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Just a quick note to say I am away from my desk, and at this moment deeply mired in flowers and last minute preparations for my niece’s wedding. And while we have email access, on someone else’s computer, it is handicapped in a few ways. Therefore, I will NOT be responding to email questions sent to me for the next several days. Meanwhile, enjoy the posts I have programmed for the next few days. I will be checking in once in a while, but even questions left in the comments section will unfortunately get less attention than usual… And yes, New York City is unbelievably wet and somewhat cool for this time of year… :)


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  1. The tri-state is experiencing unusually heavy rains! One doesn’t have to tide one’s boat back to the docks – just wait for the waters to rise & then pilot it there!

    Enjoy your stay in the Big Apple & maybe you can try out Momofuku restos: noodle bar, ssam bar, ko & bakery-milk bar.

  2. Oh wow you’re in NY!!! Wish I loaded myself inside your maleta so I can see my sister in Manhattan…

  3. Congrats to your niece!

    If you have time, try Il Laboratorio del Gelato:
    95 Orchard St, they close a bit early, though.

  4. Weddings are ALWAYS fun! Have a great time with family and friends and all the best to the newlyweds.


    Sister, is the daughter’s wedding you’ve been preparing for? Hopefully, you and the newlyweds will allow marketman to share some photos here. Would love to see your labor of love!!

  6. oops….I meant to say “Sister, is THIS the daughter’s wedding you’ve been preparing for?”

  7. Hello! Unrelated post warning — I just read Eat My Globe by Simon Majumdar. It’s a terrific book on “going everywhere, eating everything” and basically recaps Simon’s travels for over a year after he up and quit his publishing job in London. Seriously funny, seriously about food. I think most of Market Manila’s readers will enjoy it. Available in Fully Booked.

  8. IS wet here in the tri-state area. rain or shine, enjoy the family reunion, MM—i know you’ll visit your fave restos in the area. pictures of the flowers and sister’s cakes pls….a glimpse of the bridal gown, if it’s not too much to ask….THANKS!!!!!!

  9. MM, if there is time after the festivities, perhaps you want to do a review on the now defunct Cendrillon’s new restaurant, Purple Yam, in Brooklyn? … Congratulations to the whole family on this happy occasion!!!

  10. May the rains be a good luck sign for the newlyweds, there are some fierce midwest storms, what a late spring season this is turning out to be. Hope your allergies don’t crop up this year MM!

  11. Nati, that would be a great idea! Tri-state MM fans, may we hear your YES!!!!!!!!! If MM is not too busy, maybe we can have a GTG in his honor …… thank him for his wonderful site and for his generousity in sharing his knowledge of food and life in general plus his humor.

  12. Artisan Chocolatier,
    We are still standing after the wedding, a miracle in itself. The cake was not quite what I had planned, but no sleep for 48 hrs. makes one brain dead, I should have kept it sleek and simple but my genes took over at 4 am and I placed sugar flowers willy-nilly. The individual wedding cakes to take home were a great hit, it took a crew of 6 cousins to ice, and pack them up with ribbons and sugar flowers. Marketman saved the day by arriving in time to do the flowers!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS SISTER!!!! I’m sure to everyone else, the cake and all your preparations were perfect. Can’t wait (with your permission) for MM’s chronicle of the beautiful wedding here.

  14. uh-oh, nina and trinam–MM has limited access to the internet. he might read this when he’s back in manila…i’m hoping, though..

    sister, your adrenalin kept you up. i could just imagine the cake favors!!!

    AC–i’m looking forward to take a small peek at the outfits. i love weddings

  15. natie, nina and trinam… unfortunately, this is a really short, and surprisingly hectic trip with family events, weddings, graduations, etc. And just as soon as those are over, we are heading back to Manila.

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