Artisanal Throat Lozenges


In the middle of the market in Xi’an, a young vendor was hammering and smashing away at a block of what looked like sugar or candy. Turns out it was his grandmother’s old recipe for natural throat lozenges. A mixture of fresh pear juice, sugar and eucalyptus oil. How fantastic is that?

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It was quite delicious, quite strong, and well, effective. We purchased about $1 worth and he whacked away at the block and gave us a little plastic bag filled with the shards. I loved how he separated the really find dust, not including it in our bag, as if that was not the good thing to do.

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He explained to our guide that they made this in small batches, according to his grandmother’s recipe, with all natural ingredients. Compared to the stuff you buy in groceries and drugstores in snazzy packaging and relatively exorbitant prices, these artisanal lozenges were a real treat.


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  1. Hello MM, very happy to see you again blogging in full throttle mode. I love your China posts. They remind me of all I enjoyed and miss about living there years ago, but also provoke many pastilan moments for your discoveries that I wish I had shared. The imp in me particularly enjoyed bug’s life. Padayon!

  2. On a recent trip to Berlin where I got a bad case of colds and cough, I was pleased to have been recommended a homeopathic medicine called myrtol, which is based on pine, lime and eucalyptus. Extremely effective in my case.

  3. Hello MM. Yes, that is what I need now. Scratchy throat and endless coughing at night. On another note, my Sister and I and a visiting niece were driving along |Escario this morning. When I suggested we should try Pigafetta. I have been eyeing this restaurant for some time now and finally have the spot mastered. Now that I am back again I just couldn’t miss the chance so I ventured to say that we should try the restaurant and was so happy my companions said “let’s do it” enthusiastically. Lo! and behold what a sight. All of us were just impressed by the ambiance. Truly, very nice indeed! Picture, picture. And we were all glad we stopped by. Greens were just so fresh. Noodles just al dente and the risotto just right.Serving portions were just right. I really liked the tea with the orange juice in it. I had the risotto ai frutta de mer(?) Did I get that right? But bit into a clam that still had some grit in it. Did not faze me though. I went on to enjoy the rest of the dish. Everything was just wonderful. And my two companions agreed with me. Sister said she is going back there. Marilyn and Markus were very attentive. Thank you for having such a place here in Cebu City. Oh, for those other blog followers who haven’t been there, it is easy to spot it. It is in that new mini mall across the Capitol Parish Church.

  4. If it should be mentioned at all, this is probably the most opportune time to bring up an observation when traveling in China in Winter; that there seems to be no inhibition in clearing nasal and bronchial passages in public. Not only cringe-inducing but also make you detour on your way to your meal.

  5. farida, thank you so much for dropping by, I just landed in Cebu after lunch today, missed you by hours. Next time, email me and if I am in town, will endeavor to drop by. so glad you enjoyed the meal, sorry about the grit in the clam, and we hope to see you back soon. I will forward your comment to the manager and staff, they will be pleased to read it. Regards, MM



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