga last week but failed. They brought me a bag of candy for Tony and asked that I hand it to him in Cebu and let him know that the three crazed fans were thwarted in their quest to see him in person. So here it is Mila, Joey and Katrina! Yes, he laughed and smiled heartily at the story and was thrilled with the sweets… Now isn’t that smile worth 6 hours on the road???


He graciously signed several authographs and is quite the doodler, drawing several terrific caricatures for The Teen and her food crazed friend back in Manila.


I would have never been able to pull off this entire day/lunch with Anthony Bourdain without the help of my Cebu family office crew, a 15+ strong complement of accountants, lawyers, messengers, finance people, leasing specialists, drivers, gardeners, maintenance personnel, who were all pressed into kitchen duty, prepping, cooking and serving a fiesta type meal. In addition to them, we had lechoneros, puso makers, kakanin makers, seafood scouts and purveyors, farmers et al also involved in some way or another. I thank them all for a job superbly done. Days before this lunch, a reader sent me a link to a youtube video of Tony in Bali and his views on the roast pig he had there… needless to say, our crew had our own OBJECTIVE with respect to the quality and taste of our lechons… and as far as we can tell, we surpassed our own lofty goals… And Tony was extremely gracious with the crew, posing for numerous photographs and signing many autographs…


But when all is said and done, the beauty of this experience had very little to do with us being the host for a day to a famous chef, author and host of world reknown food/travel program with a cable subscriber base of 170+ million globally. It was, in fact, all about a simple meal of the freshest ingredients, served as it might have been served 500+ years ago, to guests from a foreign land, out in the open, in the shade of nearly a century-old kapok tree, with a cool tropical breeze, accompanied by conversation and a camaraderie that seems to come naturally to all folks who respect their food. You could have replaced everyone at this table with popes, paupers, professors, students, investment bankers, artists or F1 race car drivers with the same result. I hope, if anything shone through, it was the ingrained brand of Filipino hospitality that welcomes anyone and everyone to our dining tables…


In the final days before the shoot, I was discussing the appropriate attire with some of my crew and we were teasing each other that we had to don a “bahag” or g-string, or more accurately a “loincloth” is what Datu Humabon apparently wore when he was the host of Magellan in 1521, with some gold earrings and a necklace, probably similar to those seen in this spectacular collection. But I thought I would be almost repulsive and unappetizing if I were sitting around with my gut oozing over the waistband of a loincloth, so I opted for a pair of jeans and this black shirt instead… And it is a choice I will personally regret for years to come. I mean, where is Bond when you need him? Or at least his wardrobe consultant? The shirt was fine in the market, but as the day progressed and microphones were re-attached to buttonholes, the buttons were unhinged and soon enough it was open halfway to my belly button and I only noticed it after we downloaded the photos. Yikes! So ignore the shirt, and imagine Daniel Craig’s abs instead. Hahaha. But never mind the fashion faux pas, and the euphoria may only hold until he shoots his next roast pig, but I hope what Tony wrote in my book also makes it to the television program, because I will take a quantum of solace from hearing “Best Pig… Ever!” all over again… :)

Note: All of the photos in this post were taken by Mrs. MM, The Teen and several office crew. I was so busy I never had time to pick up the camera and shoot a picture. Also, I want to reiterate that all of these photos are the property of Marketman and family and, and CANNOT be used without first securing written permission. I state this emphatically as I do not want the photos misused or misrepresented elsewhere in any way. I expressly prohibit any newspaper or news website of any sort from using these photos without first obtaining written permission from the author. Thank you very much.


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    I am also very glad that he loved Lechon Cebu, my favorite! Yummy!

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    You gotta have a video camera recording your Cebu EB, Mr. MM.
    Please. Pleeeeeaassse.
    Then have it downloaded sa YouTube. Para naman kaming mga hindi makaka-attend ng Cebu EB can also hear the blow-by-blow account of the Anthony Bourdain Pinas shoot. :)

  73. Wow! As in wow! Can’t wait to watch the show next year. AB is already a familiar face so I was more curious to see your photo, MM. Surprisingly youthful, you don’t look your age at all, but you look very much like your relatives. And trim! Can’t just be the black shirt, you really look good for someone who eats-dreams-schemes food as much as you do. Is there a job opening in your Cebu-based operations? I’m sure many of your readers would jump at the foodie opportunities you crew enjoy! :-)

  74. They couldn’t have chosen a better partner for this. You are one of the few people with whom the rest of the country can be totally assured that everything will be in order.

    The way you ran the AB weekend – hats off!

  75. Panalo! Can’t wait to see the show. I am such a fan. Inggit ako, kung alam ko lang, dapat umuwi ako ng Cebu. Sigh…

  76. Congratulations MM! i am proud to be in Cebu if only for this wonderful feature and for the best lechon this side of the universe! Just being commenters on this blog makes us feel as if we were part of this great experience. thanks MM!

  77. MM, when was he here? Did he visit Palawan? My husband is a great fan of his and he swears he saw Anthony Bourdain in El Nido. Of course I didn’t believe him. Should I have?

