03 Apr2006


I encourage a little silliness in our home when appropriate and April Fool’s Day is eagerly anticipated. My daughter and her friends have gotten rather inventive and it’s amazing to see how scheming they have become at the tender age of 10-11 years old. Last year they put a beef bouillon cube in my shower head that left me smelling like bulalo for a 1/2 day afterwards and this year there were “reservations” made for sleepovers from several weeks ago so that they could be in the house for the entire length of April 1. I had just completed an exhausting week so I was hoping they had more up their sleeves than I did or it would be a boring holiday indeed…

Well, they did NOT disappoint. Late in the afternoon I sat on the john only to nearly slide off the seat as they had smeared it with butter!!! Apparently they also put pencil marked “crosses” so in the final result would be hot crossed buns, get it? I was so icked out by my buttered buns that I quickly jumped into the shower and turned on the water figuring they wouldn’t repeat the bouillon cube trick and thankfully I was right. But I was so pre-occupied with my greasy cheeks that I rapidly reached for the soap (no embedded sand there) and got cleaned up. I reached for my shampoo and massaged it into my hair only to realize too late they had laced it with honey. Not bad for your hair, just a little messy, if you ask me. So they got me…well and good too, I might add. Later in the evening they attempted to switch my Coke Light with Pepsi but I figured that out really easy and in a wickedly clever move, they served me Oreo cookies (that I normally don’t eat) where they had replaced the white filling with toothpaste! I didn’t have an Oreo much to their disappointment but I had already been had!

I still hadn’t pulled a trick on the girls and they were getting rather edgy. They didn’t know I had already put several drops of red food coloring in their toilet water compartment so when someone flushed later in the evening it would be red (but it didn’t get much of a reaction…). What did make the evening, however ,was a classic sneak attack. I made sure their bedroom window was left unlocked and the screens open. Later in the evening… I snuck out to the garden, slowly opened the glass window and could hear them chit-chatting away locked in their room wondering how I would get to them, then slowly made sounds that I thought would get their attention… they didn’t hear or see the rustling of the curtains so instead I burst through the curtains head first yelling and the look on their faces was simply PRICELESS. It was as if a movie type monster had come in from the dark garden. If you can imagine Scooby Doo in mid-air flailing his legs but getting nowhere, this is how the girls looked. Their legs literally lifted off the floor, a look of shock on their faces and screaming at the top of their lungs! Priceless. I was giggling for 15 minutes afterwards. Yes, by the way, I am over 40 years old… And they assure me that they had a brilliant time. Happy April Fool’s to all!!!



  1. Hchie says:

    Ha!ha! How sneaky can kids get! It’s a great thing you have going with your kid.

    Apr 3, 2006 | 8:00 am


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  3. Jean says:

    Gosh, hope this is one of your April Fools joke here….

    Apr 3, 2006 | 11:27 am

  4. kulasa says:

    I was eargerly waiting for this post. They got you MM and they got you good. Too bad you didn’t get to taste the Oreo. It may not be bad if you like Andes mint.

    Be careful with “bursting through the window” trick – they may be ready for it next year – (although this may not be bad repeating during Halloween).

    Apr 3, 2006 | 12:08 pm

  5. HD says:

    If I may suggest… you may want to add another criteria to the tricks that they give… safety. Good thing you were not hurt because of the butter on the seat. Anyway, it turned out good naman and you all had fun so I guess it’s ok.

    The Oreo trick sounds cool.

    Apr 3, 2006 | 2:18 pm

  6. suzette says:

    kawawa ka naman mm, you don’t deserve that! go get them!!! :)

    Apr 3, 2006 | 3:03 pm

  7. juls says:

    you’re kids are really darn creative. mana kanino kaya, hmmm? how old is your daughter btw MM?

    Apr 3, 2006 | 3:10 pm

  8. juls says:

    oh… 10 y.o. i overlooked that part! Good thing they didn’t mess with your dinner…

    Apr 3, 2006 | 3:12 pm

  9. rose aka sofia says:

    hahaha! Astig! I should do that with my pamangkins and their friends. Looks like you had a blast. =)

    Apr 3, 2006 | 3:32 pm

  10. relly says:

    hello mr.MM, i just love the shower trick and the honey shampoo.. ha ha he hi ho! (just imagine me giggling in front of my PC, knowing a sporty dad exist!) di mo sila sinabon? “scolded”

    Apr 3, 2006 | 8:53 pm

  11. twisted diva says:

    It’s a good thing your girls don’t practice martial arts or the joke would’ve been on YOU — again. 40+ and still a kid at heart…stay that way for as long as you can. BTW, your blog’s great!

