Balik Pazari / Galatasaray Fish Market (Part II)


Aside from all of the fish and seafood stalls in the first part of these posts on the Balik Pazari, there were several stunning stalls with vegetables, fruits and herbs on offer. There is something so naturally appealing about seeing piles and piles of fresh fruit and produce and this just serves to increase one’s appetite while strolling these alleyways with fish and produce vendors, delicatessen’s and many restaurants with sidewalk tables… Many of these fruits were local, but others such as Kiwis and pineapples, were obviously imported. But everything looked fresh and appetizing! Up top, melons, several types of cherries, green gage plums, kiwis, avocadoes…


The selection of greens was spectacular!


The fragrance from this pile of ripe peaches was incredible, and where they came from in late May is something I never found out…


One of the salad greens I miss the most in Manila are frissee, the small curly endive relative that is perfect with lardons or bacon and a poached egg… they had tons of frissee at this market!


Already prepped fresh artichokes, ready to be cooked were a brilliant find. If only we had a kitchen! These are bobbing in acidulated water to prevent the chokes from browning too much…


The most amazing palette of natural color…


And finally, these stunningly red tomatoes and bunches of herbs such as dill, basil, etc…. Superb!

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13 Responses

  1. Photo number 3 is an inspiration for a fresh fruit salad with cream=)

    The salad greens look so appetizing. I like to colors of the produce section next to that of the spices.=)

  2. WOW! Almost as much colour as a flower market! And the veggies look so fresh and crunchy. Obviously a people who delight in quality food and provide it on a daily basis.

  3. MM, my guess is for salad! Imagine how pretty your salad would be with all those fresh goodies, and rose petals mixed in. Maybe you have a recipe for this? :) I already have the organic roses…

  4. myra, if you have organic roses, wash the petals carefully and place in the fridge to get them as hydrated and crisp as possible, say 2 hours. Toss them with some greens and serve with a vinaigrette. But I have to be honest, I don’t really like the taste of rose petals, a bit bitter and with a bizarre mouth feel… Alternatively, you might want to brush the petals with egg whites and coat with fine sugar to make a candied rose petal garnish…

  5. Pictures of the fruit and vegetable markets are my favorite. The colors are just so vivid. Much more my taste than the fish market. =) Plus one can just purchase some fruit and eat them without any prep work.

  6. mm, you take such stunning pictures! if you are in a market like that, i am sure that you will be tempted to buy and cook
    delicious recipes using the fruits, veggies and herbs.

  7. Hi MM

    Fascinating tavelogue pieces as always….

    Peaches in late May in Turkey? Could very well be from Greece (though I am not sure about the produce import / export situation between the two countries!)as they begin to appear throughout European markets, albeit in limited quantities, at that time of year. It is also possible though that they come from either Morocco or Egypt.

    Get well soon!

  8. Hi Mr. and Mrs. MM. Happy to stumble upon your rockin blog. I am a foodie myself but due to health concerns and colonic revelations I am striving to live and thrive on a raw paleolithic diet. I have a long way to go but looking at these wonderful pictures I feel like I am in gastronomic heaven. Thanks for sharing these masterpieces. Yummm…
    I must tell you before I go that eating raw saba bananas is good for your health. And virgin coconut oil too. Remember, prevention is the best cure. Tahtah!

  9. In Middle Eastern grocery stores here, they sell a ROSE PETAL syrup. I have used this rose petal syrup to flavour ICE COLD MILK…very refresing on a hot summer day! What it is is simply sugar syrup infused with rose petals. There is a wine called Elysium something that also has hint of rose petals.

  10. hello Marketman,

    Do we have rose petal syrup here in the Philippines? any idea where to buy? wanna try that one with iced cold milk, seems really refreshing! thanks!

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