  78. hats off to you MM and your crew for such superb teamwork and organization! Anthony Bourdain is equally honored I’m sure to have you as his host! Mabuhay ang Cebuano! :-D

  79. I always wonder, when would MM finally show his face?

    I saw you MM at Mamou for their 1st anniversary dinner charity for your cause and I was intimidated to even say hi.

    So, it takes an Anthony Bourdain to finally “show up” :)

  80. Mia, I know of some of his itinerary, but I don’t think he went to Palawan… As for some early press reports he went to other Visayan cities, I think those might have been factually incorrect… It wouldn’t surprise my regular readers that I have a deep-rooted disdain for some press people who don’t get their facts straight, or who are more worried about getting a “scoop” than anything else… after all, how many of them have to face up/take responsibility for earlier inaccuracies when it proves later they were wrong? Rumor or gossip mongers is a more apt title for some of these folks who present themselves as reporters…

  81. I loved watching Anthony Bourdain in No Reservation. Can’t wait to watch it on TV. Congratulations MM.

  82. MM, you have a “baby face”!!! not that im saying u look old, but i think it’s better than me saying u “look young for your age”, hehehe ..

    On the other hand, although we have to wait for another 2 or 3 months before we can watch the full episode, this post was a “very good pang-pa-gana” to the main event, so i can’t wait to watch it! Congrats MM, to all who’s involved for making it happen!

  83. Hi, mm,
    I was directed to your site by a dear fellow foodie who lives in Toronto, Canada earlier this year and visited your site once. On Saturday, Nov. 2nd, she pointed me to the link to your excellent account of Tony Bourdain’s most awaited visit to our country. Tony has millions of fans here in the US, and my family is one of those millions, watching his every show even when he was still with the Food Channel. When he moved to the Travel Channel, we followed him there, and we can’t get enough of his honest, irreverent writing and commenting style, whether on humanity in general and on gastronomy in particular. This segment on the Philippine lechon would be a crowning glory to the unheralded cuisines in the Philippines. Congratulations to MarketManila and more power to you, MM.

  84. congrats marketman! i cannot think of a better host that can showcase food and the philippines than you.:) and i think this is the first time ive seen your face. the mystery of how marketman looks like revealed at the most appropriate time.:)
    congrats again marketman.:)

  85. Well done MM!!! Champion!!! Looking forward to the actual episode next year. Like everyone, I too had to read the post over and over again, and was relishing every desription and picture. Mabuhay ka MM, mabuhay ang Pinoy! Congratulations to your crew as well.

  86. Curious on “what he smells like or what particular body part he uses for smelling?” Hopefully, he uses his nose, just like a normal person would. What in the world?@#$% How does that pertain to… anyway.

    What an intriguing (weird) question to ask. Oh well.

  87. eej, I’m hoping the posts asking “how did he smell” actually meant “how did he smell like”. Like Eau de Pork? Unusual question either way, lol.

  88. Hi everyone, you snooze, you lose… heehee. Full frontal of MM now replaced with headless wonders… :) Consider that a moment of euphoria and temporary insanity… :)

  89. MM,

    Too late! I saw it! Congratulations on the pig-xcelent presentation to a world famous chef.


  90. MM:finally you showed your face in public kaya sa sobrang tuwa ng mga fans mo sari-sari ang mga reactions. Your the man MM keep up the good work. Atleast pag nakasalubong kita kahit saan pwede na akong magpaKODAK sa imo (nakatanim na sa utak ko face mo MM). Thanks MM and God bless.

  91. Congratulations, MarketMan, on a beautifully-written chronicle about one of my favorite chefs in CEBU, my hometown! Tony’s shows has always been a stellar attraction — he is SO down-to-earth! I’ll be looking for the Cebu episode in the USA… and BTW, I love Mila’s, too! Lorna

  92. Wow, this article makes me proud to be a Filipino (and a Visayan too). You’ve put Filipino cuisine in the global culinary limelight. Hats off to you and the crew.

  93. Gosh, so fun reading the entry and all the comments.
    Congrats, MM! and, gasp! you showed your face! :-) MM, got a question for you, once in a while, when we buy pork and after we cook it, some of the pork has that unpleasant urine like smell. would you know the reason for that? and if yes, how can we avoid that?

  94. Hi MM,

    There was never a doubt that you would pull this off superbly, except for a minor wardrobe malfunction :-). I’m not sure if I just missed it but did you tell us how the No Reservations people got to you? Was it through this site? If yes, then we all know how famous is now. Congratulations and long live this blog!


  95. Hello Mr. Market Man!

    I follow your blog but it’s my first time to comment.

    Hemingwayz, can we say (in behalf of our household) that we are soooooooooo inggit! Congrats, congrats!!!

  96. Great job Marketman!! We are so proud of you!!! We’ve all been waiting for this!!! Cant wait to watch it on tv!!! Time…pls fly… we can watch it!!!

  97. AB is one of my favporites. I have been waiting for them to choose Philippines, my home country. I always watch his show here in MN. Good job MM!!!