    Apr 3, 2006 | 11:38 pm

  12. phergy says:

    it’s fun doing kid’s stuff. i may only be 20 but i do feel old now. age is just a number… it’s what you feel you are that matters. if you’re a 70 yr. old man who can still skate and do an indie flip then why not skate right. anyway, you site is really awesome. it’s my first visit. i stumbled upon it when searching for a bicol’s express recipe and your site came up. good luck with everything. hope all is well.

    Apr 3, 2006 | 11:49 pm

  13. Marketman says:

    I was not “connected” yesterday so I didn’t get to comment until now… HD, no worries, their April Fool’s jokes are pretty well thought out and there wasn’t much risk of sliding off the toilet seat… suzette, I actually encourage this so its all part of the game… relly, the bulalo cube in the shower is a classic, especially if you like really hot water! twisted diva, I made sure they were a substantial distance from the window before bursting in, but the look on their faces was priceless I tell you, phergy, thanks for visiting and glad you enjoyed the site…come back for more!

    Apr 4, 2006 | 10:32 am

  14. ana says:

    I’ve been such a bore lately with all the stress I’m going through. I totally forgot April Fool’s day! Bummer!

    Apr 4, 2006 | 11:43 am

  15. Wilson Cariaga says:

    april fool’s is sure fun but it really wasn’t practiced in my home or everyone will end up mad hehehe. . . .

    Apr 4, 2006 | 8:26 pm

  16. md says:

    thanks for sharing this april fool’s day story Market Man, its been quite a while since I’ve had a good laugh (its been 3 months since my 7 month old son was diagnosed with cancer-since then I haven’t had the energy to smile much more laugh). I hope to start a similar tradition when he grows up.

    I hope i can make a ginger bread house (like what you did last december-although much simpler) for him on his first bday, if i’ll be allowed by my employer to go home and be with him (‘though its breaking my heart but i’ve got no choice but to work overseas to support his chemo and other medication.

    Thanks so much and God bless you and your family!

    Apr 4, 2006 | 9:27 pm

  17. Marketman says:

    md, where is your son in the Philippines may I ask? If you cannot make it home, and his birthday is not in May when I am away, I could perhaps help you with the gingerbread house… LBC or FEDEX does wonders locally you know…and I hope he gets better soon…

    Apr 5, 2006 | 9:31 am

  18. md says:

    That’s really great news Market Man! my son is staying with my parents in San Mateo, Rizal. But every three weeks he’s in Capitol Medical Center in Quezon City for chemo (he already had 2 out of the 6 sessions required by his oncologist).

    His birthday is on June 5.

    Again, thank you so much. I know in my heart that he will get well soon because God at this stage is working his miracles already.

    Apr 5, 2006 | 4:26 pm

  19. mardie says:

    hehehe, youre crazy MM…but in a good way. it’s so good of you to give them these good childhood memories. oftentimes we get so caught up with our career and responsibilities that we forget the most important people in our life. and before we know it our kids are not so little anymore and we realize that we have been cheated out of their “growing-up” years.
    and MD, i hope your son will get better soon. God works in His own mysterious ways. Just pray and let go…let Him take over.

    Apr 6, 2006 | 6:18 pm

  20. iWoman says:

    I wish there are more fathers like you.

    Apr 27, 2006 | 7:28 pm

  21. maria says:

    hi there! it’s been weeks since i last checked your blog. i was too tied up and quite near burning out from baking…super thanks for sharing your april fool experience. i highly appreciate it. galeng-galeng! i hope that you’ll write a book about treasures like this. your story saved me from teetering over the edge.

    i looooove your articles. please gather them all in a book. i’ll be first in line to buy it.

    blessed be.

    May 9, 2006 | 1:34 pm

  22. Marketman says:

    maria, shame on you, months since you visited last…heehee, I’m joking…thanks for the compliments…enjoy the baking!

    May 9, 2006 | 2:29 pm


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