Avocado Ice Cream and Popsicles

I was rather amused by the amount of reader reaction avice1to my earlier post on avocados so the first chance I got, (zooming by a Batangas roadside fruit vendor–the ones nearer the actual fruit trees, not the ones in Tagaytay selling Divisoria sourced fruit) I bought 4 kilos of avocados and set out to truly re-create the avocado a la pinoy concoctions (including the avocado popsicle pictured here) that everyone seems to be reminiscing about. In the process of making avocado mash, avocado popsicles and avocado ice cream, I was trying to figure out what made it so memorable. Perhaps it was that as kids we were somehow fooled into consumingf something nutritious under the blanket of milk and sugar, or that it was something cold on hot summer days, or the inherent creaminess of the avocado gave the popsicles that certain texture or quality. I don’t know… but I do know that the flavors still appeal to me as an adult. I like the mashed avocados, I liked the blended shakes, the popsicles were tasty and the ice cream gone. So here are a bunch of photos to keep you thinking of the good ole days…

A bowl of chopped ripe avocados…


In the blender with lots of milk/cream (I prefer more cream to have a less watery popsicle or ice cream) and sugar to suit your taste… then blend till mixed and pour into ice cream maker bowl or into popsicle molds…


Into a an old-fashioned ice cream maker that uses ice, salt and a whole lot of churning…


Into molds that I bought at 80% off at Pottery Barn, complete with popsicle sticks with “Pottery Barn” printed all over them…


Avocado ice cream the next day after it was allowed to rest overnight in the freezer!


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12 Responses

  1. is that a white mountain 6-quart you’ve got there? i didn’t do my research before i bought my ice cream maker (a lowly Krups, it does a good job, though) years ago and was kicking myself for not getting a white mountain. of course, every summer, i tell myself, this is the summer i’m getting one! hasn’t happened yet. maybe next year. i’ll be making avocado ice cream tomorrow!

  2. Yup, that’s a White Mountain. It works really well and makes a nice amount of ice cream compared to the smaller machines. It was a gift and we love it.

  3. When I was a wee one, I loved avocado ice pops. I loved the sensation of slurping down a cold, fruit-loaded popsicle and feel the combination of rich milk, avocado pulp and sharp shards of ice all mingling together. The ice provided the necessary crunch, contrasting with the soft mush of the mashed avocado. Ang sarap… :-)

  4. Take 3-5 ripe (not over ripe) avocados and scoop meat into a bowl in medium sized chunks. Add say 1-2 chopped and seeded ripe tomatoes. Add juice of 2 dayaps or limes (strained, of course). Chop 2-3 nice sized fresh jalapenos (seeded if you don’t want too much heat) and add to dish. I recently found nice jalapenos at Rustans Rockwell herbs section, cool. Add a fistfull of chopped wansoy or cilantro then season very generously with salt and pepper. Most people overmash the avocado (yuck) and underseason their dish resulting in a bland mush that approaches bad baby food… enjoy! Oh, and make it about an hour or so before eating so flavors meld and heat develops. Gently mix ingredients rather than jostle. Serve with good chips like fresh tostitos…

  5. Leaving the pit with the dish makes the guacamole stay green instead of a dark mash than can look unsavory.

    Sabi nila, i tried it too..

  6. what are the proportions to make the avocado popsicles? My mom was talking about avocado popsicles she had growing up.

  7. Joe, to be honest, I do this by feel. If I have x amount of avocadoes, I just start adding cream or milk and mash it up or blitz it and check the consistency. Try to err on the side of too much avocado, as that will give you the flavor component. If you are fond of the cream, go heavy on that. Taste and add more sugar if necessary…

  8. thanks for the response. one last question. for the popsicles do you have to churn them in ice cream maker before placing them in molds?

  9. No Joe, you don’t have to churn the avocados before freezing them. Sometimes i don’t even freeze the avocado-milk-sugar mixture, i just eat it like a mousse. Adding whip cream is good too.

  10. Do you have a recipie for avocado pie? I love avocados and pie, so i think i’d love avocado pie.

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