  98. good God! Goosebumps all the way! Good thing I’ve seen you from the channelnewsasia show, since I missed the full frontal :)

    This, plus, Obama winning? BEST DAY EVER!

  99. What can I say! I think you deserve every bit of publicity you get. I am a great fan of Anthony and super jealous…I also love the fact that you don’t post your face anywhere in your blog. BTW those pigs look yummy.

  100. Fantastic post, MM! Congratulations! Is there a way to get hold of a copy of the “No Reservations” where Best Pig… Ever is featured, sometime in 2009?

    Btw, I just saw QUANTUM OF SOLACE! Terrific action scenes and Daniel C fits the roll of a tougher Bond to a T. Very elegant and sexy in his Tom Ford suits. His black T-shirt get-up reminds me of your photo shoot with A.Bourdain. So there’s still hope for the Pinoy Mr. Bond!


  101. Hi MM! This was such a great read and like the others im so inggit!!! My husband and I love Mr.Tony and talk about what he would feature if he ever came to the Philippines. Lechon was on our list and what perfect way to introduce it than through you! Excellent excellent! In January I’m going to start looking for videos on-line. Sorry my EQ is low and I just cant wait for it :)By the way…any chance of having a n eyeball in manila? Or have you had one and I jus wasn’t paying atention?

  102. that shirt is sooo gay marketman! haha! although I envy you sir, for spending the day with one of my personal food gods, we eagerly await the Philippine episode of No Reservations, not just to see how Bourdain enjoyed the country, but also to see marketman – full frontal!!

  103. t2rad, it was a POOR choice of clothing. :) KittyM, I have had two eyeballs in Manila in the past and they were well attended… Rowi, will have to see the movie soon. Btw, I forgot to respond to a much earlier query of yours on Frusen Gladje. In the 1980’s in the U.S., there was a high end ice cream trying to compete with Haagen Daz and it was called Frusen Gladje… Marketfan, yes, through this site. Lety, I don’t know if this is true, but if you have an odd smell, apparently the meat is from a MALE pig, and an older one at that. Apparently, you have to have the female pigs or young male ones to avoid the smell… but again, I have NOT confirmed that.

  104. WoW ure so lucky!hats off! goosebumps talaga and naiiyak ako while reading the article with pics pa.Im truly a fan of anthony b.

  105. Hej MM,
    Many thanks for remembering the Frusen Glädje, considering your superhectic schedule.
    Will google the US Ice Cream market and will let you know.

    BTW, I thought of you and your special interest in Poilane bread, when I attended a lecture on Sourdough breadmaking yesterday evening. Interestingly, the baker/lecturer whose an advocate of sourdough breads using only ecological flour looks like a younger brother of the current Mr. Bond! And this happened in the course of one day – from Bond to Bread!

    Here’s their website if you’re interested Their english site will soon be up and running.

  106. Hi MM! I was so thrilled when I saw this post a couple of days ago. I submitted a lengthy comment but I realized that it wasn’t saved (BECAUSE OUR IT DEP’T AT WORK WON’T ALLOW IT!!!). I had to wait ’til it’s my dayoff and I’m at home in Pampanga to have the luxury to send my congratulations to you. Had I only known Tony was here in Pampanga I really would have made the effort to see him! Hats off to you, MM! Job well done. You really made us all proud.

  107. Cebu is such a lovely, lovely place to hold a fiesta (love the kapok tree photo — such bonhomie). Kudos to your “barangay de MarketMan” for all that effort! Am so pleased for you that the weather cooperated, and that the suckling pig skin was worth getting just right. My mom and I look forward to seeing this show on cable one day soon.

  108. OMG! you met Anthony Bourdain in person? that is so COOL!!! i’m a big fan of Anthony Bourdain. He is such a cool person. His job is my dream job! eating, traveling around the world, eating, hosting a tv show, eating and eating. hahaha. congratulations to you MarketMan. i want to watch the lechon episode! keep up the good work!

  109. As a true-blue blooded Talisaynon!, We have best lechon in the whole Phils.! and Antony Bourdain can attest to it! Proud to be a Cebuana!

    Miss the Lechon! From the airport I will go to Talisay to eat lechon when I come home from Sydney!

    Mabuhi ang Pilipino!

  110. MM, that was an appetizing job showing a cultural heritage of our beloved Philippines particularly Cebu. I felt
    “busog” and completely satisfied with the features. Thanks.

  111. Dear Mr. MM,
    I have never heard of you until now when a friend directed me to this blog as she mentioned about Mr. Bourdain’s visit to Cebu. Of course, my ears stood up right away. I perused your blog and was blown away by your transcript and pictures. OOOhhh, the nice crispy lechon or inasal as we call it in Cebu. I am an avid fun of AB also. Am looking forward to watching that episode next year.
    You really did an excellent job.
    Was there a dinuguan(Cebuano way)in your feast?
    Thank you.

  112. hi there!

    nice job you did! hope i get to see the show next year. so mighty proud of the lechon heritage and most specially from talisay city, cebu. way to go folks! hope you have more of these opportunities in showcasing our rich culture and history specially on food. congratulations!!

    enie sanchez
    dumlog, talisay city, cebu

  113. dear MM
    fabulous writing
    your work is admirable
    how does it feel to be with somebody who is really famous like AB?
    i am looking forward to get hold of your other works.
    yours in rlc,

  114. Better late than later, they always say:)

    Nakahanap nako ng mas “praning” sakin when it comes to getting their photos taken. Are you going out of your way to avoid your picture being taken or just camera-shy like me?

    I’ve been a long-time follower, so I’m surprised sa organized EB. It’s unexpected but welcome. Wish I was there!

    Hey MM, I recently took you off my feeds (Google Reader, in particular) because I didn’t think they were delivering enough at a glance. Can you do something about it? I love the blog but at some point, the technical plus the time constraint steps in. Help!


  116. Man, you are so full of yourself I don’t even know where to start. I just hope you weren’t as arrogant when you were in the company of Mr. Bourdain, for your sake, imagine the public humiliation. I guess we’ll find out when this episode airs.

  117. cherry, why don’t you read more of the blog, as I gather this might be one of your first posts out of 1900+ in the archives. If you are so sure I am arrogant based on your reading of this one post, then we will see if it is you who comes off as arrogantly correct or simply misinformed, misguided, or just plain stupid after the episode airs, assuming it does air at all… Are you just upset that 174 other readers had something positive to say and had to be a contrarian??? Or does a link to the University of the Philippines (your IP/email address) make you feel compelled to feel offense at anything that isn’t completely proletarian in nature? Funny how we can judge such matters on such short shrift, and be quickly misinterpreted… Reader reactions to your comment above, can be seen here, in case you were curious…

  118. I seldom leave comments here as I merely enjoy reading MM’s blogs. I love the fact that I get to have a glimpse of the kind of life he lives because I simply get inspired. Through the years, I have learned that he is no ordinary guy with ordinary means. However, never in any of his post did I get the impression that he is showing off. He simply shares himself and whatever fascinates him for the time being – from emsaimada to lechon.

    Also, unlike the other food blogs which became a vehicle of commercialism (how sad!), MM has remained true to his readers. As any blogger would know, MM does not earn or in any way profit from the efforts he exert in maintaining this blog. If at all, he uses his blog as a means of reaching out to the less fortunate.

    So, cherry, before you judge MM with such sweeping statements, be sure that you have read through this blog. Only then will you understand how uninitiated your comment was.

  119. hay, Cherry….i don’t think it’s arrogance, anybody would be “proud” if they were chosen by Antony Bourdain, wouldn’t you? MM is very good at what he does, I’m glad it was him, not some blabbering idiot filipino celebrity!If I did it , I would post every single picture on my blog and talk about it for days and days because “I AM SO PROUD” of what i have done. And I wouldn’t care about critics like you, because I met Bourdain,(in my dreams MM…) you didn’t!!!!

  120. Rest assured, MM, that folks from that school do NOT find you nor your blog arrogant. I should know, I am from there. Proudly UP, but not arrogantly so. There is a difference, yes?

    Cherry must not have read the blogs about the feeding program and the fact that the “fee” that the eyeballers paid went towards the program. I wonder what dictionary she uses when she looked up the word arrogant.

  121. great post. my friends and i here in the states (New Jersey) cannot wait for the No Reservations, Philippines to air! we will hopefully see a shot of you on there MM.

    so sad to see someone in bold print (tacky & obnoxious) rain on your parade.

    i love your blog and it definitely makes me feel closer to home. =)

  122. Hi everyone, the U.P. comment may seem uncalled for, but it is meant for Cherry only after reading her comment, t I do not necessarily mean it for all U.P. alumni. After all, two of my sisters attended U.P., my uncle was the President of the University, and another uncle was the Dean of Fine Arts. So I have a huge respect for the university. Perhaps a lot less so for Cherry…

  123. Marketman, there are more reasons to be thankful for your efforts and for your blog. Don’t sweat over that one.

    Have a wonderful Christmas season with your family, and enjoy the flavors while eating healthy!

  124. Cherry it’s ok to express you opinions on something you are so well versed on. But otherwise, try to know more about this blog and the writer before your say anything. And i will say it again – MM did a really good job on the Anthony Bourdain show and Mr Bourdain could not have chosen a better person than him! And MM, I and everyone else on this blog have evbery right to brag and trumpet about it

  125. MM, that person probably glanced this blog and felt she had to make a very nasty comment just to be DIFFERENT! Damn, reminded me of your frying fish pan entry! hahahaha!

  126. The Anthony Bourdain topic was the first I read in this blog and it piqued my interest all the more. I enjoyed it and found nothing arrogant about Marketman. I always visit this site since then. Keep it up MM!

  127. well, it seems that cherry is not a regular reader of this blog, so she commented too fast and forgot to check the facts first before typing anything rash!
    so cherry, hope you’ll read this: learn to check facts first before a sudden adrenaline rush clouds your vision.
    we all learn from mistakes anyway.

  128. Cherry, If you have nothing good to say, shut up or ship-out! You are entitled to your opinion but arrogance is yours not Marketman’s. It is this kind of pseudo-intellectualism from where you are that is uncalled for and unnecessary. This blog is a better place for uninformed persons.Sorry to the rest but these kinds of comments has no place on earth at all. Maybe you should look in the mirror or dictionary to find out what arrogance means.

  129. hi marketman, it is only now that i was able to chance upon your blog re anthony bourdain, i have visited your blog several times before and all i can say is that I AM SO GLAD YOU WERE CHOSEN TO BE ONE OF HIS HOSTS! this site of yours is proof enough for people(esp those who are discerning) to realize the rationale behind his choice of hosts while visiting our country. i am very discriminating when reading blogs about food and travel and yours is seriously one of those at the top (well-rounded, well-researched, grounded, very nationalistic, unpretentious and all the other great values that each one of us would be proud to have), keep up the good work and hope you host an EB when you find yourself in manila) :) as for the rude comment made by a so-called cherry and traced to UP, i’m very sure she wasn’t from UP and was just using one of UP’s networks, students there are not that stupid (obvious na alumni ako hehe)

  130. Cherry, I don’t know what you have against MM, but you’re the one that is being arrogant here. I don’t know what you were thinking when you were clicking away on your keyboard when you wrote that comment down, but I do know that what you are doing is something that is bordering on an insult. MM is right, read the other posts first before you judge who he is. Hell, most readers don’t really know who he is, most of us know him by what he posts.

    Just because you don’t have a chance in achieving the success MM has attained with this website does not give you the RIGHT to blast off and claim that he is being “arrogant.” I’m sure that you know better than this, but sadly, you did not use your talents for a good purpose.

    Honestly, I am disgusted in you, Cherry. You are a shame. A humiliation.

  131. I am an avid fan of A. Bourdain and I love the owner of this site for he is nothing but perfection to his craft.and for someone to make a very untasteful comment….God bless you.

  132. cherry’s entry sounds formulaic. an SOP for trolls, i’d suggest ignoring it or just deleting it. it has no contribution whatsoever to the thread and just hijacked the topic. by the boss MM when is this episode airing?

  133. mm, i’ve been a lurker for a few years now but i very seldom leave any comments because i’m content with just digesting the contents of your blog. having said that, i think cherry is just one those people who are so envious of other people’s success, she just had to rant. to cherry, MAMATAY KA SA INGGIT!!

  134. I was searching online for signs of Tony visiting Pinas. I’m so happy to hear that he’s been and done. And by the looks of it, they had the best guide too! I can’t wait to see the episode!

  135. PLEASE, please, please, tell me they were filming when Tony tried the tuba! i want to see how he liked it, and how it compares to all the other “native” drinks he’s had in other countries. but whether it’s in or not, i really can’t wait to see the episode.

    this is my first comment on marketman, but i have been a lurker for a while, especially during the lechon series. congratulations and i hope your blog stays on for a long time, as i intend to keep reading.

  136. Greetings from Poland

    I absolutely love all the no reservation episodes especially indonesian/bali episode that it inspired me to go there and have that pig! I extensively searched for that place and it was the most delicious roasted pig I had ever had.I’ve had filipino food before while I was in the states (California & New York) because my filipino friend insisted I taste “one of the best” asian food but it never really made an impression on my palette. But that lechon looks pretty good maybe it will change my mind and I can’t wait to see the episode but I have to admit comparing the above pictures of phil. to indonesia its not as beautiful as indonesia.

  137. wow! you are so lucky to have personally toured mr. bourdain in cebu! i can’t wait to watch this episode in his new season! and then i’ll see your face there!

    congrats, marketman!

  138. i think it will be aired maybe feb or march coz i just checked the sched for jan and it’s still not there!!ohh im so excited for this show!!ive been wonderin why they haven’t gone to the p.i…im so happy that they did!!finally!

  139. Congrats, MM! The PHILIPPINES episode is not yet in the horizon! Tonight (01/26) it’s the Azores, next week (02/02) it’s Chicago, and on 02/09 it’s “Food Porn” where “Tony presents a XXX selection of all that’s lip-smacking and luscious in the world. For hardcore viewers only.” Baka nandoon ang mga lechon from Cebu!

    I do hope that contributors in this blog heap all their adjectives only on food and cuisine and not on people, unless the comments are strictly positive. Otherwise, one might consider sitting in front of a mirror in the privacy of your bedchamber and bitch to your heart’s content. ;o)B

  140. Thank you so much for the time you have put in MM. I am of Filipino and Chinese ethnic lineage and had the great opportunity and experience to live in the Philippines from the age of 9 till 13. Glorious and wonderful memories.

    This episode will hopefully elaborate on our beautiful culture.

  141. Bob Hillsborough says:

    “I do hope that contributors in this blog heap all their adjectives only on food and cuisine and not on people, unless the comments are strictly positive.”

    I really don’t care if someone says something negative. I will be happy to indulge in an exchange. Besides, that’s the whole purpose of a blog right?

    If it comes, let it the fire commence. Extinguishing would be fun.


  142. Feb. 16 10:00PM ET
    (60 minutes)

    Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Season 5)
    TV-PG (DL)

    Tony visits the Philippines, the “Land of the Lechon.” He stops in Manila, which is a diverse combination of Spanish and Chinese cultures. Then he heads off to Pampanga to sample some of their rare delicacies.

  143. wow! by the looks of Anthony and his group, they had a grand time:) congratulations to you and your group! You’ve done our country proud!!

  144. Wow! Really loved the post! I’ve always wanted to know what happened to Augusto. I guess I’ll know in the show right? Please tell me that they shot Tony’s first taste of the lambanog and tuba. Great job MM! ProudlyPinoy!

    (ps: can I link to your blog from mine. It’s a new food blog.)

  145. yey! The episode will be aired on monday on the travel channel, 10pm PST. I miss lechon and Cebu…
    Thank you for the blog! Great job!

  146. been waiting for this episode forever!!!! thanks for the nice article, and i will visit this site often from now on!!!

  147. I’ve been hoping that Anthony Bourdain would do a show on the Philippines – am looking forward to Monday night’s show. Thanks for the preview!

  148. oh man i cant wait to see the show on MONDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love anthony b and i love u too marketman.. this is my first or 2nd post by the way i just browse usually but im too excited i love love anthony !!!

  149. Was that the best lechon hes ever tasted?????????? ha! cant wait to see the show and his reaction.

  150. I was crying while reading your blog. I’m a huge (HUGE!!!) fan of Anthony Bourdain from the first time I laid eyes on him in his show “A Cook’s Tour” and “No Reservations” which aired in Discovery Travel and Adventure Channel back in Manila. What a cool, smart, incredibly witty, and irreverent guy!!! I’m now here in the San Francisco Bay Area and still watch his show religiously. I dream of the day that he will go to the Philippines and feature our spectacular food and last night, I just saw a commercial of it and will be shown in 3 days (that’s a Monday, February 16, 2009. Today is Friday 13th). I got so excited and can’t wait for the big day! In one of his shows, he mentioned “I have to go to the Philippines one day”. I didn’t realize it has finally happened.

  151. I came across this blog while surfing this morning from the comfort of my armchair in sunny Florida. I had set out with the singular goal of uncovering bits about this coming Monday’s AB show in the Philippines, but I discovered so much more when I found this jewel of an online resource. Thank you Marketman for your words and photos. I look forward to exploring Market Manila further in the days ahead; you have another fan.

  152. I love the show and I have tons of respect for Bourdain. Mainly because he’s crass and straightforward but always with a profound respect for the food, the people and the places he visits.

    Thanks to you and to everyone who showed him a good time in our country. I agree that the star of the episode should be the hospitality and warmth of the Filipinos.

  153. I just saw the Manila/Cebu episode of No Reservations. And I was just glued to the set the whole time. My family here in San Francisco all yelled when he claimed that our lechon was the best pig ever. Thank you for one delightful show and well done! Good job in showcasing and showing the world the Filipino perspective that is rarely seen. Makes me proud to be Filipino!

  154. Long time lurker here. Just finished watching the episode. Did not know it was going to be on, did not know Mr. MM was going to be there. Bias alert: THE BEST No Reservations episode ever! This will stay recorded in my DVR forever (or at least until the hard drive fails). Way to go Pampanga and Cebu! Sir, salamat po for making me homesick again.

  155. I’ve been waiting for this episode since last year. I’ve finally watched it tonight. Anthony B. very nicely done, sweet, simple and yet profound segment of the Filipino cooking culture. I felt no pretenses, It was an honest to goodness look (with Augusto as backdrop) at the culture and of course the food in the Philippines. Hope you get to comeback even without the cameras but just a special special guest in our country. Mabuhay ka Anthony B. GOD Bless (Next time try the azusena :) )


  156. …Your lechon blew him away! I am so proud how Anthony Bourdain said about it being the best pig in the world..haha…or something like that.

  157. Just caught the show … for the 3rd time(!) tonight and as an amateur foodie-adventurer and longtime AB admirer and wanna-be, I’d like to add my kudos and appreciation to you, Augusto and the additional Pinoy guides, for representing the cuisine — and us — so well. In deference to those who have yet to see the episode, I don’t want to play spoiler and thus, won’t get into specifics but, you were all articulate, cogent and informative in conveying that which makes our cuisine unique. You clearly made a firm and favorable impression on AB. And for someone as influential as him, that certainly goes a long way.

    Mabuhay at Salamat Ulit!

  158. Totally second the opinion of Tone 2 Times – you (and your team)did a wonderful job not just with the succulent lechon but your insight was very well articulated. I couldn’t help beaming with pride but also in agreement with your thoughts.
    Filipinos have mastered the art of fusion by living(and dying) it all these centuries (in our history, the way we are open to other culture influences …well sometimes it was imposed on us). So it follows that the food exemplified the alchemy that blending. New world indeed!
    The comment about why, with so many Pinoys in US, are Pinoy restos not more prevalent like Korean, Japanese etc I thought your answer was truly reflective of the Pinoy – we are so laid back and resourcefully adaptable where ever we go.
    And just like any coping/survival mechanism you gain some but you also shed some vital charateristics in the process I guess.
    Some folks have been knocking Augusto, but I actually feel the contrast of him (quiet, shy and unsure) to the other Pinoys host like you (Claude and Ivan(?)) who were more confident and qualified to showcase the cuisine actually represented the sentiment of Pinoys across the board – from the lost, americanized Filipinos feeling like an outsider when going back to the mother land, the home sick, etc to the proud, hospitable, discriminating foodie.
    Thank you! You did a wonderful job and you have incresed my desire to educate myself more and be more connected to that vital part of me and my roots and to make sure it continues to live strong in my offspring as well. Who knew a food show could be that transforming?

  159. I think you look terrific in the show MM. I watched the show last night and am so proud of all those who hosted Mr. Bourdain, and Augusto. I must give Mr. Bourdain credit too for being so open-minded with our cuisine which am sure he does in all his travels. Great job MM! And thank you!

  160. I watched the video on the link you posted above but I guess it was shot before he came to the Philippines and had the taste of your lechon cebu. I was disappointed when I heard him say that the bali pig is the best ever so I googled anthony bourdain’s best pig and I was directed to his website and voila, Philippines pig/lechon cebu is no. 1 and balinese pig is at no. 2.
    Good job MM. I’ve learned a lot from your website, and everytime I think or craving of something to eat , I would specfically google your recipe for it.

  161. MM, the worst part about watching the Philippines episode of No Reservations is that I watched on an empty stomach! Big mistake, especially because I had no good food in the house. No lechon at least.

    Loved the episode. You saved Augusto and the show. Augusto is a great guy and I relate to him a lot for being “in between” two worlds since I’m Chinese-American. Enjoy the afterglow and experience it again when it’s broadcast in Asia!

    Best of luck,
    Eddie Lin

  162. saw it last night! you were an impressive host, glad Tony Bourdain went to you and the guy in Pampanga. It was a nice and complex episode, brought on by the complexity and curious case of the Filipino cuisine, and Tony was so shockingly nice in this ep too! I’m scouring your blogsite now..hehe. keep on keeping on!

  163. Hi. First of all, my sincere congratulations. You were really an impressive host and I’m proud of you!
    I just wrote a blog post on the episode after watching it last night. I googled some photos and snatched two. Then I just found out right now after surfing for more articles about the episode that the photos belong to you. It was also kind of late that I found out that I have to ask permission first. I sincerely apologize. But I would like to ask for your permission now if I can keep them in my blog (they are still there…) BUT! I’ll willingly take them out if you don’t agree. And if you’ll oblige, I’ll be happy to put you in my photo credits! And I’ll be happy to hear your inputs/corrections if there is anything I need to correct in my post. I’m not a good writer, I just write from the heart. Thank you so much! And good job!

  164. All I need to say is that you did an excellent job! Thank you for giving Anthony Bourdain a memorable time dining on our famous lechon baboy. I have never ever seen a perfect, flawless-looking, golden brown, delicious lechon baboy until last night on Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations – Philippines! Maraming salamat and mabuhay!

  165. I think that you saved that episode-singlehandedly. I bet there was a lot of clips that did not make it on TV. Hopefully, he visits the Philippines again with enthusiastic and passionate people showing him around. I think he ought to team up with Christine of Happy Slip.

  166. Hi it’s me again! I just saw that my comment has been published. But I’m not sure if you approve that I post your photos in my blog. Please let me know if I can. Thank you so much. And I’ll be back here a lot!

  167. You did us proud! It was an amazing segment. Your partnership with Anthony Bourdain showed well and everyone represented our cuisine and culture pretty accurately. Loved the food choices – sisig, kare-kare, sinigang, lechon – the classics. Keep up the good work! I am now a fan.

    Margie of Seattle, WA

  168. The show focused a lot on this guy who was touring T.B. around China Town. I was thoroughly disappointed with his explanations of the dishes and its origins. His reference to North and South without any context made it sound really anecdotal and quite frankly, really amateurish. I wish we had a super smart foodie who knew our food and more importantly its history and maybe some fun facts about the region for visitors who are interested and want to learn what we eat and little known things about it. That would be THE selling point for any visitor to the P.I. Your segment was the best part and I’m glad you were able to showcase what you knew for foodies to appreciate the context of your food selections.

  169. MM, i just saw AB’s no reservation episode in the Philippines. I tell you, i had to wait until 11:00 pm to see it and it’s no regrets…really! I have been an avid fan of AB, not bcoz’ i love cooking but i like his spontaniety and being down to earth. He’s a man of so much respect to culture. Anyways, I want to congratulate you for a job well done. Thank you for taking that role of representing our country by showcasing authentic philippine food and introducing it to the whole world through AB’s program. It was so real, very filipino and that makes me very very proud. I salute you, fellow kababayan! Continue to be proud of us…btw, what is your real name? peen of AZ, USA

  170. i was ecstatic knowing that finally, No Reservations had its stop in the Phillipines ‘coz I’ve been asking the same question as the rest of us “why not in the Phils?” .. I’ve seen the episode .. two thumbs up! and yeap, Mr. Bourdain did say “best pig .. EVER” .. thank you and to the rest of the the “guides”, so to speak, for making Mr. Bourdain’s (he looks so cool!!) visit so worth it, and to Augusto of course… another great day for everyone.

  171. Thank you, MarketManila, for being such a gracious host to Anthony Bourdain’s show. You did the country proud.

  172. What an uplifting feature on the Filipino’s
    creative epicurean abilities and Anthony Bourdain has taken it globally.Thanks for being a huge part of it.
    We do need to showcase the good in us Filipinos cuz our image abroad can be pretty low and we have to make efforts to paint a better picture of our people and country.

  173. Mr. MM, I envy you. I’m a fan of Mr. Bordain and like to watch his No Reservation. Whenever I watched that show, I feel like travelling with Him around the globe. Thanks

  174. I watched this episode recently and you were great! We were salivating the whole time, wishing we were there eating that wonderful meal. Congratulations on a job well done!

  175. As I’ve heard Tony say a couple of times in his famous show, “the pig is a magical animal…”


  176. Hey Anthony, so good to know that you’ve finally got here in the Philippines and just heard it over the television this morning(GMA7). I’ve been watching your show Discovery Travel and Living since 2004 when I was still in Tacloban, Leyte(nearby Island of Cebu) over cable television . You’ve finally tasted one of our favorite tradisional food usually cooked for common occasions like fiesta, birthdays, anniversaries and even wedding. Bet you should also try other way of cooking lechon like in Tacloban City, but unfortunatelly I couldn’t tourguide you ’cause I’m here working in Cavite.

  177. Mabuhay ka MM!!! Tanong ko lang kung may nakakaalam dito..where exactly in Cebu yung biggest dried seafood market in the philippines na binisita nila? Mahilig kasi ako dun at balak kong mamakyaw hehehe….

  178. wow! galing naman…. u’ ve alreay meet anthony bourdain in person. im really his fan. i trully like him, i enjoy watching his show. his adventures, his trips, every humor he did is his show.

  179. Mr. MM, may I ask why you do not like your face photographed and featured here. I am sure you look great and physically fit. Any reason why?

  180. I’m an American who used to live in Cebu, and I just saw this episode on TV. I can’t tell you how happy I was to FINALLY see an American food show about the Philippines featuring all the delicious dishes I remember instead of bland shots of chicken adobo and deliberately gruesome close-ups of balut. There’s a section where you and Bourdain discuss the possible reasons why Americans have never gotten into Filipino food – I would say that it’s because many wonderful regional dishes, especially seafood dishes, simply aren’t available in most parts of America. The only times I’ve had anything like the kinilaw, seaweed salad or dried squid you served on the show have been when I’ve reproduced them in my own kitchen. If AA Barbecue opened up a branch in Queens, I’d be there RIGHT NOW, and I’ll bet I wouldn’t be the only one.

    Great job and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  181. I forget if I already posted something about the lechon success, but in case I haven’t, well, congrats, MM! Hayaan mo na lang ang mga taong tulad ni Cherry. Not that I find you or your blog arrogant, but my personal credo is: If someone has the brains, the skill, talent and the passion to be arrogant about something, then that sort arrogance is not a bad thing. Masama lang naman if someone is all form and talk but without substance.

  182. it’s too late when i learned anthony bourdain will come to manila. i’ve been dreaming to see you in person so i can also invite you to infanta, quezon, my hometown. at any rate i hope to see you in your resto in new york sometime this year,more power, you’re so real,so natural.

  183. Gotta tell you. Cebu does have the best litson in the world. By the way, my friend recommended a site for where to eat in Cebu where you can share ur experiences…. I think it was called Yummy Cebu…

  184. I’m a super fan of Anthony Bourdain i always watch his TV show and read his books. When i watched the episode it made me so proudly pinoy! coz as far as we know he always go to upscale places in the world. Thanks market man! nice job!

  185. Elegantly well presented.

    I prayed, I wondered, hoped, that one day Anthony Bourdain will.

    Thank You, Anthony Bourdain.

    I enjoyed much watching the show today, July 30, 2010 at 1-2 pm, it finally came true. It brought good memories of my father, who was a foodie and traveled in the northern part of Luzon. Growing up, I remembed his cooking, most of what was shown in todays show.

    And yes, definitely Filipino pride.

    Maraming salamat po.

  186. I am an avid fan of yours and I visit your blog everyday. I am thoroughly enjoying reading old entries particularly this one.

    Keep it up.

    Cheers to you and your family!



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